Saturday, October 07, 2006

Claim your own fulfilment -- Merlin

"Will wringing your hands, will your aching heart and your
harsh thoughts against the seeming perpetrators, will your tears for
another's pain change anything?

The answer is yes and no. It will not change the pain for others,
but it will change the manner in which you live.
It will impede your fulfillment.

But when you are living within the fullness of who you are,
when you are daring to claim your own fulfilment
even when others seemingly cannot, when you go forth to
fulfill your own purpose, even when such a purpose might appear to be
personal and not universal, you are then affecting the whole! You are
changing everything! You have heard these words many times, that is
why you are here!

Perhaps you will think upon those words for a while . . .
and maybe you will experience the letting go of the final thread
of your attachment to suffering. Oh, I suppose I should say (for your
benefit, because I do love you) that this doesn't mean that you don't
care. It doesn't mean that you don't want the suffering to stop. It
does mean that you are doing what you can do, not feeding energy into
the suffering and then claiming freedom. The freedom is yours to have."


through Miriandra Rota

From SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ October 2006 Issue


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