Friday, September 01, 2006

Kryon on Good and Evil


The one that is so difficult for you to understand and is so sad for us is where you say there has to be black and white everywhere. There's got to be good and evil. "Kryon, you mean there isn't good and evil on the other side of the veil?" And I will tell you, just like there was no duality or war, there is no struggle on our side of the veil.

Listen: Your mythology says that evil is not your own, and that you have it because there was "trouble in heaven." One of the angels, it seems, just couldn't get it right and fell from grace. His name was Lucifer and he, of course, is responsible for trying to get your soul and making you do bad things. It is the devil that creates the difficulties on Earth, the mythology goes, and it is the test of Earth to defeat this bad angel. And dear ones, I just gave you your most modern religious doctrine, not the ones practiced hundreds of years ago. As odd as it sounds, this mythology continues and continues.

Good and evil. This concept belongs to Human Beings because it is so much a part of the test of your own duality and existence. Oh, it belongs to others in the Universe, too, but not God. "Wait a minute, Kryon, do you mean there's no light and dark on the other side of the veil?" That's exactly what I'm telling you, at least not the way you see it. There is no light and dark on our side of the veil that creates struggle and imbalance. The light and dark on our side of the veil is simply energy that moves around. Some need to argue and say, "Well, there has to be! It's part of everything." It isn't. It's only part of your everything. And I will tell you it is just as absurd as the angels smelling each other. That's not God.

The duality represents free choice. That's the duality set-up of Humanism within planet Earth, and has nothing whatsoever to do with what you call God. There is no evil angel who wants your soul. We told you over and over that the darkest of the dark is the power of the Human Being, who's decided that the dark is what they wish to create. We have said it before, that you are masters at energy and you can go to the light or go to the dark and make either of them powerful. The ones who chose light have an edge, however, because they are then using the "image of God" in their lives. They can create the lightest of the light, the ascension status, and represent the one who has chosen the pathway of sacredness and unity.

Many Humans laugh at this and say, "Well, Kryon, or whoever you are, I don't agree with you, for you have not seen what I and others have seen. We've seen demon possession." No, you haven't. You've seen the energy of Human dark possession, posing as the darkest and most fearful thing you can imagine, which is demons. Fear will do that to you, and many will see the same thing and report many truths instead of seeing the real energy. In the case of the occult, it is the Human who is fully in control of all the darkness, conjuring up the worst of the worst for you to wallow in and believe in. That's all about the Human. How does it feel to be so deceived? And when you are, you say, "It was the devil." No. It's the Human who has taken power to a very deep and low level. Look at your history, or what's going on in some dark places on the planet. You won't find the devil there. Instead, you will find evil within the free choice of Humans who are making it work for them. This is what the duality test is all about right now on Earth.

And so, dear Human Beings, I am telling you yet again that free choice is the key. I'll also say to you that my very existence in this room is because there is more light than dark on this planet, believe it or not. It is the reason you are here at all. It is the reason you did not have your Armageddon, and won't. It is the reason for the 11:11 energy [the Harmonic Convergence]. Celebrate the fact that this planet is beginning to illuminate. There are more of those holding the light than not. There are thousands who want to hold the light, they just don't know how, yet they are awakening inside. This awakening is not yet representative of the leaders of the planet or of your governments. I'm talking about the people of Earth, not what you see on the news, which is all about a whole different generation.

There is an awakening going on. Indeed, leadership will change and show that awakening. It's about illumination. We'll say it again. Light is active and dark is passive. If you have a dark room and light appears it in, it illuminates the whole room, does it not? Darkness goes away and can't continue in the light. If, instead, you have a light room and darkness walks in, nothing happens at all. What does that tell you about your light and abilities? Do not be afraid of those who are dark. You carry an energy that is very strong, yet you don't even have to think about it... ever!

There are so many who fear those who are dark, who fear the dark energy they carry, and they say, "Well, I have to protect myself." No, you don't! You are your own protection. Just shine your light with the love of God. That's your protection. They can't touch you. They can't touch you! This battle I told you about 18 years ago is here and you're fighting it. And it is, indeed, a battle between a dark and a light energy on Earth and it's called civilization. Duality is the reason there is a battle at all, and you're in the heart of it and many of you know it. It doesn't feel very comfortable to you either.

I tell you that there are angels in this room. All of you, when you're not here, are angelic beings. We have said that over and over. We've heard the arguments from the intellectuals in your midst who would say, "Aha, how can a Humanized angel ever become so dark that they seem like the devil?" And we remind you yet again that this is what you made up to explain for yourselves when you had an angel fall from grace named Lucifer. It is the metaphor of a Human Being who falls from their mastery with choice. So much of your mythology is about you! Yet you say it's about God. It is not.



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