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New Earth, Part 2 -- Maldek

Mushaba Platinum Light
The New Earth and its Amazing Possibilities Part-2
The Mushaba Council

We continue with the sharing from part-1. We will continue with more sharing from the Soul of Maldek:

Does this mean that Maldeck as a planet can be restored? Some have said that it will be when we are ascended and the whole system is restored.

Maldeck: Yes, that is correct. It is a matter of all being able to return to their original blueprint and with the knowledge and experience that has been amassed will be able to go on into another phase of the plan and sail forth into eternity much wiser and more in tune with the Creator Source within.

Remember that the spirit never dies, and that all in existence is Spirit. Just as earth has the spirit/soul of Gaia, so too do I still exist in the soul of Maldeck. We have great plans for our future you and I, and I speak now of Mother Earth-Gaia, Brother Maldeck and planet Mushaba. I do exist in the system, and if it weren’t for my spirit still being present holding the pieces of the planet together, the asteroid belt, the pieces of my body, would all float away into space never to become united again.

Did all of the beings of Maldeck after the annihilation of their planet really come to earth to inhabit human bodies for another chance at life? I had read through Sitchen, or some other source that the beings who came to inhabit the bodies were from all over the universe. Are they the ones who embodied in the humans that Enki and Ninhersag created?
Maldeck: Yes, that is why it took so many years for them to evolve enough so that they could be productive.

Maldek through Nancy Tate an official spokesperson for the Mushaba Force and the council of Mushaba.

I am Maldek and I come to you from the energy of the Mushaba race. I come so that all may listen and hear the heart of their home, the one that left you so scattered and disengaged from your souls.

I once was embodied in the planet that you know of as Maldek. I took on that body in order to carry out the promise of the times that would come after the destruction of our planet. Do you remember our lives together? Do you remember how we grew in spirit and found our lives to represent the falling out of that spirit when we found that we could harness the power of one single atom?

What was it you ask that took us down that road to our destruction? We listened to the ones who came to our planet and we told them that we would create in their image that which they brought. It was as the temptation of the ages that would carry us forth from our boredom of ascended beings, for we thought we had reached our pinnacle of evolution. That is what stopped us from going further and evolving into the unlimitedness that we knew innately was our destiny.

When we did that, when we listened to the others who came we were at a point in our evolvement where everything was grand and glorious; we didn’t have to labor for that which we wanted, we just created it out of the ethers. We favored our leisure and we loved our ability to create anything that we desired.

That was our downfall, you see, for with that ability also came the sameness of what we could do. We didn’t see that in order to perpetuate that we needed to take it further, to utilize what we had learned and what we had achieved and take it to the stars and share it with our family.

But that, we did not do. Instead we became complacent in our abilities. We became lazy and uncaring about others. This lead to the downfall of our unity and we began to see others in a different light. We took pride in what we could do and in so doing that cast a shadow on all others. With that feeling of ego, we began to fall from our elevation and to slip through the ages into a metaphoric euphoria that had no lasting power, for it was based in servitude to our own ego. You might say that this is the opposite of what you are experiencing on earth right now. We went from a slightly more elevated state of being than you are now, to a falling away from the knowledge that movement is the creator of the universe.

We didn’t realize that in order to keep the momentum of our evolvement going we needed to always reach for another place and other creation in order to support and perpetuate that which we had become, on into the eternal state of bliss that required no further evolution. We didn’t realize, because we didn’t listen to the voice within that told us so, that encouraged us to movement. That is the place to which we neglected to aspire, for we thought we had reached that place of eternal joy and love.

I come to you now to set you free from that old idea of the reaching of the top of the ladder. That will never happen until there is the knowledge that you are back to Source and that it means that you are the very being that you are and nothing more.

I am here to tell you that in the days and weeks to come, you all may be faced with the ideas of grand design that you have lain in place for the eventual ascendance that you aspire to. I am here to say that once you have attained that there is so much more for you. Do not go to laziness and then boredom, for that is what breeds the onset of unrest. Keep your light shining and sure, and enjoy and experience every moment of these times for they are truly all you have in the moment.

Regard this moment as the single most marvelous one you have and that within it is born the impetus for the next and the next.
There is no end, even when you reach the expected and projected ideas of what ascension will mean for you, go further, swim on in the flow of creation and allow your world to evolve endlessly through the expression of that which you know to be the ultimate moment that bears the seed for the next.

I will return from time to time and share with you your history and what became of it. I will share how other Forces in this existence visited you before and how they are revisiting you in this time to be able to reawaken that energy within you that is so familiar to many of you now. That is because you are nearing the remembrance of the other lives you had in this solar system. You are on the threshold of the remembrance of that fateful day when your world split apart and you were catapulted out into the universe.

You have been given another chance to evolve beyond where you were. I will be here with you, for I am the twin flame of your beloved Gaia. I am Meldek and I am the part of you that has held your original home in place for a reunion to take place when all of the solar system is restored to its original blueprint. I along with the Mushaba Force are here to assist you in your loving place to the attainment of your former status and then beyond, for we have a glory to uphold and to allow to ring through the heavens of our discontent and restore it to its resonance once more.
What this means that the original souls who came here and embodied in the human are from Maldek. They came and the took their place in the history of the ages, for there was more to play out in this great game of chance and it is to see once and for all that there is nothing left to chance for it is all according to the choices of the moment.

As those souls all spread over the universe and regained their sanity they touched in with who they were, they came and they set themselves into to the life of earth at a time when it was preordained for the human population to come and live their Grace in the name of the ancients, the fallen ones who are living the grace they were given so long ago.

Thank You Mushaba Council and Maldek!
Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
“Remember that the Truth is a Two Edged Sword”.

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
Grandmaster-Mushaba Force



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