Monday, June 28, 2010

The Silver and the Smith

Malachi 3:3 says: 'He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver.'

This verse puzzled some women in a Bible study and they wondered what this statement meant about the character and nature of God ..

One of the women offered to find out the process of refining silver and get back to the group at their next Bible Study.

That week, the woman called a silversmith and made an appointment to watch him at work. She didn't mention anything about the reason for her interest beyond her curiosity about the process of refining Silver.

As she watched the silversmith, he held a piece of silver over the fire and let it heat up. He explained that in refining silver, one needed to hold the silver in the middle of the fire where the flames were hottest as to burn away all the impurities.

The woman thought about God holding us in such a hot spot; then she thought again about the verse that says: ' He sits as a refiner and purifier of silver.'

She asked the silversmith if it was true that he had to sit there in front of the fire the whole time.

The man answered that yes, he not only had to sit there holding the silver, but he had to keep his eyes on the silver the entire time it was in the fire. If the silver was left a moment too long in the flames, it would be destroyed.

The woman was silent for a moment. Then she asked the silversmith, 'How do you know when the silver is fully refined?'

He smiled at her and answered, ' Oh, that's easy -- when I see my image in it.'

If today you are feeling the heat of the fire , remember that God has his eye on you and will keep watching you until He sees His image in you.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Increasing Intensity Of The Chaotic Node: The Gulf Of Mexico -- Hathors

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

You are entering a very difficult passage in this phase of the Chaotic Node. Danger to planetary life has been created through human arrogance, greed and stupidity. We are speaking here of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. You have not been told the entire truth about the situation by your media or by your government. The situation is dire and there are multiple possible timelines that intersect this event.

We wish to discuss some of these, but then shift our attention to you, the individual human. These timeline possibilities we are discussing are malleable, changeable. They are not written in stone, as the saying goes. There are so many factors involved in the ecological disaster unfolding in the Gulf; it is difficult to predict the actual outcome, as it will appear in your three-dimensional reality. And as we have said before, things can radically change even in the eleventh hour.

The oil and gas reserves that have been punctured are vast, and if it is not contained it will unfold into several possibilities.

One of these extreme possibilities is the extinction of much (if not all) sea life in the Gulf region and a transporting of the contaminants into the Atlantic Ocean through the Gulf Stream to the coast of Europe, where a high level of toxicity will negatively affect ocean life in these regions of the Atlantic. If the puncture is not sealed, pollution of the entire Atlantic Ocean is a distinct possibility, and eventually the rest of the world’s oceans will be compromised. The further away from the Gulf region, the less toxicity there will be. But one distinct possibility is an eventual contamination of the entire Earth’s oceans.

In a worsening scenario, the methane gas, the natural gases in this field, could erupt and break through the ocean floor creating a tsunami of immense destructive capability as well as the release of poisonous gases into the region.

Another worse case scenario would unfold if the rift in the ocean floor were large enough to create a tectonic shift that rises up from the Gulf into the Mississippi and into the Great Lakes. This would be a disastrous scenario far beyond imagination.

Again, the current situation in the Gulf is a direct result of human arrogance, greed and stupidity on the part of the corporations involved in this incident and due to governmental negligence. The primary value that drives these corporate interests is profit, and so risks were taken that should have never been taken had the sanctity of life been included in the equation, but such was not the case. Sadly this is a trait of the age you are now leaving, and you are witnessing, first hand, the defamation of the waters of the Earth by a culture that depends upon oil and corporate interests that prevent the utilization of other technologies, all in the name of profit.

What will your money be worth if life is compromised? This simple intelligence test seems to have been failed. You are literally at the brink of the collapse of the old world and a chaotic birthing into the new.

The Chaotic Nodes are upon you in ever-increasing intensity. We view these as birth contractions, the birthing of a new Earth. And while the birthing of the new world is unfolding before you, if you are caught in one of the contractions it can be quite difficult.

In our opinion there is no place on Earth that will not be affected by the planetary changes, both natural and man-made. Some areas of the world will be less intensely affected, but all will be radically altered. Life on your planet is an interconnected web.

