Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Story of You

There once was a being who saw the cause and effect upon
the beautiful, glorious planet called Earth. And that being
also saw the distortion that flowed about such planet and
about the beauteous beings who resided upon Earth. That
being did then journey to what is called the akashic records
and did seek to understand the reasons for the distortion, the
harshness and the grave difficulties within the lives of those
who resided upon Earth. It was within such akashic records
that there was discovered a great truth. The truth was that
the distortion was illusion, and such illusion was held
together by one thin thread. The thread was sleep, the
unconscious waiting to awaken to what is.

The being did then journey to the time stream and examine
such flowing within the cause and effect. There came within
the time stream such a moment when upon the planet called
Earth and within the beings who resided upon Earth, a great
light did fill the entire time stream. The being looked closer to
discover what was causing such great light, and the being saw
the dissolving of illusion as awakening humanity burst forth.

It was then that the being determined to birth and reside
within such a time, within such an occurrence-for several
reasons. The primary reason was and continues to be the great
gift of experiencing the grand awakening whilst incarnate.
The secondary reason was and continues to be the determined
purpose to participate within such a birthing of consciousness
that it be as full and complete as it can possibly be-that
within such birthing there then would be the opening and
seating of the portal to paradise, that there would be Earth in
its true form and reality, and that the beings who resided upon
such great real beauty would be freed from the residue of the
illusion from which they birthed. And so the being birthed
into physicality, a great lightbeing birthing for the sheer pleasure
of participating within the grand awakening.

Dear beloved being, that being is you. Blessed be you,
you, you who are reading these words right in this moment.
This is your story.

The Cusp of Change -- The Masters

And so it is that we greet you on the cusp of changes!

Your world has entered into a most amazing paradox. That which is the crux of change and that change becomes alive as if it were a living entity. It is palpable in your world. Can you feel it within you? That feeling that things are somewhat out of balance yet you cannot put your finger on why?

This is because the why is infinite and does not only apply to your third dimensional being but instead, to the entirety of your being. You must not think that all that you are is made of minerals and water. You are comprised of a myriad of infinite energetic relationships which communicate to and from you in every given moment.

Those parts of you which are communicating inwardly from within all that is are telling the infinite you that your world is changing. That you are changing. That in spite of your efforts to the contrary, you are being rocked out of your comfortable discomfort. It is because that discomfort can no longer apply as the vibrations within you change and the vibrations universally are re-harmonizing to create an entirely new age, an entirely new kind of reality within your world and beyond.

For millennia the ancient ones upon your planet and elsewhere have spoken and written of times to come. Calendars end on such a moment when the world as you know it no longer exists. This does not mean a physical death to you or your planet. What it does mean is that your world is about to move through a great process of change.

That change begins with the alignment of the inter-dimensional Ceyelon Star Gate System. Each of these Star Gates are portals to different realities, places and times. As they align, what occurs is an alignment of all that has even been with all that is.

Everything that you have ever been or done, everything that has ever existed unto this now is aligning energetically and multi-dimensionally to be reckoned with. As this occurs, perhaps you find yourselves resisting those things that you resisted previously and with vehemence. Or, you are able to look at these issues from a point of one who has healed, blessing the experiences and moving forward into the new reality.

In many ways, it is as if there are overlaying dimensions and it does not seem to you that everyone is living the same realities. This is because it is so. Many are not living the same reality. You are witnessing the crossing over of other dimensions with the third dimension. Some of you are living from a higher state of consciousness. Some of you have adapted to having your consciousness within a higher plane and yet there you are still living in the third dimensional world. You have learned to straddle multiple realities, balancing them and participating as a conscious observer from your heart.

Others of you are looking around and wondering what happened. Where your friends have gone. Where others are who used to be there all of the time. Many of them follow their own calls, their own paths, which are not necessarily the same as yours. Others are choosing to leave, transitioning out of your world and back into the infinite. They have finished what they have come to do, or the call which resounds through all realities is heard by them and they choose to go home.

Whatever your place, whatever your choice, it is perfect in this now. It is part of that which has always been and will always be. This is a time for shaking out, reestablishing balances for completion of the effects of polarization. It is a process that will take several years, and yet will ultimately result in balance and perfection of the re-harmonization.

The re-harmonization that is taking place on universal levels is creating changes in your perceptiveness, in your bodies, in your lives. It is changing the very structure of reality as the vibrations rise and the particulates reorganize. As the particulates reorganize what you will notice is a great releasing of all things that do not serve.

As the re-harmonization continues you will find that nothing is quite as you have remembered it. Those things which are not important you may not remember at all. In such a way, everything may seem just a bit skewed from your remembering. That is because you will be witnessing your reality from not only a different vibration, but from different angulations of consciousness than you had before. Your awareness will be heightening as the Star Gates have opened the way. Part of your consciousness is being pulled to the infinite and there it will remain, bringing to you the possibilities of infinite reality as never before. Purity of manifestation. Streamlined communication. Telepathy will begin to become more and more apparent within you as human beings.

Many of the children who come to your world from this now forward will bring with them aspects of the infinite, denying limitations of spirit and bringing communications of other worlds, other world beings. Listen to them. They speak truth.

--The Masters

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Life... as seen from Above - part 6 (final)


One last comment regarding another question: "Can what I planned
before incarnation be changed?" The answer is yes. In fact, it has
already occurred. Anyone born before 1985 who is still on the Earth
plane has already experienced changes in the original plan. This
change occurred and continues to occur on the soul level, the level of
your higher self. You in your human incarnation are not fully
conscious of these changes and what they mean. Where would be the fun
and surprise if you already knew what would happen?

You are certainly able to have discussions with your higher self.
Realize that your higher self is the director of your show, and you
are the star. You in your human experience do not have the wealth of
knowledge and wisdom that your higher self has in infinite abundance.
You do have access to knowledge and wisdom, but only on a finite
level. The amount of access, however, may appear infinite when you
access it. You can access it if you choose. Know that any difficulties
in accessing this wealth of information is simply part of your story,
your play.

Remember, you and your higher self are you. You and your higher self
are the components of the infinite God-self you are. The paradox is
that you are an infinite being playing at a game in which you forgot
you were infinite. As the vibrations of the planet have risen, the
vague memory of who you truly are pokes through as the thought: "There
must be something more!" You would not have this thought, you would
not be reading this message, if you were not to know this information.

Do you remember the myths of drinking from the river of forgetfulness?
You have forgotten from whence you came and who you truly are. You
are, my precious ones, infinite. You are, as many of you have heard
repeatedly, an infinite being having a finite human experience. The
difficulty comes when you do not realize to the depths of yourself
what this means. Relax, accept and trust. Then you can truly enjoy the
play. You also will be able to hear the gentle whisperings of your
higher self.


Now for a few exercises to assist you in connecting with your higher
self. Begin with whichever exercise you feel drawn to.

1. Ask for the release of artificial encodements interfering with or
inhibiting your communication with your higher self. (If you are
familiar with encodement work, you may skip to the second exercise.)
For those unfamiliar with encodements, go into the back of your heart
center. Move deeply into this space until you come to your altar, your
sacred space. Breathe in and out of your heart center. When you are
ready, ask for the encodement technicians to come. They are there for
the asking, whether you feel them or not. Ask if there are any
artificial encodements interfering with or inhibiting your
communication with your higher self. If the answer is yes-and few of
you will hear no-ask what would be the consequences of removing the
artificial encodements. If those consequences are acceptable to you,
then ask that they be removed.

2. Ask if there are damaged or altered natural encodements interfering
with your relationship with your higher self. Ask that they be
repaired. For those new to the encodement process, use the same
process as above, substituting "natural encodements."

3. Ask if there are natural encodements preventing your communication
with your higher self. These natural encodements are not damaged or
altered. They were placed within because of the plan you established
before incarnating. If the answer is yes, ask if their purpose has
been fulfilled. If the purpose is complete, if you have received all
the learning you need to receive, ask if they may be removed. Enter
into your heart center from the front. Go deeply into that space.
While remaining there, enter your heart center from the back. Go to
your altar or sacred space. Allow your consciousness to move together
from the front and back of your heart center until you feel the
connection. If you cannot feel, see or sense this connection, simply
form an intention that it occur. Resting in this energy is a powerful
experience in itself. Remain here as long as you wish. When you are
ready, set your intention to form a clear connection with your higher
self. Allow whatever happens to happen. Know that even if you do not
feel, see, hear or sense anything, something is happening. Trust. Rest
in the energy of this connection.

