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October 2008 events -- Akashic Records


Channeling from the Akashic Records of October, 2008

Question: There is said to be a huge event coming up on October 14where a spaceship will appear over major cities for threedays so that there is no mistake about the friendliness ofUFOs toward humanity. Will this take place on October 14?

Contact between human beings and beings from other worlds is already happening and has been happening for a very long time. It happens a great deal on a spiritual or energetic plane.You are visited by what you might call extra-terrestrials in theform of Spirit all of the time.At some level, you can say that Angels and Spirit Guides areextra-terrestrials right? They are from outside this world. Thenthere is a huge spectrum of beings who do what you call “visit”Planet Earth. Their energy becomes available for you here onPlanet Earth. All of you have a spirit that is holographic andexpansive and is occasionally visiting other worlds in Spirit, as well. Often your human minds block out any stimulation that wouldgive evidence that this is happening because it is confusingfor a human mind to encounter something that does not fit intoexpectations of reality - something that is from outside of thisworld of familiarity. Of course, every human being has a unique threshold inregard to the unfamiliar. Some people are able to comprehendsomething beyond what is familiar, then reach toward it untilit becomes familiar, and then reach again for what is unfamiliarbeyond that. For those people, seeing physical evidence ofextra-terrestrial visitors will occur more often and more easily.There are what you would call spaceships but they are not asliteral as you want them to be. When people sense somethingfrom outside of this world, they make sense of it. The humanmind is really brilliant at taking stimulation and input andcategorizing it so that it makes sense. If something does notmake sense or cannot be categorized, it just gets ignored orexplained away. If something can be made sense of, then itis allowed to be remembered and considered. That is howsome people see spaceships and others do not. That is howtwo people can be standing on the same street corner and onesees something and the other does not. This kind of contact ishappening all of the time in both Spirit and physical realities.The event planned for October 14 is a direct result of a shiftoccurring for humanity on October 12. The shift on October12 seems to be an opening of a connection between the humanheart and the human mind. This is something that is related tothe Mayan experience. The Mayan civilization was expert atthe heart-mind connection.Part of what was accomplished during the ancient Mayancivilization was the building of an illusion of the separationbetween the heart and the mind, which has made human lifevery interesting.Part of what is happening now is that there is a reconnectionof the heart and mind. This is happening over and over againin all kinds of different ways, and there a collective event onOctober 12 in which the heart and the mind are able to makea connection collectively.Some of you will experience this collective connection andsome of you will not, perhaps because you are not readyfor it or you are not interested yet. It will be available forall of humanity to have your heart and your mind come intoalignment in a way that was not possible before.This means that your mind will be able to comprehend thingsthat only your heart could feel before. Your heart will beable to infuse your thoughts more readily than before. It willbecome easier after October 12 to see the world through theEyes of Love. (For more on this, please visit AscensionRadio and listen to “Through the Eyes of Love: MakingEverything Easy.”)When that happens, so many of you will step into that senseof love that a new level of comprehension will becomeavailable. Of course there is choreography amongst all ofthe different beings on Planet Earth. Of course when thehuman race decides something, all of the other beings acrossthe universe are aware of that decision and act accordingly.This is the reason you are predicting a visit from extra-terrestrials. Many are gathering in support of your collectiveshift.For thousands of years as human beings have been planningfor this event on October 12, for your hearts to come intoalignment with your minds, the universe has set up anopportunity for you to start playing with this new connection.That is what your seers and your prophets are seeing as thepotential for October 14.The answer is yes, the equivalent of spaceships over the majorcities across the world from October 12 to October 15 is firmlyin place. This is not unusual; this happens all of the time. Thedifference is that more of you will be able to sense it or see thanever before.There is something important here to know, which is that manyof you will not see it because you do not want to, your mindsare not yet ready or your life path does not involve interactingwith extra-terrestrial life, so do not worry if you do not see this.Another thing to know is most of you who do see this will notsee it as a physical spaceship. You have been using this word“spaceship” because it is the best word you have to help youimagine life beyond Earth. A spaceship means a physical thinglike an airplane or rocket ship and this is not that; this is aspiritual gathering; this is energy