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Dark energy waning

February 3, 2009

My name is Robert Dowing and I do go by Bob.

19 days ago I passed over to my original state. My job while in physical form was part of the financial network that controls the world, what you are familiar with called the Illuminati, so I got firsthand reports on most of the financial interactions and controls that go on, on this planet and a few others. This process is so highly controlled with ego and power that a lot of them destroy themselves in trying to be in charge and run everything as they see fit. Most people have no idea of the interactions of this overwhelming power source that controls the world. A lot of you are aware now that what you hear and see on the news and elsewhere, is an entire manifestation of non-truth and that has got to the point that if you did show the truth, very few would accept it or believe it. For some reason I was connected to a race of beings from the Pleiades and without knowing it, I was guided throughout my life to sort of keep the lid on things, as I did just before my passing away last month. I realized what I was doing and was able to make some sense out of my very unconnected life.

Once you realize that everything is being controlled by just a few and countries and governments are just a show place to hold people's attention and make them think they are part of something, which makes them much more manageable. At this point of realization is when the inhabitants of the planet will start to divide and break down. The ones that I was affiliated with, even though there were many disputes going on between us, we were still able to keep the lid on most big projects in the world. Now, everything is breaking apart.

One of the main concepts of war is unemployment, mixed with greed, can cause a mass exodus off of the planet. This is what the powers that be are banking on and to some level they will succeed. But now that I'm on a much higher plane, with a much broader view, I can witness a totally different outcome than it looked like from my physical state. I was just told a lot of you have the knowledge to re-integrate thought into reality and will not have to experience the destruction of humanity as we know it.

Before I crossed to the other side, I had no idea it was another process that was being developed by many of you and I'm sure many of you still don't realize how powerful you have put this manifestation into place. What it looks life from here is different communities all over the world that are taking on this responsibility and the interesting thing is most of them don't realize they are tied in to a community that is keeping the energetic field balanced, so this pattern can be held in place without a lot of destruction.

People don't have to know each other to form a new alliance, they just have to have the same constructive mental process in place and understand the universal laws, and live by them, and not look for some outside power that is going to save everybody. Everybody is responsible for themselves, and the more you are responsible, the more you draw in the same energy and become one with the ones that have the same values.

There are approximately 20% of the worlds population that are not originally from Earth. Many of them have to shift how they look in order to be part of the community without freaking anybody out. There is a small group who I worked with that are cold-blooded beings, these are not the ones I'm talking about, these are all separate entities, with entirely different agendas. We don't have to get into this because it will not have an overall sense of what is in the process of happening.

For many years this planet has run totally by fear and violence and the need to get even. Now this time there is a new breed of beings that cannot be affected by this unnecessary way of thinking, because they are starting to use energy and bring in manifestation from the heart and not the ego. Basically, everything is going to look pretty rough for a short time until the energy switches and the 20% becomes one. At this point, there will not need to be any sort of police force or military, because there will not be anything to control. I guess I was given this job because I saw what mankind is using his power for and basically to destroy himself. This new method is being introduced into your civilizations and will allow everybody to experience life in a much more harmonious way.

There are still people who suffer under belief systems, and by removing this concept of understanding, allows you to see the entire process as it really is, not just stories and storybooks that go nowhere. When visitors came here approximately 30,000 years ago and extracted all the gold they could for their own personal need, they created a system of human beings that, at that time, would pretty much follow anything that was set before them and by using a process that they devised called fear, they were able to control most of the world and get them to extract the gold for their purpose. Well, different people came and left during this time and used the inhabitants on this planet to their own personal greed. And that is where I came in. I belong to one of the families that were doing the controlling. The whole time I was in physical form, I just felt that this was a non-productive way to operate a business called Earth, but had no clue how to cut from this, so I wasn't able to until I crossed into a non-physical condition and have found a number of ways to explain this through others that are able to pass this information on.

Most all the governments of your planet have been so indoctrinated into a process that has absolutely no form to operate from, so it is quite difficult to extract yourself from this process. Many people have enlightened themselves out of the first process, which is understanding that a good portion of the planet is controlled by people that don't have their best interest in mind. As soon as you reach the second stage and understand how you create and process by thought, this gives you some freedom from the controlled element that has been established on the Earth. Mother Earth wants to take her last step out of any control. In order for this to take place, it will take a certain mental structure that will allow everything that is taking place as perfection, and not try to change anything, at this point, and only at this point. This opens up the gates for the higher consciousness to operate in.

The ones that are going to be starting this new line of thought are in training at this time and will be introducing this new energetic field at any time. This information has many concepts that will interact with the process now and will allow mankind to open up to information that has been lost or purposely denied for thousands of years. The ones that are denying you from this information are in the process of moving their power very rapidly at this time. The only ones they can still control are the ones that think they are being watched and monitored, which cannot be possible unless there is fear involved.

When different races of people arrived at this planet, which most were brought here basically as mental slaves, which are people being controlled by thought and emotion. So to understand this, if you are looking for physical labor to do your bidding for you and you had no emotional tie to anything, you would pick the ones from different areas of the universe that used emotions to process with, because you could basically set up a system on the whole planet and control from any means you saw. This doesn't necessarily mean this is a negative process, this is just the only one they knew how to accomplish their goal was in many different factors.

The one thing they did not understand is that the ones they brought here and the ones that were already here, even though they had an emotional outlet controlled by fear, they had a gland that was placed in the center of their brain, that if it was ever activated, would allow them to understand how they were being manipulated and controlled by the ones in power, just by using their emotions for this process. Once they realize now that this little pineal gland, combined with the emotion, is one of the most powerful creative forces a human being can use for processing this and allows you to see in multiple dimensional realities. This is like anything, the more you see the more you can respond to whatever the situation requires. This process cannot be used if whatever this connection is, is not processed through the heart. The pineal gland is totally designed to operate on a very high spiritual level, not in a low dimensional form for greater power, the power that I just passed over from. Someone who understands this process and has no clue how to defend themselves from it, because they have no emotions and no pineal gland that will allow them to see through their highly developed retina in their eye, that the human species have acquired.

Another process that we will be introducing into our awareness is levitation. When you are using levitation as an exponentially combined thought process, and use this focus with others joined, gives you a tremendous ability to disconnect the gravitational pull around the object that you are trying to move in. Basically, you are denying the law of gravity in that small area and redoing this process jointly, by focusing all at the same time. By placing their hands on top of this large object, you can basically stir it into place and use lasers to cut the stone that is being laid in place, which gives you a perfect match to the structure that it is connecting to. There are three processes involved that is; levitation, laser light and sound, and the ability to tie these three together. Basically, you want to understand how it all comes together. This process isn't that difficult and monuments, walls or even pyramids can be erected quite efficiently........

The ones of you that have made a predetermined conscious decision to lead this monatomic process onto the Earth as it changes, will be going through a lot of physical transference. Most of it will be just a foreign feeling to you and some could be a little uncomfortable. As long as you know that it is changing to increase your physical stamina and mental clarity, it makes it much easier to go through.

As the Earth's cognition with its inhabitants becomes more in line with her frequency, balancing everything that Mother Earth has experienced will be part of your being. This will give all the ones that are connected to this new frequency a tremendous jump into the new way to process thought, by not using reference points to make a decision is one of the main connections with the Earth. Learning to communicate with the Mother will be your next big conquest because all information you receive will be pure and not referring anything from the past and once you reach this, you will elevate quite fast. You have been receiving more tools lately to allow this to become part of your growth experience. One of these tools is understanding and using scalar processing, so by using this process to balance their energy fields around you and then applying your individual enhancement with others, without ego, you manifest a creative force that hasn't been used since the Atlantis era.

Another part of your history that isn't much publicized is your moon. It was brought here by outsiders, not originated on the Earth, about 500,000 years ago. The planet that is among the most associated with, had self-destructed, so it was not really needed were it was. It was reduced down to space dust and lasered to the vicinity of Earth. What it does is help keep it stable, like a helicopter does with its tail rotor. As time goes on you will be more educated to the history and the amazing process that have taken place to get you to this point, which makes the planet very stable at this time. So, now we can start working on the inhabitants and see what we can do about getting this stable, without using some belief system or religion, because both of these concepts just stop any growth. Information, in order for anything to grow, must be continuous and that is on any level. You have to be able to see the whole story to understand in the form of reality and truth.