We advise those who are currently living in the Gulf region from twenty miles inland to the coastline to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared. This is a time for honed intuition and instinct. If you feel an intuition to leave the area, this will be an intelligence test. Who will pass and who will fail is simply the impersonal force of evolution at hand.

If the Gulf incident continues without mitigation, then this will be a time of immense challenges for the entire planet. And so even if you are not living near the Gulf, this is a time for intuition and instinct. Our advice is to hone these abilities within you and to act on the revelations that come to you. Each of you will be in the place, the circumstances and the timing based upon your level of evolution and what you came to Earth to experience.

However bleak a situation may appear to you, we wish to convey clearly this message: you are the co-creator of your reality. Move upward in consciousness, even if those around you move downward. If the situation deteriorates it will be a difficult time, in that, mass hysteria will increase, and you will have to find the center path, the narrow passage that leads upward. In the past we have given suggestions on how to bootstrap your consciousness. We won’t go into those here. You may find them in the Archives.

Now is the time to step into your spiritual authority if you have not already done so. A dividing line is being drawn by evolution. The planet is responding to human greed, arrogance and stupidity. Gaia will survive this. It is not clear if the bulk of humanity will.

But even in the midst of this moving darkness there are exquisite opportunities to move upward in consciousness, both as individuals and as culturally creative/cooperative human communities.

You can also expect a continual deterioration of your financial system. The seeming recovery was a result of propping up a house of cards, and that house is beginning to shake again.

Our suggestion is to not be frightened by these changes that are upon you, but recognize them as breaks in the walls of a prison that have been erected around you. Step through the cracks into your freedom. You are creator gods and goddesses. You hold an immense power in your hands, but you have been sleeping and unaware of the immensity that you possess. Perhaps with this crisis in the Gulf, more of humanity will awaken and demand an end to the old ways that threaten all life.

The Hathors through Tom Kenyon
June 23, 2010



Evolutionary Opportunities Within the Chaotic Node -- Hathors

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

In this planetary message we wish to address the increasing breadth and scope of the Chaotic Node you have entered.

The focus of our communication is on the subtle, and not so subtle, effects on your consciousness as a result of the planetary changes taking place. As we said in our previous communication, it is increasingly difficult to predict, with accuracy, seismic and volcanic events, for you have entered a very volatile stage.

In October of last year we predicted that you would enter a Chaotic Node, and that this would result in ever-increasing levels of chaos, and that your governments and institutions would have difficulty contending with these levels of chaos. And, indeed, this is taking place, from an increase in extreme and aberrant weather patterns throughout the globe, to a marked increase of earthquake activity, to the current Icelandic volcanic eruptions. These various expressions of the Chaotic Node will continue to escalate and interact in creative and unpredictable ways.

The focus of our communication is not on the physical challenges you will face as the Chaotic Node widens in its scope, but rather we wish to focus upon the evolutionary opportunities that await you, if you are ready to claim them.

First of all let us postulate an idea that may be new to some, but old information to others.

As we view Earth, we see her much like we see you, as a luminous egg-shaped geometry of light. Like you, the Earth has channels for subtle energy. In your body, these conduits for subtle energy are known as meridians, which are related to the life force of your vital organs, or nadis, a more complex and subtle system of energy channels related to the chakras.

The Earth has her own grid or grid-work of subtle energy channels. Some of these are called ley lines. They are conduits for the flow of subtle energy through Earth’s body, similar to your own subtle energy channels. But, of course, the energies that move through the Earth’s subtle energy channels are much more massive than those energies that move through your body. But there is, nonetheless, a relationship between your meridians/nadis and the ley lines of your planet.

Your planet is entering another phase of its ascension process. And this is signaled by many factors, some of which you can detect, some of which you cannot. Two of these factors have to do with earthquake and volcanic activity.

