Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Struggle and Joy

There is no need to wait for new beliefs – unless you believe that you must wait for new beliefs. And there is no struggle ... unless you believe that you must struggle. And it is not hard unless you believe that it must be difficult.

[ESP Class, Sep. 26, 1972]

"You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come."

17 Seconds of Abraham

"So at any given moment do the thing that excites you the most that you are capable of acting on at that given moment. And that is how you will know what you are 'supposed to' do. Life is supposed to be effortless. And therefore, when you act upon what excites you the most, it will be because you know that when you do what you love to do, you do not feel like you are expending effort."


In Here & Out There: The Scientific Structure of Magic

I've been re-reading Wayne Dyer's mid-90's masterpiece Your Sacred Self: Making The Decision To Be Free these last few months. It's a book I enjoy savoring over and over again, chapter by slow chapter, and sometimes paragraph by re-considered paragraph. Much of it pertains to the principles of quantum physics and energy therapy. Dyer says:

"Particles appear to come into existence only when we observe them. Only when a conscious decision is made to view a particle, does the wave actually individualize and become a separate identity.

Our attention directed to the formless wave energy is what creates the reality that we call particle, or solid...or the physical world...The subatomic particles spring into existence and disappear, depending on the observer."

This is basic energy magic, and the science behind the oft-thought-trite idea that we are the creators of our own reality. When I first started hearing this phrase back in the early 80's in the human potential movement, like many others I thought "oh please! give me some hard facts!". But the sages and gurus and teachers who have been telling us this since forever, had quantum physics beat by centuries. Our "hard fact" sciences have only just caught up. The basics are as Dyer points out:

1. While our bodies appear to be solid, we are in fact, masses of energetic particles stuck together in one place. And even at that, we are not solid, this energy ebbs and flows.

2. The mass we think of as our physical body coheses together by virtue of the fact that our consciousness (another energetic mass) has decided upon this physical form as a focal point of existence.

3. The "reality" that is manifested around us is subject to change, based on the simple concept of A.I.R. Giving Attention to that which we wish to change, making a definitively stated Intention to effect change, plus copious Repetition of our attention and repetitive reaffirmation of that intention/s.

4. Change what you place your attention on, change the intentions you approach life with and reinforce this repetitively, and change will happen in your life.

A simple experiment will prove this point to you. Recall the first time a new pet or person from a place you've never been, came into your life. You may have gotten for instance, a Siamese cat, and decided they were the best breed in the world. Then all of a sudden, you find that you're seeing and hearing about Siamese cats everywhere. Not dogs, ferrets or hamsters, but cats. Not Burmese, Persian or Maine Coon cats either - but Siamese.

Ditto the person from a place you've never been to that you take an active interest in. Once you start hanging out with your new buddy from Des Moines, suddenly everything's coming up Iowa all over the place. Newspaper mentions of Iowa - Des Moines even, seem to be on the increase. You hear about Iowa on the radio and tv when you could swear you never did before. It's because your Attention is there, your inquisitive mind wants to find out more, setting your Intention to subconsciously go looking for mentions of the new interest. You do this Repetitively, many times a day and not suprisingly, the object of your focus appears to become more frequent in your life. You've just done a simple act of Manifestation in the physical. And this formula works time and again, equally well for changes in your self, your environment and the world around you.

Dyer goes on to quote Gary Zukav in The Dancing Wu Li Masters:

"What is out there apparently depends, in a rigorous mathematical sense, as well as a philosophical one, on what we decide in here..."

and comments himself:

"You can decide what is in here by facing a new direction. Know that what you are observing and placing your attention upon will affect what goes on outside. You will co-create a world of bliss and spiritual consciousness if that is where you choose to place your attention. This is science talking now, letting you know that the mechanics of the universe and your sacred quest are the same process."

Keeping your attention on desired change is the hardest part of making the magic work. Here's some help:

* Mnemonic aids such as daily affirmations, chanting and a regular practice of meditation help to embed your new intentions to yourself firmly in future memory...and thus into your everyday waking reality.

* Regular practice any energy therapy method will help you remove all the negative beliefs that you "can't" or "shouldn't" create a different reality for yourself. Once those are gone, daily practice focused using your Intentions as treatment affirmations will help you embed your new reality even more solidly into your everyday experience.

So what are you waiting for? Kwitcherbitchin and get busy! This is the formula to change misery to happiness and get what you've always wanted. Shift, turn and change into what you've always wanted to be.

This is both easy and extremely difficult, as life provides more than we want of diversions. But it can be done. It's how I crafted my broken spine into a supple willow, to its former "clinking, clanking, collection of collagenous junk" to quote the Wizard of Oz. I walk now because of this magic, and the determination never fight for my limitations, but instead celebrate and encourage infinite possibilities. As Richard Bach said in his book Illusions: "If you fight for your limitations, you will achieve them." Focus instead on infinite possibilities - and choose one of those to be your specific focus for today.

You can literally do anything you set your mind to! It's easy, it just requires A.I.R. - Attention, Intention and Repetition. Plus liberal dollops of love, wonder, patience and perseverance...

What focus will you choose?

--author unknown


Relationships -- Matthew

December 11, 2005

Suzanne: Now for a real change in topic, a number of people are interested in your comments about sex now and what it will be later. These are from the same person: “Is there some addictive quality to sex that we need to be aware of? Isn’t sex and sexuality meant to be joyful, rejuvenating and a way to connect with God”?

MATTHEW: I am glad for these questions because this is a vitally important area for soul evolution. All of you are sexual by nature, whether heterosexual or homosexual, as an essential aspect of your souls and the choice of orientation in each incarnate lifetime to achieve balance. Your sexual aspect is generated by sexual energy, with androgyny being the ideal balance of male and female energies.

