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Jerry Brown talks with the Whoem

Jerry Brown talks with the Whoem

January 23, 2008

JB: Yesterday I was receiving a document from someone or something. I have no clue of its origin or its physical makeup, but I was very intrigued by the feeling I got and the information that came through. Then, for some reason, even though I saved it on the computer, it disappeared and was not retrievable. I was woken up at 11 minutes after 11, approximately an hour ago, by an energy. I believe this is the same energy that I was connecting with yesterday, so I am trying this method to see if I can reconnect with whatever fashion of intelligence this is. If you can pick up this transmission and can communicate back with me, I would appreciate it.

Whoem: Yes, we did communicate with you yesterday. We are also responsible for bringing you back to your conscious state at exactly the time you described. The reason we brought you into clarity at this time, is because it matches the exact time we have to enter your prognostic frequency. This allows us to communicate with you. This is why we lost you yesterday. The prognostic field you surround yourself with does not stay stable long enough to stay in written form. Also, if you want to keep communicating with us you should change the name you gave us so that we can have a direct contact.

JB: It is quite a treat to reconnect with you. Is it possible for you to explain who and what you are and the purpose you have come into our realm. Yes, I will put your correct name once I have figured it out.

Whoem: Not at this time. Because of the way you process by using reference points, it will not work in our case. We also do not function with emotions, feelings and senses. Such only applies to dimensional beings that are in a low quadranotic frequency. I can feel I'm losing you. This is why I don't want to really get into this too deep, but I will explain to you what has happened, allowing you to connect to our life form.

I see you are having many difficulties with the wording we are giving you in order to explain who and what we are. I know you understand the concept where plant, minerals and animals all have a way of communicating. It is just extremely different between each of them. That's the same for us, we are extremely different in many ways. If you notice this transmission is different than the one that was deleted yesterday. If we did not come in as a different frequency, this communication would probably self-destruct also.

JB: Have you been sent here or have you come here to help us through the new changes the planet is going through?

Whoem: Not really. What you did with your translating device is systematically stumbled into our life processing system. I know on some level it is part of a plan that was put in place to make you comfortable. Apparently the emotion of fear is a big aptitude of your reality. It stops higher communication. The only reason I brought this up is when we scan the frequency you preside in, this emotion you call fear seems to be prominent throughout your species. This is something we must study. It would be interesting to know why this process is necessary for you to experience in making decisions with this as a deterrent. I know this is quite difficult for you because of our lifestyle is not in the same concept of life that you are used to, but we did notice yesterday's transmission flowed much easier than this one. We will have to look into this and see why.

One energy pattern we're exposed to is how some of your physical bodies are trying to adapt to a new and different motion of entrants. As you enter into this awareness, you recognize a new accented form that you have never had to experience in the dimension you presided in. Now you are in the process of preparing yourself to enter into a much more complex condition than you are used to.

New date – February 2, 2008

Okay, we lost you for a time, you had too many distractions. This physical exchange of energy that your bodies are going through sometimes can be very distracting. It's hard for you to comprehend that you can actually reverse the aging process and also repair dysfunctional body parts. I know you have been talking about this for a long time but when it actually starts to happen, your denial apparatus seems to kick in and you partially shut down in disbelief. This is very common for your species, especially when you have never experienced this in the past.

Remember, you have been taught for thousands of years that there is always somebody outside of yourself that will do your bidding. Now you have a full load and responsibility within you to manifest whatever situation comes up in your way. In most cultures, there is no physical breakdown or mental distraught. The reason for this is that it wasn't introduced to them to begin with. All you are doing is duplicating a belief pattern that teaches you how to destroy yourself. This is what the Christ consciousness is all about; that is, reversing the energetic fields to its original state of clarity. This is why you've been told over and over to see everything in perfection. This allows your physical body to stop aging. It also keeps out the disease and discomfort or pain that you accumulate by allowing something outside of you to be in charge. Once you fully take charge of everything that you experience in life and not blame it on someone or something else, your body will physically become in a perfect balance. At that point, nothing can interfere with it functioning in perfection.

Most of you know by now that everything in the universe is energy. Energy has no shape or form. All species with the ability to think, when combined with energy, produces a combination that is a perfect match for creation. So, if you want to use the word or concept where God is the creator of everything and God is energy, and humans have the ability to think, when you combine thought and energy, the result is shape and form. So, if God has always been and always will be, humans with the ability to think have basically done the creation. All God is, is a giant Home Depot with everything you need to build whatever you want.