4. Ask for the healing of your relationship with yourself. Once you
ask, be alert for healing opportunities. These could come through a
book, an individual, an advertisement, a dream or an inspiration. Trust.

5. Ask for the healing of your relationship with your higher self.
Again, be alert for opportunities of healing. Trust.


Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Life... as seen from Above - part 5


Those of you raised in the Christian tradition are familiar with the
phrase "thy will be done." Within that phrase is the concept of trust
and acceptance. Inherent in acceptance is trust in the One, the being
allowing and shaping the experiences coming to you. Also present is
the challenge of living life to the fullest as it presents itself to
you. The amazing reality about "thy will be done" is that it has
little to do with the nebulous concept of what many call God. "Thy
will be done" is all about you, your higher self.

Through your higher self, you are able to access that which you call
God. Through your higher self you are able to access the Oneness. If
you cannot access you being one with your higher self, you will not be
able to embrace the truth of Oneness, of the concept of God, the All,
All That Is. In a manner of speaking, your higher self is your bridge
to the overwhelming energy of what many call God. Your higher self is
the bridge between you and the powerful creative force of love.

My dearest ones, your inability to be in an attitude of acceptance is
related to your inability to trust yourself, your higher self. If you
cannot trust your higher self, yourself, then you cannot trust that
which you call God, All That Is, Universal Love, Allah. The
reluctance, the fear of trusting is held fast by the inability to
trust yourself, your higher self. When you allow yourself to trust
your higher self, when you move into true acceptance, to the truth of
"thy will be done," you will discover the depths of yourself. You will
discover the powerful creator that you are.


Life on this Earth is filled with paradox. You grow to know yourself,
to enter into your power, only to realize that you have no power, and
then you enter into even greater power. The paradox is that you cannot
experience even a hint of your true power until you find what you
think is power and then realize you never had power. You learn to
love yourself and set boundaries only to discover that a true love
relationship involves the merging of boundaries and the releasing of
part of yourself.

The paradox is that you cannot release a part of yourself to another
before you love yourself and establish boundaries. You cannot truly
merge with another unless you first learn to be independent. Life is a
continual tension between being proactive and acceptance, moving
forward and deliberation.

Every experience you have has been planned by you. You planned a
series of choices. If you made choice A, then you went in one
direction, and if you took choice B, you went in another. Your very
first choice was whether or not to fully accept this incarnation, to
accept life. Those who fully accept life have experiences built upon
wonder. Those who do not have experiences fraught with hardship. Many
made this choice for or against life before they had the maturity to
know the consequences of their choice, no different than the teenager
who chooses not to finish high school.

The myriad of healing modalities in this wonderful world you had a
hand in creating can assist you in making new choices. Healing the
past can change your present and your future. You will keep the wisdom
with you. If you choose acceptance, "Thy will be done," you choose
healing. You will go in the direction that healing leads you. If you
choose resistance, you will go in the direction that leads you.

Every person will end their incarnation by going home. That will not
change. Everyone will make it home. Your choices now determine your
experience in this incarnation. What experience do you want?

If you have read this far into this message, your higher self is
speaking to you, giving you an opportunity to move more deeply into
the depths of consciousness. Take time to rest with the words I have
given you. Allow yourself to be held in the dynamic tension of
paradox. I, on behalf of your higher self, challenge you.

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Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue


Life... as seen from Above - part 4


The concept of acceptance has been taught in many traditions, by many
teachers and masters. Does acceptance mean that you must simply do
nothing? No. Although acceptance could be interpreted in that manner,
it is more complex.

Acceptance requires discernment. Each of you will have a strong desire
to do something. This doing may be entering a relationship, beginning
a business or taking a class. Many of you can relate experiences of
taking a new direction in your life simply by following the deep inner
urge to enroll in a workshop, attend a lecture or read a book. These
deep urges are messages from your higher self. You could also say that
the flier or book you saw activated encodements that propelled you in
a new direction in your life.

Many of you are familiar with what is called the Serenity Prayer:
"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the
courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the
difference." Wisdom as it is used here is about discernment. Wisdom is
the discernment of when you act and when you accept things as they are
and send love to others or bask in the love that you are.

You gain wisdom by learning from your experiences. Learning in this
manner is a developmental process, just as learning to walk is a
developmental process. The difference is that development in this area
has extreme variations. Some people do not appear to learn from their
experiences; others learn very quickly. Realize that you are
experiencing exactly what you planned to experience, no matter what
the pace. This is where acceptance is the key.

Your life is a balance of being proactive and of waiting for what
comes to you. There are times when you will feel the urge to be
proactive. Follow that urge. If following the urge results in what you
would call disaster, then stop and wait. Listen. Feel. Experience.
Move internally. What about those who never learn this? Dear ones, you
are learning and experiencing. There is no "wrong" way to live this
life. There are ways to live and experience that are judged to be
healthier and happier. The truth is that there is no wrong way to live.

Does this mean you have license to do whatever you wish? Yes, of
course. Do whatever you wish and accept responsibility for the
consequences. If you wish to steal, then accept the responsibility of
the consequences, whether that be riches, fear or jail. You can choose
what to experience in this lifetime. Your experiences will be in
alignment with what you planned on experiencing.

Some will read these words and ask, "Why bother trying? Why bother
growing?" Developmentally, "Why bother?" is a question of adolescence.
Think back to your own adolescence or to an adolescent you have known
or currently know. How can you convince him to stay in high school
when he sees no value in high school? How can you explain that the
process of high school, whether it be traditional or alternative
education, is more than "book learning"? Think of experiences you had
or chose not to have and now regret. Your regret comes from what you
learned by doing or not doing, from the wisdom you developed as you

Why bother living life? Generally, the answer is for the excitement,
the wonder, the desire to see, feel, hear and experience what will
happen. What will be the ending of your movie? What will be the
climax? Will things change if you do encodement work, holographic
repatterning, Reiki, begin a new career when you are fifty? The only
way you can find the answers is to live the question and watch
expectantly. Those who have discovered the joy and excitement of
learning for the pure joy of learning will understand this concept.

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Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life... as seen from Above - part 3


Have you thought about who "directs" or "supervises" the movie or
blueprint (using both analogies) once you incarnate? The "who" is the
crux of the issue. Dear ones, the true you is the director, the
supervisor-not the actor in the movie. When you incarnate, you take on
a role that is different from your true essence. You put on a costume
and play the part you wanted to play. You wrote the movie. You worked
with others to cast the various parts, even the extras. You set the
scenery. Then you took on the role. There needs to be a director,
someone who has the whole script, who knows the theme in depth. That,
precious ones, is your higher self.

What is difficult to understand in this world of duality is that you
and your higher self are the same. Think of your favorite actor: Does
he or she quit being who he or she is when a particular part is played
in a movie? You are still who you were before you took on the part.
You are infinite. You are divine. You are a tremendous creator. Simply
look at your life-you created everything in it! You may be saying,
"This is not a good creation. This is a disaster!" Yes, that may be
your judgment. The truth is that your judgment is not correct. You, an
infinite being, created something in such detail that you believe you
created a disaster.

You did such a wonderful job of creating that you convinced this
aspect of yourself that you think is you that you and all that is
around you is real. You have heard many times that this life is not
real; it is illusion. You created such a wonderful illusion that you
cannot convince yourself it is not real. What power! How powerful you are!

Your higher self knows exactly what you (that's the "you" you think
you are, plus your higher self) wanted to create. Your higher self is
managing everything from the fullness of itself (just like God, there
really is no gender; there is simply love). Your higher self has
complete knowledge of what is happening "down here" (there really is
no "down here"). Your higher self watches you and manages all the
little details of your life.