Sexual “practice” is totally different. In your population, this ranges from the sublime joy of sexual union in a loving relationship—orgasms are as close as you can come physically to feeling the Oneness of All—to unspeakable perversion of the sexual energy itself. The perversions are not “sex,” they are efforts to show one’s control over another through causing emotional and physical pain through rape or molestation of children and adults, torture, satanic ritual abuse, and death through satanic sacrifices and some murders. Behind all of these is the work of the dark forces, and obsessions with sex also are the unrecognized influence of those forces.

Along a vast scale between those two extremes of a loving sexual relationship and the perversions of sexual energy are the controversies about the rights of your homosexual population; birth control and abortion; sex education in schools; pornography in films and printed material; proliferation of sexually-based advertising; sexual promiscuity; sexual prohibition in some religions; young unwed mothers; mate-swapping; sex toys and drugs to improve performance; and even fashions meant to flaunt or promote interest in sex.

So to say that you as a civilization are “addicted” to sex and that most don’t understand either sexuality or sexual energy is an understatement. As you travel with Earth into the higher vibrations, the increased spiritual clarity will transmute the energy of the current preoccupations with sex as I noted into the sensual pleasure of sexual relationships within love bonds.

S: That covered some of the others’ questions, but not these from one writer. He has several, and I think they’re important.

MATTHEW: Mother, excuse me, please. I am aware of these questions, and they are important. They are from a deeply searching consciousness, and I want to do justice to my replies not only for this young man, but for all souls who are pondering much the same as he. Earth is a schoolhouse for experiencing the range of human emotions, and learning how to treat each other in relationships of every kind—families, co-workers, friendships, teams, colleagues in organizations—is why you are there. I’ll say more of this, but now, please type the first question.

S: What are the most important aspects of a romantic relationship for someone whose spiritual priority is being a light worker?

MATTHEW: Loving even more deeply when the full bloom of romance fades, shared values and beliefs, honesty, trust and trustworthiness, mutual respect, kindness, and clear communication are aspects of the most fulfilling relationships. When these are the components of a relationship, the two people are, in tandem and in harmony, generating light and thus automatically are “light workers.”

S: Does pursuing physical pleasure interfere with or prevent accomplishing a soul contract’s purpose?

MATTHEW: Not unless the contract specifies abstinence, and since sexuality is inherent in your makeup, this would be a most unusual contract. Physical pleasure is an integral part of a relationship unless illness or incapacitation precludes it, and when this is the case, the aspects in my reply to the first question can sustain a strong relationship.

S: Can a light worker have a successful relationship with someone who is not awake spiritually or ignores their soul contract?

MATTHEW: Regarding “awake spiritually,” since the universal law of “like attracts like” applies across the board, it is more likely that a light worker would be attracted to a kindred spirit when a lasting relationship is at issue. Few of you know your own soul contracts, much less another’s, so someone “ignoring” theirs would not be known even to the person. Often we have urged you not to judge others according to how you perceive their behavior. You needn’t condone the behavior, but please do not judge the person, who may be fulfilling his or her contract to a “T.”

S: How do you know when you’ve met a fellow light worker or simply someone with whom you can have a happy, lasting relationship?

MATTHEW: Feeling immediately comfortable with a “stranger” is the “like attracts like” law in action, so again it is kindred spirits connecting, but this applies to all associations and doesn’t imply a “happy, lasting [romantic] relationship.” Those are “works in progress,” so to speak—and please refer to my previous answers.

S: Do soul contracts provide for fulfilling, soul mate type relationships?

MATTHEW: They may, they may not. It depends on what the soul needs to fill gaps in experiencing or to balance previous lifetimes. It is essential that you feel whole within yourselves and not look for “completion” in another; do not look for a mate to fill a void that can be filled only within self. I think that “soul mate” has been misunderstood by those who believe only one soul in the universe is the intended mate for only one other. All souls have spent many, many lifetimes together in various roles, and it doesn’t seem reasonable that out of countless souls—to me, countless—only two know each other so well that only with each other can they have the ideal fulfilling partnership.

These questions about sex, sexuality, relationships, mates are poignant and important at this stage of your evolution, but as you rise with Earth into the higher vibrations, these and many other areas of uncertainty where you are searching for satisfying answers, will become knowingness.

We have told you that along with Earth’s changes that will restore her health and beauty, you, as microcosms of Earth, will experience inner urgings to change aspects of your lives that no longer feel meaningful, comfortable or uplifting. Some of you already have responded to your intuition to change jobs, residence locations or relationships. When those situations no longer “fit,” most likely your chosen karmic lessons that required them have been completed, and your soul is motivating you to move on to experience other aspects of your pre-birth agreement.

It is logical to ask: What of the children’s feelings when their parents separate to follow their inner voices? Do not underestimate the spiritual awareness of children. Not only do they have the emotional flexibility to adjust to a new arrangement when parents behave civilly, but they, too, need to experience what they chose. When family pre-birth agreements are made, the factors that will provide soul growth of parents and children may include experiencing the disharmony within the family that leads to separation and the learning situations for all that follow.


Creative Consciousness -- Lynda Madden Dahl

"There is stunning purpose to our being. All That Is WANTED us. It loved us enough to give us life free of It's own, yet still remain a part of It. Along with the gift of existence came the ability to create. Everything in the univere creates the same way, be it All That Is, our greater selves, other energy gestalts or human beings. We, consciousness that we all are, do it by using our minds to think thoughts that eventually develop into psychological events. In the case of consciousness residing in a physical reality, those events may be interpreted as material objects, linear time experiences, dreams or psychic events.

Because telepathy is the mode of communication between and within consciousness, we are telepathic. Because consciousness units are clairvoyant and precognitive, we are also. Because each consciousness unit holds the history and knowledge of the universe, we're very well educated. Because consciousness is endowed with unpredictability, we have free will. Because consciousness creates every probability it can possibly experience, we are surrounded by potential unlimited...

Consciousness is imbued with the desire to create, and that's what we do every moment of our lives. We can no more not create than the day not dawn. We do it unconsciously, consistently. The key to getting what we want out of life is, of course, to learn how to consciously create what we desire as individuals and as a world community.