Something that is beginning to take place, it is called collective energy, this is where you gather in small groups and discuss the process you have collected and share with each other. By using this process without having a debate or an ego contest and to share information, this is where you connect exponentially, which will transform energy into a higher frequency. In most cases, in third dimension, everybody wants to tell what they know and then will argue the point that they are right. As soon as this transpires, you have disconnected energy and that has been put in place and the meaning cannot flow to a higher point. Any time you use the words disagree, it not only stops the mental connection you have with whoever you are communicating with, but it makes the energetic field disconnect between you. The idea is to keep a flow of creative energy going between the two parties and stay out of set patterns that you might have allowed into your conscious or unconscious programming.

There is one process that I would like to reintroduce into your creative experience and that is before you incarnated onto this plane in a third dimensional condition, you knew how the process would work before you became a product of this environment. Each one of you knew and understood the consequences of living in an environment with basically very few tools to process with, but you also knew that this process has more rewards than any other. Now you are about to reengage in a life process that allows you freedom from a very controlled environment.

The original plan, many thousands of years ago, was to keep the planet's inhabitants around a billion people. They would keep bringing in different strains of diseases, but they weren't aware of how fast human beings can reproduce, and also how advanced they become mentally and spiritually connecting with the Source. So, at this point, they are starting to take measures to eliminate the ones that are in the way. This can be done in many ways, using plagues, or diseases or just plain negative programming they receive on the evening news. If you give someone enough negative news, they will just eliminate themselves from the system. Of course what I'm saying is just what their plans are, since I'm out of that situation, it might have just been changed some, but I don't think very much. As you know, this whole system started up about 30,000 years ago, when laborers were brought to earth and harvested gold. The whole thing got a little out of hand because the ones in control didn't realize the potential human beings have when joining their energies together. Because human beings are so easily led, they didn't realize that they were capable of extracting and understanding how to cut away from the control that had been put on.

Now it is time for all original people from the human race and some that have been brought in to learn to use their abilities that were designed for you. Your mental and physical body are able to withstand much more mentally, physically and spiritual demand than ever before. There is enough programmers on the planet at this time, to reintroduce the processes that were used before the great mental takeover by the ones that are so-called in charge at this time. My advice is; don't even try to change anybody, allow everything to flow together at its own pace. It is virtually impossible for anyone living with a belief system to understand the new process that is inundating Mother Earth at this time. So, spending any amount of time with these souls would not benefit a thing.

Many of you have learned to listen to your inner self and are preparing for the changes that are taking place at this time. These changes are going to be more significant than ever before. Mother Earth is getting her people back and the people are getting Mother Earth back. This is the original design, which will work best in this semi-quadrant of destiny. The word destiny in this case, is that all living beings have already completed their mission and it is in its final stage, which will mean all the discomforts of ego, control and power will cease to exist. These are the three main broad bands that keep you in control by outside beings that are trying to use Earth's processing for minerals to their advantage. Once they are incapable of controlling you and you realize how the system has been set up and you have been controlled by others for thousands of years, they will lose their power. In fact, they are losing at this time, very rapidly. There is nothing you have to fight or pray for support or more control for this to happen. All you have to have is a heart connection with your people and Mother Earth and from this point just sit back and wait.

This is kind of a strange job for myself because I was basically on the other side when I was in my physical appearance. What I am now I can see very well what is transpiring is a worlds energy expanding into a whole new dimensional collage of experiences.

That is all for now.

Channelled by Jerry Brown


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Conversation with Horiss, Reptilian Commander

A Reptilian Commander Speaks: Horiss

from: Voices of the Universe, Suzanne Ward, October 19, 2003

Suzanne: Matthew, hello dear! Am I right or am I imagining that a reptilian commander (in the light!) will be giving a message for the book? That was my waking thought.

MATTHEW: You are right, Mother, and I am pleased to introduce Horiss, one of the commanders I met several years ago at a conference in Nirvana. He has been given permission by the Council to give a message for the book. That double "s" in his name indicates the best English sound, which does have a long soft "s" sound at the end, but please don't associate this with the hiss of a snake! In the language of his people, the various sounds of the names have a quality that is pleasing to hear. Now, please welcome Horiss.

S: Greetings, Horiss.

HORISS: My very warm greetings to you, Madam. I have been told that I may address you informally, but if you will, please grant me the favor to address you more formally as I will be more comfortable speaking that way.

S: I want you to be completely comfortable, and Madam is fine.

HORISS: Thank you. It is known by some of your people that certain of my civilization are fearsome creatures that have been causing all manner of evil upon your world for endless time. We are not proud of that truth, and I have been requested to speak on behalf of our greater numbers who equally oppose the influence of those dark members. We, too, think of them as dark because of their actions, and we are in combat with them to rid their influence on your planet and all the rest of this part of the universe.

It is possible that of all who oppose their darkness, we are the most vehement because their actions reflect upon us as a total civilization. Those members are not in the majority and are not representative of the rest of us and it is not how we wish to be portrayed. Please let me advertise to your world the nature of the rest of us. Thank you.

Without intending to sound vane, I tell you that our intelligence level exceeds that of many other civilizations that also are advanced intellectually and technologically beyond you. We are less advanced spiritually than many civilizations that have not progressed to our stage of mental development. We are endeavoring to bring more enlightenment throughout our civilization and one pursuit of attainment in this respect is joining with others in light forces to subdue and then eliminate the dark reptilian influence.

All souls in this universe derive from the same One Source, Creator, which makes all of us inseparable aspects of Creator and each other. God has told you that He is the amalgamation of all souls in this universe and loves all in equal amount. I say God to you, Madam, because that is your name for the ruler of this universe. That equality of love is true from our experience, as we first petitioned to God to eliminate these most foul of our brothers from this universe. He has no authority to do this and likewise, no desire, because all subsequent soul aspects of those original ones are indeed elements of God.

The darkest souls of my civilization entered this universe from another in an energy blending of the two universes that was meant to be mutually advantageous by a sharing of light to advance spiritual clarity. Some souls resisted this opportunity and now in this universe, they have become God's responsibility to bring light into them. That makes it our responsibility to fight against their continuance in darkness.

Madam, am I going too quickly for you?

S: No, Horiss. All that red is typing mistakes and I'll correct them later. But I'd like to ask a question. Were the dark souls that entered this universe the original reptilians or did your civilization exist here and they chose to enter it?

HORISS: I like your question, Madam! What entered was the soul energy with dark thought forms attached. It is not only the reptilian civilization in this universe that this kind of soul energy entered, but it is primarily this one. They were attracted to it through the universal law of like attracts like, and the attraction on this end was our civilization's inclination to see strength in maintaining powerful defense forces of great military might. The souls with darkness that are influencing Earth humans are the reptilians that have made clear to other belligerent souls that Earth is solely their territory in this conquest.

I see that your mind is satisfied and ready for me to continue.

The most effective way of eliminating the dark reptilians is by creating more light in this universe to the extent that their souls either will be infiltrated with it or they will leave here to flee from that possibility. No, I do not know where they would go as I do not know about conditions in other universes or if they can enter any without permission. That is why we are endeavoring to bring light to them here and now. Light is missing from those souls and they believe it will destroy them if they are in contact with it. It is their fear of that which motivates them to fight the light everywhere they see it. The light would fill them with the en-LIGHT-enment they lack, not destroy them, but they do not believe this and so they continue their battle against it.

I would like to describe to you the light ones of the reptilians. Because you associate that name with your animal reptiles and have little affection for those, it is easy for you to picture us in those forms. We are not in those forms unless we desire to make them, which we don't, because those forms would be too confining for the movement and functioning we desire. We are at a level of intelligence where we can make any forms we design.

You have been told that the dark reptilians on your planet look just like any other human, so you know that all of us have that capability. It may be either pleasant or unpleasant for you to know that some of us with lighted souls also are there, and quite a number of you are genetically crossbred human and reptilian. This is neither to your advantage nor disadvantage, as this is DNA inheritance only and has no effects whatsoever upon your soul evolution.

Madam, your jolting energy leads me to ask if you would like to comment.

S: No, thank you, Horiss. Well—yes. Obviously you saw my monitor with all the red lines. Are you here in spirit or maybe even etheric body?

HORISS: Neither, Madam. I am able to see you distinctly from my homeland. At this moment I am in my "office," as a comparative term for your business management place. However, I do like your asking as it gives me this opportunity to mention that this ability to see at a vast distance is enabled by the likeness of energy bonding, which also facilitates your clearly hearing my words. I shall add that if I wished to be present in your office, I could be there in a twinkling either in spirit only or in a body that I would materialize. I would not choose to do this as I believe that a solid form abruptly appearing in any style configuration, even one familiar to you, would not be a comfortable experience for you.

S: I think you are right, Horiss—I wouldn't be prepared for that. Please continue.

