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Message from the other side -- Buddy

September 29, 2006.

My name was Bud Dillenger, but you can still call me Buddy. My physical body stopped two days ago and I became back to a full connection. The first thing I would like to do is thank my beautiful wife Pat, for everything she did for me to make me comfortable for my transformation back into full consciousness and for dealing with me throughout my life since I did not pick a real easy personality to be around for. For this I will forever be grateful and love her from the deepest and the most purposeful part of my heart. I tried to convey this to her during the last few days I was still in dimensional form.

Everything you have heard or read about concerning the one's leaving of the physical is pretty much true. One thing they have never explained is that you never really left this place; just your physical consciousness separates and experiences living in a condition with very little understanding of how the entire scope of creation is manifested. It isn't like you have left one place and went to another, because once you get out of space and time this process does not exist.

I understand that comprehending some of what I'm going to tell you won't fit the parameters of your points of reference. I'm being asked what it is like on the other side and what it was like transferring back into my original state. I will get this out of the way first. What I'm telling you it isn't something the average physical being can understand, because most people in any dimensional form still have a time and space factor to deal with. The closest explanation of crossing over that I can give to you is that is it like waking up from a dream. You realize you're back in what you thought was a real physical body, so by being in a physical condition you are basically cutting yourself off from your full original path. When you hear people do not want to go back into their physical body it is because you do not have the feelings and emotions that are so intense. I don't want to say uncomfortable because that's not quite what it is. It is more the fact you always have to be aware of every move you make just to keep a balance with others and with your physical body because it constantly needs some kind of attention. I can see now how when we have this physical experience how overwhelming it is just to keep it alive and in the acceptance condition that everyone else will allow you to be. Like I told Jerry in the tub there is no words and no points of reference to explain what it is in completion once you have eliminated your physical structure. All I can say is it is a hell of a ride taking on anything in physical and a third dimensional condition (full separation). There's nothing more difficult or a harder ride than this experience there are more obstacles introduced in this condition than any other way of experiencing life form. Many people have come through from this side over the years and attempted to explain the difference, not much is usually said because if no one could understand what would be the purpose. There is a group of you which is growing daily and that is opening up to other forms of consciousness. This is what this information is for because they will have to guide the others into a new physical life form that won't fit any pre-conditions experienced. A third dimensional life experience with all the emotions is a very lonely and disorientated condition to be in. Most the time you're just alone with your thoughts which mainly are just full of a lot of BS which has an accumulated thought processes that have no creative ability, because you have been introduced to a fear process that even dirties the water that much more. What I'm trying to get across is you have created a condition of ignorance and insanity that cannot be surpassed by anything. Now for the good part, this condition basically forces you to mentally learn to find a path out of this maze of misunderstoods. Yes, I have and am visiting with Gene Davis I never stopped visiting with him I just didn't realize when I was behind the temporary veil and could not see what I can see now. That analogy that gene gave you a while back with the hood of your car coming up in front of you and stopping your vision of the road was one of the better explanations for you to understand. What it is like without a full view of where you're going is for learning to trust and should be your priority. Think about this! If you're hood came up on your car while you were driving the first thing you would do is slam on the brakes and try to hold it straight and steady until you got stopped. This is basically what life is, trying to hold everything straight and steady until you get through it.