Conscious creation is learning that consciousness is the building material from which we, little gods that we are, create terror and tragedy, just as it's the building material from which we create love sonnets and loving relationships. It's also learning that we can mold consciousness into whatever we choose; IT DOES US THE HONOR OF BECOMING EXACTLY WHAT WE WILL ALLOW IT TO BE."

Ten Thousand Whispers : A Guide to Conscious Creation, by Lynda Madden Dahl

Transforming the Ego -- St.Germain

St.Germain, December 16, 2005

As you progress in your understanding of self, you are able to more easily to handle the continual promptings of your ego as it vies for your attention. Your ego is behind your pride which has levels of acceptance, or can get totally out of hand. It has to be kept in check and not looked upon as your true self. It should be balanced by following your intuition that is your link with your Higher Self.

At this time when many aspire to raise themselves up, the ego tends to reflect that which you wish to control and push into the background. It brings back ideas or thoughts that may no longer have a place in your definition of what you are now. Indeed, ego can be positively embarrassing when it keeps bringing up the “old” you. It will present you with thoughts that tempt you to forget your promise to self to remain in the Light. It can be a source of inner concern, as you try to cleanse yourself of that which no longer has a permanent place within your consciousness.

Ego will not let you forget how you were, and has sometimes been described as the child within. It wants your attention and like a young child will not let you forget that it is around. It will take time, but you can placate your ego self by telling it that it no longer has a prominent place. The ego is that instinctive reaction to something that may well have caught you unawares, and is how you have programmed yourself to re-act. It is when you take full charge of your thoughts and actions that it becomes but a reflection of the past. Instead of telling yourself, that you cannot help being what you are, you become what you desire to be with full responsibility.

If you are honest you will admit that at times dark thoughts scurry around your mind, and they may in fact worry you because they exist. There is certainly no reason to feel guilty about that which is a normal process of refining your thoughts. The secret is not to give them any life of their own, and simply let them go as quick as they arrived in the first place. If you reject them sufficiently often, they will have less and less affect on your thinking. For example, could you in a moment of loss of self control destroy something, and then perhaps recognize that your anger was a lack of patience. That would have been a throwback to times when you responded as you have seen others re-act, and when it was considered to be quite normal behavior. When you aspire to lift yourself up, these are the type of emotions that you recognize as undesirable, and work to remove.

Do not feel any shame or guilt, or admonish yourself for being that which you are, but by all means recognize your shortcomings and vow to do better next time. Some of you who are making good headway on your path to the higher dimensions can be quite hard on yourself when you slip momentarily. Do not worry about it, as in recognizing your problems, you are already on the path to overcoming them. It is when you accept them as a part of yourself that you can do nothing about, that you are accepting their dominance over you.

No one who is in duality is without something in their past that they can look back on and feel ashamed. However, put it in its place as something that has been another experience that has brought you to where you are today. If you so feel, you can usually make amends for errors of thought or judgement, and when you positively know you could not make the same one again, you can move on. Guilt is self punishment, and often it is carried through a whole lifetime, and through transition when leaving the Earth. It would be best that you clear it away whilst here, and not allow it to hold you back.

Furthermore, I have previously mentioned the Law of Grace, and it is relevant to these end times and it will be invoked and applied to clear outstanding Karma. You will already have understood that as the vibrations continue to increase, you will not be able to take it with you. The cleansing that is taking place is very thorough and complete, and much of it without your knowledge. The old you is changing very rapidly, and you will eventually leave it behind. Notice how much more self control you now have to what it was previously, and how you are not subjected to impulse or hasty actions. You are becoming more in charge of how you present yourself, and you know that no one else is responsible for your actions.

Dear Ones, the ego is the last aspect of your old ways and thinking, and it has grown over millennia of time and has controlled you rather than the other way around. It is the result of your programming of self until you have really believed it to be the real you. Know that you can be what you like, and there is no one else in charge but you. Does it seem hard to you to present yourself as one who is serene and peaceful, and do you find it difficult to control the more base emotions?. You are not alone, and many aspire to reach that level and become a beacon of Love and Light, but you can and will do it. Over the next few years rapid progress will be made in these areas of self development, and you will be guided so as to ensure your success.

Apply yourself to what you see as your goal, and once you have expressed your intentions to progress all else will follow. If you look back over just a few years, I am sure you will admit to having come a long way. There is nothing more natural for you but to be a soul of Love and Light, and it is not new to you, as you came from this level of being eons of time ago. To that level you are now returning and the pathway is clear and leads to Ascension. Many travel with you and will guide you on your way, and you will not want for help, but often you forget to ask for it. Remember that you are surrounded by loving Beings who wrap you in their energies and carry you forward, and that you are never alone on this great journey back to the Creator. Thank you.

--St. Germain

Mike Quinsey

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Paradise on Earth -- AA Michael

Archangel Michael, December 2005



Beloved masters, as humanity and the Earth make ready for the next great leap in evolution and expanded consciousness, all is being shaken to the deepest core of existence. The higher you reach toward enlightenment, the deeper you must go into the core essence of your past. As you tap into the memory cells of your cosmic past and become aware of your royal heritage, you are also remembering how it was time after time in your ancient past when your reality and the world seemed to be turned upside down, and everything that was familiar swiftly changed in some manner or was swept away, often through wars between races and nations, or by ecological disasters via the elements of nature: fire, water, air/wind and earth movement.

Every human on Earth is in the midst of an evolutionary crisis as, at some level, multitudes are striving to shake off the residual thought patterns, habits and density of their animal/human nature. There are also many of you who have functioned as refined Beings of humanity for many lifetimes and are moving into the realms of Spiritual/human Beings, whereby your Immortal Soul is burning brightly within and your auric field is overlighted by the Eternal Spirit Essence of our Father/Mother God.

As we have stated many times before; GOD/GODDESS DOES NOT PUNISH. However, as the universal pattern of change becomes more forceful, and the Shift of the Ages accelerates, all that is not based on truth, balance and harmony will be shaken to its core.