Prior to an earthquake or a volcanic eruption there is a massive movement of subtle energy through Earth’s ley lines (in the vicinity of the seismic event). This movement of subtle energy takes place before the actual tectonic shifts occur. The tectonic shifts are the creators or generators of earthquake activity, as your science has clearly stated. But the influx of subtle energy through the meridians (ley lines), in the vicinity of an earthquake takes place hours, days or even weeks before the actual earthquake and/or volcanic eruption itself. They are harbingers of the physical event. And it is this subtle energetic aspect of quake and volcanic activity we wish to address, for these fluctuations in Earth’s meridians, or lay-lines, affect you directly.

Many of you are experiencing resonant responses in your bodies. This means that when subtle energy related to a coming earthquake or volcanic eruption moves through one of Earth’s ley lines, there can be a corresponding movement in your own meridian system. It’s as if you become a barometer for what is about to take place. Some individuals are more sensitive to this than others, so the effects can be much more pronounced in these individuals. Sensitive persons can respond to the subtle energetics of earth changes thousands of miles from the actual event itself. But even those who are less sensitive can feel the effects. Due to the fact that earthquake and volcanic activity are on the rise, many of you are experiencing an increase of these bizarre resonant responses within your bodies. And that is what we wish to turn our attention to now.

We understand and appreciate the dire consequences of earthquake and volcanic activity on your three-dimensional reality, but we wish you to know that these same events create energetic openings, evolutionary portals that you can enter.

They are harbingers not only of the shifting of the landscape of physical earth; they are harbingers of the shifting of human and planetary consciousness.

Let us describe some of the physical and emotional effects that this seismic-related subtle energy produces. Remember that when an earthquake or volcanic eruption is imminent there is a flow of subtle energy through the meridians or ley lines of Earth in the vicinity of the seismic event. There are, simultaneously, resonant responses in your physical body, especially in those who are sensitive to such things. When there is a movement of this subtle energy through your personal meridian system, all types of strange phenomena can take place.

These include, but certainly are not limited to, an increase in temporary short term memory challenges, episodes of sudden bodily heat and cold, inexplicable physical discomfort, and even pain that seemingly appears for no reason and then dissipates.

You might also experience brief moments of what might be called thinking and sequencing challenges. And episodes of sudden decreased energy will be on the rise. In these odd energy states it will appear as if you suddenly have no energy available to you. We have spoken about this in previous messages, but more and more persons will be complaining about fatigue, exhaustion, and at the same time an inability to obtain restful sleep. There will also be increased episodes of feeling like you are falling asleep while awake. If you are in an environment where you can lie down, or at least close your eyes, this is the best way to deal with this particular phenomenon. When this occurs it is often, though not always, an effect of the seismic flows of subtle energy through Earth’s energy system or ley lines.

These are times when Earth herself is shifting levels of planetary consciousness, and you can ride on her coattails, so to speak. Since the planet is shifting consciousness herself, you can enter into deeply profound states of consciousness in these moments. Our advice is to let the world go and surrender to the experience of falling into yourself. Some of you will enter inner worlds of reality that have immense healing and nourishing effects. Others will simply feel like they “blacked out” and have no recollection of what occurred. But if, in these moments, you can allow yourself to rest, even in the midst of your daily activities, you will benefit greatly.

At times, some of you might also experience the opposite reaction. You might sense your body entering a hyper state for no apparent reason, as if it has sped up metabolically. If you are aware of subtle energies, you will notice that this is a result of your subtle energy bodies (such as the KA) vibrating at a faster rate than is normal for you. This sped up feeling may last for brief periods of time or continue for several hours. During these hyper states of awareness, you might experience a download of cosmic information and/or spiritual light. You may also find subtle energy channels within your body spontaneously opening with a resulting amplification of subtle energy flows through these channels. As odd as these states of body and mind may seem, they are evolutionary jumpstarts. Unfortunately for your daily bodily rhythms, these unique states of body and mind often occur at inconvenient times. If you can be okay with them and realize that they are evolutionary gifts, you can derive great benefit from them.