When in truth all you have to do is trust and just keep driving. I can feel that for sure most of you don't like that feeling and I don't blame you, as the analogy of that concept is tremendous. I know you expected me to go on and on about crossing over and seeing everybody over here and explaining what I'm doing, but I think the most important thing now is to get information that is the most creative to you not my social life. Like I said earlier there are no words or points of reference to explain what it is like when you return to your true self so I really cannot say much about it. One thing I will say is there is a lot of interaction with each other over here that is not necessary while you're working through your physical experience. The first thing I realize is how much time we all spent in physical form, including myself being concerned of everyone else's mental state and physical condition. There are many teachers that are explaining constantly to all of you how to abandon this part of your life because it is not necessary and has no growth pattern involved. I see my friends lord Michael, Hubbard, Davis, and others interacting with all of you just keeping you afloat until you get through it all. Yes, you have picked this condition and I understand like Gene said in his book, you can drive to Portland on the highway or in the ditch it is up to you, you're still going to Portland. This is one of the reasons I have decided to interact at this time is to share with you how much more simple life would be if you stay out of the ditch. All life is, is a series of events for you to experience once you allow them just to be events and not taken personal and allow the ego to have control and learn just to observe everything. I mean everything will change to a much more enjoyable experience. Just because you're in a low density, doesn't mean you have to be miserable. All the word miserable means is "does not understand the process." The biggest change I've made by crossing over is I am allowing instead of trying to control my surroundings and when you see the view I have now you will understand by trying to control anything is absolutely insane. Creations flow of conditions are going to happen. It doesn't matter what you do or don't do, these conditions will continue, so why not just sit back and observe instead of trying to make it go the way you think it should. Like Gene Davis said one time if you can slow down the rotation of the earth by pushing against a rock you could probably accomplish some of these feats that you're trying to change.

One experience I would like to share with you during my process of crossing over is that I went through a period of re-examining many lifetimes. Apparently this is to reacquaint me with which time slot I had been experiencing. It's kind of interesting comparing the different methods between here and there. There is no place here to go for information, except within yourself. Here, even though you still have your experience of being a single entity, there is no separatism. I think that's the feeling I like the most. All understanding of creation comes back to your knowing. There was a little time in transferring over where I thought I was just hallucinating because of the tremendous shift from a physical awareness to full awareness. I am going to tell you one thing. What you have coming up in your lives is very interesting. It also will be interesting how you handle it all.

Working in the group "we" consciousness is the key to transforming into an elevated state that will allow you your mental freedom. You have very little mental freedom at this point because you've been programmed out of your original state into a physical belief system, which really means nothing. Absolutely Nothing. This is why most of you stay in the same mental and physical condition, until you get to crossover for a break. Actually quite a bit has transpired into this new world you are about to experience. I would suggest you pay close attention to your informative guidance system so that you can interact with this new world without a lot of confusion and disarray. Yes, I would like to tell you what is going on but I can't even if I wanted to because you would lose the progress you going to make going through it. Remember no free rides everything you have must be earned and another word for earned is experienced. That is the whole reason you have taken on the physical condition that you're experiencing. I was just asked if it was a relief to get back into my original state. The answer to this is I never left. I just dropped off the piece that I was using for physical experience. There are many other pieces we are using at the same time for other experiences, which would be absolutely ludicrous to try and explain what they are. The best way I can explain this place over here is you really are your own God and you have full control over everything you're doing for experience. Also I have to laugh, everything that's in discomfort in your physical body is just a bunch of thought patterns that haven't been allowed to form a full conscious creative process and when this backs up into energetic matter it throws off all forward motion so the body reacts by rejecting that feeling. The rejection results in an imbalanced feeling which you have labeled as pain and then someone along the line somebody decided pain was uncomfortable and at this point convinced everybody into the same relief pattern. Then I suppose they invented a pain pill to relieve this belief, which they were able to make money on. When you see everything from over here it seems pretty foolish, but I do understand with the limited view that you have of creation which you are doing is just about what you would do if you had no understanding of the real process of universal consciousness. It is quite pleasant to drop off that part of me that was in a low vibrational frequency and not have to deal with a condition that has no purpose.

I spent the last part of my life in remission so that I could reevaluate many of my experiences prior to the one I just transferred from. Many of you did not understand my life as a hermit, but I needed this time to balance and digest many different lifetimes that I have lived or am going to live. This gave me the opportunity to do just that because most situations in the physical body demand more attention. It is virtually impossible to process when you try to make everybody else happy. This is why at times I seemed so abrupt and non-caring but my job needed to be done alone. I think you all understand what I mean.