As you are becoming aware, many governments and civilizations that have been constructed and permeated with negative third-dimensional vibrational frequencies of power, greed, control and dishonesty now must face up to their misdeeds, and the betrayal of the trust bestowed upon them is being revealed. Those who insist on building or living in the low lying coastal areas should by now be aware that the radical Earth changes that are taking place will continue and will increase for some time unless they stop building on the quicksand of negativity and irresponsibility.

Your coastlines have changed many times before and will change again, for it is all part of the cycles of nature and the cleansing of the Earth's surface. In the past, land masses have sunk, only to rise again, refreshed, renewed and soon teeming with new life. Drought comes to those areas that have been overused and destroyed by pesticides and chemicals, and deserts have blossomed after being fallow for hundreds of years. You have only to research the history of humanity and the Earth to know this is true, and so why are you so surprised when you, once again, move from a time of the status-quo into a time of change. There have always been cycles of death and rebirth as part of the evolutionary process and these cycles affect every facet of creation.

We do not wish to instill fear or doubt within; in fact that is exactly what we wish to dispel as we endeavor to assure you that you and you alone will decide whether you move into the New Age with ease and grace or through cataclysms and chaos. We wish to help you understand what is in store for you over these coming months and years. Most of you reading these messages are aware that these are the most important times you will ever spend on Earth. The decisions you make now, and the energies you radiate out from you that create the force field within which you live will determine your reality, and how you will experience these momentous years of transition. It is time to decide whether you will move forward on the spiral of ascension through the gift of the life process or the old energies of the death process. Make no mistake, every human being on the planet is in the midst of this transformative process, at some level and in some form, whether they are aware of it or not.

I ask you to project your consciousness outward, away from yourself and your little picture of reality. Assume an expanded awareness: imagine, if it helps, that you are viewing your life and the lives of those around you from our vantage point, giving you the ability to see the panoramic view of what is occurring from moment to moment. Look back over your year, over several years. Have you not made great strides? Are you not a much wiser, more compassionate, and more enlightened person? Can you not see the perfection or at least the justice in what has occurred in your past? Are you not stronger, wiser for your trials and tests along the way? Observe those closest to you: have they moved forward and expanded their awareness, or are they still stuck on the treadmill of inertia, fearful in their tunnel-visioned view of life? Are you becoming more proficient in letting go of old, outmoded habits and thought patterns? Is it not easier to filter through the plethora of information that is coming to you, and to determine what is your truth and that which no longer serves your greatest good?

You are in the process of re-establishing a heart/mind connection with Spirit. It takes unified heart and mind to bring together the cohesive power of our Father/Mother God, and unconditional love is the magic key that ignites the wondrous process of Creation. Love with conditions became the norm as humanity sank into the density, and from these negative thought patterns all other self-limiting concepts sprang forth and became your truth. Now is the time to reverse, release and restructure your present reality, a new reality that encompasses all the lessons in mastery we have given you over these past years. We have given you ways to monitor your thoughts and still the mind in order to reprogram your sub-conscious and conscious minds with higher wisdom from your Divine Self. We have helped you to bring the multiple-minds of your chakra system into balance so that, once again, they are working in harmony, one with another. Any wonder you have been at war with those around you, for you have been fighting a losing battle with your own shadow side for such a long time.

You are the ones who must allow the Divine Force of Creation to filter through you, down into the Earth and out from your Solar Heart Center so this wondrous elixir can gradually encompass the Earth and help to awaken humanity. There will come a time when the radical forces of nature will no longer be necessary in order to cleanse and bring harmony to the Earth. Can you not see how vastly important each of you is in this process of cleansing and transformation? Your goal is not just to ascend, but to allow your Spirit-self to descend so that there can be an integration and fusion of the many complex facets of yourself that were created on your diverse and wondrous journey throughout this universe, galaxy and during all your earthly experiences. Before descending through the multi-dimensional universe, as a Divine spark of consciousness, you had a multitude of experiences where you exemplified all the virtues and qualities of the Creator in perfect harmony and in total alignment with Divine Will. In many other experiences you used your vast mental abilities almost exclusively by focusing on a specific thought form or creation. Through your conscious intent you brought forth the necessary unmanifested primal life force substance, and like a laser beam you projected forth that perfect vision until it was miraculously manifested on the physical plane.

You have also had many wondrous adventures focusing almost exclusively on the emotional facets of your multi-dimensional Self. Using the virtues and attributes of your goddess nature while in the higher realms of existence, you joyously merged your consciousness with the angelic realm, thereby experiencing the exquisiteness of the love of Creation in its purest form as you went forth to assist in the creation of worlds and realities beyond description. All the while you were experiencing these diverse facets of the Creator, your individualized Spirit-self was registering and recording each experience in your vast memory bank, for you knew there would come a time when you would need to draw forth into your consciousness all the wisdom you had gained in the past.

Since your descent into the world of physicality, your Spirit-self has been struggling to function within its physical overlay as you have played the game of duality and separation. In numerous lifetimes you focused primarily on your spiritual nature while excluding the other facets of your Beingness. In others, the focus was almost exclusively on your mental nature, and in still others your emotional nature was the driving force from within. It is time to bring all these diverse facets of your nature back into harmony so that you may function in a state of unified consciousness once more.

When functioning within the illusional environment of the third/fourth dimensions, the most neglected facet of your Being was your intuitive mind or soul mind. It is one of the greatest resources you have within you, for that is your connection to your Higher Self and ultimately to the Creator Source. Your soul mind has a never-ending supply of fresh ideas and creative thought forms just waiting for you to tap into them. Your intuitive mind, or that small inner voice, will always point you in the right direction and help you make the right decision if you will only listen. Since the fall into density, the soul mind has been almost totally shut down within most of the general populace. After that inner voice was ignored for so many thousands of years, with great sadness, the soul retreated into stillness and dormancy as an observer, waiting for the time when it would be called back into action as your partner in the journey of life.

