Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Earth -- Maldek

Mushaba Platinum Light
The New Earth and its Amazing Possibilities Part-1

The Mushaba Council

We greet you in the greetings of Mushaba Greetings! This meaning: greetings of freedom and empowerment. Today we want to speak with you about the New Earth and related topics. We wish to speak with you about what life potentials will be, as well as your interaction with the animal kingdom, nature kingdom, and all kingdoms of the elementals, fairy and others. We will use how we interact with all of this on Planet Mushaba to relate to what you of earth will be moving upward into as you move onward into your great state of anti-matter beings. You of earth have a grand opportunity never before available in all of human history. You have travelled a road that led you from the realm of PSP or Pure Spiritual Perfection into the realm of separation and duality that led to amnesia and the long forgetfulness of who and what you are.
You have been a part of the greatest experiment and school of learning in existence. You are now coming full circle as you are on your journey to return back to the realm of PSP. The involvement of the Mushaba people has been extensive and very direct but yet, this information has been withheld until just recently as we the council deemed it necessary that the truth now come to the fore. It too has been ordained by Creator that this be so. Even though our earth representative Anakhanda and his Mushaba family have been representing and holding the frequencies of the Mushaba Force for well over 35 yrs, it has not been openly recognized and accepted until now. It was the Mushaba energies that have been part of the make up of Mother Earth since it was in the process of formation and it is the Mushaba energies that will be part of the new earth as it too is in the throes of coming into its own. What makes up this new earth you may ask? Is it located out there somewhere in the universe? Will this present earth be left behind? Let us explain what this new earth is, where it is located and what will happen with our present dear Mother Earth.

The new earth is right here right now. You are living in it and you are evolving along with it as it comes into its own. It is not located out there somewhere and nothing will happen to this present earth other than evolve as you all are evolving. Why then is it being called New Earth? You could also ask then why are humans being said to be evolving into a new species? As we said it is because of its evolvement into higher realms and frequencies and a very important happening for Mother Earth. Many of you have heard of the planet Maldek that was annihilated long ago after it was infiltrated by the Draconian race which led to a great deal of lost of empowerment and self reliance of the Maldek people. They gave their power away and expected something or someone else to save them. As we know it didn’t happen and the planet was destroyed and the souls thrown out into the universe.

The planet at one time was a much larger planet when it was known as the planet Taimat in which earth and Maldek was one. The planet was split asunder and the earth became its own planet in its own orbit. It was reformed and reenergized with powerful new frequencies and codes as it was being prepared for its eventual destiny and when it would once again be the home to the souls of Maldek. The souls that have been destroyed on Maldek are the souls that now inhabit the earth. It is part of the promise made to the people of Maldek by the Mushaba people and the Creator. This is why through the blessings of the Creator, there were those who came to earth for the creation of the human species. They came to create the perfect vessel for the souls of Maldek to come and claim the promise and potential that was made to them to live a life that would rival beyond what they had on Maldek before the fall into lower frequencies and the eventual destruction. This is what Maldek wish to share about this promise.

Maldek: What I would like to share with you this day is the promise that you made to the people of my planet as you walked among them. You presented to them the promise of a life everlasting that would be carried out in realms other than the one in which they were expressing at the time. You told them that there would come a time when they would know the full promise of what was to come to pass would mean to them. You said that there would come a day when the greatest fear would arise in them, and that in the next instant they would know the glory that was truth and they would be shown another world, another planet on which they would carry out their legacy to the whole of the universe.

This was your part in the genetic memory that they would carry forth with them into amnesia on earth and on into the coming awakening that is being prepared for now. You took to the people in the simplicity of truth that which would pave the way for the new beginnings that would be their final marching grounds to the truth of who they are, and the journey that brought them to that truth. Now you are living that legacy. Now you are about to embark on the reawakening of that history within you of your times on Maldek and on the planet MUshaba.
By the way, your recent spelling of the name MUshaba instead of Mushaba, is the energy in which it was addressed on Maldek, for it more closely resembled its connection on Maldek and the future for it to be expressed on earth. It represents the first coming place on earth for the Maldekians, that of the times pre-Lemuria. That of MU. We came to earth as a means to an end. We came to destroy the lineage/energy that we had created on Maldek, and in so doing we developed a grand scheme by which to employ the use of all of our faculties and as well to make use of the technological advancements that we held in our brains.

As we did this it became apparent that something was missing, and that was that our emotional field had been damaged beyond repair and so we were operating with only one aspect of our totality. We were not using all of our original blueprint in order to create a society that was real and of benefit to us.

That is where you, Anakhanda come in. You brought with you from your planet Mushaba the means by which to develop this part of our auric field. You were able to provide a part of your DNA that would enable the re-awakening of the parts of our aura that had been destroyed. That is when we discovered that in essence it had not been destroyed in a way that proved irreparable, but that it had gone into hibernation in order to avoid annihilation, as our planet had.”

Thank you Mushaba Council and the soul of Maldek!

Note: I would like to say that basically all of you were on Maldek one time or another. You each carry within you your own history of Maldek and what your role was and what happened. This is why no one can say that what you share about your involvement is incorrect because you speak from your personal involvement. All these memories are in the throes of awakening within all of humanity. I can only speak of my involvement and that of my people, the Mushaba’s. I share not to convince, but share my perspective maybe for those who may be caused to awaken your own memories within.

Blessings of Truth and Integrity!

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba

“Remember that the Truth is a Two Edged Sword”.

Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba
Grandmaster-Mushaba Force


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