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New Vibration --Jerry Brown, Soronta

November 24, 2008

I use the frequency of Soronta. I was asked to come today to help untangle some of the confusion that is starting to build through this information source. You have so many different information sources that they are beginning to overlap with each other and becoming a little confusing. So, I'll do my job and see what I can do to clear this up.

Once you realize that there are many factors of intelligence in the universe and you start dealing with these different factors, you gain a tremendous amount of information. However, it also can overpower you with information and have no benefit at all. Many of you don't know what you are doing in physical form, and don't even know what you are doing here. You don't seem to know how to direct yourself through this for the best benefit of others. I was with many of you during the resurrection of Atlantis into the Syria-Egyptian era. It was the same thing I had to learn back then also; that is, how to switch over to a new vibratory factor without the hassle of reincarnating.

JB: Could you explain who you are and what your purpose is? It would make it much easier, at least for me, if I had some idea who and what you are all about.

Soronta: Yes, I am sorry about that. I have been working with you for some time but you haven't realized it because you are sometimes confused as to who is communicating with you. My job, at this time, is to work with the ones that are going to shift with Mother Earth and keep the quality between the two at a constant recognition. In other words; as the earth evolves and changes, there has to be a constant with its inhabitants. I do not live in space and time, so to explain this to you, I have to be able to move between these two states of consciousness. This is why I can bring you a picture that would be unavailable in your time and space. Now, does that give you my credentials?

JB: Yes, that helps a lot. I do know now who you are from the feeling, because at different times I would repeat what you said and think it was coming from my guidance. I'm looking forward to what you have to say in this document.

Soronta: I have been examining your role in this play for some time now, and also the ones that have all connected together with you. When some of them don't quite understand the information that comes through, it does not mean that they are less able to process higher thought, it just means that they have a different method of processing. Therefore, they will seek this out, but will eventually realign with the ones of you that seem to connect most with the information. Do you remember how you have been told many times, I'm sure, that everybody has a bar code that they follow and that many of them are different, but the end result will be exactly the same because truth is truth and that is what you are seeking?

One of the two things that I have on my agenda today is to understand mental training. When you train your mind to do a task that normally would be quite difficult, you must take many, many hours of practice. For example; in the different ways of balancing yourself, or objects or learning to do outstanding feats with your body in sports, or training your mind to remember thousands of situations on command, you train your body and the mental access field to work together and become in line with each other. For this to happen, it is not necessary to repeat a process over and over to become in line with this artistic process. Once you line up your physical and mental abilities in the same frequency, you can instantly become a superstar in whatever you want. But that is not the reason to learn this process because once you reach this point, you are not interested in being a superstar.

You do not have to outdo anybody at this point, on anything. By attaining this mental understanding, you are given an entry point into this physical and mental connection. Basically, you create yourself to be superhuman (at least this is what it looks like from the average viewpoint). What you are doing is just going back to the original state that you presided in prior to going into a sub-human state. Currently, you have quit using many of your abilities and basically just kept enough to survive in the condition that you picked to experience life in.
What I would like to discuss now is the coming events of Mother Earth. Many of you know by now that your planet is about to make a transformation that she has never done before. There are some of you that understand what is happening and will process this quite easily. Then there are others that will take this as a disastrous situation and in most cases probably perish. By now you understand that resisting anything will just keep it going. At the moment I see with the amount of fear and resistance in the people on Mother Earth is overwhelming. I understand that you have been programmed JB, to not discuss future events of the planet's changing. This is a good thing because it would probably put more fear in people until they see what is really taking place. The one thing that you will really be grateful for during the change is how your physical bodies, and this is for many of you, will become much more in tune mentally and be physically stronger than ever before. This means that when you do have a physical or mental conflict, you will be quite successful in the result of this conflict.

I just received some resistance from the one that is dictating this. Of course at some level, he is correct by saying if everybody uses the love connection, that these conflicts will not be necessary. The only thing is that there will be a short period of time in transformation between the frequency changes where you will be in a so-called survival condition. If there is a lot of resistance within your community, it is very imperative that you pay as much attention as possible on the law of resistance. There are some of you now that have achieved this heightened state, but because they don't look any different, it is hard to pick them out from others.
Many of you now are going through a physical restructure, this is where you are receiving and upgrading crucial body parts. I know this sounds like some sort of automobile factory and in some ways it kind of represents that, but the truth is your physical bodies have to be upgraded to handle extreme and ascetic wavelength that is being reprogrammed into your system. If the planet and the surrounding area is in the process of upgrading itself, then the inhabitants must do the same if they want to stay in the same physical consciousness.

