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Speak Your Truth -- Zoosh

from the SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE
September 2006 Issue

All right, Zoosh speaking. Greetings. The process of connecting to the benevolent future that allows people to achieve their natural personalities in the most benevolent and comfortable way, and to express those personalities in comfortable ways-in short, to be your whole and complete self, with all of your talents and abilities completely available for you to use and completely known by other people so that they can call upon you for what you do well-has been completed. This creates a bridge that makes it available for you to learn, to accumulate, to express and to have the opportunity to interact with others to bring those qualities in yourself to the surface so that people can learn who you are-not just on the basis of the communication that you've learned in your culture and in your life conditioning, but on the immediate basis of the interactions you have with people on a day-to-day basis.

I want to tell you a little bit about this process that has been completed. The process has installed a pathway to allow people to make their shifts into a more complete version of themselves. What will take place (and is actually in process now) is a constant feeling within many people that doing things in the old way, even if it was efficient, is not sufficient [chuckles]-meaning that truth for the individual will be required, regardless of how awkward it may be to put it forth.

For example, there are people right now living all over the world who are frustrated on a daily basis because they are unable to speak their own truth because of circumstances, conditioning, cultures and what-have-you. Some of these people simply don't know how to put their feelings into words. Other people have the words, but they do not feel a welcoming for those words.


I'd like to give you all some homework-you know how I like to do that. It's not that difficult. But it will not work to think about it; it will only work to do it. I'm going to suggest that you find someplace where you can be alone and where you can say out loud what you need to say, even though the people you need to say it to may not be able to hear it. It will relieve the tension that is within your body, so the frustration will not build up to the point where you do something rash or drastic that might be self-destructive. And you know, my interpretation of "self-destructive" means harming yourself or harming somebody else-intentionally or otherwise, I might add.

So I'm going to suggest that you find a place where you can be alone. Just speak out loud if you possibly can. If there are other people nearby or who may come nearby, then whisper, but it must be a sound. It won't work to think it. You actually have to make a sound. Speak in your own words all of the things you are upset about and also everything that you feel you must say. This will be an actual feeling that you must say to other people. Continue to speak this way, even if you find yourself thinking out loud while you speak. This will help to relieve the tension.


Now, why is this a good thing? You see, people who are not like yourself . . . here you are, reading this material, thinking, working on yourself, expanding, growing, while the rest of the population is getting on with their lives as best they can, but they may not have this kind of material, guidance, advice and wisdom available to them. So they're still having these feelings.

It may be up to you to set a good example. You might have friends whose frustration you can feel, or you might hear about their frustration because they can't say this or that to somebody else and they feel an urgent need to say it. You may feel their frustration building up to the point where you're afraid they're going to do something that might harm themselves or harm others.

See, this is why it's important for you to do it-not only to release the tension for yourself, but also to discover its value. So after you've done this homework, then you say, "You know, I tried this thing," and then tell your friend about speaking out loud and saying everything to everybody as if they were there. I grant that this isn't going to solve all the world's troubles overnight, but the whole point is to give you a means and also a way to practice saying things to people whom you feel an urgency to say them to but because of circumstances, whatever they may be, you cannot say those things at that time. It will also, as I said, give you an opportunity to practice saying those things. There will be times when you will come across with words or you will feel these words coming out-being inspired, you know-and discover ways that you might actually be able to say these things to those people, or at least to say them in part.


You'd be surprised how many people all over the planet are controlling themselves and not speaking. Sometimes it has to do with being polite, and although being polite is often a good thing, it isn't always a good thing. Because sometimes in the course of being polite, one does not speak one's urgent truth.

People are different. You are all different, and this is intended. Granted, some of you are different in similar fashions, but you are all unique, and it is absolutely essential that you reveal your uniqueness. You must reveal your personality. In short, sometimes things about you that you may think are problems or challenges to integrate with the rest of the world, to get along in your society and your culture . . . you think that these things are problems and challenges, but in fact, they are like veils that hide talents.

Do you know that almost all of you, especially those of you who are a little younger, have the belief that something that you can do, that comes easy to you, comes easily to everybody else? But you know, in reality, you all have things that come easy to you that are very difficult for other people, just like things that are difficult for you are easy for somebody else. Does this mean you're stupid? Of course not. It means that everybody is supposed to have certain gifts and abilities, and that when you help each other freely and comfortably, then you can all do it together and accomplish it with some great ease-whatever it may be. And sometimes you simply have to reveal to people who you are.

Granted, you're going to feel like you're having a tantrum, and I don't want you to feel that way. So the value of speaking this truth for yourself is that it will just release a lot of pent-up feelings, all right? That's what I recommend to get you over this bridge. I am passing it on because I feel that most people do not realize that the imminence of what is coming on here is something that is going to require people to do something that some of you in the United States who are a little older are actually pretty capable of doing.


Those of you who were born in the thirties, forties and early fifties in the United States are pretty comfortable speaking your truth. If something comes up, then it's like, you say it and then it's out there. But do you know that all over the world this is quite a rare situation? It doesn't mean that people can't put the words together; it means that in many cultures they are not expected, allowed or in any way encouraged to speak the truth. This is very awkward and has created a lot of misunderstandings, as you can well imagine. One of the reasons we would encourage any and all of you to come around to Hawaii more is that there you're still in the United States, but it gives you an opportunity to be exposed to Asian cultures, where that situation very often prevails.

In Asian cultures very often-especially in, say, Japanese cultures-the idea of speaking the truth is not acceptable. It is much more important to be polite. Now, granted, one finds this more so in the country itself, but one still finds it in the culture of people who have been living here for generations but are Japanese American. So the more that those of you "of a certain age" are exposed to that, you're going to discover for yourselves that you've got a talent that you completely take for granted.

You were raised in a time and in a place where plain speaking was not only necessary but actually popular. You can recall perhaps the famous president, Harry Truman, who really became famous toward the latter part of his life, less because he was president of the United States and more because he believed in plain speaking. By that time, people had gotten to the place in the United States where they didn't speak plainly anymore. This happened in the fifties when the advertising age began.

But you see, those of you in this age group now find yourselves with a talent not unlike the former president. You were born and cultured and encouraged and nurtured-physically, you understand-to speak plainly so that what needs to be said is out there. Therefore, your personality is relatively exposed to people. People can discover not only what you have to say about something, even though it may be your opinion only, but your abilities and your talents, because you do not hide them.


Robert Shapiro

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