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Masters of Light July 2009 -- Ruth Ryden


JULY, 2009

Here we are again, with a lot of topics for the Masters. Our world is becoming so complex and in so much agony that it is hard sometimes for me to settle on subjects for you. The uprising in Iran is so shocking in its ferocity that we could hardly stay away from the TV news about it. Our own country is trying hard to heal old wounds and injustices by working out new laws and financial problems. The Solar System seems to be jumping all over the place, messing up our weather – sigh! At least its summer again! Everything is green here in our forest valley, and the little river is running again. Our veggie garden is coming up, and our new chain link fence seems to be keeping the varmints out! It seems that we live in a protected bubble of some sort here in this country, even though there are a lot of problems. If we don’t thank our Creator every day for the security and peace that we enjoy, we are lacking a very important part of our inner nature! When we really look around at our world, its beauty is breathtaking! And that includes we humans and all the life forms that make up this bountiful planet. Gratitude breeds that inner caring that, in turn, spreads out to those around us and into universal energy, that is Love.

Family here, for the most part, are well. I am breaking in a new set of dentures that make me look like a movie star. (yeah, right!) They do look nice and I can chew again. Payson planning a lot of activities for the 4th, and this year we just might go to town for them! It’s nice to live in a small mountain town – love it here!
Hope you have some fun, too!


MASTERS: “As we focus around the world for you, there are many movements in the atmosphere that will herald a rather ferocious July. The heat waves in the United States are but a preview of heat waves in South America and even some parts of the Mediterranean countries. Sun flares are usually blamed for such times, but this is not now the case. Yes, it is the Sun, but it is the realization that the Sun itself is heating up and causing more heat to plow through your protective atmosphere for a time, at least. This is not a foreboding of the Sun exploding, or anything like that, merely another of the changes taking place in your star system at this time. The Sun will cool down about the middle of August, and that problem will be over for hundreds of years. In the meantime, the heat indexes will be jumping all over the place during July and even part of August. Take care of yourselves accordingly. Because of the immense variations in temperatures, expect downpours of rain, especially through the Midwest and again in the eastern states, where they are over-burdened already with rainfall. These frequencies are hard to live with, and tempers flare easily. Try to make quiet time for yourselves and family, just to accept what is and flow with it in the best way you can.
Australia has been having high amounts of rainfall along most of the coastal areas, but our forecast from last month still holds.. When there is such an extreme between low humidity and high heat, to the cooler atmosphere in the ocean, rain clouds explode into storms and high amounts of water pouring down. July will continue most of this situation, but by the end of the month, the heat will even out somewhat, bringing the humidity level on the coasts to a more comfortable level.
The northern Scandinavian countries will find themselves in the middle of storm fronts that will seem never to end. Strong storms and heavy rains will continue to melt glaciers and raise water levels in the fiords. There is a system forming over the North Pole that is thinning the protective atmosphere over the top of the world and allowing a mixture of heat and extreme electrical emanations to form unusual clouds and high winds over most of the northern lands, including Russia. July will be a month not to be forgotten by those who study space and its affect on the world.
As to tornadoes that form in the U.S., July will see a few more in Tornado Alley, but they will be calming down into spindly lines of power that will not cause so much damage.

Now, the hurricane season is starting off slowly as the changing weather patterns in Africa are having a decided effect on the energies flowing out into the Pacific. At this point, we are seeing a flurry of small swirling hurricanes pushing across the Pacific, but not anything that could cause frightening destruction along the U.S. coasts. As the season progresses, however, August may see something really drastic coming into place. It is not time to ignore the season!
Because of the complication of atmospheric anomalies coming close to the Earth, the magnetic pull on the plates that make up the Earth’s surface are heaving and moving, trying to settle into new configurations. The constant quakes in the South Seas will continue, and the domino effect upon all of the plates will increase this month. Quakes can be expected in almost any area of the world as pressures expand and pull back in concert with the energies flowing around your globe. The faults in the West are under pressure and uneven footing can happen any time. The “Big One” we do not see happening any time in the next few years, as the pressures are being released by the smaller movements.. Just keep the breakables put away.
Continental Europe is, and will be, experiencing unusual weather conditions according to the sea levels of the land. Mountains will be getting heavy loads of new snow, while deserts will see unusual amounts of rainfall and flooding in the old stream beds. It should be realized that the energy levels of human beings are hugely affected by these atmospheric dances, and much of the wars and hatred going on is definitely a part of this. Weather does affect the mind and the emotions. We have said many times that this monumental changing in your system will calm down in a few years. When it does, you will see a tremendous change in the consciousness and attitudes of the world population. The peaceful world that has been predicted for many years will then begin to come into reality. In the meantime, these hard times test you soul beings who have come into this lifetime for just this purpose; to gain strength and fortitude. Your children will inherit the world as you make it.”