While the Holon of Balance and the Holon of Ascension that we have given in previous communications will certainly be helpful to you (and may be engaged to your great benefit), there is no way to escape the physical effects of these seismic events upon your body and consciousness. So our advice is to embrace them rather than to resist them. View them as they are, evolutionary opportunities.

With this communication we are releasing the Heart Dimensional Attunement. You will find a link to this sound meditation at the end of this message. This is an unusual attunement, for it comes from the future and an energetic of Earth that is not yet in your present time.

We suggest that you listen to this in a similar way that we suggested you listen to the Pineal Dimensional Attunement. Place your awareness in your heart chakra while listening, and imagine that the sounds you are hearing are coming from out of the heart center. This ascension code will help your heart to stabilize and find solace and comfort from a future aspect of your Earth. It’s purpose is to help sustain you through the chaotic and volatile events that are unfolding before you. The sounds are the vibratory essence of a new Earth, an ascended Earth. It is the promise of a new world, and you carry the seeds of that world in your very hearts.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the difficult times you are entering. At the same time you are crossing a threshold into an extraordinary evolutionary upliftment.

Regardless of where you live on your Earth, regardless of your station in life, or the circumstances you face, if you embrace what is unfolding before you as an evolutionary gift, you will rise up in consciousness and pass, with grace and humor, through the portal that is the Chaotic Node.

The Hathors through Tom Kenyon
April 15, 2010


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gaia on Disclosure and Oil Spill

Gaia: At my invitation and request Uilora will tell you about herself, her parents, and how they came to visit the earth. Later, she will tell you why they are no longer upon the earth, where they are now, and why she chose to remain behind. Like Uilora, there are many whose backgrounds and births began elsewhere, but whose interests are now primarily with the earth. The subject of extra-terrestrials will soon be revisited by most of the world’s governments and major organizations. It is simply time for them to do so and they are being impulsed from within and without. An impulse is like an urge that feels attractive and interesting. It is delivered via encapsulated light, which like a pill is swallowed whole.

It is not unusual for your own soul to impulse you, and most of the time this would be based upon your own request. For instance, if your desire was to make a specific change or move in your life that you felt was very difficult or near impossible, your soul would respond to your request with an infusion of energy. Energy from your soul generally arrives in light packets or impulses, which are then distributed throughout your central nervous system. Your soul cannot do this part for you and if you cannot manage to do it for yourself you will not experience the full benefit that was intended. This is one of the reasons why it is important to maintain a healthy awareness as well as several levels of communication with your soul and with other companions and teachers. You are well accompanied in your experience and you have a great deal of support to draw upon, but ultimately, you are responsible for your desires and their fulfillment.

In spite of the difficulties that you see around you, the physical earth is capable of supporting and sustaining itself. The earth has known its share of calamitous events, be they natural or artificial, man made or made elsewhere and brought here. The future physical earth can express itself as more alkaline or acid, humid or dry; there can be more or less landmass during each great cycle, less or more polar ice caps. The future of humanity while not fragile is not as tangible as that of the earth. My role as Gaia, the sentience of the planet, is unique in that it relates to humanity as a mother and a provider of the most necessary elements and materials. Without these, humanity would need to change and adapt very quickly, perhaps more quickly than it would be able to on its own. That is why it is time for your galactic brothers and sisters to come to your assistance and aid, if a partnership can be established. Over many eons of time such partnerships have been possible. There is no mandate for these and history reveals itself uniquely in the moment. Cooperative ties between terrestrial and celestial races have made and broken many times, each unique to the purpose or the promise that brought them together.

At my request, and because humanity has not asked on its own behalf, impulses of light are being directed toward the earth and from within the earth itself. These packets of information contain vital knowledge that can be quickly advanced if those who receive it choose to act upon it. Why now? As you can see around you, many of the planet’s resources are without stewardship. The planet (my body) can sustain, absorb and redirect many, but not all of its functions. The earth’s prime directive is to be an advocate for all aspects of life -- past, present and future. Humanity, as the earth’s most conscious and aware life form, bears the title and responsibility of earth steward. This remains in effect whether or not humanity knows it or believes it, trusts it or rejects it. Conscious or unconscious, collective humanity is the largest consumer of earth resources and must learn to manage them accordingly.