HORISS: Very well. Matthew has told you that we respect military power and do not hold much respect for a civilization that differs with that. He told you that some years back in linear time. In the universal "time," some of us are in higher stages of spiritual alignment and that higher evolved contingency of the "future" is helping us "in the present" to abandon that outlook. What our "present" members have believed is that the power of large forces is necessary to prevent invasions of dark-minded souls whose method of conquest is with military force. My people in majority nature are not invaders, but defenders. Now we are seeing that the greater light being generated throughout the universe is diminishing the areas under dark control, and this enables us to reduce our defense outlook accordingly.

You ask other civilizations' representatives about their people and I am eager to have you know more about my people. When I say "my people," I do not mean that we are representative of all reptilian populations any more than Earth humans are representative of all human populations in the universe. I am speaking now only of the people residing in my world.

We reside on a planet in this galaxy that is as near my solar system's sun as Earth is near Sol. We use the energy of our sun much more efficiently than you use the energy of Sol. Instead of your various forms of power generation, all of ours derive from our sun. Yours also can, and as you progress in awareness of this, that will come about. Also, there is no pollution from any source anywhere on the planet, not on the landmasses nor in the seas, due to our technology that prevents such contamination rather than makes an effort to clean it up.

Our home planet is called Lacone [lah-cone', with the accent on the second syllable and a soft "nnn" sound]. It is as large as Uranus, to make a comparison that still is beyond your perception, but that tells you it is much larger than Earth, and it is about the same density of Earth in form and substance. We do not have the variety of natural beauty as does Earth, and which Earth itself no longer has as formerly due to destruction in many areas. Our cities are larger than your largest. That is the temperament and choice of most of us, and the union of ideas and desires focused upon the same goal manifested large, then larger population centers. Our cities are immaculate, as are outlying inhabited areas throughout the planet. We can travel to any point on the planet almost instantaneously by thought or leisurely in vehicles.

The appearance my people has chosen when we are at home or visiting other advanced civilizations is as I appeared in Nirvana, when I met Matthew. Male and female forms and features are much alike and with little variation in any. We do not have a mixture of races as you do and which creates the great variety in your appearances, but that is not the reason we are so similar in ours. Our collective choice is to look alike. Long ago we learned that differences in appearances can lead to prejudices and discriminations, and with our inclination to be a defensive people, we chose to eliminate elements over which we had control so that civil conflicts would not arise to weaken us.

To describe us, we are of a height not dissimilar to your average height, but we are uniformly slender except our females who are bearing children. The skin tone is pale blue-gray, which is pleasing to us although it is unlikely that you would find it so. Our most distinctive features are our eyes, which are large and dark. I know Matthew told you that they are so dark that you cannot see into our souls, but now he knows that is not so as he has evolved greatly since our first meeting several years back. To be more accurate, he is a highly evolved soul and through self-discovery has eliminated the layers of non-understanding that come with indoctrination of erroneous information and subsequent opinions or beliefs.

Our education is in line with our advanced intelligence and every soul is in the learning system from birth until the move onward, what you call death, or transition. It is our intense desire for learning that has allowed us to give a back seat to spiritual development, and that is changing. Emphasis upon learning is as great, but now the mental is more balanced with the increased desire for spiritual, which is another kind of learning. It is the self-discovery I mentioned that removes layers of indoctrination and allows the opening of the truth of this universe and of Creator's laws that govern here along with God's laws about the order of celestial bodies and other such activity that is unique to this universe.

Our children are conceived and born in the same manner as yours, but their intelligence at birth permits speaking soon afterwards and fine motor skills to develop immediately. So at a very young age, about five years in your time calculation but with maturity commensurate with your adults, they no longer are dependent upon parents for protective attention and guidance. It is the love of family that bonds us and results in our children staying close to home long after they are self-sufficient.

Madam, what else may I tell you?

S: Anything else that describes your life and your world!

HORISS: My! I welcome this! Very well, to describe the planet further, there are many similarities to Earth, such as great differences in elevation, large seas, many forests and plants, barren areas of rocks and sand. Earth is more vibrant in its unspoiled places than our planet and has a greater variety of colors. Nevertheless, this is completely satisfying or we would make changes to more greatly please us.

You have in your mind structures, so I will tell you that our buildings could be considered sterile in comparison with the many styles and shapes you have built. Our preference is what you would call ultramodern, I believe, with little variation in style overall but of course, considerable variation in sizes in accordance with usage. Homes are decorated simply in keeping with the austerity of surroundings, and our choice of attire also is plain.

Perhaps from my skeleton outline, I am giving the impression that we are an austere, harsh people in feelings. This is the sensation I am picking up from you, Madam. While it is true that we are serious-minded and are not given to "frills," we are not without warm feelings. Our children are as precious to us as yours are to you, and our mates are the same. We are a monogamous people. Mates are judiciously selected and know each other very well before aligning as partners, thus separations rarely happen except by the death of one. We enjoy levity and many forms of entertainment in which a whole family is participating, so you know that the sources of amusement are suitable for even the youngest minds. Music is important to my people, and none of it is blaring and discordant noise.

We are well informed on events in many civilizations besides our own. Earth is of special interest to us, just as it is to many other civilizations of individuals and of collective souls, but it is by no means a self-serving interest. My people want the banishment of the dark influence on Earth to be replaced by peaceful means of living among all of Earth's inhabitants, and not to bring to you another source of troublemaking. Our military might in numbers and technology could subdue yours in a day, as a description of our capability. However, ours is solely a defense force, and its purpose to defend rather than invade is the vital element of difference between our two worlds. This is further proof of our warm feelings, which extend to civilizations beyond our own.

I see "government" in your thought. Our planetary form of government could be compared with Greek city states of your history. Not the warring with each other, but the equitable and benevolent rule within each state is the basis of our planetary ruling body. We have the advantage of one language and telepathy, which provides clarity of expression and promotes honest communication among all the population. Smaller bodies govern large districts as this is more orderly and efficient in a world this size with a population of more than 20 billion.

Madam, do you have a question?

S: Would you like to mention the kinds of industries and other employment?

HORISS: Yes, thank you. For our strong defense force, we need industries to provide weaponry and space vehicles and all supporting services, so we have what I will call factories even though you would not recognize them as such because of the technology of their production equipment. As my people ease from the stance of maintaining military might, there will be a transition from this type of production to others. This is in the planning stages.

Our emphasis upon education makes that one of the largest fields of employment. We have computerized education along with tutorial forms to present opportunities for our children to specialize in areas of their greatest interest and aptitude. This is equally available to our adults who wish to change from one specialty field to another. Studies are of our homeland history as well as the history of many other civilizations, and of course, all branches of science as it is in its authentic universal form. What you call "the arts" are of great importance to us, and I feel your surprise, Madam, although already I have mentioned fine music. Painting, sculpture, dance and poetry have significant meaning to us as an entire civilization. Parts of your own are threadbare in these necessities of soul expression.

Construction of buildings is by solid materials rather than manifestation by focusing on images. Although we could do that, and sometimes for expediency do so, my people find greater satisfaction in using their hands to form materials into desired structures and objects. This kind of productivity is a good balance to the concentration upon academic learning that everyone pursues. We respect the need for balance in our lives.

We have many employed in making and maintaining computer systems. I could boast of our advanced systems but boastfulness is not in our nature. It need not be as the condition of our world speaks for itself. However, I can tell you that our systems are at a development level that a word, even a thought, starts and stops operations and desired input or outflow are accurate and complete.

S: That is an advanced system! Horiss, you mentioned "death," so I would like to ask about the ordinary longevity of your people, and do you have a sanctuary realm that would be similar to our Nirvana?

HORISS: I did say "death" and only as a term of ease. The physical shell of us gets used up by deterioration of cells or by combat wounds, but we know there is no death—the soul has lived from the Beginning. But longevity in the physical shell when not cut short by combat is about 200 years. That is our "present" DNA programming, and it will change as we reach higher spirituality levels where physical shells can live much longer with full functioning abilities.

I do not intend debasement of our bodies by the reference to "physical shell." It is important that we have robust health to maintain combat fitness, and we do that, but I meant to make a clear delineation between the far lesser importance of our bodies as compared to our respect for our souls.

In keeping with that respect, we do have a sanctuary realm that is commensurate with our planetary population's advancement intellectually. That realm also is rising in emphasis upon spiritual understanding and attunement. I discussed this with Matthew at the time we met in Nirvana, and his sound suggestions for treating our most psychically damaged souls have been implemented with great success.

Madam, may I answer anything else?

S: Horris, is there anything else you would like to say to the people of Earth?

HORISS: Yes, thank you. As a summary of the intentions of my people, it is this: We do not often speak of our convictions and our nature, we live by them. At heart we are warm, peaceful, respectful and helpful, and that is what we look forward to showing you one of these days, when you are ready to welcome "strangers."