I'm going to proceed in helping with the process of change that you and your third dimensional planet are in the process of reconvening into full purpose. This means having full understanding of why you have created a situation and lifestyle in physical form. I see now how necessary it is to go through this experience, at one point of my evolution. It looked like a lot of wasted time, but when you get out of time it's nothing to be wasted, just experienced. I watch many of you always in a hurry because you are going to be late for something and don't even know what it is. There are a few of you that I would like to keep in close contact with while you go through the new transformation. I can do this the easiest through dream state. The dream state a connection between the physical and spiritual, in most cases, sending symbolic message to you to help guide you. It is not necessary to learn how to translate dreams. It is coming to you the best way that you can assimilate it.

About the best way I can explain the human condition is that it is constantly floating around, experiencing many different aspects all the time. Some of you have picked a more expanded and complicated way of experiencing this than others. This is why there's so much going on with your life at this time. You can feel the change coming and you want to be prepared for it. Believe me, what you are in the process of going through is the biggest transformation that the human physical force fielded has ever had to experience. This is one thing I can share with you from this side. It is one of the reasons I exited at the time; to help provide conscious references for you to follow.

The best way I know to explain preparing yourself for this big event is learning how the law of allowance interacts with your life. You have been told over and over to monitor all your thoughts and words so that you're not in the process of destroying everything that doesn't fit into different combinations of life that you think are right and wrong. This is very good advice. There is also another method; that is, feel from your heart every time you make a decision on any other individual's life. Allow them to be who they are not who you are. This takes a tremendous energetic weight off of you feeling accountable. I know because I did plenty of this while in physical state. It did a lot of damage to the cellular structure of my body.

This is very obvious from where I see it now. I know what I'm telling you. It's interesting information, but now I see that it is virtually unavailable for you to process the same. So, I can only do my best to get this point across. I'm going to stop this transmission for now but I would like to keep in touch. This has been very enjoyable. I'm sure this message will get to my friends, at least the ones it's supposed to. I really do love all of you and as soon as you learn the process of reconvening, I will see you again in person.


Universe Song

Here's a funny galactic song to get you smiling:
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Claim your own fulfilment -- Merlin

"Will wringing your hands, will your aching heart and your
harsh thoughts against the seeming perpetrators, will your tears for
another's pain change anything?

The answer is yes and no. It will not change the pain for others,
but it will change the manner in which you live.
It will impede your fulfillment.

But when you are living within the fullness of who you are,
when you are daring to claim your own fulfilment
even when others seemingly cannot, when you go forth to
fulfill your own purpose, even when such a purpose might appear to be
personal and not universal, you are then affecting the whole! You are
changing everything! You have heard these words many times, that is
why you are here!

Perhaps you will think upon those words for a while . . .
and maybe you will experience the letting go of the final thread
of your attachment to suffering. Oh, I suppose I should say (for your
benefit, because I do love you) that this doesn't mean that you don't
care. It doesn't mean that you don't want the suffering to stop. It
does mean that you are doing what you can do, not feeding energy into
the suffering and then claiming freedom. The freedom is yours to have."


through Miriandra Rota

From SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ October 2006 Issue

Monday, October 02, 2006

The End Times Revisited -- Kryon

Dear Hindu, what is it your doctrine says you should do right now? What is it that you have been taught, that you are feeling, that is so true in you? Those who are the Hindu masters of the earth, what is it that your elders have taught you is appropriate right now? What should you do about this energy? Can you feel something happening? Are you working on it? Have you been told that you're a part of the earth energy in any way? Hindu, let me ask you this: Who are you this time around and why are you here? What is it that the accumulation of lifetimes has brought you that can help the earth right now?

Buddhist, what have you been taught that you might do? Are you truly part of everything? Is there really a oneness that involves all that is? If so, that puts you in the middle of the challenge, does it not? Through the energy that you generate, can you not see how you might affect the others? So sit and generate that energy, for you are powerful, my friend. You are a peaceful person in the middle of the storm, and your vibration is important on this planet.