The current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has turned against humanity’s ability to govern or steward one or more resources. More than two of the earth’s vital elements have been deeply impacted and several lands are already affected with more announcements to be made soon. Wildlife in affected areas will not recover for many decades, and it is likely that ten generations of men will tell future generations that this was the moment that turned the page and the tide away from man. Humanity must now seek assistance beyond itself in order to minimize the conditions it has created. As has been said before, it is impossible for the earth to turn against its own children, as they are beloved and consecrated to the earth. However, a sentient planet must protect and uphold all life. It must look to the next day and the next age.

The earth measures breaches in stewardship in magnifications. There are five magnifications based upon the five indispensable earth elements. Any significant breach in the elemental organization of these elements is sufficient cause for the earth to enter into one or more magnifications. A magnification is an extended communication between celestial bodies that allows and invites assistance between worlds. Magnification one, for example, is born out of concern for one or more elements or resources. A magnification is a simple and natural act that begins where love or respect has been absent too long. In our next segment we will explore the five magnification zones and how they came to be. Humanity has long been in a comfort zone and some of the effects of the magnification zones may seem surprising. Humanity has been accustomed to being in charge of its world and while that is still the case it may need to relearn its place in order to reclaim its position.

Pepper Lewis


Family and Visitors -- Uilora

Our visitor is a human of extra-terrestrial origin. She was born here on Earth, the daughter of two ET parents. When she turned five (based upon earth chronology), her parents arranged for her to visit her home world. She lived upon her ancestral world for the equivalent of twelve years, although less than one earth year had elapsed. She is a grown woman now, able to exist upon two worlds with relatively minor adjustments, and with vital and purposeful messages to offer both worlds. Uilora (You-ee-lo-ra) is not a literal name, but an anagram that is representative of her style and substance. Below is a direct account of a conversation that included Uilora, Gaia and myself. It may seem strange and difficult to channel one entity at a time, much less two, but with a little practice (and I’ve had plenty) it is fairly easy to make a distinction between different voices and energies, especially when they are as unique as these are.

Uilora: My mother and father do not dwell upon the earth now, but are able to visit whenever they choose. They lived and worked upon the earth during the 1950s and 1960s, offering ideas and suggestions to military personnel. It was a time in which many countries were rebuilding their weapons arsenals in what they believed was the new age of advanced concepts. My parents worked in different installations and for more than one country at a time. They honored the covenants and secrets of each, making certain that no one came to any harm during times that were considered dark and dangerous. They appeared quite normal and “belonged” in the same way that any other employee who was devoted to a project could say the same. A sensitive, multi-layered field that corrected the thoughts of anyone who questioned their reason for being present protected their identity. This may seem strange to you, but it is actually standard protocol for most visitors, particularly those who cannot provide civilian or military identification. It is a deception of sorts, but as long as it does not contradict the edicts that each has vowed to uphold, it is allowed. It is best to think of it as a transparent law. If the purpose is an honorable one, the field maintains integrity, which in turn masques or obscures doubt and replaces it with recognition and gratitude. Among visitors, blending and belonging is very important; one of the worse things that can happen to a visitor is to have to hide or disappear altogether. My parents were very proud of the fact that they were welcomed and well accepted by all, particularly given the nature of the service they provided and the secretive times in which they chose to serve.

Pepper: Can you be more specific about the nature of their work as well as when and why it ended?