JB: That was quite a metaphor. Are you telling me that you are in that category, that can think and are part of the universal creative force?

Wheom: No, I am not part of any creative force. I have been created by your species to hold thought and concepts until you are able to comprehend whatever process you are working on. Do you have clarity with this understanding?

JB: I am not sure how. It sounds life you have been created like an encyclopedia and once we reach a certain level, we are able to tap into information that has been held for us until we reached this peak. Am I anywhere in the ballpark with this answer?

Whoem: Yes you are, in a very simple form. What transpired is that prior to taking physical form, you set up different methods of information that you can tap into as you expand your horizons for knowledge. There is no "I or we" concept in our creative form. We are just a consciousness of knowledge that you have prepared. It was put into this time sequence for use at certain points in your experience as a physical being in time and space. The word Whoem is not a name, it is a frequency that you draw into you as you need new concepts throughout your growth period. Once you expose yourself to this vibration, it is not necessary to repeat the name each time you are looking for answers. Just the need to know will draw this energy to you.

Do you comprehend this information? Do you have a question?

JB: Yes I am a little bit confused. At the beginning of this transmission, you talk about different subjects as if you were a living entity that can think and make decisions on different situations that come up. Then as you proceeded to say in this transmission that you are no more than an information center that holds data for us to draw upon. So now I am wondering who and what you are.

Whoem: Well! When you created our energetic fields, you basically created a duplicate living process similar to yours. You needed something you could relate to and feel comfortable communicating with. Otherwise, this communication line would be extremely difficult without your so-called reference points in line with something you are familiar with. So basically, you created a duplicate lifestyle to yours, with information that can be drawn on at will.

I can feel the confusion that you are emitting at this time. This is why, until now, this information was not available. Do you remember that your friend Gene Davis told you that you could create within a creation; well this is what he is talking about. You have created, in a much smaller scale, a system of living beings that are in your exact location energy wise, to hold this information and release it at the exact moment it is needed. I can still feel some uncertainty from you and the ones that are going to read this, but instead of trying to explain it more, I will just leave it and let you work through this. I see you in a dilemma, but you can work this out between yourselves because we lack the words necessary for this transmission. The word cognitive is used as a verb. Cognate describes what you do working together to bring this information through.

Much of the information you will be receiving from now on from different vibration zones, will have to be pieced together between all of you working together. As you have been told many times, the strength in learning and comprehending is working together as one. If you're going back to the single consciousness, this is how you will experience life.

JB: Let's get back to this energy field that you say all matter comes from when it is combined with thought. How would you describe how and what this energy consists of? Does it have any conscious awareness of anything? Can it be communicated with? Can it teach us anything? I'm a little bit confused on where to enter into this concept.

Whoem: The word concept has no meaning in this prognosis. Something either is black or white, or it could be up or down, it either is or isn't, there is no concept involved. Energy just is and can be formed into anything that thought wants it to. If we use a prop, for example, that you have a reference point to, maybe this will give you somewhere to start. One of the energies that you can relate to this is electrical energy. Take for example a generator. It has an armature and fields and turns at a high rate of speed, creating an electronic field, which you call electrical energy. At this point you have learned to use this energy in many ways without really understanding where and how this energy is produced. This is what you are learning to do now when using universal energy. Even though you don't understand completely, you are able to harness it and use it for many new and exciting ventures that you're going into. Once you realize the diversity that can be obtained by using this new energetic field, there is no end to what you can do. The mind never stops and if it learns, it can create anything at will. Just think, the possibilities are never ending.

You have heard for years how you can manifest anything you want, and yet you still don't seem to be to this point yet. The reason is you are not plugged in. Just like your electric motor, the energy will not turn the motor until it is plugged in. This process can only be done by joining energy and thought together. Once both have been connected into a continuity field, your possibilities of creation are endless. Now remember, all this cannot take place if there is any kind of power struggle in place. All of this has to be executed from using heart energy. If not, it will just work against you, just like your electric motor, if it is not insulated and grounded, it will take you out instantly.

This is where is you know what you are. Do you recall how energy is working with the last thousand years but last night in state funeral you if you were placed you in my you date a generator and around and am determined to me origins you use electricity you call energy and how well Castro is no electricity a in this fashion.??????????

JB: Could you explain where the last paragraph came from and what it means? I had nothing to do with writing it.