Jew, what have you been told that you can do about this? You are in survival mode, as you always have been. You shudder in fear, but not all of you are in Israel. What can you do? Do you believe in prayer? Of all the stories of the ages, yours are known the best. You've seen the miracles of God. Remember how you escaped Egypt? Those things actually took place. You were fed from heaven. Those things took place. Isn't such a thing a miracle? Could it happen again, but this time in a way that delivers the entire planet? What does your faith say about it? Is there a limit? Jew, did you know that your lineage was set up in this fashion so that someday these puzzles could be solved? You are part of the solution, not the problem. You are the core karmic race, the civilization that can make the difference and can help be the catalyst to peace on Earth. With that knowledge, do you shudder in fear? "There is no solution. There never was. It's going to last forever. The problems are unsolvable." Is that you? Which one are you going to be, Jew? Look back on the words of your master profit, Elijah. Look at what a Human Being is capable of. Look at the wisdom of your lineage, and keep your eyes on Jerusalem. Temper your anger, for it is not commensurate with your magnificence, yet it is your major issue.

Christian, what are you going to do? What have you been taught? How about the light of the master, Christ? What did He say? Have you been taught that you could change things with prayer? Was there something about "moving a mountain?" The answer is, yes. Is it not so that part of everything you've learned is to start with prayer, end with prayer, go home and pray before you eat, pray before you sleep? What is that all about? I will tell you. That is communication with God. It is strong, and you are up to it. Join the Hindu and the Buddhist and the Jew and send that light to those places that need it. Now is the time. You're part of the issue - a profound part, a beautiful part. Your light is so great.

Muslim, you love the Prophet, don't you? All right, let me take you back to the cave. I'm going to give you something to think about. You pray as much as anyone on the earth and you do it on a schedule that is regular. You believe in prayer! So why not start these prayers differently. You will not violate anything that you've been taught, for you're going to be praying for peace on Earth. In the cave, the prophet Mohammed met with the angel, and I want you to remember what has been written and what the angel said to him, "Go out and unite the tribes of Arabia and give them the God of Israel." And that's the truth. Look at where the prayer rugs faced, for they faced Jerusalem before they were changed to Mecca for political reasons. Look at this. Look at the core information and the beauty of the unity that the prophet asked you to have. . . not just with Arabs. What can you do? You can pray! Powerful, you are. A billion strong, you are. Part of the solution, you are.


read the entire message here

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Speak Your Truth -- Zoosh

from the SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE
September 2006 Issue

All right, Zoosh speaking. Greetings. The process of connecting to the benevolent future that allows people to achieve their natural personalities in the most benevolent and comfortable way, and to express those personalities in comfortable ways-in short, to be your whole and complete self, with all of your talents and abilities completely available for you to use and completely known by other people so that they can call upon you for what you do well-has been completed. This creates a bridge that makes it available for you to learn, to accumulate, to express and to have the opportunity to interact with others to bring those qualities in yourself to the surface so that people can learn who you are-not just on the basis of the communication that you've learned in your culture and in your life conditioning, but on the immediate basis of the interactions you have with people on a day-to-day basis.

I want to tell you a little bit about this process that has been completed. The process has installed a pathway to allow people to make their shifts into a more complete version of themselves. What will take place (and is actually in process now) is a constant feeling within many people that doing things in the old way, even if it was efficient, is not sufficient [chuckles]-meaning that truth for the individual will be required, regardless of how awkward it may be to put it forth.

For example, there are people right now living all over the world who are frustrated on a daily basis because they are unable to speak their own truth because of circumstances, conditioning, cultures and what-have-you. Some of these people simply don't know how to put their feelings into words. Other people have the words, but they do not feel a welcoming for those words.