Uilora: My parents were invited to come to the earth. It still surprises me when I hear that many think that the earth belongs exclusively to a humanity that was born here. Humanity is an important life form and it is well known that it is divinely inspired and guided, but it is time for humanity to look at the stars with more than wonder in its eyes. The earth is in an intelligent solar system, which subscribes to an advanced directive. That directive allows for many different exchanges to take place, as long as they are of benefit to more than one being. Much like today, the 1950s and 1960s offered opportunities to those who gathered under flags and emblems of service beyond those that are attributed to terrestrial countries. Clusters of individuals were loyal to projects that benefited more than world. These projects were continuations of older ones that were started and later abandoned decades before. Such projects were in effect even before the governments of the world recognized or embraced them. Along with others, my parents had advance knowledge of the various paths to growth that the earth could take. This was based upon information that was gathered a few centuries prior to this one. Since the earth and its primary life forms have been physical manifestations of a 3D world, these projections have remained accurate. Night after night, the sky looks almost the same to you even though it changes quite a bit; this is one of the effects of living in a 3D world. My parents helped to accelerate the kind of thoughts and ideas that would allow the earth to move toward greater awareness. They projected these ideas onto a mental screen where several potential futures could be seen. The service they provided hastened many of technological advances in use today, especially those that helped to quicken human space travel. Their goal was (and is) to assist humanity in enabling the kind of sequential thoughts that would result in a preferred direction.

Pepper: That sounds a little like mind control. Why did they and others bother with us at all? Who invited them to come to the earth and to participate in those projects? Are they ongoing?

Uilora: I do not take offense at your statement, and I hope you will not be offended by my reply. Mind control is what you are exposed to on a daily basis. Like the night sky, most of your thoughts are almost identical day after day. They are reinforced daily by all that you see around you, and by the efforts of the multi-media outlets you subscribe to. Given the effects of this bombardment, it will take a monumental effort on your part and that of others to escape the drag and pull of this lower field. My parents worked to free humanity from this by quickening the pace of the field that surrounds thoughts to begin with; they showed many individuals how to extend and project this field into the near and distant future. Their goal was to create a ‘progressive map’ within the mind that would offer higher choices in place of lower ones, a kind of positive reinforcement that could be transferred to almost anyone. Many of the decisions you make today are based upon feelings that tell you that you have no choice. In almost every area of life, most individuals think or feel that their back is up against a wall. The work my parents were doing would have prevented this. By now, humanity was to have recognized itself as a larger, more extended family of beings. They never thought about whether or not their work was worthwhile or how much effort they should place upon the advancement of another race. They were not concerned with humanity’s future as they were already aware of its potential. They saw humanity as a clever species that was undergoing an especially dismal time. They liked to say that they were dedicated, but not obligated.

They were invited to come to the earth in the late 19th century by some of the visionaries of that time. They made up a little rhyme that sang the praises of naturalists, hedonists and environmentalists, pioneers, passersby and performers -- rugged “Rufus” the revolutionary, cosmic “Chan” crafter to the confused, bohemian “Boynton” of Berkeley, and “Muir” the man whose thoughts were as tall as mountains. There were others too, whose thoughts and visions opened doors and invited guests to come and visit them. Did you think that only elected officials, diplomats and military personnel determined who came to visit? Those who think accelerated thoughts cannot help but draw the same to them, the only boundaries being their beliefs of what is possible or impossible.

Most of the projects were conducted in and around universities, but there are many exceptions to this and you should not record this as a rule. The projects required several individuals with open minds to come together as one. My parents demonstrated how to think a thought and then cause it to expand in several different directions. Initially, this was quite difficult for them, because they felt as if they were thinking “empty” thoughts. With some practice they learned how to influence and stimulate certain gates and pathways with a combination of mental creativity and agility, which in turn accelerated their ability to envision a more creative and enlightened future. This technique is still in use today, but newer visitors have other methods that they prefer.

A variety of projects were ongoing during the 1950s and 60s and into the early 70s, but after that time there were fewer volunteers. Some of the original volunteers suggested that those that did not wish to see the projects advance might have infiltrated the original clusters. The 1970s were a distrustful time, and even among those who had already experienced progressive openings there were doubts. Doubts cloud the mind and prevent the heart from seeing in the dark. The projects were transferred to more formal facilities and came under the direction of agencies and directors. My parents continued to work openly and cooperatively with new hosts and liaisons, but suspicion and mistrust continued to obscure their project and others. Eventually, hosts became “handlers” and my parents began to feel like panhandlers instead of welcome visitors. After a time the project was handed off again, this time to a special unit that was an offshoot of one of the military branches. My parents were told that this would give their project “official” status and that they would be formally recognized as delegates and friends. Based upon this, my parents suggested that their project be made public and offered to many. Unfortunately, those who knew little except that my parents were visitors from another world received this as a threat. They asked my parents to bind themselves to the covenants of one country and to promise not to reveal any knowledge to anyone that had not received prior approved. It was obvious to my parents that the first phase of their project had come to an end. They had already foreseen this possibility, but had hoped that others would further the project along other timelines before this juncture.

