Friday, September 19, 2008

Ptaah quote on judgment, power, choice

You absolutely do have the power to transform your life. You are the gods and goddesses playing this game and the truth is that you cannot get it wrong. However your life is, it is all right. You know, there is nobody sitting up there in the sky saying, "Oh oh, black mark for this one" or "That one is not doing very well."

YOU indeed are the ones who are the watcher and the doer. You are making the movie. You are the star and you are the director of this movie called life. And in this game there are no bad movies.

However, what we say to you is this: (Speaks gently) If it is your choice and if you may create it however you want, why would you not choose love and joy? Why would you not choose beauty and harmony? Why would you not choose abundance of all wondrousness? Because you indeed deserve it! And you deserve it simply because you exist. You deserve it all simply because you exist as a Perfect and Eternal expression of the Source."


Light Source P'taah©2006-2008



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