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Elohim on Lucifer

Dear P.Hamilton,

I wanted to ask a question that I knew Terry couldn't answer from her conscious mind or imagination. I asked about Lucifer. Here's the answer........

Council of Elohim/Terry, 2003
Wynn: Could you describe how the present world order corresponds to the Luceferic fall?

Elohim: They're tied in but the Luceferic fall is a continuous thing. Where there's various mechanics where this happens where evil gets magnified and perpetuates other evil and so there it carries on its own line and perpetuates itself and spreads. Of course they do not see themselves as spreading evil. They think the actions they prescribe are in the best interests long term for mankind. They don't see their actions as negative. Everything makes a whole. It's sort of a puzzle which fits together and although they might not see it as evil, someone else will see it as evil, if you follow the chain of need, the chain of reasoning, the chain of greed, each person feels that they are walking in the best interests of themselves or the best interest of others. And so they each feel if it's in the best interests of themselves they are working towards what is best. Even though a person may be doing great evil, he will have his own distortions that have led up to his ultimate actions and his thought forms.

Wynn: How long ago did this Lucifer thing happen and can you describe how it took place?

Elohim: There have been many breakdowns past the memory of your civilization past the memory of any Lucifer thing. See it is a repeating cycle, It's like a great breaking away from heaven, a wanting to be free from bonds of constriction and conformity and a wanting to have a division of duality so people can learn to come back to the light by there own free choice, coming to choose the light rather than having to stick to it by conformity. There have been many cycles of this in the universe with many tracks. It starts on a new track. You're looking for a specific event with a specific angel?

Wynn: Was there a specific angel?

Elohim: Lucifer has a very long track. It's like a breakdown over time and a further breakdown, a splitting away. There's many beings who have fulfilled this function throughout time other than the one known as Lucifer. It's like a starting with discontent with the way things are. You have to take in account all creation in order to take a look because Lucifer became contaminated with other beings. Lucifer as a being became angry and broke away, more than millions of years ago. Perhaps on the order of a billion years. Lucifer did not arrive at it in one fell swoop. Lucifer worked into it when he became enraged. Lucifer's been effected by other factions. It's not just Lucifer himself that goes out half-cocked and rages on. Lucifer is picking up the undercurrent, the underlying beings who have become entrapped in the Universe and in a way, Lucifer is the spokesperson of those ones, they're enraged with waiting and getting trapped and staying trapped. Lucifer isn't just an oddball sticking out there; he's a whole part of the puzzle. He is one enraged being and he's finding his way in his own way. Does this answer your question to some degree?

Wynn: Yes. Where is Lucifer right now?

Elohim: He's one of the guardians of the area of discontentment and he would not be in a location of physicalness. He's in a spirit body and as a spirit body he can come and go to different locations of discontent and he appears and disappears. He shows up in areas of discontent and he fans the discontent. He thrives on the discontent. Discontent pleases him. It feeds the areas of him that is the spokesperson. He finds areas of discontent and gives them a voice. We do not judge Lucifer. He is part of the puzzle. He has no home in a way, although his home would be in the area of discontented souls, which does not have a physical location.

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Note from Wynn: Again an answer that led me to believe that I was really talking to the Elohim. An understanding of Luciferic energy that would be hard to come up with from a human mind.

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