Let me go into detail of how this might work. Let's say you in your
incarnated form have had such difficulty with your knees that you
chose to have a double knee replacement before you were forty-five
Earth years of age. You in your incarnated form might rage at this.
You might throw yourself a pity party and expect everyone to join you.
Your higher self is only assisting you in what it is that you decided
you wanted to do, learn, experience and even play. You, the fullness
of who you truly are, decided that you, your incarnated self, wanted
to play with the energies of having knee trouble, having surgery and
experiencing all the emotions, reactions and activities that would
bring. You, the fullness of yourself, gathered together the supporting
cast to assist you: surgeons, nurses, therapists, even the experiences
that set off the need for the surgery.

Your higher self is making sure that all you wanted to experience in
this lifetime will occur. Those who might be considered high-level
spiritual beings, which is a judgment, may decide to play with the
energies and experiences of getting trapped in a life of drugs and
alcohol. The incarnated experience, the role you take, does not negate
who you truly are.

Those reading this message in this magazine wanted to experience what
it was like to have access to different spiritual experiences than
most people in your country. These experiences have been labeled New
Age by some, occult by others and, by another group, the devil's
handiwork. Whatever you hear from others is still your creation. The
purpose is to cause you to respond in some manner. Whatever happens
can precipitate a chain of events that you planned.

Have you ever wondered why some people have powerful experiences with

certain modalities, be they encodements, Reiki, affirmations,
goal-setting, meditation, traditional Christianity and so on, and you
don't? The "why" is a decision you made in the fullness of yourself
before incarnation. Your "job," as it were, is simply to experience
life as it is. The job of your higher power is to implement the plan,
direct the movie. Some will experience results using one modality, and
others with using another modality. Some will not be attracted to what
is called New Age and others will be.

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Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue


Life... as seen from Above - part 2

[read part 1]


Once you decided what you wanted to happen in your incarnation, you
worked with the encodement technicians. The encodement technicians set
the format for your incarnation by placing within you the encodements
that would attract you to the experiences you desired. I'm going to
mix analogies in order to assist you in understanding what happens
as much as possible.

When you make the plans for your incarnation, you develop a blueprint
of what you want to happen. Think of this as the blueprint an
architect uses to guide the builders of a house. The encodement
technicians then come in and put in the "wiring" according to your
plans. The encodements attract you to people, places and things,
giving you options and opportunities. There are also encodements to
"hide" things from you. No one is able to experience everything in
life during an incarnation. The various encodements help you "build"
the life you planned before incarnating.

Switching to the analogy of a play, your encodements are activated
according to certain cues in your life. Just as an actor knows to come
on stage when a certain line is given, so do certain encodements
become active with particular events in your life. Developmental
encodements are "set" to become active at particular ages or as you
attain certain developmental milestones. An active encodement attracts
you to an experience in your life.

Unless you have an active encodement, there will be no attraction to a
particular person, place, lifestyle and so on. There are encodements
that can repel you from particular persons, places and so on. Some
encodements have to be very strong to "neutralize" your attraction to
certain people. This occurs when souls who have deep relationships on
the other side are playing a different role in incarnated life.


Continuing the analogy of the play or movie, you and those in your
life take on certain roles. You have heard this many times, but few
people realize the depth of this truth. You are "playacting." You take
on a role that is not truly you, and you would win what you call an
Academy Award if it were possible for anyone to play their role to a
lesser extent than another. All of you are Academy Award-winning
actors or Tony Award winners (in the play analogy). Every person in
your life you have created to play the role they play. The person
agreed to play that role with you.

"How," you may ask, "could I have created someone to play a particular
role? If an individual plays one role with me, doesn't that person
play the same role with everyone else?" No, no one plays the same role
with each person. An individual may be a villain of a parent in a
first marriage and then a beloved saint of a parent in another
marriage. The one known as a thief to some may be a beloved friend to
others. Souls play different roles with different people.

That's why people can go to the same event and some believe the
presenter is wonderful and others abhor him or her. You play different
roles with each other, and these roles may or may not have anything to
do with who you are in the spiritual world. Know that. Believe that.
Accept that. It will make your life much easier.

To reiterate: People play roles. No matter what role, how wonderful or
horrible the role, you, before incarnation, set the experience up.
Don't take it personally. Yes, that is difficult once you have
incarnated and are not with the fullness of your being.

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Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue


Monday, September 11, 2006

Life... as seen from Above - part 1

Dear ones, you have asked for further information about how your
higher self interacts with you in your incarnation. I understand why
some are concerned about this relationship. I also understand why the
dear one who called is concerned about being a puppet. The concerns
come from a lack of understanding about what your higher self truly is.

First and foremost, there is no separation between you and your higher
self. You are one. There is no separation between your toes and you.
You are one. The difficulty in understanding the relationship between
your higher self and yourself is that you think in duality. You have
difficulty comprehending what it means to be one with your higher
self. Even the language "one with higher self" implies that there are
two separate beings. There is only one being, and that one being is you.

Before incarnation you were in your fullness. You knew, experienced,
reveled in your fullness and the unity of your fullness with the
Oneness. You did not need anyone to explain it to you. You lived it
and you knew it. There was no question about duality or being
separate. In fact, being separate could be another name for what some
call hell.


I will speak now about how you planned your incarnations. Due to the
confines of language, I will need to use terms that imply that there
is "time" and there is "separateness." There is not. Even though I
tell you this, you will not truly understand what I am saying. You do
have the intellectual knowledge from your learning, but you do not
know this until you arrive at the very depths of yourself where there
is only the Oneness.

Before there was any concept of time, when you first became aware of
yourself as a part of the Oneness, just as a wave is identified as
part of the wholeness of the ocean, you wanted to have various
experiences. Others such as yourself began to join together to have
these experiences. You began to consult with one another. As you
consulted, you also began to specialize.

Some of you wanted to experience great public power, others wealth and
still others poverty. Some of you became mentors, healers and
warriors. It didn't really matter what you experienced. You presented
challenges to yourself. Groups of you gathered together to make the
challenges more complex. Now with 6.5 billion human souls on your
planet, the complexity is great.

Each of you began to develop an overall plan for your experiences.
Think of it as an outline to a book. You plan a book, what the theme
will be, what each chapter will contain and how the plot will develop.
Your life-and by "life" I mean the journey of your soul-can be likened
to a very large book. Each of your incarnations is a chapter. You did
meticulous planning for each chapter. Others joined you in the
planning and in the execution. You created what your life would be as
well as the roles others were to play in your incarnation. You still
are the creator of your life, but in a different way than you believe.

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Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue


What is a Walk-in ?

Ruth Montgomery, in her 1979 best-selling book Strangers Among Us, indicated that walk-ins are beings who have attained sufficient awareness of life so they can forego the process of birth and childhood, incarnating directly into adult bodies. Though she did not consider herself to be a walk-in, she was the first person in contemporary times to write about this phenomenon. In her subsequent book Threshold to Tomorrow, she named sixteen walk-ins, and described their walk-in experiences.

Among these was Carol Parrish. In her autobiographical book Messengers of Hope, Carol wrote that walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at certain opportune moments for service to humanity. She, herself, walked in over 30 years ago.

When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the original soul normally leaves, moving on to other experiences in the non-physical worlds, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. The incoming soul assumes full responsibility for the human body, and for completing the life in progress. A walk-in can only take place with the full agreement of both the outgoing and incoming souls.

In some cases, the person may have conscious awareness that a change of souls has taken place, and they may even remember many of the details of the transitional process. But in most cases, the person is not consciously aware of the soul exchange, since the incoming soul inherits the residual memory stored in the cells of the physical body. So, the human life often continues on in a relatively seamless manner.

Soon after a walk-in transition occurs, however, the person involved usually begins to experience differences in their feelings -- how they feel about their family members and friends, their job, their home, and even the clothes they have been wearing. In some cases, these shifts in feelings are gradual and relatively subtle. But for others, the shifts may be immediate and dramatic! If the person is not aware of the concept of walk-ins, the experience can be very disorienting.

As members of WE International have had an opportunity to connect with each other and to share about their repsective experiences, it has become increasingly clear that there are many, many different types of walk-in situations. The common theme among all walk-ins is that they come into embodiment not only to be of service to humankind, but also to enhance their own spiritual growth.

