Monday, December 29, 2008

Starseeds, Wanderers -- Elohim

Dear P.Hamilton,

The Elohim names the Elohim souls who have chosen to incarnate into this realm as Starseeds. Ra names those who incarnate into this realm Wanderers. Regardless of the soul group of origin, once a higher dimensional being takes a body,they will forget from where they came.


Wynn: What is a starseed?

Elohim: A starseed is the term for an Elohim individual who has connected with an earth body. The starseed is the body, part of which the Elohim soul has connected with as a vehicle to maneuver in this realm.

Wynn: So a star seed would be a joining of an Elohim soul with a human animal body with the idea of being a liason to the higher form of Elohim to help uplift this realm. Would that be accurate?

Elohim: Yes.

Wynn: And so there were volunteers?

Elohim: Yes they are volunteers. It is not only for them to express our will but for them to express their own will and creativity in the bringing of heaven on earth in their own manner, their own way, their own passion, their own creativity. It is not the Elohim who is the master of the starseed. It is the starseed who is the master of himself, who is able to bring forth his own creative passion towards his earth life and in his own way to creatively express himself in the job that he has undertaken to express his passion and bring his creative juices and energies into his earthly role, whether it be a shoemaker, a cook or a house builder,

Wynn: Once an Elohim soul makes the decision to do that, they do know that once they get here, they're going to forget that they made that decision and could get lost in this realm. Is that correct?

Elohim: No one feels that they are going to lose their memory or they are going to be overtaken by the veil. They are who they are at the time and they will be the unconquerable who will come to earth and they will be the one who will blaze through and be able to bring this wisdom to the earth and this joy to the earth plane, to the other Elohim starseeds and they do not feel that they will be overcome by the veil.

It is when they are finally here that they become blunted and overcome, because they have combined with the elements of the veil which are not of them. In their deepest self they have not forgotten. They have the passion. They have the knowledge. It is still there. It is always part of them waiting to be remembered. It is when they misidentify with the elements which are other than themselves, that they then view things through those other elements, and they appear to have forgotten. But they have never really forgotten. It is always a part of them. It is only through misidentification that they seem to forget.

Questions and Answers with the Elohim

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