It is burning brighter and brighter in those of you who have diligently striven to reconnect to your soul, Higher Self and God Ray (I AM Presence), and it is now a constant and loving companion who directs, inspires, nurtures and even protects you. It will bring you together with members of your soul family or with those whom you have something of importance to share. It will inspire and assist you in ways that will open the flood gates of abundance and in manifesting your highest visions when they are in alignment with the greatest good for all. Inspired thought and fresh creative ideas will pour forth effortlessly as you serve yourself and others by becoming a cocreator of all that is harmoniously beautiful, loving and of the highest order.

It may not seem so, but a wondrous new vision, a powerful probable future for humanity and the Earth has taken shape and is being strengthened and magnified moment-by-moment, a future whereby all humanity, as well as the mineral, vegetable, animal, human, Devic and Elemental kingdoms will peacefully co-exist on Earth, an Earth which is pristine in its beauty, and which has sparkling clear water, and clean healthy air to breathe, a world of abundance and plenty where no one suffers from lack of adequate food, shelter or opportunity, and a world whereby different races, cultures, beliefs and traditions are honored and respected, where no one tries to force his/her beliefs on others, or deny others the right to live their own truths and follow their own customs. As more and more of you slowly withdraw your attention and thoughts from the self-limiting thought patterns of old, they are gradually dissolving and becoming ineffectual. Have we not told you over and over again, Thoughts have energy, positive or negative, and what you focus on, you magnify with your energy.

When you allow the attributes of your God Self to emerge and the refined energy of Spirit becomes the dominant force in your life, the path is cleared for you to begin the process of accessing the rarified frequency patterns of the full spectrum of the twelve Rays of your diamond core God Cell. You are also integrating the gifts of the myriad parts of yourself, those soul fragments who also made the journey into density, who are ready to share their wisdom and adventures with you. Therefore, you do not have to have all the answers, just as it was not necessary for you to experience every single facet of earthly life. Your Divine soul mates have done that for you, just as you have your unique experiences and wisdom to share with them.

Remember, you, my brave warriors, have the formula to recreate Paradise on Earth. We are here to assist you with all the forces of Heaven at your beck and call. Reach inward and upward, we will respond. In love and gratitude, I salute you, beloved ones, I AM Archangel Michael.

6005 CLEAR CREEK DR., RENO, NV 89502 * USA
PHONE/FAX: 775-856-3654

Email: RonnaStar at earthlink dot net

Mindfulness 2006 -- Sasha

From the Dec. issue of Sedona Journal.
Sasha is a pleiadian contact for Lyssa Royal.
Sasha's expertise is in interfacing with emerging civilizations.

Mindfulness in 2006
Sasha through Lyssa Royal Holt
September 2005

Greetings to you, friends! This is Sasha. Though we are
looking ahead to your year 2006, we do want to discuss
several things with you that affect your choices for 2006.
The first thing we would like to talk about has to do with
the changes in the frequency of your reality and how this is
affecting the mass consciousness and individuals on your
planet. As you’ve noticed, over the past few years, there has
been an increase in stress levels planetwide. Many people
have talked about feeling suffocated with too many burdens,
too many things, too many . . . too many . . . too many, too
much . . . too much . . . too much.

This is affecting the Earth changes going on now. It is
affecting the inner Earth changes that individuals go
through, a shaking and a tumbling of the paradigm within
you. There is a lot going on. Where is this leading to in the
next year and beyond?

We can liken the increase in energy that has happened in
the past twenty years—and is still increasing, to 2012—to the
progression on a golden mean spiral. The 2012 point that is
talked about in the Mayan material represents an implosion
point where you break the plane of one reality and move into
another. Many people have interpreted this to mean things
like: “The world is going to disappear,” or “Only natural
things will survive,” or “We will be lifted off in a spaceship”
and so on. You’ve heard all of this before. We would say that
it is nothing quite so dramatic. But there is definitely an
energetic implosion point coming, and you are all feeling it
deep within you.

Imagine a progression along a golden mean spiral. The spiral begins to wind itself tighter. As you get into the inner circles of the spiral, it appears as if it is moving more quickly. Let’s say that spiral is like a roller coaster. If you are in the car riding the spiral, at the outer rungs of the spiral, you may appear to be going somewhat slowly. But as you start traveling in the tight spiral, you
might get a little bit dizzy because of the increase in speed.
Energetically, your civilization—as has been prophesied in
the Mayan teachings—is about to make an energetic transformation.

How that manifests in the world will be entirely up to you, because everything always first manifests on the inside
before it manifests on the outside. So if enough humans are
able to ride the roller coaster without “freaking out” and while
maintaining a sense of center, then the transition itself will be
a lot smoother. This is similar to the idea of Sufi whirling—
you have to maintain the center in order to whirl. If you do
not, you knock yourself against a wall. So how do you maintain
your center amidst this intense increase in energy?


Several years ago, we did a channeling we called
“Holographic Mindfulness.” Let us go back to some of those
ideas, especially that of mindfulness. Even though this is an
ancient teaching from the East on your world, there are
aspects of that teaching that are absolutely, positively essential
for navigating along this tightly woven spiral at this point
in time and in the near future. Let us give you a definition of
mindfulness from our point of view. These types of concepts
are difficult to put into words because they were never meant
to be understood by the mind. Therefore, they often defy
definition and are meant to be experienced rather than
understood. But we will give it a try!

Mindfulness is allowing yourself to always stay present in
your body, with what you are doing in the moment. A very
obvious example of this is the Buddhist walking meditation,
in which you walk slowly in a meditative state and repeat “I
am walking” over and over. With each step, you feel the
stones beneath your feet and all of the sensations in your
body. That type of training forces you to stay present in the
moment and to not dissociate, to not send your mind off in
one direction and your emotions in another, to not shut off
the sensations of your body.