I'd like to give you all some homework-you know how I like to do that. It's not that difficult. But it will not work to think about it; it will only work to do it. I'm going to suggest that you find someplace where you can be alone and where you can say out loud what you need to say, even though the people you need to say it to may not be able to hear it. It will relieve the tension that is within your body, so the frustration will not build up to the point where you do something rash or drastic that might be self-destructive. And you know, my interpretation of "self-destructive" means harming yourself or harming somebody else-intentionally or otherwise, I might add.

So I'm going to suggest that you find a place where you can be alone. Just speak out loud if you possibly can. If there are other people nearby or who may come nearby, then whisper, but it must be a sound. It won't work to think it. You actually have to make a sound. Speak in your own words all of the things you are upset about and also everything that you feel you must say. This will be an actual feeling that you must say to other people. Continue to speak this way, even if you find yourself thinking out loud while you speak. This will help to relieve the tension.


Now, why is this a good thing? You see, people who are not like yourself . . . here you are, reading this material, thinking, working on yourself, expanding, growing, while the rest of the population is getting on with their lives as best they can, but they may not have this kind of material, guidance, advice and wisdom available to them. So they're still having these feelings.

It may be up to you to set a good example. You might have friends whose frustration you can feel, or you might hear about their frustration because they can't say this or that to somebody else and they feel an urgent need to say it. You may feel their frustration building up to the point where you're afraid they're going to do something that might harm themselves or harm others.

See, this is why it's important for you to do it-not only to release the tension for yourself, but also to discover its value. So after you've done this homework, then you say, "You know, I tried this thing," and then tell your friend about speaking out loud and saying everything to everybody as if they were there. I grant that this isn't going to solve all the world's troubles overnight, but the whole point is to give you a means and also a way to practice saying things to people whom you feel an urgency to say them to but because of circumstances, whatever they may be, you cannot say those things at that time. It will also, as I said, give you an opportunity to practice saying those things. There will be times when you will come across with words or you will feel these words coming out-being inspired, you know-and discover ways that you might actually be able to say these things to those people, or at least to say them in part.


You'd be surprised how many people all over the planet are controlling themselves and not speaking. Sometimes it has to do with being polite, and although being polite is often a good thing, it isn't always a good thing. Because sometimes in the course of being polite, one does not speak one's urgent truth.

People are different. You are all different, and this is intended. Granted, some of you are different in similar fashions, but you are all unique, and it is absolutely essential that you reveal your uniqueness. You must reveal your personality. In short, sometimes things about you that you may think are problems or challenges to integrate with the rest of the world, to get along in your society and your culture . . . you think that these things are problems and challenges, but in fact, they are like veils that hide talents.

Do you know that almost all of you, especially those of you who are a little younger, have the belief that something that you can do, that comes easy to you, comes easily to everybody else? But you know, in reality, you all have things that come easy to you that are very difficult for other people, just like things that are difficult for you are easy for somebody else. Does this mean you're stupid? Of course not. It means that everybody is supposed to have certain gifts and abilities, and that when you help each other freely and comfortably, then you can all do it together and accomplish it with some great ease-whatever it may be. And sometimes you simply have to reveal to people who you are.

Granted, you're going to feel like you're having a tantrum, and I don't want you to feel that way. So the value of speaking this truth for yourself is that it will just release a lot of pent-up feelings, all right? That's what I recommend to get you over this bridge. I am passing it on because I feel that most people do not realize that the imminence of what is coming on here is something that is going to require people to do something that some of you in the United States who are a little older are actually pretty capable of doing.


Those of you who were born in the thirties, forties and early fifties in the United States are pretty comfortable speaking your truth. If something comes up, then it's like, you say it and then it's out there. But do you know that all over the world this is quite a rare situation? It doesn't mean that people can't put the words together; it means that in many cultures they are not expected, allowed or in any way encouraged to speak the truth. This is very awkward and has created a lot of misunderstandings, as you can well imagine. One of the reasons we would encourage any and all of you to come around to Hawaii more is that there you're still in the United States, but it gives you an opportunity to be exposed to Asian cultures, where that situation very often prevails.