We welcome you to this web site, and invite you to explore the information that is available within it. Although many of the members of WE International are walk-ins, there are many who are not -- it makes no difference. We find that there are a lot of people who are undergoing profound transformations in consciousness, and who suspect that it may be some form of walk-in experience. By joining WE International and participating in our conferences, many have come into a deeper understanding of the nature of their own beingness and their soul's purpose.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

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I recently had someone ask what Tao was. Since I put a chapter from the Tao Te Ching in most of my posts I figured more of you might be curious. So here we go....

Tao (pronounced "Dow") can be roughly translated into English as path, or the way. It is basically indefinable. It has to be experienced. Taoism resembles modern Physics in that it describes the nature of the universe, the laws that govern it and the ideal ways that a person might place themselves in harmony with those laws. As the oldest surviving book, it shows that the simpler and more in tune with the laws of Nature something is, the longer it will endure.

The founder of Taoism is believed by many to be Lao-Tse (604-531 BCE), a contemporary of Confucius. Taoism started as a combination of psychology and philosophy but evolved into a religious faith in 440 CE when it was adopted as a state religion.

Taoism is about seeking the middle path through life; avoiding extremes, threading a surefooted way between opposites so lightly and so reasonably that no act is followed by a reaction. The middle path means there no need to suffer the consequences of an act. In terms of the doctrine of Karma, it means knowing how to avoid bad reactions (bad karma).

The practice of Taoism is basically about discovering who you are, learning to sense the world around you directly. To contemplate your impressions deeply. It advises against relying on ideologies because to do so will rob your life of meaning and cut you off from your intuition. It is intuition that should be cultivated because this is the only way to really know the world. By having an intuitive understanding of the world you are in a position to predict the future and be able to position yourself so as to achieve your goals.

The Tao Te Ching is a challenge. It challenges you to see the world as it actually is by accepting the stark truth of the physical laws that control existence and evolution. It challenges us to discover intellectual independence wherein we have complete trust in our own perceptions and instincts. It challenges you to reject force and rely rather on the steady force of your attitudes to influence others.

Well, That is a basic summary of the life I am learning to live.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Acceptance -- Ra

"What tends to happen is that when
the shadow side is not integrated,
one will lash out at anything
or anyone in the physical world
that reminds them of same.

With this understanding, then,
we can see how it is that with
greater self-acceptance comes
greater acceptance of others.

When you are able to integrate
your own darkness, and put it forth in the light,
you then no longer have any reason
to be angry or spiteful or hateful,
when seeing this negativity in the planet at large."


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Learn and Let Go -- Diane

From the source of the many messages you receive, you get a measure of what is being done on your behalf. It has been a feature of this period, that many people have been enabled to make contact with Beings that are off Earth. Never before have so many become awakened, and it is a sign of the growth of consciousness that is taking place. For those who knowingly work with their Higher Selves, it is a small step to open up a line to other Beings.

There is a difference between being “open” to contact by any entity that approaches you, to a deliberate choice to make it with a Higher Being. Sometimes the ego gets involved, and it is prudent to aware as to which level of contact you have made. It is a fact that there are entities at lower levels that seek to make contact with those still on Earth. They delight in mimicking those who come to you as Guides, and because they do not really have true knowledge they can be very confusing. Care should always be taken when embarking on such a path.

Most of you have already planned your life in such a way that if contact with Higher Beings takes place, it has reason to be in your experiences. For some of you no amount of desire will bring it about, if your life has been planned otherwise. It may seem glamorous and exciting, but it calls for dedication and discipline that not everyone possesses. Be content to continue to raise your vibrations and make that important link with your Higher Self. It will be very rewarding if you “listen” to the advice and guidance you are given.

What you gain out of any source of contact comes down to your intuition, and if you take due notice it will serve you well. It is not necessarily going to be what you would prefer, but you can be assured that it will fit in with your life plan. That is clearly important, as undoubtedly at times you would not know in which direction to go. A successful life is one where you largely achieve the goals that you set yourself before you came. What else would you be here for, but the outworking of experiences that are needed for your spiritual evolution.

It is not a question of all work and no play, as pleasurable pursuits are also part of your life plan. For some they can be all consuming, but whatever path you take it will bring your karmic responsibilities to the fore. The greatest tests provide the most wonderful opportunities to move onwards. These are agreed upon by you and it is wise to reflect upon any position you find yourself in, and try to ascertain the reason why. There is a feeling amongst many of you that you are being punished in some way, and we frequently point out that this is not so. You question “Why Me”, and it is simply that you came with unfinished business, that necessitated learning lessons about the reality of life.

Think deeply about any experience, and be open to the possibility that you brought it upon yourself. If you are to learn from it, look for the message it brings you. Deep down in your subconscious mind you will find the answers, and it will help you overcome any trauma you have experienced. Our advice would be to let go, and not harbor any grudge or long lasting grief. It is easy to say that life must go on, but it does not help you to waste your energy on matters that should be concluded. Often when situations appear hopeless a lifeline is thrown to you, and a new chapter in your life can commence.

Life is a whole series of different experiences often running side by side. It is not often that you are alone, and your life is intertwined with the experiences of many other people. Out of it all so much learning takes place, even if in some instances you are simply an outside observer of the problems that afflict someone else. See that you may be there to simply give advice or a helping hand. Can you see the wonderful way in which you are guided, so that your life is fulfilled with the successful completion of your life plan.

Moments of joy and happiness are also planned, and life by no means comprises of nothing but hard tasks. There are highs and lows all of the time and it happens to the rich and poor alike. Wealth does not necessarily bring happiness, and has its own levels of responsibility. The programs that are connected with the coming changes, include a new distribution of wealth intended to bring equality and fairness in life. They will allow everyone to enjoy the same levels of security, and be safe from hunger and deprivation. Envy and jealousy will no longer need arise, and wealth will not be seen as making one person better or more privileged than another.

Out of the mire of centuries of wrong living you have created a thoughtform of great strength that desires the changes that are beginning to manifest. You have seen and understood the reason for the imbalances that have blighted your lives. Sharing and caring are replacing the old ways that promoted success only for the rich and powerful. Energy follows thought and it will have its day very soon, when it shall fulfill its destiny.


Mike Quinsey

10 Secrets of Inner Peace -- Wayne Dyer

Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.

Don't die with your music still in you.

You can't give away what you don't have.

Embrace silence.

Give up your personal history.

You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

There are no justified resentments.

Treat yourself as if you already are what you'd like to be.

Treasure your Divinity.

Wisdom is avoiding all thoughts that weaken you.

--Wayne Dyer

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A conversation with Prime Creator

Can you say something about your existence as a personified being? Who or what are you as a person, an individuated being?

That would be difficult to define because, like the images in Hindu mythology of Krishna with infinite faces, I cannot be bound or contained within one of those faces. I can manifest in any and all of those forms at will simultaneously. Who am I as a person? I am the Supreme Personality, as manifested in the vast complexity of this Creation. I have attributes without number. I have powers without number, without limit. I can focus and manifest on both the microcosm and the macrocosm simultaneously at any place, at any time. Time and place are constructs that I have made as a framework within which to manifest, but I of course am not bound by that. I have no boundaries.

Please explain how you manifest and have a personal relationship with all of the highly sentient beings in the Light universes.

Ah yes, my favorite part of this Creation. Each one of you functions, in a certain respect, as both a mirror and a dance partner, so that I would be able to have highly complex multi-faceted interactions with myself in the form of what I have created. So you, for instance, as you become more aware of your personal aspect of me, will develop a complex, beautiful, intimate, all-encompassing relationship with me, such that you will perceive me as the matrix within the operation of your life. I become the chair you sit upon. I become the breath in your lungs, the wind in your hair. You perceive all that is not you as me. And we dance, and we love, and we play, and we work, and we sing, and we cook, and we do everything together. I am your beloved cats, I am your lover, your husband, your wife, your sip of cool water, and I am alive in all of that. Alive! Just feel it. That chair is not just dead wood and fabric-it sings with my consciousness.

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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Summoning the Energy

Every cell in your body
has a direct relationship
with Creative Life Force,
and each cell is independently responding.