and it is energy that can beembodied -- just like some people sense Angels in the roomand others can actually see them. Some of you will sense thisand some of you will actually see it and it is just as real eitherway. Do not get locked into an expectation that you will seesomething that you expect. Do not imagine what a spaceshiplooks like and then look for that.Instead, first on October 12 really look at your heart and whatyou love. Really look around the world and try to see everythingthrough the Eyes of Love. Imagine that you are someone likeJesus Christ, Muhammad, Buddha or Mother Theresa. Imaginethat you are the most loving person and imagine how you wouldsee the world and how that compassion would color everythingthat you see. Spend time on this day meditating on those people,animals, places, and experiences that you love most. Let themfill your heart with love.Then on October 13, 14, and 15, spend your time daydreamingor looking at the sky. Allow your eyes to simply see what yousee. It likely will not be a spaceship in the way that you expect;it will be something far more magical and interesting than that.Each of your minds will perceive it differently because that isthe beauty of being separate and it will serve you to share storieswith one another. It will serve you to read about what others see,but do not read so that you can check to see if you saw the samething and therefore if you are right.Instead read, listen and share so that you can build a biggerpicture through each of your perspectives. More than anything,with these unknown or previously unseen dimensions, yourinterpretations will color what you see more than it would forthings that are expected or agreed upon. With this experience,each of you is going to see all kinds of things and all of themwill be true.With this being said, in some places, events will occur thatbring you to the same collective experience of love. Somecities will be distracted by events that lead you to look forlove in one another instead of from outside the planet. Thisis all part of the potential you have built – it is all part ofyour collective path to bring your minds back to your hearts,and your hearts to your minds. If you are part of these events,continue to strive to see the love that infuses every human life.Allow your hearts to break open and make room for a biggersense of love than you have ever felt before. This is theultimate potential in the events planned for October 12through October 15.We have been told that a Stargate would open on October17 -21. What star system would that come through and howwould that affect us?The Stargate that will open between the 17th and 21st isrelated to the star Arcturus and the benevolent beings itsupports, and the Stargate is opening as a resource forhumanity to provide you with a sense of support. They are talking about support like a building supports itself. If atower is beginning to crumble, you might build supportingstructures around it to hold it up - it is that kind of support.Your outdated and insufficient systems are crumbling, andyou can use this energetic support to rebuild a sense of loveand faith in your everyday lives at this time. The energy thatwill pour into the reality of Planet Earth is a deep, grounded,shimmering blue color and many of you will feel a sense ofreassurance during this time.Many of you will sleep a lot more between the 17th and the21st, and many of you will also be eating a lot more duringthose days. It is a good time to replenish yourselves and atime to recharge your batteries, so to speak.The Stargate is opening as a gift from the Arcturians to supportall of the massive changes that occurred for humanity sincethe spring of 2008. It has just been a really intense time andby the time the Stargate opens you are likely to have seensome collective events that are even more challenging.It is likely there will be more hurricanes in the United Statesand other kinds of storms across the world. The Stargate issituated to provide support after you have all been throughdifficulties on a personal and collective level. You mightreserve these days to be days when you have time to sleepor when you do not need to perform too much, or you havetime to just take care of yourselves. It is a very magical,supportive and loving Stargate.

Question: Is there anything else the Keepers would like tosay before we close the Records?

There is so much fear coming to the surface at this time forpeople in the U.S. and across the world. It seems as if it is based on the presidential elections, but the elections are simplyproviding a doorway so that you can bring it all up and resolveit. The campaigns are not causing it; they are showing youwhere your fear arises from within you so that you can takeaccountability for it. You can bring it up into the light and youcan heal it.Fear is healed through connection with one another. Fear ishealed when you choose love. The best thing you can do isto recognize what you fear on a daily basis through the monthof October. When you recognize it, ask yourself how you canchoose love in the situation and how can you share this withsomeone you trust. Isolation feeds fear; connection dissolvesit. Use that as a rule of thumb for yourselves.Continue to rise to the challenge to choose love. That is themost important thing you can do during this very challengingbut very exciting month of October.
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