In Asian cultures very often-especially in, say, Japanese cultures-the idea of speaking the truth is not acceptable. It is much more important to be polite. Now, granted, one finds this more so in the country itself, but one still finds it in the culture of people who have been living here for generations but are Japanese American. So the more that those of you "of a certain age" are exposed to that, you're going to discover for yourselves that you've got a talent that you completely take for granted.

You were raised in a time and in a place where plain speaking was not only necessary but actually popular. You can recall perhaps the famous president, Harry Truman, who really became famous toward the latter part of his life, less because he was president of the United States and more because he believed in plain speaking. By that time, people had gotten to the place in the United States where they didn't speak plainly anymore. This happened in the fifties when the advertising age began.

But you see, those of you in this age group now find yourselves with a talent not unlike the former president. You were born and cultured and encouraged and nurtured-physically, you understand-to speak plainly so that what needs to be said is out there. Therefore, your personality is relatively exposed to people. People can discover not only what you have to say about something, even though it may be your opinion only, but your abilities and your talents, because you do not hide them.


Robert Shapiro

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A Year of Magnification: What to Expect in 2007 -- The Council of 12

In the year 2007, humanity will be in one of the most crucial cycles of its history. It is to be a year of magnification, with light shining on disparities and outmoded ways of being. The growing gap between the rich and poor will become more obvious. Unstable climatic conditions will impact more places in the world, while attracting increasing amounts of attention from concerned citizens of diverse political backgrounds. The current playing out of opposites will gain even more momentum, with the duality of love and hate being expressed on personal and global levels. It’s not really a battle, yet it can seem like one at times. Similarly, people on a path of conscious awakening will find that they have less and less in common with the average unaware person in their world.

What does this mean for people traveling a conscious spiritual path? In the recent months, the temperature on one’s path of light has been turned up several notches. That’s the effect of magnification. Healers and other lightworkers throughout the world are facing some of their biggest changes, challenges and opportunities at this pivotal juncture. Life issues not yet addressed are coming into inescapable view. There is a need to clear up unresolved concerns. In tandem with this, people are feeling a kind of pressure from within to do, be or become something they have not yet manifested in the world. Relationships are being re-evaluated. If someone is in an old-paradigm type of relationship—involving control or domination or fear—imbalances must be addressed or substantial amounts of negative life-depleting energy force are generated. People are seeing more clearly the need to change how they communicate and relate to one another, to themselves, to their world, and to the Divine.

Oftentimes, the more highly evolved a person is, the more that they may be feeling the heat of the current transformational shifting. There is a heightened sensitivity and knowingness of the truth that comes from being more aware. That commonly means intensified feelings and processing of energies.

You can think of it like this. In this lifetime, you are in the midst of taking a profound journey you have long prepared to take. Others are also taking the journey, yet how they experience it will depend upon their own level of consciousness. Some won’t even realize they are taking a journey at all. They may see life as a series of events that seem to happen to them. They may not feel the pain of humanity, for they cannot comprehend it. They are caught up in their own personal dramas, achievements and needs. Their focus is on “me” and not “we.” They see separation instead of unity.

Imagine a fleet of sailing vessels headed out to sea. Each has a different captain at the helm, yet all of the captains are “Divinely encoded” to know the ultimate destination. The other captains are your human comrades. The objective of each captain is to travel across uncertain ocean waters and reach a new world that offers a higher vibrational way of life. Each captain really knows the way “home,” yet the journey itself is individual. In these accelerated times, especially, there is no map in the traditional sense. What’s required is being able to access a kind of inner compass, provided by an ongoing tangible connection to spirit. That inner knowing will guide you and help facilitate Divine timings for your journey. For some of your comrades, the journey will take longer. Frequently, a major diversion will take the captain off course. A beautiful island may be sighted, for example. Stopping there can be enjoyable and restful. However, if the captain is not mindful and forgets the big picture purpose of the journey, the island rest could turn into stagnation.