Each individual by the age of six has lost the ability to use their pineal gland because of the third dimensional lifestyle. The pineal gland gives you a much broader visual sense and also the ability to process thought in a complete form. In other words; no guesswork involved. Now with this ability starting to reappear, you will be able to take your place in creation that you once had, so you could help process creative thought and get your creative dignity back, which you lost thousands of years ago. This is going to be a wonderful time for many of you once you realize you received your ability to consciously manifest most of anything you want to have or experience in physical form.

As long as you still believe you have control over anything or anybody with physical or mental strength, this basically holds you in a non-profile condition that has absolutely no way to process a creative force and denies full manifestation that allows you to enter a higher vibratory pattern. Basically, it's quite simple, as long as you are still trying to control anything or anybody, your advancement in frequency exchange will shut down. Also, if you are told by any outside force or basically anyone at all there is an evil entity that has entered into your body and has taken control of you, this statement must be looked at and understood in its entirety. In the first place, as you know by now, there is no such thing as evil, there is only progress or stagnation.
One means moving into forward motion, the other is just stuck in no advancement and will self-destruct. This is what the human race calls "evil" because it has no direct motion of creation. You are only in a creative forward motion or in a non-creative stagnant condition and because it doesn't look like it is going anywhere, this has been named "evil", which in most cases everybody sees the word "evil" as a horrible thing, when all it is, is just a lack of seeing the picture in its entirety. What they are doing is naming something being wrong because they don't understand the true concept.

Okay, that's enough to all of that. My main objective of this text is to explain in more detail the process that the life form on this planet has injected itself into the biggest picture available at this time of the process that humans are experiencing on Mother Earth, is almost the exact opposite of what they believe to be true and many of you have heard this and are using this process in many ways to experience life. Now is the time for all great mankind to come to the aid of their planetary processing en masse. Now that you understand that all creation and everything in your life is a result of thought and now that you have started taking responsibility for this in parental thinking and work it together in a manifestation form, you will be able to interrupt a huge controlling consciousness that has been in charge for thousands of years.

It is really good to see that there are a number of you that are actually understanding how this controlling factor works. You can control any group of people if you introduce certain mental processes life fear, judgment, prejudice, etc and put them in a condition where you are constantly destroying instead of creating. Anything you say, even though there are just a few on the planet now that understand this, it has changed dramatically the energy field that is totally in control for its own personal vendetta. If you would completely understand how this controlling consciousness has totally separated from your original creative memory, you would at this point work desperately to get out of this controlling environment.

What this process does is introduce emotions into your system that you react to without consciously realizing it and at this point introduces a counter-reaction and basically cuts off any control you might have over a certain situation and turns you into a crowd mentality. People say if enough people believe the same thing, that it becomes a fact of reality. Once this concept has been recognized as a controlling factor, it makes it much easier to disband this way of thinking. The ones that are using this control by interacting with your consciousness and giving you belief systems, which basically keep you stuck because anything with the word "believe" that is a mis-qualified connection with source.

Source has designed everything to run strictly on its own, as long as someone doesn't change the universal laws and keep everything in place. And this is what basically happened with a group of off planet beings that were more interested in their well-being than yours. So for thousands of years they have created a non-parcel connection with Mother Earth and introduced emotions into your reality that you could be controlled by. And, if this is introduced at a very young age, it is very hard for these concepts to be deleted.

One great thing in your favor are these children you call Indigos and Crystal children will not be controlled by this mis-qualified thinking. Most of these children are still at a young age, so by you giving them an example, basically like you are in most cases, they will start this new energetic field that will stop the control that the outsiders have over you. You do not have to fight anything or anybody. As soon as this seems to be part of your schedule, you are falling back into their control. They are not the enemy, they are just doing the only thing they know for their survival. The universal law eventually will prevail because it is coming from pure light, which is omitted from the heart. The whole idea of taking human form is learning how to understand how energetic fields apply to you and allows your doorway out, and believe me, once you experience this doorway, it is well worth the trip.

JB: Do you have any information on planet X? And, what its function is?
Soronta: Yes, I do. There are many conflicting reports about this planet and what its potential awareness and its arrival at this time. The only way I can explain it to you at this time, because of the lack of definitions, is that it carries a very much higher frequency, which will adhere to some of the life forms on earth. It cannot connect with everyone because the lack of the resonance pulse this planet emits. I have somebody that would like to come in and speak about this. She has a lot of experience in the inner dimensional traveling, so I will back off now and allow order to explain her process.

Thank you for your attention.

jerry brown


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