Friday, September 01, 2006

Kryon on God


Humans only have one model of consciousness to compare anything to. One model – themselves. So Humans considering God naturally feel that God must have Human attributes. Many of you don't even know what I'm talking about. You see, when you are at the top of the evolved ladder of consciousness and creation, there is only you to evaluate anything to. Your knowledge has always limited your imagination, for everything you think about references the great Human "self." In addition, scripture seems to indicate that you were "made in His image," so now you also have what you feel is credibility that, indeed, God has Human form, and that since there is nothing higher that you can see, it must be the highest in the Universe.

I'm going to give you a cute little metaphor to ponder. Imagine for a moment that Earth was made up of all dogs. No humans, just dogs. And imagine that dogs had your intelligence. Evolution had somehow gone differently, and intelligent dogs now ran the world, just like you do now. They also have their problems, just like you do now. And dogs, just like you, have their own spiritual thoughts on what God must be like, and naturally they have religion. They pray and ponder, and have intellectual ideas, just like you.

Now, if I could take you to this metaphoric place where all of these intelligent dogs lived in their civilization, let me tell you what their religion would look like. First of all, God would be a dog! [Laughter] And each breed of dog would have a photo of God represented as their own breed, of course. All of the angels would be dogs with wings, and one of the things they would do would be to constantly smell each other! [Laughter] How far do you want me to go with this? You know what's coming next, don't you? Society's proof that God is a dog is that the very name of their kind, spelled backwards, is God! Shall I continue? And you know, even though it's funny, that I'm right.

Do you understand? It's the only consciousness they have. It's the only thing they know. The way they are is what God becomes in their mind. They cannot think past the highest consciousness they understand, which is themselves. Humans do that, and they place upon God all of the attributes of humanity. Some of the basic things that you think are intuitive in the Universe are not! It's just you thinking that everything is like you. Human attributes only belong where you exist. Oh, you might say they belong also to the dimension you're in, including some of the planets that are in your dimension, and you'd be right. But they don't apply to God. The very word Universe to you means what you can see with your telescopes. And again, we say, that's very 3D of you! The word Universe to us means God! There is so much more than Humans in the real Universe.

What about "made in his image," you might ask. "Doesn't this indicate that we must look like God?" Step out of your own enclosure for a moment and think about it. If you had the power to bestow your "image" on a group of ants in a far away place, would you suddenly look like an ant? No. Instead, you bestow upon them the light you carry and your spiritual intellect. Your interdimensional divine "image" is not what you see in the mirror, but far beyond that. It's an interdimensional image that can easily fit into an ant, if you understand about such things. Now come back and realize that everything we have been teaching all day long [during the lecture series] shouts that God is in you. It doesn't mean that God looks like a Human. The image of God is within the mastery that is in the Human DNA.

So, attribute number seven, therefore, is the propensity for Human Beings to see God in Human form, but it goes way beyond that... way beyond that. You see God as doing what Humans do, enjoying what Humans enjoy, fearing like Humans, going through drama like Humans, and also having all the Human evolutionary residuals. Did you every realize that?



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