Friday, September 01, 2006

Kryon on War


You want to assign war to God. Did you know that? All your mythology has it. These particular gods went to war with these other gods, etc. Many have said, "There must have been wars in Heaven, in order to have only one God... the one who won over the others! After all, just look at humanity: To have one peace, we have to regularly slaughter each other. Since we are like God, and in his image, this must be universal." Now, of course, in your modern religion, you say that you have no mythology. That's not so. What you think is sacred and true is very much mythology, but you don't think of it that way. Your story of Heaven and Hell is something that came right from duality and the Human mind. Can you imagine a battlefield with a bunch of dead angels? We can't! And where do angels go when they die? [Laughter] Many will say, "Scripture says that there was war between the angels." And we say, "Scripture says?" Did God write that or did a Human? Humans put upon God all their own traits to make things make sense to them.

The first myth is that there was a giant struggle on our side of the veil, which created war. That's a description of duality, dear Human, not God. You are looking in the mirror and placing your own limits on an energy that encompasses the all of everything, and the creation of everything. But you have inserted it in your religion anyway, so you would feel somehow close to the way everything works and relate to it better.

There was no such thing as a war between angels and there never will be. You see, that story reeks with Human struggle. Intuitive and at the cellular level, it is, and so you build it into every expression of being, even placing it on the highest of the high. There are stories in your mythology of how God got to be God, as though we had to climb some mountain of victory and war in order to become what we are. That would be like all the dogs deciding that God must have dug under many fences and warded off legions of fleas to become God.

No, dear Human Beings, there were no wars – no wars between angels, or even near angels. The love of God is stable and it is pure. It always was and it always will be and you know that inside. It's who you are when you're not here and the system that is here on this side of the veil had no war. There would be those who will argue with this immediately, "Well, that's not what I was told." And I will say to you in all love, "Told by whom... God? Or a Human?" Use your divine intuition. Does it really make sense, or does it simply appeal to that Human part who loves a good story? Even the greatest spiritual men used the metaphor of only what they understood to interpret the grandest of the creation stories that you needed to hear. Not everything is what you think it means.



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