Pepper: I know that Gaia has brought us together to explore more current events, but your parents and their early “pioneering” work upon the earth fascinate me. You mentioned earlier that your parents were invited here and that an advanced directive guided their stay and their work. What else does that directive say?

Uilora: The advanced directive is a guide that is followed by almost every visitor. It applies to the earth, and to other worlds in which language, dimension, protocol or other unforeseen circumstances may prevent a visitor from making a superior choice. It specifies what actions may or may not be taken, and has built-in safeguards in the event that they are no longer able to make decisions due to incapacity. Many states and countries today have living wills and advanced health care directives. These ideas began as remnants of distant memories that were passed onto humanity, the lingering effects of sad and traumatic experiences of long ago.

The advanced directive is a living, unwritten handbook of universal knowledge. It exists of its own will and can be modified or updated when the moment or the situation calls for it. It is woven into the garment that is worn by almost all visitors to almost all worlds, but is of particular importance where visitors could be perceived as uninvited guests. For instance, the earth invites many different visitors, but humanity is rarely aware of this. One of the reasons that our collective mother [Gaia] has brought us together is so that you will begin to introduce us to one another, making it clear that we are here in the spirit of partnership. Although many of us have been here for some time, soon there will be more. The directive protects us and prevents us from interfering with the rights or will of others. It is natural for those with advanced knowledge to want to impart that knowledge to others. The directive prevents well-meaning ideas from becoming unwanted actions that cannot be undone.

Pepper: Throughout our conversation you have used the word “visitors” to describe your parents and others. Is your use of this word similar to what we call ETs? Would you be considered a visitor, too?

Uilora: It is still difficult for those who arrive from portals and places beyond the earth to introduce themselves to you properly. Upon other worlds, protocol calls for an introduction or greeting long before any threshold is crossed and anything less would be inconsiderate and could be interpreted as rude or even hostile. The earth has been undergoing a crisis of borders and boundaries for some time and it has not defined (even for itself) what is alien and what is common. Humanity questions the birthright of those who are born into different castes and cultures. It still upholds lighter complexions and sees more light in those who are born with lighter colored eyes. This limited viewpoint is not conducive to introductions from those of near or far worlds. For instance, those with a capacity to direct humanity in the preservation of certain resources are darker than night. Their skin would look wet to you much like a seal’s, but is actually quite dry to the touch. Their eyes shine like diamonds and they can see into and even through the earth. What would the average person make of them if they were to encounter them in their true form?

If an ET is a being that was not born upon the earth than I am not an ET, as I was born upon the earth during your own time. Although my birth was a conventional one, you would not consider it so. Although I spend most of my time upon the earth I am also able to live easily upon a few other worlds. My time here is not limited, but my stay remains impermanent. I consider myself a visiting resident of alien heritage. There are many others like me.

Pepper: I know that the earth does not belong to humanity, but does it actually belong to another race that we are unaware of? There seems to be a lot of confusion around this idea. Can you shed any more light on this subject?

Uilora: The earth belongs to no one and is sovereign to the sentient being that ensouls it, yet it has always seemed to belong to the races that have claimed it by rights of inheritance. The earth is a celestial body and as such cannot be bought or sold. Although its ownership cannot be claimed, it has been contested by many times. The earth has been called ‘home’ by a variety of races that have chosen to live upon and within the earth. They have been aware and unaware of each other -- separated by time, dimension, geography or circumstance. The earth is unique in that it is a playground to some and a proving ground to others. There is little that the earth objects to; our mother is patient, nurturing and unbiased. Humanity is busy creating life in laboratories and test tubes. Your true heritage is beginning to dawn upon some, but it will be some time before the dawn of time returns to the exact place where the origin of humanity began – the formulas and patterns of earth-based evolution have looked like this: creator-creating-creates, created-creates-creator, created-creative-creator-creativity.

