Monday, September 07, 2009

Steve Fossett has a Message for you.

On September 3, 2007, Steve Fossett disappeared. He is not dead, however. He came across what turned out to be a portal to another dimension and "accidentally" entered it.

Last year, Steve made contact with me via a friend and I passed this onto Carolyn. As you know, Carolyn channels beings from other dimensions and she became aware that Steve was trying to get a message out to the world about what happened.

He has also come to understand what is unfolding for mankind and wanted to share this with us. It is a fantastic picture he is painting and it is entirely consistent with information we have from other sources.

No-one could explain why such an experienced adventurer would disappear on a routine flight without trace, along with his plane. Some who wish to discredit Steve's messages to protect their own interests created a fake crash site and were even able to get a false DNA result released. It will not be long before this hoax is revealed.

In his second e-book, Steve talks to us about the change in consciousness known as Ascension or the Rapture that is on our doorstep. He outlines who Obama is and why he is the man for the moment, so to speak. In fact he announced he would be the next President of the United States before he was even selected as the Democratic nominee.

He explains why the financial meltdown is happening and how it has much further to run. He begins to talk about the influence of the dark forces on Earth. He introduces us to the idea that illness and disease are spiritual phenomena - and much, much more.

In this second e-book, Steve begins to get into the detail of why he is wanting to communicate with humanity, and he does so powerfully.

In his third e-book "A Third Message To The World From Steve Fossett" - A context for Ascension in 2012, Steve provides a much broader context for what awaits us at the end of 2012.

Here are some quotes from his first e-book:

"The first things I remembered from this experience is that they sent me thoughts of assurance, and they told me they had no intention of harming me, but that I had accidentally entered into their gravitational force and in effect was sucked up into their dimension.

"I know that word doesn't seem appropriate, but that is the only word I can use to explain where I am".

"I have come back to explain where I am and the fact that life exists in other worlds and they seem to be more advanced than ours and also I have learned information from this world that I wish to pass on to humanity."

And these from his second one:

"For too long humanity has seen themselves as separate from this creative Force in the center of the Cosmos, but we are indeed particles of this Force. This Force sent particles of themselves when all souls were created, so in essence, we only step in for the acts of the Creator, but it is indeed the Creator who creates whether we call that Force God or the Elohim. All are one. What is bound in the sense that new creation is started is bound by the Source of All. We are just the instrument."

"This is the reason for my decision to do this work. I have seen glimpses of the potential that is coming to Earth. I have been told about the master plan which is presently being incorporated into Earth and these prospects excite me. I have decided to stay here until I have seen what has been promised to come forth upon the Earth."

"This was a battle as certain as one on Earth where two warriors fought in hand to hand combat. The warrior angel struck out against the dark angel and pressed him away from Earth. The warrior angels were struggling to keep these dark entities far from the Earth and they battled giving forth much of what appeared to be lightening and much dark storm clouds. Another warrior came to join the fight and drove the dark one away from Earth. When I saw this I was amazed and went to one of the enlightened beings who work with us on this plane where I exist now and asked about what I had seen and I learned that this is the time of what would be called the 1,000 years of peace upon Earth, or rather we are approaching that time."

"So for now I close and thank all of you for your patience surrounding the truth of events with regard to my transference to where I reside presently. Let it be known that the truth will indeed surface."

So Steve is teaching us about events in the world that are about to unfold or are currently unfolding that relate to Ascension at the end of 2012. He is also teaching us what we need to understand about the nature of the dimension to which we are moving and what we need to know to operate in that dimension. We will take our bodies as he has done, however our experience of life will be very different from what it is now. Steve's teachings are an essential aspect of preparing for your future, which is less than four short years away.

And from Steve's third e-book:

"What I now know is that the plans that Prime Creator put forth are indeed very detailed and incorporated all of the cosmos in those plans.

"A case in point is something that Carolyn Evers has been disseminating regarding the Eye of Isis and it is presently in place and sending the energies of new creation into the Earth sphere. This was sent by energy that came from the explosion of two constellations that scientists have called Supernova 1987a.

"That was the beginning of an event that will show up as a graduation time to a new life as Adam Kadmon.

"The information is important to you because there is no known event in human history that you can draw upon to understand your future.

"It is important to understand that all of life, in this galaxy especially, is based upon cycles and the placement of planets, stars and constellations and their relationship to Cosmic Center and Galactic Center.

"The one who oversees the Elohim and all those other souls who helped organize the plans for this world is that soul that you know of as Jesus Christ.

"Because this has been a journey with the dark, you have not been able to express all of your soul's abilities. This is why moving to the next higher dimension where there is a checkpoint keeping the dark on the lower rung of this planet is so important to you.

"There are levels of energy which surround your planet. These levels were caused by a stepping down in vibration when the souls fell in understanding during the last stages of Atlantis and particularly when the islands separated and broke up before they fell beneath the waves.

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Blessings, Joy, Love and Peace.

Richard Presser
Cosmic Connections
PO Box 1314,
Blackburn North,
VIC 3130

[Note from Mitch: I have no affilitation with Richard whatsoever, and I am not "pushing" these books. I post this because of the same reason I post anything else: the messages that I've read are, in my personal and honest opinion, worth reading and reflecting upon.]



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