Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ascension -- Emmanuel

Question: I've received many emails from readers asking why haven't you addressed the 2012 issue yet?

Beloved Brothers and Sisters of Earth, we of the Higher Realms are in great joy witnessing the new Gaia being born. This is the first time a whole planet attempt to duplicate itself into a higher plane of existence in your solar system. The duplication is the first step on Gaia’s ascension process, and although [it] is not complete yet, we believe it will be accomplished soon. The second step is the separation of the two planets; this step could be compared to cell reproduction. In the case of cells, the process is Mitosis, and the original cell divides itself into two complete new cells that are identical to the original one. In Gaia’s case the process is more like Meiosis, being the cells created by this process not identical to the original cells. In your density this is apply especially to females’ bodies.

The duplication process of a whole planet takes around 9 of your years to complete, while the separation will occur in a split second. At the end of the Galactic cycle, Gaia will have a very short period of time during which the separation must occur. Once this process is completed, the new Gaia will exist in 5th density, while the old Gaia will remain in 3rd density. That is why there is so much confusion about what is going to happen in the year 2012. Some individuals say catastrophe, some say ascension, and others say nothing will happen. And they are all right.

The year 2012 cannot be understood if observed only from the third-density point of view, because in fact it is a multi-dimensional/galactic alignment happening at all consciousness levels, from where the spreading of a stream of electrons, protons, etc will occur, due to their mutual electrostatic repulsion. The total amount of flux spreading is an infinite volume at any point of the vector field, and its manifestation/result is determinate by the net flow of consciousness in a given region of the vector field.

This means that there will be many different outcomes from the same event. Everything depends of the vibratory rate of your consciousness, meaning every individual will experience a different outcome.

Some will experience catastrophe, some will experience ascension, and others will experience nothing at all. Two individuals will experience the same outcome only when their consciousness vibrates at the same rate, because when two individuals focus their awareness on the same part of the consciousness’ energetic spectrum, they become contemporaries, they are no longer separate by the illusion of space and time.

To understand this concept, first you have to understand that you are a multi-dimensional being living simultaneously in thousands of superimposed parallel planes of existence.

Many of you are able to sense this, but many think they have one ‘main-self’ (the one who is reading right now) and all the ‘other-selves’ are less real. When in fact your consciousness is equally distributed in all your-selves, making all of them your ‘main-self’.

With every single decision you make, you redirect your awareness into one of your thousands-self. When this happens, you don't feel anything at all, but you –literarily- have moved into another world. Everything will look as it was ten minutes ago, you will be living in the same house, married to the same person, working at the same place, etc. but from a vibrational point of view, all that things are totally new, since you are now living in a new world.

The superimposed parallel universes model was designed by the Creator with the purpose of enriching your soul experience, now it is up to your free will to decide which one of yourselves will attend the 2012 shift with full awareness.

For example, you and your neighbor will not have the same experience. Each of you will continue living in different Earths. All those who do not have the same vibratory rate than you, will simply vanish from your reality. That is why most of the ‘mass predictions’ made lately do not happen, because a prediction is made at a specific point in the vector field, where the predictor awareness is integrated with his/her consciousness, but a second later he/she, and most important, you have shifted your awareness into another-self, and now you are living in another parallel timeline, where the predicted outcome will not occur.

Your awareness is what determinates in which timeline you exist right now, and your beliefs is what fix the awareness in certain portion of the timeline.

If you believe that the year 2012 marks the end of humankind, then you will experience some kind of ending. On the other hand, if you believe that in 2012 the ascension harvest will begin, then you will experience some kind of beginning.

Remember, your thought-pattern creates feelings, your feelings creates emotions, and your emotions create your reality.

Question: You have mention many times that we must leave fear behind, a reader from Australia asked: How to substitute Fear for Love?

Love is a gift from the beyond and exists beyond duality. There is no way to substitute one for the other; this has to be understood deeply. Fear and Love are not two different things; they are different qualities of the same energy. Fear is a negative aspect of Love. If the highest vibrations of the primal energy do not flow through your energetic field, that energy becomes Fear. If the higher part of the frequency spectrum is allowed to flow, Fear disappears and Love remains.

The idea of Fear and Love being two different things has been rooted in the collective mind throughout the ages with the only purpose of turning humanity into slavery, because an individual cannot be reduced to slavery if he/she understands that Fear and Love are the same energy and all depends on which part of the spectrum he/she focus the attention. Because when two individuals focus on the same part of the energetic spectrum, they are no longer separate, they are one. Love vibrations help you to dissolve with others.

I AM Emmanuel

©2009 Langa



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