When you feel joy, all the circuits are open
and the Life Force can be fully received.

When you feel guilt or blame or fear or anger,
the circuits are hindered
and the Life Force cannot flow as effectively

Physical experience is about monitoring those circuits
and keeping them as open as possible.
The cells know what to do.
They are summoning the Energy.


Conversation of Mother Earth and a soldier.

Are you really Mother Earth?
Yes. I am that which consciously animates this celestial body.

Why do they call you Gaia?
It is a descriptive name coined by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Its personification seems to make that which I am more approachable. It allows us to be on a first-name basis with each other. I am not attached to the name. You can call my sentience by another name that is more pleasing to you, if you choose.

What is a "sentience"?
In this case, the consciousness awareness of this planet. That which knows, feels, and extends its into and throughout every particle of the physical and non-physical earth.

How is the planet non-physical?
Everything is physical and non-physical. The fact that you can see the physical nature of things does not preclude their non-physical nature from existing.

So if a planet like you can talk to me, does that mean you’re like God or something?
No, I am not. But you and I both have god-like qualities to draw upon, and the ability to communicate in ways that are considered para-normal instead of normal is one of them.

Why would you even want to talk with me? Aren’t there more important things you should be doing?
Everything that needs doing is being attended to as we speak. Sharing this moment with you is the most important activity at present. Combining my energy with yours so that we might discover one another is a priority for my sentience. It is called a prime directive.

Why do you think my sister wanted me to talk with you?
Your sister is concerned for your well-being. She is not content with your decision to become a member of the armed forces. She is afraid for you and for herself. She cannot bear the thought of your being harmed. It is equally difficult for her to consider that you might harm another, even to protect yourself. She believes that a part of her purpose in being upon the earth is to protect you. She does not think she can adequately do so in this present circumstance.

Why would it be her job to protect me? That doesn’t make any sense.
It does not make sense to your logical linear mind. Your sister in this life was your companion and comrade in a life that you shared during the First World War. In that life she convinced you to join the war effort, thinking it all a grand adventure – a way to see the world and escape the mundane. Neither of you survived the war but you died first. She saw it happen. Classically, she blamed herself. She made a vow at the soul level to somehow breathe life into you again. Her soul now overlights yours as well as hers – double-duty you would call it.

What does "overlight" mean?
It is like a responsibility for another, something like what you might expect from an angel. There is a part of her soul whose destiny is linked with yours.

I don’t think I like that. I don’t want anyone else to be responsible for me. It was my choice. I’m the only one that should have to live with it. Can you change it?
Can I? No. Neither you nor I can change it, but it is important for you to know that you have endorsed this. You simply cannot remember it being so at this time. There is purpose in every decision made at the soul level. Her soul’s protection of you is only one aspect of her life or yours. Purposes are multi-dimensional things. They permeate, saturate and transform life patterns. They cause evolution and expansion. They assist your awareness in recognizing itself as god-consciousness.

I could never think of myself as God. I don’t think I can count more than ten really good things I have done. What I am doing out here would not be considered God’s work.
Everything is God because nothing exists outside of God. War is the part of God that is unconscious to brotherhood. War is the part of God that believes it is separate from Itself. War is God without a mirror to reflect its opposite as Itself.

I may have to disagree with you on that one if it’s okay with you. War and God are not even on the same planet in my book.
Please disagree with Gaia as frequently as you like. Our time together is not designed to bring about agreement. My influence upon this moment extends only as far as presenting an idea for you to consider. War and God exist simultaneously upon many planets, as does war and peace, and God and peace. Nothing exists outside of God as everything has been conceived within the mind of God.

Why would God conceive of war?
God did not conceive of war, man did. But both concepts exist within the Mind of God. Anything that man can conceive of can be experienced.

If that were true, why would man have ever conceived of war to begin with?
Man was shown how to war by other beings that were not at peace in their own world. They brought their war to the earth. Man was innocent then and mimicked what he saw. Your ancestors believed they fought a war so God could win. To some degree that is still true today.

If we conceived of war can we un-conceive it, or conceive of peace instead?
Yes, but peace is not war’s opposite. Awareness in the equality and presence of others is. A conceptual answer to war must include all beings, all lands, all religions, etc. That is why it has not come to pass yet. Such a concept would also include peace of mind, peace within the family, etc. Some who protest against war wage great battles within their own minds and hearts. Others war with their neighbors and friends over the pros and cons of war, do you see?

Can we talk about weapons? There are some pretty wild things going on out here.
Yes, I am aware of it. The weapons your mind indicates disrupt the body’s integrity. Death occurs hours or even days after the soldiers have gone.

I didn’t tell you that, but you already knew?
Yes. I am well aware of what you cannot communicate but wish to say. You have offered your thoughts and it is enough.

Could this entire conversation be telepathic?
If your thoughts were consistently clear enough, then yes. But they are not. Your thoughts are like pictures. Some of them are complete and some are not. Because telepathy has less structure than words, it works best when it is as complete as possible. Your concerns regarding this subject extend beyond this moment. Your imagination has followed them into the future and examined many possible outcomes. Your concerns also extend into the dream state. Your dream state and your subconscious have retrieved memories and pictures from other times and places that remind you of your current situation. These real pictures exist within you as unresolved issues. Your desire for an end to the struggle through resolution makes your pictures very clear. Sessions such as these yield results for this very reason.

So what can I do about these weapons?
Not very much. You did not invent them, but you are enlisted in a service that endorses them. This was your choice. Your vision was not far-reaching, but your experience will teach you much.

I have been trained in the use of many weapons and I am willing to use them to defend my country and its freedom, but this seems to go beyond that. Who invented this, do you know?
Yes, its technology was first obtained by talented individuals who are able to vision the future, as well as an advanced present elsewhere.

That seems pretty far-fetched. Even if that were possible I wouldn’t do it, why would anyone else?
Many would say that they would not do what you are doing this day. Many would find your soldiering duties just as inconceivable as you find this activity, which is called Remote Viewing. Those who brought knowledge of this technology were first shown horrific images of a potential future that included an invasion from a seemingly invincible force capable of unfathomable destruction of life. They were then asked to find a possible solution to such a scenario. Is this so very different than the scenario that was presented to you upon your joining your present area of service?

I swore to uphold and defend my country. That is not the same. I came here to help end a war, not start another one.
Yes, that is true. But that is not the case with all who are associated with the subject of war. War is a concept first, and an event later.

You’re not out here. You wouldn’t know.
To the contrary dear youth, I am indeed out there, and have been for eons of time. Battles and wars have raged upon my body and bloodshed has seeped into the cells of the earth for many millennia. If you would close your eyes to this, at least turn them inward that you might see a greater truth.

I mean no disrespect, but I believe that I am here to help my country. Otherwise, I would not be here. I don’t understand why some people would be against defending their own country. Do you know the answer to that?
No disrespect was taken, nor could it be. My sentience extends beyond the reach of human emotion, but encompasses it just the same. People protest that which seems contrary to their beliefs. It seems to them that solutions beyond the need for weapons and war exist. It seems to them that humanity, an intelligent race of beings, might choose otherwise.

Maybe so, but isn’t that up to those we elect to high office? I believe there has to be a chain of command or a hierarchy. If not, systems fall apart. My sister says that even angels have a hierarchy. Is that true?
Those who protest believe that their elected officials are not upholding what they have sworn to protect. They believe their oath was to defend, not offend. These are beliefs, which are not better or worse than your own, just different. Beliefs are associated with judgments of right versus wrong. Beliefs disintegrate quickly when conflict discredits them or new information makes them obsolete. Even when viewed from the highest perspective they are temporary at best. Take care that your beliefs do not become master, and you slave to them. The angels do indeed respond to a hierarchy, but its arrangement is based upon harmonic structure rather than rank.

What do you think the angels would think about what is taking place out here? Do you think there are any angels here? Whose side would they be on?
Angelic presences are everywhere and they are non-discriminate. They do not interfere in humanity’s war-like activities, but they will intervene when both purpose and protocol allow. This means to say that if one’s purpose was destined to be inconveniently overturned, their soul might so petition what humanity would call a divine intervention. As you might imagine, the angelic realm is incapable of choosing a side, victorious or otherwise. Angels find battlefields pitiable desolate places where the hunger and thirst for survival rival the driest deserts, but as ministers, they do not judge the maker or the made.

