Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gaia on New Economy -- Pepper Lewis

Q: Can you say when that model will be introduced? This year? Next? You say that many will embrace it, but why would they?

The new model will be introduced when the current one is almost exhausted. It is moving in that direction very quickly. That is one of the reasons why there is such little concern for how or when the current accumulation of debt of will be repaid. It cannot and will not be repaid. Like the Queen Bee in the beehive, it lives for many seasons in service to those who have installed the queen as their monarch. The queen is protected at all costs, but in the meantime those who serve also feed off the queen a little at a time. Eventually the queen exhausts its usefulness and a replacement must be found.

The present system must first be proven obsolete. It will not be allowed to die easily or generously. It will be slain and its head (or the symbol that represents it) will be mocked. Its weaknesses have already been exposed, as have the riches of those who have lavished upon themselves its largesse. The rescue plan that is being mounted is already too late, but it must appear otherwise for the time being. Eventually, under the restorative efforts of the newly elected, the benefits of the new model will be introduced. The advantages of the new model will be obvious and will include something for almost everyone, from those in the highest echelons to those in most need of charity. The new model will do away with the accumulated debts of the old, and it will allow almost everyone the same advantage. It cannot be said with specific timing how soon it will come about, simply that it will or that it already has, depending upon how it is viewed.

Pepper Lewis



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