S: I think that is a perfect way to end your message. Thank you for coming today and giving such interesting information about your people. I look forward to welcoming you, Horiss!

HORISS: And I you, Madam. I believe I will comfortably call you Suzy then. And for this time, I bid you good-day.

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Spirit Guides --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

Clarifying the Role of Spirit Guides and Helpers

As you ascend in vibration, you will find yourself clearing all of your deeply held core negative beliefs about reality and about the Earth changes. The law of attraction will also bring you the ETs and spirit guides that are right for you. You might need to let go of some guides that are no longer serving you before you can let more appropriate ones in. Outgrowing your spirit guides is quite common on Earth. Many well-meaning spirit guides will hang around and continue to attach to your energy body because they think you still need their help. In most cases, when you are clear that you no longer need their guidance, you can ask them to leave and they will. If they are stubborn, they might refuse to go and then you will need to use a stronger technique to get them to leave. This channel and others have various techniques for protecting yourself from overly enthusiastic guides. After all, it is your free will decision whether or not to allow specific energies, entities or thought forms into your personal space.

It is essential that the guidance you receive genuinely helps you prepare for the Earth changes. You need to feel nourished and supported by your guides. If your guides are continuously feeding you thoughts of fear, it might be time to change your guidance system. Consult with this channel or an appropriate healer or teacher for help in letting go of guidance that no longer supports you.

One final note on this point. If you are constantly relying on your guides to give you information, and the information does not seem to be serving you, or seems to lead you in the “wrong” direction, then that might be an indication that you know more about the subject of inquiry than your guides. It is amazing how many souls on Earth seem to rely on spirit guides just because they are in spirit and not in embodiment. We are not sure where you got the idea that just because a guide is not human, he or she is more evolved and aware than you are.

As an aside, it is interesting to note that this channel, if he were to claim he is only channeling his own higher self, would likely garner far less interest than if he states that he is channeling spirit guides from a lofty dimension. Yet there is no guarantee that the information from the “lofty spirit guides” is any more valid and accurate than the information from his own higher self. All information, whether from us, his higher self, or anyone else, needs to be tested with discernment and critical thinking.

This leads us naturally to the next field of study: Religion, one that is sorely lacking discernment in many cases, as you have no doubt noticed.

Continue reading here: Religion


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Law of Attraction and Creating Your Reality -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

The Metaphysics of Earth Changes

Closely related to psychology is metaphysics, or the science of the mind. The most obvious and widespread metaphysical knowledge going around your world is the idea that you create your reality with the quality of your thoughts. While this is true to some extent, a more accurate statement would be that you create your EXPERIENCE of reality based on the quality and content of your consciousness. Reality is far more complex than just your experience of it. Reality consists of several levels and dimensions of Creation, all existing simultaneously. You have your personal reality, which consists of your perceptions, beliefs, programming, conditioning, responses, reactions, and general state of consciousness, and then you have your collective reality.

Humanity has a collective reality that is the composite result of the consciousness of individual members of humanity relating with each other, and then you have the sub-collective realities of those with similar belief systems and similar programming and conditioning. For example, most of you believe in death and taxes, and so that is a rather large sub-collective reality. Only a few of you believe you can live free of death and taxes, and so that is a rather small sub-collective reality.

In the fourth density world of future Earth, the dominant reality will be what this channel calls “enlightened self-sufficient spiritual communities.” Those humans who believe in love and compassion, and who have enough awareness to move beyond third density consciousness, will survive the Earth changes and create the so-called “golden age” of peace and prosperity. This will be accomplished largely through the thought processes and beliefs of the surviving humans.

We will now say a few words about the law of attraction, since this seems to be a very popular topic on your world right now.

The Law of Attraction

There are essentially two dynamic patterns happening in regard to the law of attraction. You have the familiar and obvious idea that “like attracts like,” meaning that as you move along your path, you will tend to attract souls into your life that have a similar state of consciousness to your own. The most simple example of this is when you befriend someone because you want to explore an area of life together that you have in common. The members of a sports team are an obvious example of this.

In your relationships, you might choose a partner who has the same basic interests as you, so that you can enjoy each other's company when indulging in your favorite pleasures.

There is another dynamic of the law of attraction. You might attract someone into your life because you have something to learn from that person, or you might attract someone who has something to learn from you. In most cases, there will be a little of both. You might have a soul contract or karmic agreement with another soul. You might be the student or the teacher, or both. You might come together in order to work through the karmic lessons, or you might be drawn together in order to co-create something important that needs both of your talents. You might seem to be opposites in every sense, but your soul craves the opposite viewpoint because it wants to learn all it can about everything. Such relationships are often called “complementary pairs.”

Many souls on Earth start their relationships by healing past karma and teaching each other what each soul needs to learn to move forward in the quickest way possible. At some later point, the partners might move into a more co-creative phase whereby they bring their differences together in a way that complements and assists in their souls' desire to create.

The Law of Attraction works for collective realities as well as personal realities. “What you focus on, you become,” is true for groups as well as individuals. If you are on a path of ascension, you will attract others that are on the path of ascension, and you will be drawn to groups, organizations and communities that have ascension as their primary focus. If you have decided that ascension into fifth density is your path during the Earth changes, you will do well to associate with others who feel the same way and are working to create a fifth density paradise.

Creating Your Reality

In this channel's counseling and healing work, he gives students a process for creating and manifesting. We will mention this process briefly and add a few modifications here and there as we see fit. The reason we are including this instruction on how to create is because so many of you have been misinformed or given only partial information about the creative process.

In your “success motivation” books (which are numerous), every pundit and preacher on the subject gives his or her magic formula for success. Some of the formulas tend to work better than others, but none of them will get you very far unless you understand how energy works in your lower worlds.

As we stated earlier, it is essential to have all your aspects lined up and supporting one another in order to be a powerful creator. Once you have determined what it is your soul truly desires, and you have the backing of your mental, emotional and physical selves behind that soul desire, then the process of creation is relatively straightforward.

Manifesting in the lower worlds is accomplished by directing energy in a specific way. The role of the mind is highly over-emphasized in most lessons on how to create. The mind's primary role is that of carrying out the tasks given it by spirit. The mind is the mechanical device that performs the necessary tasks for manifesting your desires. However, it can get its instruction from spirit or the ego, and when it receives instruction from the ego, the results are usually less than satisfying.

So the first step in manifesting what you desire is to get in touch with your own God Self, your core essence within. Once you have done that, tune in to the various levels and aspects of the Self and make sure they are all on the same page. You can use this channel's “conference room” technique to assist you in getting all of your parts together. Now you are ready to create.

Creation is directed from the center of your being outward. You do not need to visualize things coming to you, or even specific things happening in your life (although that can be helpful). It is more important to visualize the creative energy going forth from the center of your being.

To create, you must FEEL the certain knowledge of what you are creating in your heart and solar plexus. You then KNOW and INTEND to create that which you are feeling within the 3rd and 4th chakras. Wishing and hoping have no place in the creative process. They are devices of the ego and are rarely effective. To create the feeling of success in your heart and solar plexus, there are various techniques, including what this channel calls “reverse timeline healing,” which means going back in time to a situation where you felt successful, and bringing that feeling forward and overlaying it on your present physical body. This is different than simply remembering a time when you felt successful.

Once you FEEL deeply the reality of success, you then place this feeling into your heart and solar plexus, while KNOWING that this is your reality in the present moment. At that point, you can bring the mind into the equation and begin visualizing the details of what it is you are manifesting. Obviously if any negative emotions arise, you need to clear them and then continue with the process.

Knowing how to create will help carry you through the Earth changes safely and efficiently. For example, you can create a feeling of safety and then manifest it in the world, even if you are in an area likely to be negatively impacted by Earth changes. You will eventually be able to walk through a forest fire or flood and be completely unharmed if you hold the feeling of safety strongly enough within your being. Your God Presence will enfold you and shield you as necessary from any outer conditions. It is also advisable to have a support system in the higher realms, and that bring us to one more topic within this section.

Continue reading here: Spirit Guides
Full book by Sal Rachele:
Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Kryon on Iran

PAGE 100 - Published in 2007

Kryon on Iran:
"Watch for two things. The timing of these I cannot give you, for this is up to you and your free choice. Call this a prophecy if you wish, but it will only happen if you follow the energy of potential that is here as we speak. Watch for two things politically on this planet. (1) Soft revolutions. You can define this term any way you wish. Soft revolutions in two important countries. One is China. One is Iran. And they are going to trigger a change of consciousness - against all odds - an alignment for peace with the rest of you. Watch for it. It's inevitable if you stay on this track. (2) Then there's the big one. A change in the Middle East, in Israel, right in Jerusalem. Watch for this. The unexpected.* (3) Eventually, you'll see a younger person arise who we have spoken of before [in Israel], although not soon.