Do you think God knows what I am doing out here? Do you think He will judge me right for defending my country or wrong for taking a life?
God, as the living force within all things cannot judge you or anyone else. God as the living being that animates all life knows only compassion and omniscience. God as form and function within the universe is as science and exploration. God as spiritual energy is indefinable and expansive, not untoward or unkind. God as an icon within religion and belief is what you deem It (He) to be. If you wish to be judged you will, and if you believe that you must, you will.

I don’t want to take a life, but there are enemies out here who want to take mine. I don’t know if their God is different than mine, probably not. I have been trained to do a job and I’m going to do it as best as I can. If I have to deal with the consequences of that later on, I will. I want there to be consequences. There should be consequences.
Consequences need not imply right or wrong. Much later you will have an opportunity to view and review your decisions and actions. More than likely those whom you have entrusted your spiritual development to will assist you in this process. You make further choices based upon the guidance you will receive.

Are you saying that I will judge myself? Are you saying that I will have to experience my choices differently? Are you referring to karma and what I might experience in my next life?
You will not judge yourself and neither will anyone else. These archaic notions will eventually fade away and you will be free of them once and for all. They are remnants of past beliefs and incarnations and have no real place in your current experience. Eventually, you will experience all of your choices and decisions differently. It is a gift to do so. Have you not wondered at times what another person has thought about you or your actions? Karma is no more than the opportunity to do exactly this. It is not a punishment. This too, is an archaic belief and will fall away. Your next life may or may not be related to this one. Lives are neither linear nor sequential unless they are designed to be experienced as such. That being said, you may one day be appointed the guardian of a fatherless son or daughter whose biological father was lost to them in a war, do you see? This is only an example and is not to be deemed prophetic in nature, do you understand?

I have had dreams in which all of the people who had anything to do with this war had to attend a special school of some kind. We started out on different sides and were then forced to switch sides. We were blindfolded and could not see what the others looked like. It was hard to tell each other apart. Sometimes we shot one another. We should have died, but we didn’t. We just kept coming back, almost as if someone had hit a reset button on a video game. Do you think there could be any truth to this dream?
No, not in your linear experience. This dream was symbolically arranged to describe to you that you cannot do to another what they do not first allow or invite. The special school you dreamed of could well be earth under certain circumstances, and the reunion one in which all are seen as different aspects of the same whole. One day it will seem so to you even if it does not today.

Will I live through this war? We don’t talk about it too much with each other, but will I go home in one piece? Will I go home at all? I don’t care for myself so much, but I care about my family. I don’t want to hurt them. They weren’t in the dream I mentioned, but I’m not sure if that means anything or not.
Your family was not in your dream because they did not envision war, you did. They are a party to your decision, but only in their willingness to uphold your right to choose. If you wish to go home you might begin by envisioning yourself there rather than here. You might begin to plan a future and to actively pursue it. Make this a moment but not a life, do you see? Be willing to leave those who wish to remain there behind, as that may very well be their choice. Carry them with you in life, but not beyond it. Be a companion and a contemporary, but not a casket of responsibility. It is likely that you will survive this endeavor, but only after you have examined all of the reasons you have placed yourself there. Allow answers to flow to you as easily as questions now do. Make all moments present ones whenever possible. Complete the need to experience war in this life and the battle is half won. Decree your desire to serve your country differently and you will.

It does seem very important to me to serve others. I can’t seem to imagine life any other way. I thought about becoming a police officer, and some of the guys out here have already applied for jobs as fire fighters. Can you see my future? Does it say anything about this?
Your future does not exist yet, at least not as far as you have placed your mind’s awareness upon it. If you wish to see your future you must begin to create it now. There are parts of your self that are not required where you are now. This is a bit of a paradox, and you must understand that your full and present physical awareness is required here and now to guide you through the turmoil of your present environment. But your true self is much larger and more expansive than you might now imagine. You past, present and future moments are layered much like a cake or a stack of pancakes. You decide and control how much syrup you will pour onto your stack of pancakes. You might drizzle it lightly all over, watching as it fills small holes and gaps, or you might pour it onto a concentrated area, flooding it with substance and attention and experiencing the change in taste and consistency. Your future changes moment-by-moment, adapting to the intensity and desire you add or subtract from it. Your past does the same, bringing memories to the surface so they can be re-experienced or allowing them to fade comfortably into the background. You have an undetermined future at this time. You have not allowed yourself the luxury of creating one, just in case. Begin now. Imagine, design, create, invent . . . and then visit it often until it almost seems to have place and form. From there you will be able to place it in time and call it your own. It will then be your future and you will be able to tell it apart from your dreams. I can assist you with this if you like, but you will need more clarity as to what my sentience is in order to benefit from it.

I’m not sure that I have understood all that you have said, but I think it is helpful just the same. I’m not even sure that I even understand what and who you are yet, but I’m closer now than I was before we spent this time together. I feel that I have benefited by this in ways that I may not be able to describe later on. Can you help me to understand what has happened?
You have been interacting with the sentience of the earth, an awareness very much like your own, but with extended abilities, at least in this present moment. This interaction requires and also causes you to expand beyond your normal state of being into a more self-aware, soul-directed alignment. This condition influences the nuances of your being to be more open and receptive than you are under normal circumstances and environments. Humanity often ties itself up in knots made of anxiety, fear, dilemma, and even curiosity. We have simply undone a few of the knots that have plagued you. It is now up to you not to remake them, for such is the tendency given humanity’s personality matrix.

How can I be sure I won’t do that? It isn’t like I’m not going to experience fear again tomorrow or never wonder if I’m not going home in a body bag next week.
It is true. You will still consider all of these thoughts. Might we agree that you also entertain a few thoughts relative to this time we have shared and perhaps a few more that take into consideration a viable and creative future? Surround yourself with a desire to continue the path of service to humanity that you have already embarked upon and then become the observer of that process as well as the observed and the observable. In other words, become the experience itself as well as its unfoldment. You see, you have been conditioned to believe in beginnings and endings such that when this interactive time is complete you may think that Gaia is no more, or has retreated into the background of your memories. To the contrary! Gaia lives brighter and more vibrantly because of just such an interaction. Your beliefs cannot banish Gaia and your fears do not diminish you. Allow this moment to continue to dwell within you and your dreams and desires as well. Let them be perpetually continual and active, without beginning or end. This, more than your beliefs, is closer to the truth that is you.

I’m assuming that you don’t have to work as hard with others. I imagine they have more important questions than mine. I know very little about life, at least when it comes to the bigger questions.
To the contrary, it appears that bigger questions present themselves to you on a daily basis, ones that you are compelled to answer in the moment and cannot put off until the morrow, which would only present them again. As to others, most of the bigger questions have already been answered, but no one pays much attention to the answers. Most do not prefer the simpler and truer route, preferring instead to live with their paradoxes and quandaries. The best questions are those that are asked by the heart and answered by experience. The worst questions are those that go ignored or are answered by another’s truth and not your own. The most important questions are not based upon the mind’s intelligence, but upon the soul’s ardent purpose. Be guided by the persistent and obedient calling from within and the response will always bring the fruitful rewards of wisdom without. In closing, I caution you not to tarry long in your present occupation. Its purpose is already near complete and your next beginning near at hand. Begin even now to seek fulfillment elsewhere.

©2006 Pepper Lewis


Creation by Vibration --Abe

"You attract by your vibration.
Everything in the Universe is experiencing
the powerful Law of Attraction.

When you are vibrating in pain, you cannot attract joy.
The vibration of pain attracts only pain.
The vibration of illness attracts illness.
The vibration of joy attracts joy.

The wonderful thing is that once you understand
the Law of Attraction, and you are sensitive enough
to feel how you are vibrating,
then you have control of your experience."