Masters, for us Arizona gardeners, do you see the July Monsoon coming in fairly normally, or will we be missed this year?

MASTERS: “Ruth, it has already started. Higher than normal temperatures for the most part, but seasoned with good rain showers every so often, although not every day as they used to be.”



Masters, the rising costs of health care and drugs in this country has been causing a large part of our population to go without the medical care they sorely need, and this includes mental problems. Our new administration is working hard to remedy this, pulling back and forth between the parties to find a solution. What do you see happening with this in the next few months? We need a spiritual perspective on this.

MASTERS: "Humanity has evolved to a point where consideration for each other has profound influence on the way medical help is given . Even remote jungle tribes have traditional ceremonies to take care of illness or injury. With a population as immense as the U.S. or other large countries in the world, the problem becomes entangled with high-priced pharmaceuticals, hospital bills, insurance claims, etc., etc. To find a satisfactory solution to fit all of these elements into a logical and productive system is going to take much longer than the legislators are hoping for. Wisdom precludes selfishness and greed, but is found only by peeling away the layers of self-interests and power-hungry pill-makers. We do see a strong push toward reducing the profits being taken on the drug market, and the finally-discovered miracle of using computer record-keeping, reducing time and errors in medical records. As to a government-run insurance plan for everyone, we see a strong possibility of a program that is given as an option to present insurance plans, and for those without insurance, that will be price-effective and will insure that medical care is given to anyone who needs it. This will take perhaps a year in the making, but the hard work being done on this will be worth it. When this is finally in place, other countries will see elements in the plan to add to their own health systems. In the meantime, it is the responsibility of each soul being incarnated into this lifetime to take care of the body and mind by eating healthful foods, exercising the body and mind, and walking away from alcohol, drugs, and over-eating. Like a machine, a body reacts to what in put into it. Most of the serious diseases today in the U.S. are caused by too much, and not enough common sense.”


Masters, the uprising demonstrations of the citizens of Iran have been of world concern these past weeks. What do you see as to some reconstruction of their government to provide a greater sense of confidence in their leader and more freedom from religious fatwas, restrictions on women’s rights, personal freedoms, and communication by individuals and news networks to other countries? Is there actually a danger of nuclear weapons and a need to be a world power by an egocentric dictator?

MASTERS: “First of all, these demonstrations have made a very strong statement to the leader that the status quo of personal restrictions will no longer be tolerated. The religious soldiers will be pulled back to a great degree and only used again for a full-blown revolt against the Muslim leadership, if that should come about. At this point, we do not see this to be a possibility. Women’s rights will become one of the strongest issues to be debated in the Iranian government and we feel great changes will be taking place within a year.

The current President will keep his seat, although the election, as will be seen in later years, was a farce. Even so, the other contender does not have ideas much different if he had been elected. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been in power long enough to realize there must be many changes to bring his country into a better financial situation and seeing that personal freedoms will lead to a better understanding with other countries in the world, primarily, the U.S. He has a huge ego and is finding out the difficulties that arise from such thinking. Relations with the U.S. will remain strained for some time, as Iran continues to develop atomics. Iran is determined to use atomic plants for electrical power, which is sorely needed for the oil producers. Young people in Iran will be setting the course of this country in the next few years because they are fully aware of world situations and know how to use modern communication networks. Many Iranians who have fled Iran because of the restrictions will be returning to boost their nation into the beautiful and peaceful place it once was. The U.S. will have to bide its time in some respects, while keeping a close eye on weapon production and imports. Iran has not given up its fear that the U.S. might one day invade them.”



