Friday, September 01, 2006

Kryon on Reward and Punishment


We have said it before, and we'll talk about it again. "There has to be reward and punishment in Heaven," they say. "After all, it's fair and it's correct... just like God. If you're good, you get a reward. If you're bad, you get punished." Well, it's not that way on my side of the veil, dear ones. You won't find that in Heaven. You won't find that in any angelic realm, either. There is no reward and punishment. It's an entire different culture. It's divine culture and it doesn't work in duality like yours. Yet you put reward and punishment right on God, don't you? If you're good, you go to Heaven. If you're bad, you don't. One has you spending time in eternity with the Heavenly Father – what an image! The other has you spending time with the fallen angel, Lucifer. What a vision! It's not like that, of course. First of all, in an interdimensional place that has no time, what would "time in Heaven" be like? Do you see how this fits so nicely with your version of punishment and reward? An eternity in Hell might be three minutes to me!

We've told you again and again that this is simply not the way it works with God. Yet there are those intellectuals who would say, "Well, there has to be a system like that. How would you control anything?" And we say to you, that's your system. That's your duality, so control it. That's not what God's system is, however. We don't need to control angels or Humans on this side of the veil. "You mean to tell me, Kryon, that a Human can come into this planet and become the most evil Human that ever exists and kill millions of people in genocide and then when he gets to the other side of the veil, there's no punishment?" And I'll say it again. That's exactly right. Because you don't understand the test. You are free to do whatever you choose while you're here in duality. Don't assume, however, that on the other side of the veil that system is extended. It's only for you, here.

Again, we say that this was clearly given to you even in the scriptures you have in the parable of the Prodigal Son. That parable represented the father, who is God, sending two sons into the world, which is sending two angels to be Humans on Earth. One does everything right, one does everything wrong; one does everything good, one does everything bad - very black and white for you. Yet your scriptures tell you that when they come back across the veil, they get the same party! What does that tell you? Let me review it. It means that the test of Earth is not carried back to where you came from. You don't carry the test back here either.

It's about the test of the planet and it's about Human duality. It's why you're here and what you do with the planet while you're here. It doesn't mean it's what's on the other side of the veil. Oh, if I could disengage this in your mind. The perceptions of humanity are that you must somehow please God with your goodness. I want to tell you, angels, you've already pleased God because you're here! It's the reason there's going to be healings here today because you're sitting here - because you are waking up to who you are and you are finding the divinity inside. You've already pleased God! You don't have to think about being fearful or worry about what you might do to displease God because of some kind of a super reward and punishment system on the other side of the veil. There isn't one. It's hard enough while you're here, isn't it? If you ever knew how much you were loved, you would never think for a moment there'd be punishment on the other side of the veil, even for the darkest among you. Yet your major religions are all based around this feature. A billion of you feel that you arrived "dirty," already broken and carrying the burden of humanity's darkest deeds. Then, if you join and perform certain rituals and beliefs, you can overcome this horrible fate. In the process, those who never find out about how it works go to Hell! Therefore, God loves you so much that the majority of you will burn in Hell. Does this make any spiritual sense to you? It's time to understand how Human this concept is.

If you are going to accomplish something and please anyone, then please the divinity that you came with. Seek peace on Earth and see yourself as an instrument of the divine intelligence that created you. Claim the angel inside; stand up and claim that you are ready to be the Lighthouse you came to be in a trying and difficult time. It's time to drop all the energy of divine punishment and reward, for it harbors feelings of defeat, depression, an unfulfilled life, openness to control by others, and a fearful countenance... some religion, huh? You need a religion? Then seek one that amplifies the power of the Human spirit and teaches that you are a divine piece of the God Universe. Blessed are those who gather together and celebrate the power of the love of God within the Human Being, and all that can be accomplished for the planet.



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