It's happening, but in a way that is hidden for now. Can you celebrate with me, even though you can't yet see it? That's what's really happening. You can't see it on your news, but it's there. Can you say, "It's well with my soul"? "

Excerpt from Beyond the veil, the illusions and confusion, published in
2008 - Ariane Publications - An interview with Kryon - French language only.

Kryon's information about Iran. "There is no difference in the prophecies of doom and gloom regarding Iran than those regarding the Soviet Union. In fact, the mechanics are identical. Back then, the Russian people were not the enemy, but their dictatorial leadership was. When the leadership dissolved, you may notice that there was no "end battle." You might notice that it happened from within, and that the Russian people were the ones who brought it to an end. They were the wise ones, and were the ones who took it upon themselves to change history, using the light from all the others on earth who joined them in this endeavor of peace. No battle, no death, no bomb. and the west was left in amazement.

The people of Iran are very wise. Many of them are young. younger than the average age of your civilization is. They don't have the number of older ones you do, so they think differently. And rather than being all radical and ready to vaporize themselves in some kind of final battle for their God, many are instead silently wondering how to bring their leadership into check, but still hold on to their faith. Many wish to create a situation that might bring them abundance and a more peaceful life within their region. Make no mistake. They are not allied with the west, or about to be. That is not their desire. They love their own lineage and their own prophet. But they wish to change the idea that they are all disposable martyrs, led by their older ones who seem to be ready to gamble and take them to the brink of destruction.

They have the kind of resources in that small land to bring wealth to almost every citizen there. Their wisdom, therefore, is that of the peacemaker and the industrialist. Their great prophet taught them UNITY, and yet their governors are seeking division at the highest level. and against the karmic lineage of the planet (Jews). These citizens of Iran are viewing the foolishness of their leadership and there is much fear among them that they will lose their lives and their country. and they may be right if they do nothing. So here is the free choice again."

See entire discussion on

Lifting the Veil: The New Energy Apolocalypse (Kryon)

Neda : Iran's calling for freedom

Neda Soltani
was an Iranian woman whose killing, during the 2009 Iranian election protests, was captured on video by bystanders.[4] The graphic videos were posted on the Internet, and her name quickly became a rallying cry for the opposition.[5] Neda means "voice" or "calling" in Persian, and she has been referred to as the "voice of Iran" and "a symbol of pro-democracy protesters battering the Islamic regime" in the world.[6][7][8][2]

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Psychology of Soul Growth -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

The Psychology of Soul Growth

This channel has a section in his hardcopy book, “Life On the Cutting Edge,” that describes the process of personal and spiritual growth. To review quickly, he states that there is a four-phase process in the acquisition of physical and spiritual experience.

Phase 1 - Revelation

The first phase of the growth process involves a period of revelation or transmission of information that comes into the mind of the seeker, usually in a new and unexpected manner. Traditional psychologists would call this “insight.” Suddenly you can see things in a new light. You have an “a-ha” experience. You become open to something completely new and unknown to the conditioned mind. This is often a very joyful experience and is called “satori” in some Eastern philosophies.

Phase 2 – Disillusionment and Purification

The revelatory period is usually followed by a period of disillusionment and discomfort. The new information will undoubtedly clash with existing belief systems and emotional paradigms. This is where a lot of traditional researchers get stuck. They have become addicted to the “normal” way of thinking about things, and now suddenly they are being asked to give all that up in favor of something that sounds outlandish and fantastic. You can recall how the establishment of ancient Europe reacted when they were told the world was not flat.

If the soul who reaches the stage of disillusionment has made an intense commitment to seeking the truth, he or she will usually get through this period of discomfort with relative ease, but nevertheless, it is this phase of the growth process that gives rise to the adage, “two steps forward and one step back.”

This phase of the growth process involves the need to purify and cleanse the self of all barriers to growth. In order to fully integrate the new experiences, it is necessary to examine all that is in the way of being able to open completely to the new energies. For a time, it will seem as though things are getting worse, because a lot of “stuff” will be coming up to be healed. This is one of the reasons things seem to be getting worse on planet Earth. All that is false must be revealed before it can be healed, and so this stage of the growth process is often a movement away from denial and into a facing of the realities of the “shadow self.” This means examining all the places that have been hidden in darkness and repression. It means shining the light of truth into the darkest corners of the psyche.

The path of the soul is often depicted as a stairway to heaven. The part of the steps going up represents the revelatory experiences and rapid awakenings, while the flat part of the steps represents the purification and purging of the old self evident in phase two, and also what this channel calls the consolidation phase, or phase three. Consolidation means that the aspects of the Self that have rapidly expanded in awareness must wait for the slower aspects of the Self to catch up. For the moment, however, let us stay with phase two of the growth process.

During the second phase, the temporary enlightenment initially experienced seems to go away and the old patterns seem to return. This “step back” could take the form of old thoughts rearing their ugly little heads, just when you thought you had completely cleared them. It could be an old hurt or resentment coming up at the least appropriate and convenient time. It could be something embarrassing that you said in public, or something that brought up an old feeling of shame.

You might observe yourself “knowing better” and yet falling into the same habitual pattern over and over again. Perhaps you have acquired an addictive behavior that you want to clear and know you can clear, yet it seems to take you over just when you thought you were getting free.

There is a lot of residue from the old egoic self that still needs to clear for most of you. Remember, after entering into the density of form, it took thousands of years for you to descend further into darkness and ignorance. Lifetime after lifetime, you became more and more enmeshed in the density of the third dimension. So it is unrealistic to expect everything that is holding you back to magically disappear after saying a few affirmations. It is unrealistic to expect to be completely free of negativity after 20 or 30 years of personal growth.

The world you live in is dominated by negativity. Since the recent Dispensations began, the number of positively oriented people living on your world has increased from about 20% to about 25%. Although progress has been slow from the point of view of an average human lifetime, it has been phenomenal when you consider that up until now during the history of Earth, only about 300 souls have physically ascended. The five percent or so of humanity that has moved toward the light since the recent Dispensations began represents millions of souls that might still be wandering in darkness otherwise.

You have a saying on your world, “In order to go where you want to go, you must start where you are.” This may seem very basic, but a great many of you have refused to look fully at things as they are. You have an image of how things should be and when they do not fit your model, you get upset and resort to various psychological manipulation processes in order to justify your position. The most simple of these is just plain denial. Until you can acknowledge and accept the way things are, including all of your imperfections, you will not have the clarity and energy necessary to make real change.

The second phase of purification and disillusionment is often called the “dark night of the soul” in some philosophies.

Phase 3 – Acceptance

The third phase of the growth process involves self-acceptance. This is where you accept all aspects of your experience as perfect, despite the imperfections. Once you stop fighting with the aspects of yourself that seem to be holding you back or moving more slowly, an amazing thing happens. Those parts of you begin to grow and change as well. This means totally and completely feeling whatever it is you are feeling, without trying to escape or avoid it. We are not suggesting you wallow in it or move into dramatics as a way of getting attention and sympathy. However, you must be willing to be with your experience. You must be willing to give 100% attention to what you are experiencing.

For example, all of you reading this are in human bodies (unless a few ETs have managed to obtain copies). Your human bodies are most likely manifesting imperfections in some way. Sure, you know about instantaneous healings, so-called “miracle” healings, and advanced psychic and intuitive powers. You know you are One with God. You know you have a whole universe helping you grow and evolve. Yet hardly a day goes by when you don't fall into one of those “human foibles” the channel talks about. It could be a sore knee or stiff lower back. It could be a head cold or cough. Perhaps you just feel low energy at various times throughout the day.

This channel has a two-step formula for pyschological healing:

(1) You must fully feel, experience and accept whatever is taking place within you and in your life;

(2) You must be able to detach from your drama and view it from a higher perspective.

Once you have become fully present with your experience, then it is time to expand your awareness until you are able to view the drama from outside of the process. This is the detachment spoken of in the second step of healing. Going into meditation and simply watching the drama of your life as it unfolds is the key.

As stated in this channel's prior work, if a soul indulges too deeply in the first step and is unable to become detached, he or she is often referred to as a “drama king” or “drama queen.” All of you know someone who constantly emotes and displays a great deal of passion and pain, yet never completely resolves the issues at hand.

Conversely, those who detach without fully feeling and experiencing what is taking place are the “ivory tower intellectuals” who spend most of their lives talking and thinking about things and rarely experiencing them. These souls are often called “space cadets” or “airy-fairy dreamers.”