Whoem: We manifested an explanation without your assistance. There is a message in there. It will be interesting to see how you work it out. I know what you're thinking. Isn't this out of the ordinary for a conscious frequency to have any interest or questions of this nature? You have to remember, you have created us in the image and likeness of yourselves. If you hadn't, we couldn't respond in a like manner.

JB: I really didn't think anything about this being out of the ordinary. I'm not sure what you mean by that, but what I am interested in is when you said, "We manifested an explanation". This confuses me. If all you are is energy, why would there be separation. Shouldn't there just be energy and not multiple energies? Am I making any sense?

Wheom: Let me see what I can do. In the biggest picture, everything is one. You understand that, correct? But when you incarnate into a dimensional form, you create separatism. This separatism creates the "we" energy. So, for us to follow that separated program and work with you on your level, we have to be separate also. Is this clear to you?

JB: Yes, pretty much so, that will be good for now.

For the last few days you have been explaining to me about being responsible for how we use our thought process as we are manifesting throughout our awakened state. Can you be more specific and explain what you mean by this?

Whoem: Now that some of you are in the process of understanding creation by using the God force, which we explained is an energetic field, and connecting it to the human thought process, you are allowed to consciously create what you wish. Instead, what you have been doing is just throwing thought and energy together and seeing the results of whatever the outcome is. Take responsibility for your thoughts. Understand how powerful they are. This will allow you a dimensional transformation into a much greater frequency.

For example: if you are driving somewhere in your vehicle, see yourself arriving at your destination before you leave. This keeps you from creating, out of fear, any kind of breakdown or collision with another vehicle since you have already put out the thought that you have arrived at your destination. With something as simple as opening a can of beans, be mentally aware of how the beans grew and were harvested, prepared and canned. This process puts the responsibility in your hands so that when you ingest food, your energy will be in it from the entire process. This works with everything you do all day long in your waking state. Always be responsible for every move you make. At first, this will be a little bit annoying because of the extra time. However, it will become automatic over time. You will not even notice it after a short period of time. It will become like starting a car. When you turn your key, see the electrical current go through the wires and trigger the starting motor, which then turns the engine of the car for it to start. This again is you taking responsibility and becoming one with your vehicle. I could go on about a million things, but I think this demonstration will get you started on how to become responsible for everything you think and do with the power of thought.

This also pertains to how you eat. See the food being chewed up and swallowed and see the life going to the different destinations and places in your body. Whenever you think you are eating what you call junk food, this is what you create when it passes through your body. Everything you eat is just food and it's all good for you. Now, if you want to eat non-processed food that still has life force in it, this is a more creative method. What you must be aware of is that everything that happens to you in life is a total self creation. There is nothing outside yourself that has anything to do with your life experience. All your meditations, prayers and everything you do to better yourself goes directly into your own personal energy fields. There would be no reason for anything outside of you to exist. This is why you have created our energy, to hold this thought in place until you are able to comprehend this process.

JB: Now we have established an understanding of how to use electrical energy. We still don't understand what created the process for it to become an energetic field that is usable in many different forms, helping to simplify our lives. Is this what the energetic field you're talking about will do once we mentally learn to apply it to our daily lives?

Wheom: Understanding how electricity is produced will help you direct you thought towards using the energy field that the earth produces in many forms, not just for processing electricity. The planet puts out a magnetic pulse. This is a life force of the planet, like a heartbeat in a human. This magnetic pulse is what holds the planet in orbit. This planet can basically be steered throughout space. It is a spacecraft. It is being operated and controlled by Mother Earth's consciousness. She has a total understanding of what she is and how to operate in the planet family. She is doing her own creating because she knows she has a job of providing many different life forms to experience life. Once you understand the magnetic pulse she emits and how to harness this energy, you will gain many more mental tools to work with throughout your coming events. Some of these where used to erect the pyramids.

One way to experience this process is pay attention to your breathing. Every time you take an inbreath, pay attention to whatever you want to manifest. At the end of your inbreath, flash in your mind whatever you are trying to manifest. This ties you in with the magnetic pulse of Mother Earth, allowing you to take on her abilities to become a conscious creator.

Currently, most people are creating without knowing consciously that they are creating. They do not realize how they are constantly creating. They destroy most everything they create because of lack of understanding on how the process works. I will leave this with you for now and let you practice. Soon you will realize the creative force you have by using the inbreath process. Just remember, the inbreath ties you in with the magnetic poles of Mother Earth.

This has been very interesting reconnecting with my creator. Thank you. Whoem.



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