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Message from the other side -- Buddy

September 29, 2006.

My name was Bud Dillenger, but you can still call me Buddy. My physical body stopped two days ago and I became back to a full connection. The first thing I would like to do is thank my beautiful wife Pat, for everything she did for me to make me comfortable for my transformation back into full consciousness and for dealing with me throughout my life since I did not pick a real easy personality to be around for. For this I will forever be grateful and love her from the deepest and the most purposeful part of my heart. I tried to convey this to her during the last few days I was still in dimensional form.

Everything you have heard or read about concerning the one's leaving of the physical is pretty much true. One thing they have never explained is that you never really left this place; just your physical consciousness separates and experiences living in a condition with very little understanding of how the entire scope of creation is manifested. It isn't like you have left one place and went to another, because once you get out of space and time this process does not exist.

I understand that comprehending some of what I'm going to tell you won't fit the parameters of your points of reference. I'm being asked what it is like on the other side and what it was like transferring back into my original state. I will get this out of the way first. What I'm telling you it isn't something the average physical being can understand, because most people in any dimensional form still have a time and space factor to deal with. The closest explanation of crossing over that I can give to you is that is it like waking up from a dream. You realize you're back in what you thought was a real physical body, so by being in a physical condition you are basically cutting yourself off from your full original path. When you hear people do not want to go back into their physical body it is because you do not have the feelings and emotions that are so intense. I don't want to say uncomfortable because that's not quite what it is. It is more the fact you always have to be aware of every move you make just to keep a balance with others and with your physical body because it constantly needs some kind of attention. I can see now how when we have this physical experience how overwhelming it is just to keep it alive and in the acceptance condition that everyone else will allow you to be. Like I told Jerry in the tub there is no words and no points of reference to explain what it is in completion once you have eliminated your physical structure. All I can say is it is a hell of a ride taking on anything in physical and a third dimensional condition (full separation). There's nothing more difficult or a harder ride than this experience there are more obstacles introduced in this condition than any other way of experiencing life form. Many people have come through from this side over the years and attempted to explain the difference, not much is usually said because if no one could understand what would be the purpose. There is a group of you which is growing daily and that is opening up to other forms of consciousness. This is what this information is for because they will have to guide the others into a new physical life form that won't fit any pre-conditions experienced. A third dimensional life experience with all the emotions is a very lonely and disorientated condition to be in. Most the time you're just alone with your thoughts which mainly are just full of a lot of BS which has an accumulated thought processes that have no creative ability, because you have been introduced to a fear process that even dirties the water that much more. What I'm trying to get across is you have created a condition of ignorance and insanity that cannot be surpassed by anything. Now for the good part, this condition basically forces you to mentally learn to find a path out of this maze of misunderstoods. Yes, I have and am visiting with Gene Davis I never stopped visiting with him I just didn't realize when I was behind the temporary veil and could not see what I can see now. That analogy that gene gave you a while back with the hood of your car coming up in front of you and stopping your vision of the road was one of the better explanations for you to understand. What it is like without a full view of where you're going is for learning to trust and should be your priority. Think about this! If you're hood came up on your car while you were driving the first thing you would do is slam on the brakes and try to hold it straight and steady until you got stopped. This is basically what life is, trying to hold everything straight and steady until you get through it.

When in truth all you have to do is trust and just keep driving. I can feel that for sure most of you don't like that feeling and I don't blame you, as the analogy of that concept is tremendous. I know you expected me to go on and on about crossing over and seeing everybody over here and explaining what I'm doing, but I think the most important thing now is to get information that is the most creative to you not my social life. Like I said earlier there are no words or points of reference to explain what it is like when you return to your true self so I really cannot say much about it. One thing I will say is there is a lot of interaction with each other over here that is not necessary while you're working through your physical experience. The first thing I realize is how much time we all spent in physical form, including myself being concerned of everyone else's mental state and physical condition. There are many teachers that are explaining constantly to all of you how to abandon this part of your life because it is not necessary and has no growth pattern involved. I see my friends lord Michael, Hubbard, Davis, and others interacting with all of you just keeping you afloat until you get through it all. Yes, you have picked this condition and I understand like Gene said in his book, you can drive to Portland on the highway or in the ditch it is up to you, you're still going to Portland. This is one of the reasons I have decided to interact at this time is to share with you how much more simple life would be if you stay out of the ditch. All life is, is a series of events for you to experience once you allow them just to be events and not taken personal and allow the ego to have control and learn just to observe everything. I mean everything will change to a much more enjoyable experience. Just because you're in a low density, doesn't mean you have to be miserable. All the word miserable means is "does not understand the process." The biggest change I've made by crossing over is I am allowing instead of trying to control my surroundings and when you see the view I have now you will understand by trying to control anything is absolutely insane. Creations flow of conditions are going to happen. It doesn't matter what you do or don't do, these conditions will continue, so why not just sit back and observe instead of trying to make it go the way you think it should. Like Gene Davis said one time if you can slow down the rotation of the earth by pushing against a rock you could probably accomplish some of these feats that you're trying to change.