One of the great gifts of having a human body is that you
are able to experience sensation. Again, everything in your
reality is dualistic. You can take that ability to experience sensation to the negative extreme or to the positive extreme.
Those who have taken it to the negative extreme have become
drunk with sensation. The other end of the spectrum is the
absolute and total dissociation from all sensation whatsoever.
The middle road is mindfulness. The middle road is the awareness of sensation and the ability to use sensation as a tool without getting trapped in the pitfalls of sensation.

Mindfulness is a valuable tool for humans in this time. You can experience sensations in a mindful way without
attaching to them if you train yourselves to do so—and may
we recommend that in the years to come, as you will need
this skill! As you are riding this roller coaster that is speeding
toward an implosion point, you experience more distraction
than at any other point in history. You are experiencing distraction from an infinite number of directions—whether it is
the distraction of sensations in your body, distraction from
your emotions or distraction in your mind. It is being thrown
at you from many different directions while you are in this
whirlwind of movement. Is it any wonder that your society is
feeling so overwhelmed and chaotic? So what is the answer?
You as a civilization are going to pass through this implosion
point eventually. How you pass through it is up to you. Once
again this brings us back to mindfulness. Find a practice that
helps you train yourself to be mindful. This is going to be one
of the single most valuable tools that you will find in your entire
lifetime. This is no exaggeration. It is going to train you to
stay centered in the storm. The type of training doesn’t matter;
you can choose Zen training, any type of martial arts or
Western mystical training. This will help you to rise above the
attachment to perception and sensation instead of being the
one who feels and sees and senses and gets distracted. You can
become the one who watches the one who is distracted, feels
sensations and has perceptions. Do you see the difference?
Once you can do this, once you can clearly be the one
watching the clouds roll by rather than being the cloud itself,
you will feel a great shift in your consciousness that will then
allow you to ride the roller coaster and hold your center.
Using a dance term, you will be the one who can “spot” while
doing turns without losing your balance.

This is how you become the true self. This is it: by being
that watcher. If you do not allow yourself to move into the
role of observer, you cannot become the one who experiences
the integration process. Integration does not happen from
the personality level. Only the true self experiences the integration.

To perceive the integration, you have to be joined with the one who can truly observe it!

The next question is, what about 2012 or 2013? The concept
of an “implosion point” sounds violent or intense. We
do not perceive that it will be that way. It won’t be like a
light bulb turning on and off. What will be more intense, as
we read it now, is the period leading up to 2012, which has
already begun and will continue in 2006.


We’re going to take a detour that isn’t really a detour, that
has to do with the manifestations on your world in the past
year, including the tsunami and the hurricanes, among other
dramatic occurrences. These often involve flooding or water,
which is very interesting. Many people on your world are
pointing fingers and saying, “You see? It is humankind’s fault,
because we haven’t paid attention to the Earth” or whatever.
We want to say really clearly: These things that are manifesting
on your world are not punishments. There is a big difference
a) being punished, and
b) reaping what you have sown.

Being punished is something that is brought upon you from an outside source. Reaping what you sow is simply a karmic cycle.

Being mindful means that when you become the watcher,
you have no excuse for being unaware of the energy that you
put out into the world. This is literally the key for transforming
yourselves. When you are the watcher, you have no
excuse for not seeing the energy you put into the world.
What you put out—whether as an individual, collectively as
a nation or collectively as a species—will come back to you.
This is a law of metaphysics. It is not a punishment. It is an
indication that humans are not taking responsibility for the
energy that they are putting out into the reality. And so
these are awakening opportunities.

Your planet has a huge opportunity now to make different
choices. It is very easy to blame President Bush (as an example)
or the people who did not build hurricane reinforcements
or the people who did not build a clear tsunami warning system in the Pacific. Blame is easy. It is not so easy to take responsibility. So blame becomes the primary expression
of frustration.

Your leaders, no matter what you think of them, are a manifestation of the group energy on your planet that needs to be
played out. They are a part of you! As individuals become
more responsible for the energy they put into their own environments, lives or country, their leaders will then be the ones
manifesting that self-responsibility. This is on the horizon.

If enough of you make these choices of self-empowerment
instead of blame, you are going to find that the drama on the
world will be lessened. The transition will be smoother. If
blame and self-protection continue, it might be a bit more
dramatic. It really is up to you to make a difference in your
own way.


Regarding your upcoming year 2006, as we’ve said many
times, there is no one set future out there. The probabilities
are infinite. What we say here is only the probability thread
that we see as the most dominant at this time. Your choices
and your actions can change everything.

For many of you, there has been an eight- or nine-year cycle
that has been very challenging. At times you may not have
seen the light at the end of the tunnel. In the past few years,
you’ve sensed it but haven’t seen it. However, for those of you
who have been making tangible changes in your lives, you will
definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel in 2006.
As we said above, it is imperative that you as individuals
and as a planet make new choices that will reap the kind of
healthy reality you visualize. Visualization is not enough.
You must take action. First, start with your personal lives in
2006. Are there old habits and patterns that you’ve struggled
to release? This is the year to let them go. Just let them go!
At least take some baby steps. If you use the information
we’ve shared about becoming the watcher, you will find that
with a little bit of discipline and self-love, you can change
them more easily than you anticipate. The energy of 2006
supports new beginnings should you choose to commit yourselves to taking the necessary steps.

In a time when there is so much chaos both externally and
internally, simplicity is the key. We suggest that in 2006 you
take steps to simplify your lives, whatever that means for you.
Perhaps it means reducing your workload, delegating tasks or
simply dropping activities that stress you out. Clean out your
closets, donate what can be used and get rid of what cannot.
By simplifying your life and committing yourself to changing
your choices and actions, you truly prepare for the energetic
roller coaster yet ahead.

As the energy increases toward 2012, this is extremely
important. If you choose not to make the simplification of your
life a priority and refuse to look at your habits and patterns, you
will find that the external chaos may seem unbearable at times.
You will become distracted by sensation, emotions and negative
mental patterns and forget who you truly are. This is the challenge that all 3D planets have as they prepare for a consciousness shift. Why not embrace the challenge and do the internal work that needs to be done? It is your choice.