You cannot overcome and transcend this world by denying it, or pretending you don't feel anything, or by trying to go beyond your humanness. Once you completely accept your humanness and work with it, your spiritual Self will give you the tools that are necessary in order to truly transcend the limitations of the 3D world. By acknowledging and accepting ALL the aspects of your Self, you are in effect bringing all those aspects to the table where real decisions can be made.

Phase 4 - Integration

The last phase of the growth process involves the bringing together of all the aspects of Self so that they are functioning as one complete whole. When all of your aspects are working together, you are invincible, unstoppable. You can move mountains.

There are various techniques for achieving soul integration. This channel's “conference room” technique is one example. This is an exercise whereby the different parts of the self meet across from each other around a conference table and each aspect gets to express its view of the situation, along with the airing of any fears or doubts that need to be cleared. Once the various aspects are able to reach a consensus on the way to proceed, real progress is made.

The first step to soul integration involves becoming aware of the different parts of the Self. This is why we have included a fairly rigorous analysis of the emotional and mental bodies in previous paragraphs. The more clearly you examine the Self and its various aspects, the easier it will be to know exactly what each aspect wants. Many times a specific aspect just wants to be loved and accepted, or at the very least, acknowledged and listened to. As you go through the Earth changes, it is important to listen carefully to every aspect of your psyche, including your so-called “inner child.” Actually, you have many “inner children.” Each has a voice that needs to be heard and accepted, even if you decide not to follow the advice of that voice.

There is a lot more we could say about the psychology of the Self, but we must move on at this time to another related subject.

Continue reading here: Law of Attraction and Creating Your Reality
Full book by Sal Rachele:
Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Psychology of Human Relationships -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

The Psychology of Human Relationships

Nowhere does the psychology of denial show up more clearly than in your human relationships. While some of you seem to be reasonably happy with your intimate partners, most of you find a lack of true happiness and fulfillment in this department. A lot of you have been asking this channel and our other channels what will happen to your partners during the Earth changes. Some of you are afraid your close family members and spouses will not make it through the transition from third to fourth density. Others of you that are planning to move into fifth density have the perception that your partners will stay stuck in third or fourth densities. As stated numerous times by us and this channel, you cannot force anyone to change, especially when you have demands and expectations placed on them by your ego.

Each of you must follow the true desires of your soul. If your soul path is different from your intimate partner's, then you must face the fact that perhaps you will not make the journey together. Consequently, you must face any unresolved emotional issues around separation, abandonment, rejection, loneliness and such.

The biggest psychological issue we observe in your relationships is the desire to control and manipulate your partners. This is often subtle, but can be quite overt as well. You go into your relationships with expectations and demands, and when your partner is unable or unwilling to fulfill those expectations and demands, you become upset and disillusioned.

Your desire to avoid being alone, or your craving for love, can cause you to attempt to decide for another what his or her path should be during the Earth changes. Each soul must make its own choices as to what path to take as the changes accelerate. It is up to each of you to love and accept those close to you in an unconditional manner. This is accomplished by first loving and accepting yourself unconditionally. This channel and others offer a variety of psychological techniques for clearing the emotional body, ego, and the demands and expectations you place on others. You will find the path to ascension arduous if you do not clear these issues in the most expedient way possible.

Listening to Your Body

We, the Founders, will assist you in any way we can, but we will not turn this dissertation into a therapy session. Your physical body is your ultimate therapist because it lets you know when you are in balance and when you are not. Your emotional body is a close second in this regard. If you are unsure of your psychological state, then tune into your physical body and find all the places that do not feel light and happy. Congestion, pain, numbness or discomfort of any kind is an indication that there are unresolved issues. They may be simple and straightforward, such as when you ignore your body's comfort because you are too busy pursuing a mental obsession. You can even be mentally obsessed with truth. If you have been ignoring your body, you just need to become more aware of it and how it interfaces with the rest of you. If there are emotions attached to body pain and discomfort, then these need to be addressed by giving them full attention and then asking for assistance from your God Self and helpers. The psychological healing section below will assist you in this regard.

Techniques for Healing the Emotional Body

Ask to be shown exactly what you need to do to clear your emotional issues. Perhaps a therapy session or support group is called for; perhaps it is something you can resolve on your own through greater love and self-acceptance. Usually when there are unresolved emotions it means you are not listening to one or more parts of your Self. You are in denial. You are suppressing (and even repressing) some of your desires because you have a belief that those desires are wrong, or cannot be fulfilled, or should not be fulfilled.

Sometimes you must return to basics and ask the various aspects of the Self, “What do you really want?” Then LISTEN carefully and attentively for an answer. We are not saying this will be easy. For example, your spirit might be prodding you to work in the cities helping souls through the transition, but your emotional body might be afraid of being in the cities and might feel unsafe. If that is the case, you will need to explore your unsafe feelings and communicate with them. The core negative belief, “I'm not safe,” will color your entire perception of the Earth changes and likely make you fearful of what is to come. When you are in fear, you cannot think clearly and make wise choices. So clearing the fear is an essential step in the healing process.

There are a number of ways of clearing your fears, and they all involve completely facing the fear. The simplest technique is to become aware of all of the facets of your fear by noticing how it feels in your body, where it is located, what it is telling you, what it looks and sounds like, what its texture is, what its color and pattern looks like, etc., then breathing deeply and bringing God's Limitless Love and Compassion into the area that feels fear. This channel has a technique whereby he has you put your fear into a golden ball of light and send it up to God.

When you have cleared your negative emotional patterns, you become aware of the essential Self beneath the layers of psychological barriers. It is then possible to listen to the wise, all-loving, all-knowing voice of your God Presence. This voice will guide you in the direction that is for your highest and best soul growth, happiness and well-being.

Continue reading here: Psychology of Soul Growth
Full book by Sal Rachele:
Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Psychology of Earth Changes -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline

The Psychology of the Earth Changes

True psychology involves the study and practice of how to integrate the various aspects of the Self, and to do this, it is necessary to review what some of these aspects are and how they function. The two aspects most commonly addressed in psychology are the emotional body and mental body. The negative patterns within these two bodies are the primary factor to consider when examining what is keeping you from awakening fully to your enlightened Self.

We will begin this section by looking at the barriers and blockages to enlightenment, or what some psychologists call the “shadow self.” This ability to look at the shadow self is a vital stage of personal growth, and it would be completely unnecessary to even discuss this aspect if all of you had fully mastered this step. However, we can see by reading your energy fields that you have not completed this step, and so we will review some of the more basic elements of the barriers and blockages to enlightenment.

The Barriers and Blocks to Enlightenment

1. The Ego

The greatest mental barrier to enlightenment is the identification with old beliefs, conditioning and programming. This is the activity of the egoic self, the personality, the part of you that feels a sense of separation from the whole. The egoic self is a necessary part of being in a physical body on Earth. The teachings that suggest eradication of the ego are erroneous because all of you need to have personal boundaries and a sense of self in order to communicate and function on the Earth. However, as you well know, the ego can get out of hand and take over the soul's perception to the point where the soul identifies completely with the Earthly self and forgets its spiritual purpose and mission. We will not go into an exhaustive dissertation on how to get the ego under control. Chapter 4 of this channel's book, “Life On the Cutting Edge,” does a pretty good job of examining the intricacies of the ego and how to transcend egocentricity. We will, however, discuss the issue of emotional states, and particularly, fear, since this unresolved aspect of the psyche plays a vital role in how souls cope with the Earth changes.

2. The Fear of Change

The fear of change plays a dominant role in the consciousness of the masses of humanity. This manifests in many ways, including denial regarding the Earth changes. The “business as usual” syndrome is widespread, especially in those countries that put a strong emphasis on acquiring material wealth.

As stated in Life On the Cutting Edge, underneath the fear of change is usually the fear of the unknown, which is similar to the fear of death. Yet humanity is certain to perish if it does not change, so herein lies the “Catch-22” type paradox. The psychology of clinging to the past, even if it is unsatisfying and even depressing, stems from the repression of the original experience of the fall, or the densification into matter of the soul. When souls first descended into matter, the experience was so traumatic that any subsequent change was viewed with extreme anxiety, lest the experience be repeated. Souls opted for the relative comfort of knowing what to expect in life, even if it was unfulfilling.

The primary difference now is that change is imperative. The course most of humanity is on can be likened to the sheep prancing right off the edge of the cliff. Most of the human sheep already have one foot hanging off the precipice, or to use a similar analogy, the human deer are frozen in the headlights and the truck is moving too fast to stop. Your fears must be faced, but from a position of identifying with the higher self, the soul essence. The light of truth must shine into the fear in order to dispel it. Original cause issues (fear of another fall) must be worked through using psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and other techniques, such as timeline healing.