-- Abraham

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When Life Isn’t What You Planned

Life has a way of surprising you, with changes you hadn’t expected seeming to come out of nowhere. Examples include a relationship that ends abruptly, falling in love or making a new friend unexpectedly, a business partnership that suddenly turns sour, a health crisis, personal financial reversals, the loss of a job, and a business offer from a schoolmate you haven’t seen in years. If you haven’t experienced at least one of these scenarios in the past year, it’s likely you know someone else who has.

Each of these situations, even the new romance, could potentially lead to stress and overwhelm. Successful relationships, including budding love affairs, require skilled communications and a balanced flow of energy that honors each person. Time spent in building and maintaining the relationship must come from the reservoir of available time each one has. If one or both people are overextended with work or other responsibilities, it can feel like there’s not enough special “alone time.” Likewise, even those who’ve learned to travel a middle path will be challenged when the relationship triggers their unresolved life issues. This could include concerns a person hasn’t thought about since their last significant relationship, or even “new” issues related to very old childhood wounds. The three things couples typically quarrel about are universal: money and value, intimacy and sex, and work or time allocation. Even people very much in love can suddenly fight over money when there’s a clash in their inherited belief systems. As an example, one person could hold a generational pattern in their DNA that says “it’s best to avoid talking about money.” It’s like a taboo subject, unsafe to discuss even with loved ones. The other person may have inherited a belief system that says “you must share everything.” Such beliefs reside in the subconscious, hidden from view. Unless both people examine and clear them from the DNA, the viewpoints will silently influence responses to life situations. One possible response is the tendency to be secretive about finances. The couple may have begun building trust and sharing in other areas, but when the topic of money arises, there is distancing. Bridges have been replaced by walls.

Consider the scenario of receiving a business offer from a schoolmate you hadn’t seen in years. You’re middle aged now, and perhaps your career or finances are causing you stress. You may be at a crossroads, wondering if you want to continue with the same job or the same kind of work. Your income may be average for people doing your kind of work, but you may still be having difficulties making ends meet. When you get the call from the old friend, a part of you realizes that spirit is showing you an open window, giving you options you might not have considered before. Your logical mind, however, reminds you of a business deal 20 years earlier that resulted in failure and financial ruin. Even though you don’t yet know the specifics of what your schoolmate wants to propose, you’re doubtful that anything good can come of it. You’ve allowed your past, and your response to it, to color how you see the new opportunity. You decide to pass on the business deal, now feeling even more anxious about finances and your career path.

These are just two examples of situations where unexpected changes are accompanied by conflicts and feelings of negativity. The very thing that you may welcome, such as a new romance or a business offer, can be the catalyst that brings your hidden unresolved issues to light.

What can you do when you discover that life isn’t what you planned?

First, remember that there are no accidents. If someone has come into your life to offer you a new opportunity, invite your intuitively guided reason to show you what good this may serve. Set your intent to see beyond the obvious, and to understand the higher purposes of each thing that happens. An old friend calling with a business offer, for example, could be about much more than business. Perhaps spirit nudged your classmate to think of you in the business deal because there are other reasons to be closer friends in the present. You may have grown apart when you moved away long ago. Today, though, this old friend might have recently become interested in something that is your main passion outside of work. You’ve been saying to yourself recently that you’d like more friends that share your interests. You might find that reconnecting with the old friend leads you to meet even more people, too. One of these people might be in a line of work you hadn’t considered, and it could be just perfect for your next steps. From the Divine’s perspective, each person you interact with and each experience you have can be utilized for your learning and enlightenment process

Second, when life serves up something with no apparent redeeming value, inquire within to discover how to view it positively. Perhaps you get a traffic ticket for an illegal turn on a street you travel every week. You’ve been turning left there for years, ignoring the sign that says “right only.” After all, many other drivers do the same thing and you’ve never seen police giving a ticket. To turn right means having to go around the block. After paying the ticket, the next week you’re on the same street, considering whether to make the illegal turn again. You decide to play it safe this time and you turn right. You head for your friends’ house for a special 4th of July holiday meal. Later that night at home, you turn on the TV to see the local news. Your stomach tightens when you see the scene of a traffic fatality at the very place where you had often made illegal turns. Someone with a carload of people had made the same illegal turn and was hit by a speeding car. Now you realize that your traffic ticket was spirit’s way of protecting you, giving you incentive to drive more safely.

Third, when a relationship suddenly turns sour, catch your breath for a moment and take a step back. Go into the silence of your own heart and ask for intuitive guidance and an appropriate response. Even if a person is demanding that you respond on the spot, you have the right to first consider your reply. You will want to involve spirit in the process, inviting wisdom that comes from a bigger picture than you’re able to grasp with your human mind. Remember that any of the fear-based responses, such as defensiveness or manipulation, will simply escalate the conflict. Sometimes saying or doing nothing in the moment, and allowing time for reflection, is the optimal course of action. If you choose to be mute, however, be aware that even being silent and doing nothing is a choice. Genuine power involves being conscious of your choices, making each choice fearlessly and with skillful means.

Fourth, to stabilize when you feel angry and out-of-balance, consider helping someone else. Think about what others need, and see what you can do to appropriately respond to the need. When you get outside of yourself and your problems, putting others first, your anger can soften and transform into compassion.

Fifth, when you are feeling hopeless about a loss or a life condition you seem unable to change, go gently with yourself and others around you. Refuse to allow the feelings of despair to color what you say and do. The downward spiral of hopelessness can be “catching.” The more you tell yourself how bad things are, the worse they will be. The negative thoughts actually fuel more negative feelings and then you begin thinking of other things to complain about. Also, when you complain to your friends and loved ones about how miserable you feel, the energy you are broadcasting is low in vibration. To feel better, change your vibration. How? Know that you may not have control over something happening in your life, but you can learn to tame your mind. You also can learn to become conscious of your emotions. The one thing you can change is how you respond to life’s ups and downs.

Sixth, when you feel unable to cope with life, and none of the solutions you typically reach for seem to help, remember the impermanence of all things. Every situation you experience, every person you know, and every cell of your body is in a state of constant change. Things only appear to remain the same. The people you love and hate eventually will pass away. Even your most distressing dilemmas will change into something else. Likewise, your good situations won’t last. Therefore, get into the habit of contemplating impermanence. Be grateful for each moment and breath that you have. Set your intention to use those moments to expand your awareness. Decide that each instant will bring you closer to realizing your own Divinity.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings.

We are The Council of 12.

Copyright 2006 by Selacia * All Rights Reserved

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Up-Wising -- Swami Beyondananda

Swami Calls for an Up-Wising:

Wise Up, Everybody ... The Evolution Has Begun!

By Swami Beyondananda

For years now, we've been hearing "shift happens," and wondering when, where and how. Now finally, it looks as if the shift is about to hit the fan. This is good news for all those shift fans who've been wondering if the new age will arrive before old age does. Of course, if you're looking for signs in the news, you won't find them. At least, not yet. The news might as well be called the "olds," because the world still seems stuck in greedlock, ruled by fossilized fools fueled by fossil fuels. But I have been receiving encouraging intelligence reports that say indeed, humans are becoming more intelligent. Yes, people everywhere are wising up. And that's great, because we could sure use an up-wising!

The evolution has begun. But before we see changes in the old needy-greedy, we humans must change our consciousness -- and the first step is becoming conscious of how unconscious we've been. As the saying goes, the truth shall upset you free, and last year saw lots of disillusionment. But what better to free us from the far more dangerous condition of illusionment? If we want to stop the abuse of power, the first step is to disabuse ourselves. So, here's some good news: Despite a massive media impropaganda machine that feeds the public "babblum" (strained bullshit made digestible for a simple child's mind), more and more Americans are reading between the lyins' and peering behind the Irony Curtain.

In 2005, Americans had to face the sad realization that the Bush Administration's "pro-life" stance appears to be limited to the unborn and the brain-dead. Despite being panned by critics everywhere, the Iraqi Horror Picture Show continued its run, as thousands and thousands of born fetuses - ours and theirs -- lost their right to life. While we may or may not have saved face by staying there, we have most definitely lost ass. And we've been assured we'll be stuck in that morass until -- well, until there's no more ass to lose. Meanwhile, more and more Americans reached another sad conclusion: We're not in Iraq to keep the peace, we're there to keep the pieces.