After years of reported crop designs in Great Britain and around the world, there is still no real knowledge of what they are, who or what makes them, and how do we interpret them, if indeed they are meant as messages for us. Will you finally give us some real answers on these questions?

MASTERS: “First and foremost, these cut-out designs in the fields of seed crops are, and always have been, of great importance to the human race. Many of the designs echo ancient symbols and pictographs that have significance to those who understand them. Others contain mathematical messages for those who understand the science of universal mathematics. Some are portents of coming events or attempts to explain what is currently happening on Mother Earth. What they are not, is some weird fluctuation of earth frequencies, etc., or designs manufactured in the minds of enlightened humans, although sometimes this is done as a way of communicating that there is another intelligence out there! They are also not some off-planet intelligence trying to communicate; they do so much better than that through the channels who receive their dispatches.

It is amazing to us that all humanity realizes and believes in a supreme intelligence that created the universe, the solar system, the planets, and the life forms upon all of them, where applicable. However, when a message comes that the Supreme Intelligence is also sending physical messages in the form of beautiful designs in crop fields, it is poo-pooed! The concept of miracles is also not believed, because they find no physical or medical reason for them. Dear Children, this is the Essence of the Christ Spirit: We have long given these beautiful messages to humanity to bring to your attention the infallible Power and Love that is given for you to raise your own personal inner knowledge. Each design is meant to have a personal message for every person who sees them – it is not one message, it is millions of messages! If only to admire and feel a communion with something beyond the everyday mind, the message is given. Signs that have to do with universal symbols need to be seen and understood by scientists who could readily understand them if they accept what they are. Even messages that relate to the changes occurring in your solar system are given at different times. Accept that the designs are not some weird mish-mash from aliens or such, but clear, concise projections that can be understood by those who take the trouble to look, listen (oh yes, there are frequencies there in the Circles that are felt by many who stand in them), and let their inner selves accept what they are being taught. The sightings of blue lights, etc., when the Circles are formed are the higher density frequencies that flatten the grain – like a group of laser rays that do many things in your society. It is well not to be under these rays, for they would be lethal at the time of the formation; that is why they are generally formed during the hours of the night, when the fields are empty of human presence. The Creator (Supreme Intelligence – God – Allah – whatever) has always communicated with humanity in one way or another. The ancient Circles were given to alert primitive humankind that there were more things to life than they knew. At some level, there were some of them who did understand the messages, given to help them survive. Messages such as this in this newsletter, given through the mind of a human being, have also been given since the beginning of your time and called by different societies by many names. Your choice. When pictures of the Circles come into your awareness through the internet, magazines, etc., take a few minutes to meditate on them and see what they say to you. They are a gift from the Mind of God, to you.”

(Just in: Thank you to Nancy for this link to two new crop circles that are fantastic!)


Question from Reader Joseph: “There has been a great increase in single mothers over the past few years, both here and in Europe. Some women want a child and remain single. What changes will this bring to the next generation?”

MASTERS: “The tremendous rise in criminal actions by young people, their need to form gangs in order to find a family-type situation and love in their lives, the lack of a strong sense of personal power, are all symptoms of a society that is getting low on family values. By this, we mean that the human race was created to be natured by a mother and father, each giving to the child their own special gifts to create a person with a balanced personality (at least as far as their own purpose in life is concerned). Too many young men today do not want the responsibilities of raising children, just the enjoyment of creating them. Women who are left with the responsibility of taking care of, teaching, and finding a way to finance themselves have a real struggle to provide that stability. Yes, some women prefer not to have a husband or companion to share that child, but they, again, need to find some kind of male figure for the child to find its balance. We see the human race changing gradually over the next 50 years into a complex arrangement of child-raising, that might well depend upon separate facilities for parents and children, with a balanced routine of teaching that will put together a spiritual and secular upbringing in order to end the constant bickering between belief systems. This will not seem at all unusual as humanity continues to evolve physically and emotionally.”

Recommended reading: The Golden Path: An Intro to Advanced Spiritual Knowledge ~ Ruth Ryden


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Recommended reading: The Golden Path: An Intro to Advanced Spiritual Knowledge ~ Ruth Ryden



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