Emotional Issues

The greatest barrier to happiness and well-being, especially during the turbulent times now manifesting on planet Earth, involves the emotional issues of the Self. As stated above, psychology generally includes the study of the mind-body connection as well as the emotions, but for the next few paragraphs, we will focus primarily on the emotional self as the main player that determines psychological health.

To review, there are three basic “negative” emotions: fear, anger and sadness. Regardless of the cause of these emotions, they must be loved and accepted in their existing state before they can be changed. They must be felt completely before they can be transformed. Resisting or suppressing emotions is what causes psychopathic behavior and all manner of violence. In a later part of this section, we and this channel will reiterate the two steps necessary for healing of emotional issues.


Most addictions, both what is termed “substance” and what is termed “process,” fall into the category of emotional denial. Life on Earth, as you all know, is very challenging, and dealing with buried and suppressed emotions is not easy, despite the myriad of psychotherapeutic approaches being offered by your so-called experts. Most humans would rather “shop till they drop” or engage in sexual adventures, or fill up their consciousness with new strategies for increasing their monetary wealth, than deal with uncomfortable and “messy” emotional issues.

Therefore, a lot of humans turn to substance and process addictions as a way of avoiding looking at negative emotions. Most addictions offer a temporary “high,” followed by a let-down. The let-down stimulates a craving for the high to be repeated, and the vicious cycle begins. Addictions can be overt or subtle, depending on the level of repression and denial. Many people do not even realize they have addictions. While we could devote a whole volume to the subject of addiction, the reason we brought up the subject is because it is often addictions that keep you from seeing clearly what is taking place and what is coming on planet Earth.

What would happen if you gave up your addictions? It is quite simple. You would be forced to deal with your negative feelings, including the fear of what is to come on Earth. You would face your problems and look them square in the face, and as a result of giving full attention to the situation, you would find the solutions. Yet you must become aware of the problem before you can find the solution, and that is why we have included a section on psychology in this book.

Continue reading here: Psychology of Human Relationships
Full book by Sal Rachele:
Earth Changes and 2012: Messages From the Founders

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gus and Jerry discuss the cosmology

May 5, 2009

I have come to explain how thought process becomes consciousness. I was sent here by the Usearians. I am Gus.

All matter and thought originates in complete consciousness. In other words; they come from a thought that arrives out of a future time zone. It has to come from somewhere where the event already has happened. When you move to a higher connection with Source, time has no meaning because Source does not operate in the “time equation”. Thought originates through a sequence of aware consciousness that operates without the time-factor as a distraction. The only purpose 'time' serves is to help us learn to escape from a process that always has a predictable beginning and end. Once you understand that our mental connection with life is created without using a manifested time factor, you can begin to work with the mind without interference from low density consciousness, which is always controlled by time.

If this gets confusing, don't give up......

All creative thoughts are manifested out of time, and then introduced back into the time-equation. This is how the process of levitation works. Once you understand how to move in and out of time, you will introduce a creative thought and be able to levitate by using this method. That is who I am! Time is only a set pattern which only works within the cosmic law of time and space. Acquiring the understanding on how to separate yourself out of time and space will allow you an experience of separation, which in turn opens you up to a whole new perspective of consciousness. For thousands of years very few have really understood this “frequential” concept...and often the ones that did were punished, and in some cases put to death as witches or warlocks.

Once you learn to transport thought consciously, not subconsciously like you (Jerry while receiving text) are now doing, you will understand how this concept works. While operating in the subconscious state you are able to discern between the same understanding of an idea you have in the conscious state, because the subconscious thought process has already decided on what it thinks is the only way. At this point, your mind stops investigating any new ways of processing thought, and in most cases it does not allow the mind to explore any further. Now you need a new process which will allow you to make the next conscious connection into a dimensional change.

One of the reasons that human beings come together is to experience life with each other. Each person comes in with a different agenda and a different astrological sign. This is where the strength from, the connection can either start working in creative patterns, or begins destroying themselves like they have many times in the past. When anything was done with ego and greed involved, eventually this enteric field of consciousness would become a self-destructive process. After many centuries of various countries fighting amongst themselves, many people nowadays have finally realized that ego and violence do not bring a solution to any situation. Because of the tremendous struggles of previous encounters, the only winners that come out of these violent contests are the ones that stay out of any conflict.....the ones that hold their light for others to see.

Now that humankind has tried many methods of using universal laws, they are more and more realizing that violent and oppressive ways only work for a short time, because the only real creative force that exists can only come from the using the combined energy of the WE.

There is a reason this channel has been opened. Important information is being introduced to a group of individuals helping them to create and align a “Cresenic” connection between elevated frequencies. This allows different living forms with different energy fields to communicate with each other.

JB: I have a few questions that I would like to run by you. The first one is; who are you and what drew you to our frequency? Two; there are so many processes that this planet and universe has gone through to develop into what it is today. I understand this is not an answer you can give easily because of the complexity, and also I'm sure it involves many different processes in long periods of time, but I sure would appreciate it if you could take a stab at it.

Gus: I will see what I can you said, it is very complicated. Though not in your vocabulary, “Cresenic” connection is the word used to describe different bases of thought...even thoughts that have a different mental origin. You are used to people with different languages but who still have the same mental connection of thought..and this “Cresenic” mental connection allows you to communicate even if your thought processes are separate from each other's thinking. Before incarnating this time, some of you learned to use this inter-universal mental connection, allowing you to connect with many different living species that are much separate from yours.

I have also been in contact with several of the different beings that you have brought in over the years. We finally decided it was my turn to introduce some timely new information. I know we constantly hear from many of you, “When is something going to happen”? In the first place, since you don't know what that something is, how can you label “something” if you're not aware of it? In the second place, if something is happening, it can only enter into your space of thought if you prepare a place for it. And at the point when all preparations are met, you will be able to 'slide' into your next experience without any difficulties or confusion. Incidentally, there are many more of you around the world than you realize who are very close to this new experience.

The other question I was asked; Who am I and where am I from? I am basically what you are soon going to be. I live in a state of consciousness, not in a place....I still have a shape and form. I still have emotions and feelings, and that is as close as I can explain it until there is a little more 'water under the bridge'.

There is one thing that is confusing to many of you, as well as myself; how did this whole planet get started and became what it is today? This is such a complex process to explain to anyone that has been in a frequency that you are used to and also one injected with belief systems. I think by now you realize any belief pattern stops someone from contemplating new experiences. The whole idea of being in physical form and vibrating at 550 billion wavelengths a second, is a long ways from working with a vibrational frequency that can distinguish information without holding it in some belief pattern.

The interesting part of this whole creative pattern of how this planet and many others became inhabited, that is was originally started by the Gods, does not mean a single God created everything because it takes many different platforms to create such a massive hologram. When you use the word “God” you are looking for a creator that is basically inside yourself. You are that God. The ones that put this all together are a joint consciousness of creative gods that basically built a physical structure and allowed different souls, from all sorts of spiritual beings, to inhabit these physical structures....for one reason only; to learn to live in low density and overcome a tremendous amount of fear-based consciousness that was programmed into this physical hologram. Also, they devised a method so they could reproduce themselves and were then just basically turned loose in a frequency that has no clue on how universal laws work.

However, what this does is it forces each individual to learn to fend for themselves. And their experience of doing this allows them, when they return to their original state, to live in their environment with much more clarity than they had before entering into a physical mode. This is only a small part of explaining to you that the way you are designed, all you need is a “kick start”...and for the most part, for the ones that do have the intent to understand more of creation, the pieces will begin to fall into place.

JB: Thank you for that information. I will work on it and see what happens. When the so-called “gods” combined their thought force and created living beings, what was the reason for the giant animals that we find the remains of in the ground? To me this was not a necessary process because it seemed to go nowhere and they just died off.

Gus: Well, basically it did go nowhere and they died off. But, when the gods first were designing physical structures, many things were put on the table with which to experiment. So they had to start with these strange looking creatures that roam the earth, and they basically killed each other. All of these different processes of which you have seen the remains, as well as a lot of other different processes, were experimented with until they decided to create a structure that a spiritual being could inhabit. As you know, the structure they ended up with is pretty amazing. It can reproduce itself with a separate spiritual inhabitant, and at some point in its development, it can repair every single part of itself. The only reason for a physical base structure to become sick, break down or die, is that the mind has lost connection with its true self. And if you look at the bigger picture, this was also planned---to lose the conscious thought that you are always repairable. So, what you are doing now by becoming sick and hurt is learning how to restructure thought into your higher self, and therefore, create any situation in your physical body that you want to change or upgrade.