Earth changes are the one challenge, collectively, that
your planet’s people still find intolerably frightening, because
you feel out of control. This is perhaps one of the lessons to
be learned by Earth changes: how to be prepared and surrendering at the same time. No one truly knows when, if or how Earth changes will happen, but they are a reality for all planets in the natural cycle of a planet’s evolution.

Today on Earth, your dominant governments have a
belief system that they are in control of their reality to a
point, although recent terrorist activities have shaken this
belief. Because they see the Earth as “theirs” and a permanent
foundation under their feet, they give little thought to
the possibility of preparing for natural disasters. This was
quite evident in the recent hurricanes that hit the Gulf
Coast of the United States. As you well know, this is
called “denial”! With recent incidents from 2001 onward,
it is becoming quite clear that preparations need to be
made. But because denial has been the mode of behavior
for so long, it might take a while for this to become a priority.
Have patience.

In 2006 we perceive that more attention will be focused,
perhaps quietly, on disaster preparation. This is a good
thing—not because disasters are coming, but because it
means that your mass consciousness is moving away from
the energy of denial. We know that many of you are asking,
“So Sasha, do you foresee any disasters for 2006?” As
we’ve said before, everything is fluctuating. There are
other channels and psychics who specialize in this sort of
thing, but no one can know 100 percent. Therefore,
instead of worrying about what is to happen “out there,”
concentrate on what is happening “in here.” This is why
we rarely give “predictions.” We prefer instead to focus on
your ability to re-create your reality.

So how do you deal with the fear associated with worrying
about disasters or terrorist attacks that you can’t control?
First, be very aware that when you don’t acknowledge your
fear, it grows in power. Take some time to sit down with your
fears and befriend them. Find out what they are saying but
don’t give them too much power or dwell on them. Listen to
your fear and then move on. If fear gets out of control,
remember to become the watcher. Watch your fear and what
watcher’s point of view, this is very sobering! Then, after you
have developed a relationship with your fear, take whatever
action is necessary. If you fear natural disasters, then put
together an emergency kit. But do not go overboard. Simply
do what is logical and responsible for preparedness and then
let it go.

In summary, the year 2006 will reflect whatever consciousness
you put your energy toward. If you obsess about
Earth changes or terrorist attacks and how out of control
you feel, you will magnify your feelings of being out of control.
If you put your attention toward simplifying your life
and observing and changing your habits and patterns with
commitment, self-discipline and love, you will have a wonderful
surprise concerning the completion of an eight to
nine-year cycle and the beginning of something new
and fulfilling for which you have waited a very long time.
The choice is yours. What will you choose and take action
to manifest?

As always we send you our deepest love and respect.
With gratitude we thank you for allowing us to share your
reality in this most interesting, challenging and, yes, exciting
time on Earth! With all of our love, we bid you a fond
good day for now. ★

© 2005 by Lyssa Royal Holt

Lyssa Royal Holt
PO Box 30973
Phoenix, AZ 85046

Dimensional Shift -- Plato

I heard one of you say that you are put on earth without an operating manual. Well, this is incorrect if you're looking for a physical book to guide you. This has already been tried, as you know, and it helped for a while until you wanted to know more. Then, there isn't enough book for the ones that want to continue advancing in universal understanding. This is why I come in periodically and work with people all over the world. This time I'm not going to entertain a physical structure. I can cover much more ground in the causal body. I really like this. My colleagues and I are directing an entirely new understanding of the earth's return of memory. Every time we have a chance to slip in and introduce a collective understanding to help the switchover, we do so. [...]

Next, I would like to work with you on your many projects. Because of the way the system is set up monetarily, it does not allow some understandings. The one thing that has not really been explored, at least not openly in your time, is the perpetual motion concept to be introduced into your reality. Perpetual motion is what is hurling your planet through space. It is a large part of your life, without you even knowing it. This is something I will be working extensively on with you and your friends. Also, what you're doing with these different methods of balancing water is introducing knowledge from different core factors from other collections of memory. The compounds found in the soil have been shown to bring in this new awareness of knowledge that you're about to enter into. This is why I'm able to come in now, because you have broken through a barrier by using the magnetic field and crystal energy combined with the H2O form of water. It opens up a book that has been buried for thousands of years.

We have helped draw together the ones of you that are introducing the prognosis of consciousness into the realization that has been out of touch since the Lemurian dynasty.

Levitation, perpetual motion and intentional physical projections will be brought back into the awareness of the ones that are experiencing a dimensional transference. What a joy this is! [...]

One of the first concepts we will work on is how the law of magnetic field applies to perpetual motion. All perpetual motion is, is learning how to direct magnetic energy in a series of forms placed into a direct line of magnetic balance. That is the point where the push and pull is neutralized into a compromising formulation. This allows nullification of any gravitational interaction of the objects being nullified. This is basically what you would call levitation. Learning to harness this magnetic energetic field is one of the things on which we will be working with you.

Understanding crystals and their phenomenal role in the transformation of dimensional exchange is key in the new manifestation of awareness. I really like this. Your experiences from using magnets, crystals, waters and laser energy, will bring you to a point of acceptance where you understand that consciousness does not have to be in its set form to follow. You are a free conscious being and nothing can get in your way, except for you and the device you created, fear. The more you release this device, the more we can introduce crystal technological awareness into your being. [...]

At this point you can ask questions that have yes or no answers. Once you get confidence that this is truly a physical connection, and not just a figment of your imagination, it will become quite simple to mentally communicate with me. Basically, when the doubt is out-of-the-way, communication is allowed. It gives me a chance to share the many wonders of universal awareness that you are interested in, but could never get an answer. This is basically our job and has been for many thousands of years. This is why I previously taught in a physical form. Now I do not need to incarnate into the physical because of the advancement that mankind has reached.