The energy of stagnation can continue, depending upon the person and circumstance, for varying amounts of time. Not realizing it, a person can fool themselves into thinking they are making progress when they are only repeating the motions of long-established habitual patterns. New relationships may come, but with familiar themes, for example.

To be sure, if you recently have felt unable to move forward in some area of life, 2007 will carry a fiery energy to heat things up. What does that mean? For one thing, it means acceleration of whatever circumstances you are in. For example, say you’re in an unhealthy relationship. The fiery energy of these times may be a catalyst that brings more to the surface discontent that was already there. This includes issues that haven’t been looked at or fully resolved.

Even if you’re in a relationship that’s normally pretty stable, your own personal life challenges may stress you to the point that you lose patience or respond harshly to the person you care so much about.

Another example is work and right livelihood. The fiery energy could play out in several ways. First, you could have discontent with what you have, or with what you do. Second, you could attract new opportunities. This could be anything from a new job, new realizations about your current work, or subtle shifts in your work environment that help you to see patterns that you didn’t see before. Third, there could be emotional outbursts, either quietly within yourself or expressed outwardly, when the fire seems too much to handle. Fourth, the fiery energy could be working very quietly behind the scenes in ways you can’t see. One possible result is that people and situations that didn’t appear open to you before are having their own transformational shifting, meaning that you are more likely to attract what you desire. Remember the importance of Divine timing. Often the other pieces aren’t yet in place because the person who might hire you or the situation that might benefit you has not ripened from its own process. Your positive manifesting takes into account other people and situations that have their own timetables and energetic influences, separate from you. It’s like an orchestra where everyone needs to be in tune for the sound to be harmonious.

In general, humanity and the Earth will continue to be impacted by massive amounts of energetic shifting in the coming year. It will affect people on many levels, including in ways that cannot be sensed or seen. The DNA of humans is changing, humanity’s consciousness is expanding, and the world is being re-defined and re-shaped.

Each person has a role in helping to birth a new kind of world. It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and observe, noticing the problems and complaining about what’s not working. To facilitate true change requires ongoing conscious choices and actions.

What are some things you can do that will make a difference?

First, remember to take care of your body. It’s normal to be stressed when you experience magnification of feelings, concerns and uncertainties. Allow for your body’s fluctuating needs. Avoid working extra hours on days when your body signals you are already maxed out and depleted. Learn to read your body’s signals before the burn-out takes place. To maintain clarity and energy for your work, it will be important to find ways to de-stress and de-toxify. Know that sometimes the sheer magnitude of energetic changes can destabilize you to the point where there can be a physical illness. If this happens, it’s typically the part of the body most vulnerable or weakened from the ongoing stress. Some of the physical problems people are experiencing now might not have materialized in other less chaotic times. However, as you know, this is a very pivotal lifetime for everyone on the planet. Anytime something this new is created, there is bound to be chaos.

Second, find ongoing ways to connect with energies of positivity and light, helping you to offset the negativity of the world. As part of that, create opportunities to experience spiritual community in your life. This can be a meditation group or any place where you can gather with others who share a desire for higher consciousness.

Third, learn how to integrate your spiritual self into your everyday life. You can do this regardless of what you “do” for a living. It’s all about your view and how you focus your energies. The unified self is the powerful self. This part of you is natural and flows in Divine perfection. People enjoy being around you. Your light and awareness are contagious.

Fourth, give your inquiring mind permission to ask questions. Begin to challenge the purpose and value of things you previously did not question. Examples include messages presented by the media. Just because a car chase is covered during Prime Time on all major TV networks, does that make it “news” worthy of watching during dinner, or at all? Another example is health care. Let’s say your doctor gives you a diagnosis and prescription for the “only drug that can control your incurable condition.” Does that mean you must accept the incurable disease label and take the drug, even if the side effects are worse than the condition itself? In situations such as these, remember that you have the right to challenge information. It is your birthright to question, and to inquire about what is in your highest good.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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