Many entities are experiencing life without a physical body. In fact, in true consciousness having a physical body is very rare. It is basically a big pain in the ass to experience life in a physical body. But, as a lot of you know, the payoff is huge and that is why you take on this experience while you are still in true form.

Once you understand that you are able to repair anything in your physical body that was designed by thought, you move into an elevated state, and that helps train your mental processing reactor to repair anything that is out of original creation, without using the assistance of a surgeon or a physician. What I am attempting to put into process so you understand is that all things in your physical body, if you understand how the process works, can be replaced or repaired. Understanding “universal connection”, which ties everything together, totally works on a balance concept and this allows you to replace or repair anything that is living in low density. Many processes are repaired without a conscious thought, like scratches, cuts, bruises etc. This can only be done by using a higher frequency with a thought that puts this in place while it is in the process.

Of course a higher frequency can be seen by the pineal gland, which many of you call a third eye. Once you understand how to focus through the use of this process, and then allow the automatic healing system to take charge, you basically can repair everything, unless you are in the chromatic state. The only time it is possible to use this process is if you already are using the pineal gland during time consciousness. Remember, thought in time has very little creative connection with “Tripmatin” levels of your mental connection with Source.

JB: I'm trying to incorporate all this because some of this I have never experienced before. Apparently, before we were born into a physical body, at some point in non-time, we each created ourselves in a collective state and entered into ourself in order to experience a physical form with minimal understanding of basically we could start from scratch and understand life in a lower density in physical form?

Gus: Yes, this is it, in sort of a crude form. The whole idea of this transcription is to give you your power back, and not still be handing it out to a higher source. Because once you realize you are the one, with the help of all the others who designed, and basically became the physical body you inhabit now. Until you totally understand this process, you are constantly looking for somebody outside yourself to take on this responsibility, when all along this responsibility is yours. Once you understand it is totally yours, then you won't have to depend on anybody else to “maintain your vehicle”.

Now remember, when space or time does not exist, this outlined process has to be put into play by everyone helping to construct a planet within the universe that will all work together. With your experience, if everything wasn't set up prior to you coming here, you would have no place to incarnate into. So remember, it was with your combined effort with others similar to you, that you decided to manifest time and space and create self-sustaining spaceships called planets to experience life in this condition. Remember, this was quite an undertaking! You still are who you were prior to taking a physical body. You just didn't have the discomforts and mental distraught that you brought here with you to learn to overcome.

This is why we all experimented with many projects prior to building a physical form for ourselves. We had to learn to understand and overcome heat, cold, gravity and many other processes and at the same time, design a physical body that can survive in this harsh condition. The animals were all created to pretty much survive within these different realms and conditions, but the human body must basically mentally devise an environment just for his survival. You also had to learn to understand the concept of time. When we were working with this process, we basically had no place to start....if you have never heard of time before, you wouldn't have an idea of what it was. But, before physical interaction was even a concept, time and space had to be understood in order for this to become a necessary factor of life.

This was a multi-dimensional project that had to come together perfectly so that all aspects of life would be able to do their job in perfect coordination, to experience these lower essences, so that all could work together in harmony. Without the birds, the bees, the animals and trees, and everything in between, your planet could not exist. One thing I must explain, and that perhaps many of you already understand, is the talk about the planet global warming. This is no more than the vibrational structure returning to its original state. Many of you now are finished with your physical experience and will return to the original state with a tremendous amount of knowledge, more than before you came. Returning to this condition does not mean our physical body dies. By then it has learned to adapt to a higher frequency and will continue your life in a much more complete fashion. I know some of you have been given little glimpses of how this will be.

Once you learn to return to the present, and realize that time is a device made for humans, one which requires rules and conditions to live by in order to survive, you can disconnect from this process that has a beginning and an end. When you are within “time” you are very easily controlled. Once you learn to not be controlled and still live in time, this opens many doors for you that were not available before. Many of you will start to feel separated in distance from others; because when you reach a certain point of connection with Mother Earth, you won't need to follow anything because at this point, you will be part of Mother Earth's energy field. Many of you are experiencing a sense of separation at this time. And during this “separation” quite a number of you, especially through your mental change, will start to forget everyday processes you normally use. When the mind and especially the thought form that is generated from this process, goes through this period, small insignificant thoughts and ideas become less important. This is because you are starting to see the “real” processing that needs to be addressed coming into the picture.

One of the key points is learning to slow down, not only physically, but mentally. You are used to seeing everything and thinking everything at a certain speed in a third dimensional framework, which allows you to either miss, or misunderstand the new process that is being put into place. I'm sure many of you have noticed your physical bodies and thought process are going through an “Enneadic” period. This process moves you into a mental state which allows you the freedom to see the original state of life and not a preconceived understanding that has been put into place by beings with less interest in your welfare.

Getting caught up in the world events and involved in how governments operate keeps you under control from a group of beings that do not have your best interest. This is why we are so excited and want to help where we can, because there are many at this time that are opening up to the clear reality of the central purpose of mankind's experiment in physical form. The ones of you that are awakening to the original process that was set into place, will have to lead the rest of them into this new and quite confidential political field of life. This “first run” of changeovers will not involve a large quantity of people. The first group will not only prepare for others to follow their footsteps, but it will provide an example which will allow them to see a more efficient lifestyle, and how to best connect with the planet which was originally designed for them.

There are a pretty good number of you now that have the will to step into the next frequency, but who still have to play the old physical games of keeping yourself entertained in the material world, which is quite normal because you think by keeping entertained, you are happy. True happiness only comes when there is a connection between Mother Earth. If you think about it, each one of you have a special purpose to be here. That special purpose, if connected with the Mother Earth, will enhance itself hundreds of times. Also, each person has a different route to this connection. So, in many cases it may look like they are tearing down, when actually they are building up, because they are not doing it the way you process. This is why allowing everything to be in perfect order keeps you in direct line with the earth's energy, which is trying to match where you are coming from...if you will allow it to.

The next step is to understand the manifesting of new and more functional parts in your physical body. As you can see, many things on the body can be healed just by allowing them to do it on their own. At one time humans in physical form could replace most, if not all functional parts, which would allow the body to continue in a perpetual living state. In creating “healers” and “ doctors”, they turned the healing over to them, and consequently lost the ability to manifest whatever was needed to be repaired. Just like an old car, if you want to spend the money and time, you can keep it running basically forever. The human body is designed the same way, the difference between it and a car is it does not cost a thing to have the body repaired. All you have to do is understand the thought that caused the destruction to start with and negate that thought and replace it with a thought that sees you in perfect working order.

When you manifest a new body part, use it in your mind; for example, hardening of the arteries. Once you imagine this process and see it as an interference of your life, at that point you reverse this interference and create a hologram that sees the arteries in a perfect functional fashion. If you can hold this thought for a short time, periodically, so it becomes the primary thought of creation, and not destruction, the situation has to return to normal. As most of you know, Kirilian Photography (energy or aura photography) can show a missing part of any physical body or plant. This is because it is based on energy, not the visual part that is either missing or not functioning correctly, it has a pattern to follow to return to its natural state. Many people agree with this process but the hard part is following it consistently because it does take a huge change in your belief patterns.

There is a huge tug of war going on between your programmed consciousness and your open subconscious. But, continuing awareness of this process will allow you to take and use it; a process that is really establishing new parts for your physical body. Don't forget, you created this body and with the same process you can fix it. All it consists of is a thought put into a hologram and allowed to become a third dimensional functioning part. This is not something you have to believe or disbelieve. All you have to do is use the process. As soon as you see it manifest into reality, you will no longer have doubt about making it happen. This probably is the biggest single thought action, one that as it takes place, will allow you to go into a new frequencial pattern.

Understand that your entire body is constructed of an energetic field that responds to “Hypoltropton” fields of genetic light particles, which is directly in line with the thought generated by the pineal gland.

JB: Well, it looks like we have a lot to digest at this point. You never did explain who and what you are, and where you are from. Is there a possibility to process this information?

GUS: I have a lot more to say, but I think I'll give it a break at this point and let you digest some of this. The “Relonic” connection we have with the ones of you that are crossing into higher frequencies, allows us to interact with that energy field. And just like many before me that have come on this information station that you provide, I really don't have a set place or time that I come from. So it would not be advantageous to try to explain this. But, I do advise you to stay in touch with the patterns you found in your desert, which will allow you a true form of understanding as you advance through these higher vibrations that you are experiencing. Thank you for your cooperation and I have more to say as soon as this has been processed. Then we can continue with the next plateau of information.

This will be the end of this dialog for now. Gus.