One experience I would like to share with you during my process of crossing over is that I went through a period of re-examining many lifetimes. Apparently this is to reacquaint me with which time slot I had been experiencing. It's kind of interesting comparing the different methods between here and there. There is no place here to go for information, except within yourself. Here, even though you still have your experience of being a single entity, there is no separatism. I think that's the feeling I like the most. All understanding of creation comes back to your knowing. There was a little time in transferring over where I thought I was just hallucinating because of the tremendous shift from a physical awareness to full awareness. I am going to tell you one thing. What you have coming up in your lives is very interesting. It also will be interesting how you handle it all.

Working in the group "we" consciousness is the key to transforming into an elevated state that will allow you your mental freedom. You have very little mental freedom at this point because you've been programmed out of your original state into a physical belief system, which really means nothing. Absolutely Nothing. This is why most of you stay in the same mental and physical condition, until you get to crossover for a break. Actually quite a bit has transpired into this new world you are about to experience. I would suggest you pay close attention to your informative guidance system so that you can interact with this new world without a lot of confusion and disarray. Yes, I would like to tell you what is going on but I can't even if I wanted to because you would lose the progress you going to make going through it. Remember no free rides everything you have must be earned and another word for earned is experienced. That is the whole reason you have taken on the physical condition that you're experiencing. I was just asked if it was a relief to get back into my original state. The answer to this is I never left. I just dropped off the piece that I was using for physical experience. There are many other pieces we are using at the same time for other experiences, which would be absolutely ludicrous to try and explain what they are. The best way I can explain this place over here is you really are your own God and you have full control over everything you're doing for experience. Also I have to laugh, everything that's in discomfort in your physical body is just a bunch of thought patterns that haven't been allowed to form a full conscious creative process and when this backs up into energetic matter it throws off all forward motion so the body reacts by rejecting that feeling. The rejection results in an imbalanced feeling which you have labeled as pain and then someone along the line somebody decided pain was uncomfortable and at this point convinced everybody into the same relief pattern. Then I suppose they invented a pain pill to relieve this belief, which they were able to make money on. When you see everything from over here it seems pretty foolish, but I do understand with the limited view that you have of creation which you are doing is just about what you would do if you had no understanding of the real process of universal consciousness. It is quite pleasant to drop off that part of me that was in a low vibrational frequency and not have to deal with a condition that has no purpose.

I spent the last part of my life in remission so that I could reevaluate many of my experiences prior to the one I just transferred from. Many of you did not understand my life as a hermit, but I needed this time to balance and digest many different lifetimes that I have lived or am going to live. This gave me the opportunity to do just that because most situations in the physical body demand more attention. It is virtually impossible to process when you try to make everybody else happy. This is why at times I seemed so abrupt and non-caring but my job needed to be done alone. I think you all understand what I mean.

I'm going to proceed in helping with the process of change that you and your third dimensional planet are in the process of reconvening into full purpose. This means having full understanding of why you have created a situation and lifestyle in physical form. I see now how necessary it is to go through this experience, at one point of my evolution. It looked like a lot of wasted time, but when you get out of time it's nothing to be wasted, just experienced. I watch many of you always in a hurry because you are going to be late for something and don't even know what it is. There are a few of you that I would like to keep in close contact with while you go through the new transformation. I can do this the easiest through dream state. The dream state a connection between the physical and spiritual, in most cases, sending symbolic message to you to help guide you. It is not necessary to learn how to translate dreams. It is coming to you the best way that you can assimilate it.

About the best way I can explain the human condition is that it is constantly floating around, experiencing many different aspects all the time. Some of you have picked a more expanded and complicated way of experiencing this than others. This is why there's so much going on with your life at this time. You can feel the change coming and you want to be prepared for it. Believe me, what you are in the process of going through is the biggest transformation that the human physical force fielded has ever had to experience. This is one thing I can share with you from this side. It is one of the reasons I exited at the time; to help provide conscious references for you to follow.

The best way I know to explain preparing yourself for this big event is learning how the law of allowance interacts with your life. You have been told over and over to monitor all your thoughts and words so that you're not in the process of destroying everything that doesn't fit into different combinations of life that you think are right and wrong. This is very good advice. There is also another method; that is, feel from your heart every time you make a decision on any other individual's life. Allow them to be who they are not who you are. This takes a tremendous energetic weight off of you feeling accountable. I know because I did plenty of this while in physical state. It did a lot of damage to the cellular structure of my body.

This is very obvious from where I see it now. I know what I'm telling you. It's interesting information, but now I see that it is virtually unavailable for you to process the same. So, I can only do my best to get this point across. I'm going to stop this transmission for now but I would like to keep in touch. This has been very enjoyable. I'm sure this message will get to my friends, at least the ones it's supposed to. I really do love all of you and as soon as you learn the process of reconvening, I will see you again in person.



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