Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gaia on Disclosure and Oil Spill

Gaia: At my invitation and request Uilora will tell you about herself, her parents, and how they came to visit the earth. Later, she will tell you why they are no longer upon the earth, where they are now, and why she chose to remain behind. Like Uilora, there are many whose backgrounds and births began elsewhere, but whose interests are now primarily with the earth. The subject of extra-terrestrials will soon be revisited by most of the world’s governments and major organizations. It is simply time for them to do so and they are being impulsed from within and without. An impulse is like an urge that feels attractive and interesting. It is delivered via encapsulated light, which like a pill is swallowed whole.

It is not unusual for your own soul to impulse you, and most of the time this would be based upon your own request. For instance, if your desire was to make a specific change or move in your life that you felt was very difficult or near impossible, your soul would respond to your request with an infusion of energy. Energy from your soul generally arrives in light packets or impulses, which are then distributed throughout your central nervous system. Your soul cannot do this part for you and if you cannot manage to do it for yourself you will not experience the full benefit that was intended. This is one of the reasons why it is important to maintain a healthy awareness as well as several levels of communication with your soul and with other companions and teachers. You are well accompanied in your experience and you have a great deal of support to draw upon, but ultimately, you are responsible for your desires and their fulfillment.

In spite of the difficulties that you see around you, the physical earth is capable of supporting and sustaining itself. The earth has known its share of calamitous events, be they natural or artificial, man made or made elsewhere and brought here. The future physical earth can express itself as more alkaline or acid, humid or dry; there can be more or less landmass during each great cycle, less or more polar ice caps. The future of humanity while not fragile is not as tangible as that of the earth. My role as Gaia, the sentience of the planet, is unique in that it relates to humanity as a mother and a provider of the most necessary elements and materials. Without these, humanity would need to change and adapt very quickly, perhaps more quickly than it would be able to on its own. That is why it is time for your galactic brothers and sisters to come to your assistance and aid, if a partnership can be established. Over many eons of time such partnerships have been possible. There is no mandate for these and history reveals itself uniquely in the moment. Cooperative ties between terrestrial and celestial races have made and broken many times, each unique to the purpose or the promise that brought them together.

At my request, and because humanity has not asked on its own behalf, impulses of light are being directed toward the earth and from within the earth itself. These packets of information contain vital knowledge that can be quickly advanced if those who receive it choose to act upon it. Why now? As you can see around you, many of the planet’s resources are without stewardship. The planet (my body) can sustain, absorb and redirect many, but not all of its functions. The earth’s prime directive is to be an advocate for all aspects of life -- past, present and future. Humanity, as the earth’s most conscious and aware life form, bears the title and responsibility of earth steward. This remains in effect whether or not humanity knows it or believes it, trusts it or rejects it. Conscious or unconscious, collective humanity is the largest consumer of earth resources and must learn to manage them accordingly.

The current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has turned against humanity’s ability to govern or steward one or more resources. More than two of the earth’s vital elements have been deeply impacted and several lands are already affected with more announcements to be made soon. Wildlife in affected areas will not recover for many decades, and it is likely that ten generations of men will tell future generations that this was the moment that turned the page and the tide away from man. Humanity must now seek assistance beyond itself in order to minimize the conditions it has created. As has been said before, it is impossible for the earth to turn against its own children, as they are beloved and consecrated to the earth. However, a sentient planet must protect and uphold all life. It must look to the next day and the next age.

The earth measures breaches in stewardship in magnifications. There are five magnifications based upon the five indispensable earth elements. Any significant breach in the elemental organization of these elements is sufficient cause for the earth to enter into one or more magnifications. A magnification is an extended communication between celestial bodies that allows and invites assistance between worlds. Magnification one, for example, is born out of concern for one or more elements or resources. A magnification is a simple and natural act that begins where love or respect has been absent too long. In our next segment we will explore the five magnification zones and how they came to be. Humanity has long been in a comfort zone and some of the effects of the magnification zones may seem surprising. Humanity has been accustomed to being in charge of its world and while that is still the case it may need to relearn its place in order to reclaim its position.

Pepper Lewis



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