When you had that many people in the audience at the concert, with many of them having the intention of needing to know, it brought in an energy awareness that could not be experienced till now. This makes my job much easier working from my causal connection with the universe. In other words, all of the information is right at my fingertips, now that we have a connection with the earth plane and do not have to incarnate to get these messages through. [...]

What is there is a better connection between the physical and spiritual. It allows more clarity with the ones in physical form to understand what creation is all about. Remember, most of you have just come off a very slow boat to China. You have been the same mental spiritual condition for many incarnations. This sudden jolt causes a lot of disruption in your mental and physical body. So, if you hang on and ride out the storm that has some confusion and some discomfort associated with it, and keep fear out as much as you can, the clarity will be beyond your expectations.

Back to the reason we are here. Some of you at this time are working with platonic solids. This originally was my introduction to the earth plane, which was called Plato's science. This energetically charged shape has a key role in the dimensional transference that is going on at this time. For many years, everything in third dimension has had no role in the creative force of the all because of ignorance and staying out of balance. It keeps you in a single view of creation. This is the "I" energy, as you have been told many times. Working in "I" energy only shows one perspective of creation. Once you advance into the "we" energy, where all knowledge is available, you're allowed to explore with no barriers in the way. Since the dawn of man in third dimension, you have been taught that everything is separate. Now you are learning to combine each others reality for a full view of creation.

From this point on, being responsible for everything you think, say and act on is what will govern how you interact with the dimensional change. What is going on at this time is that every single thought that is not in the creative mode of creation will pull you down to where your physical body is not able to match the consciousness of reality. In turn, it makes life very uncomfortable. A lot of you are going through this change now. So be aware that the discomfort is from not allowing the change and still having thoughts that are not balanced. In other words, you still see non-perfection in the physical world.

[...] Thank you. This has been a very very wonderful experience for me and my colleagues. We will return very soon. My name is Plato and I work with alignment.


Gerald Brown,
November 5, 2005

Balance -- Lord Kuthumi

I am Kuthumi

and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet thee at this time and to bring unto thee, the blessings of integration, the blessings of fusion, balance and synchronicity. Greetings beloved ones.

And it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this day, as we hold each one of you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of God.

Beloved ones, as we gather with you upon this day, in the presence of the Christed energy, we wish to acknowledge and honour your choice to be present on this sacred day of activating and integrating into your being the right of your 5 dimension Crown Chakra. Initiating your physical body and subtle bodies into the realm of expanded consciousness, which the 5th dimension represents, is a powerful choice. Bringing higher levels of understanding into one's energy field serves not only the purpose of your souls evolution, but also serves the purpose of assisting the collective consciousness in its evolution through the various levels of density and fear which drag it into the higher realms of light and positivity.

Your journey into the 5th dimension today, is one that prepares many levels of shifting energy not only in your crown chakra, but also in your base chakra. You all understand the concept of as above, so below, and so it is also applicable to one's chakras. Therefore, your crown chakra impacts on your base chakra, reflects into your base chakra, and vice versa. Your base chakra roots you to the earth, your crown chakra roots you to the heavens. If you are ungrounded on the earth plane, you cannot be properly grounded in the higher planes. This ungroundedness results in many aspects of the self becoming fragmented, aspects of the self disconnect and one is left feeling scattered, confused and empty.

When one is in such a fragmented state, it is difficult to remain centred, it is also difficult to understand what one's true needs are. This results in the inability to manifest one's needs as being met, the intentions set do not hold the clarity required for one to magnetically draw to oneself all the tools necessary to fulfill one's needs. When one sets intentions, the energy is filtered out through the crown chakra. This energy is picked up by one's guides and spiritual helpers, and it moves through the various dimensions of energy. Now when one it is not rooted properly on the earth plane, one is not properly rooted in order to manifest physically, so there is disconnection at both ends and this means the intensions do not reach their proper destination in order for you to attract what you require.

So being clear in your intentions helps you remain focused and grounded. Fear un-grounds you. Living in the past un-grounds you. Living in the future un-grounds you. One of the major reasons why most people have difficulty manifesting their needs as fulfilled is because they spend far too much of their energy worrying about the past, worrying about the future, and not investing enough focus, time and energy in the present moment in order to create a different future. By focusing on the problems of the past, one perpetuates these problems in the future, because energy grows where energy flows and if the focus is on negativity and fear, you are guaranteed to manifest the same in the future.

The reason why we discussed the base chakra with you as a group today, is because much of what you shall work with through your crown chakra will be to assist individuals and groups in understanding how the two chakras work together. How if one wants to completely connect with Spirit, one also needs to completely connect with Mother Earth. Mother Earth is the feminine aspect of Father Sky, the two are one expression of energy. Humanities journey to earth is important in the sense of balancing masculine and feminine energy. Integrating both principles in order to express a balanced expression of all life. One cannot be rooted only on the earth plane and not be rooted with the sky plane and expect to manifest balance and vice versa. An easy way to remember this is, as above so below.

Your interaction with individuals seeking balance is important because your journey into the mystery schools with Lord Maitreya, will bring about teachings you require in order to understand the higher levels of this particular teaching. I have often said, that unless you know yourself, you cannot know God. Therefore through your personal journey of keeping your crown and your base chakras balanced you will discover tools to assist humanity in manifesting the same balance but more important initially is the understanding of why it is so important.

I have already mentioned this before, but I shall repeat it. One of the reasons why a number of people on the spiritual path have difficulty manifesting their basic needs as met is because they are all up in the heavens, so to speak. Too much energy in the crown chakra and insufficient energy in the base chakra. In order to manifest balanced rooting systems imagine a tree, this is how one should be, rooted firmly to the earth, drawing sustenance and energy from the Mother Earth, extending high towards the heavens, drawing sustenance and energy from Father Sun. Trees live for a very long time, they trust fully that their needs will always be met. The same applies to all of you, trust that all your needs will always be met physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

--Lord Kuthumi

January 25, 2005
Channelled through Michelle Eloff © Johannesburg, South Africa