The signs of up-wising are everywhere. Even the most unpleasant stories are beginning to break through the soundless barrier and defy the President's "don't ask, don't tell" policy: "You promise not to ask us what we're doing, and we promise not to tell you." Although we've been inundated with "fear-gnomes" and ominously warned we have to protect ourselves in this dogma-eat-dogma world, a majority of Americans are no longer comfortable with the notion that the only way to defeat the "evil-doers" in the world is to out evil-do them. Although our President has assured us that "we don't torture," it is now common knowledge that we simply send detainees to countries that do torture when we want them to "testify under oaf."

As for those progressives who've been whining that the President "never listens" to them, well it turns out he's been listening all along. And thanks to the so-called Patriot Act (which, I understand, is about to be renamed the Eternal Insecurity Act), it looks like he'll be able to listen in even more -- all in the name of making us safe. But now even some Republicans are beginning to see that there's a difference between protection and the "protection racket." And with the recent revelations about Tom DeLay, Jack Abramoff and other gold collar criminals, some of the more devout conservatives have come to realize that the "family values" they voted for bear an uncanny resemblance to Soprano Family values.

If there was any warm feeling in 2005, chalk it up to climate change. Katrina hit, and in the government's response we saw a future when at last all Americans will be equal -- where everyone regardless of race or creed will be treated like Black folks.

Alarming Policies Have Awakened Millions!

Fortunately this is the State of the Universe Address, and from a universal perspective, things are humming along quite nicely. It turns out that the Earth is the talk of the Universe these days. In fact, the odds-makers at the Intergalactic Enquirer say the odds are actually in our favor: "We're betting on the human race to reach critical mass before they get to critical massacre." And we could beat the odds, if we finally gave up our addiction to getting even and got odd instead. It stands to reason. If each of us used our unique oddness to improve the odds for everyone, there would be no need for getting even.

Yes, the up-wising has begun, and intergalactic observers are saying that we have none other than George W. Bush to thank. How is that, you may ask? Well, I am reminded of a story my guru Harry Cohen Baba used to tell. A well-known minister died and arrived at the Pearly Gates at the same time as a cab-driver from New York. The cabbie was ushered in, but the clergyman was left waiting outside. After waiting and waiting and waiting, he finally called over the attending angel. "Excuse me, but I'm a renowned minister. How come you let that cab-driver in, and I'm left waiting out here?" "Well," the angel said, "when you preached, everyone slept. But when he drove, everyone prayed."

For millennia, spiritual teachers have been calling on us to go for the highest common denominator, but we've always seemed to end up with the lowest common dominator instead. And now, George W. Bush has done what preachers, teachers and other far-sighted visionaries have failed to do up until now: His policies have been so alarming, that he has awakened a slumbering body politic that slept through all previous alarms. Where others have failed, he has people all across the world praying, "God help us!" And instead of waiting for an intervention from above -- after all, we cannot expect to be fed intervenously forever -- people are beginning to help themselves, and even more importantly, help each other.

Sure, there are still plenty of Not-Sees out there who insist on not seeing that we humans are all in the same boat. The good news is, more and more Americans are getting that sinking feeling that there's only one Earthship, and ignoring a leak because it's "on the other side of the boat," is a mistake of titanic proportions.

We Are the Leaders We've Been Waiting For

America, the world's only super-power, doesn't need a revolution. We've already had one, thank you. What is needed now -- and what has already begun -- is the American Evolution where enough of us wake up and see that those two political parties have been partying on our dime, and we the people haven't been invited. Time to go beyond choosing the lesser of two weasels. If we want to evolve the dream of our Founding Fathers -- instead of devolve into the nightmare of Big Brother -- we must become the leaders we've been waiting for. I've said it before. The only force more powerful than a super-power is a Super-Duper Power -- the power of the people plus the power of love. And anyone who doesn't believe we are a Super-Duper Power, well they have been super-duped!

It's true, many people still feel that the affairs of the world should be left to the bolder and badder among us. But look what that leaves us with: Are you satisfied choosing between Saddam Hussein and George Who's-Not-Sane? Now I know those "God, guns and guts" Old Testament Christians might have forgotten, but Jesus did say that the meek shall inherit the earth. In all undue immodesty, maybe it's time for us meek folks to boldly step forth and accept our inheritance.

For just as 2000 years ago Jesus stood up to a class that placed the rule of gold above the Golden Rule, today we face the modern version of the Pharisees -- the Phallusees, I think they are called. They cynically cloak themselves in religious robes, but the only power they trust is the power of the stick. Well, there's another old saying: It doesn't matter how big your stick is, if you stick your stick where it doesn't belong, you're stuck.

Another sign of the up-wising and coming evolution is that people are growing dissatisfied with the positionality of "my side vs. your side," and are seeing the whole issue of sides from a new angle: Maybe we're all on the same side. For example, this argument between creationism and evolution is just another way for dueling dualities to steal our energy. I believe in both. I believe the Creator created us to evolve, otherwise Jesus would have said, "Now don't do a thing till I return." I have it on good authority that the Creator is pulling for us: "Come on, you children of God. Time to grow up and become adults of God instead."

Time to Overgrow the System From the Grassroots Up

The time for revolution and overthrowing has past. Now we need an evolution where we "overgrow" the current dysfunctional system from the grassroots up. You are probably familiar with the story of the Native American grandfather who tells his grandson that there are two wolves fighting inside all of us: The wolf of fear and anger, and the wolf of love and peace.

"Which wolf will win?" asks the young boy.
"Whichever one we feed," replies the grandfather.

And so when people ask me to predict what will happen, I tell them the only thing I can predict with certainty is the uncertainty of any prediction. The future's just too unpredictable these days. This is a Universe of infinite possibilities, so it all depends on which futures we invest in.

There is something far more empowerful than predictions, and that is Tell-A-Vision. If you're fed up with the current programming, my advice is turn off your TV and tell a vision instead. That way, we will have healing and functional visions to step into -- and that beats what we've been stepping into. So I will tell my vision for 2006: This is the year of the American Evolution, where all those who prefer the Golden Rule to the rule of gold get past left and right, and come front and center.

I see Americans of all political stripes, plaids and polka dots (not to mention solids), choosing to face the music and dance together. Sure, we'll have to learn some new steps, but it's time for a new dance - A-Bun-Dance. That is where we get up off our assets, move our buns, and dance together in rhythm and flow. And what better way to turn the funk into function, and leave the junk at the junction?

I see us in a new reality show -- Extreme Planetary Makeover -- where everyone can play and everyone can win. Just think. Something more compelling than reality TV ... it's called reality!

I know, I know. Only a crazy person would dare to propose anything that sane. But maybe it's time to declare the current institutionalized insanity illegally insane, and set about building a sane asylum big enough for all six and a half billion of us. As my guru Harry Cohen Baba has said, "Life is like a good deli. Even if something isn't on the menu, if enough people order it they have to make it." So what kind of new world order are we ordering up? Do we feed the wolf of fear and buy into the "it's every man for himself" story? Or do we nourish the wolf of love and evolve into the "we're all in it together" story?

If we're going to be a Super-Duper Power, we have to be super-duper powerful in activating the power of love, and cultivating the power of joy. So laugh more. Why not? We all know there's something funny going on. The wall of lies cannot withstand the vibration of laughter. All seriousness aside, only a farce field that combines truth and laughter can bring down the Irony Curtain once and for all.

Release the old story -- been there, done that -- and speak the new story into the world. Dare to imagine what we could be doing if we weren't spending so much of our livelihood on weapons of deadlihood. Think about it ... think tanks where they think about something other than tanks. Young people living for their country instead of dying for it. Health and education fully funded, and the Air Force having to run a bake sale so they can buy a new bomber.

Can we change the course of history? Can we shift our karma into surpassing gear? I cannot say for sure, but if we choose to give up that old Dodge and trade it in for an Evolvo, that's a good first step. So ... let the Evolution begin. We don't have to wait until the first Big Shot is fired. If we create a powerful enough field, the Big Shots will end up firing themselves.

May the FARCE -- as always -- be with us.