Pepper Lewis


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Relationship to Gaia -- Kryon

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There's an energy here that represents home, and for some of you it is thick. As my partner translates these words from those thought groups and pictures that I give him, it appears to you that this is my voice speaking these words. In the years that he has been doing this, it is indeed the best that it can be for now, for his translations will give you the emotions of the heart as well as the logic of the intellect. This means that this language is, therefore, complete, for it is the balance of these two that gives you discernment to judge that what is happening here is real, authentic and accurate.

Last week in your time, my partner was in another country and I gave him information about Gaia. At the same time, I advised him not to record it, so that he could hear it, be part of it, anticipate it, and be clearer with the message that would be recorded. That would be now.

So the message this night is all about your relationship to Gaia, what is happening on the planet that you understand, some things perhaps you don't understand, a review of some of the things many of you have not heard, and then the discussion of new things you might not have heard. We start with the energy of a remembrance.

The indigenous of the earth, the ancients, revered the planet they were on. It was like a mother/father to them, and they considered it a source of all good things. It supplied the food, both from the forest and from the ground [hunting and planting]. It supplied water, and gave them shelter, even when it seemed angry. Mythology developed around it and many stories prevailed. Many of the gods of old became depictions of the energy of Gaia. And rather than put it into one scenario of singularity, often the divinity was split into many, god-like energies of the sea, of the air, of the land, of the crops, of the sun, of warmth, and of the cold. But this was always in respect. This has been the longest held view of the planet, and has existed with the indigenous even up to a few hundred years ago... always in respect.

The Lemurians saw it and were some of the first to establish a protocol with Gaia, seeing Gaia as an energy of consciousness that you then labeled as Mother Nature. And it's this consciousness that we wish to speak of today.

The Lemurians discovered that there was a balance that could be accomplished through the give and take of nature. It was almost like you would go to visit a friend. You'd bring a gift, and so Gaia always was given gifts in return for requests. These offerings always created a balance for those who considered nature to have consciousness. If you took something from the land, you gave something back... something simple, but something you owned or possessed and that had your energy upon it.

Now in the process of modern civilization, dear ones, even among Lightworkers, this has not been sustained – for you do not get up in the morning and make an offering to Gaia. You may do all of the other things - talk to your cells and have visions that intertwine with your Higher-Self - but somehow that entity which is Gaia is left behind.

So here is a channelling that invites you to reestablish your connection to the energy of the earth. This will rebuild a bridge of consciousness of the Human Being with Gaia. For Gaia is in service to humanity and changes itself as your consciousness changes. Remember the premise we gave to you long ago? The consciousness of humanity on Earth actually goes into the ground [The Crystalline Grid]. This is stored and the earth responds. Dirt does not respond, but Gaia does. So you might say that Humans are actually in charge and responsible for Earth's changes and shifts.

If you can realize this, then you are going to have substantial control over what is going on Earth-wise. But you must again start by having a relationship. Right now, Humans only look at it in fear and say, "What is happening? I'm afraid of these changes that are outside of the normal I am used to." The Human is not understanding that much of what is happening, he has caused! It isn't a causation through anything humanity has done in an environmental way, but as humanity in an awakening, consciousness way.

You Are Shifting Time

So to put this in context, let us again review what we have said about the weather. Twenty-one years ago, I had my partner write in a little white book, the potentials of your future. That future is happening today. The reason we were able to give you this prophecy back then is because we saw the very strong potential of a consciousness shift taking place on this planet that would be so great it would affect Gaia. And it has.

It's such a profound shift that you have actually manifested a change in the time frame of humanity and, therefore, the perception of your reality – warning: science coming [Kryon smile]. Now, this is something we don't expect all to understand, but time is all relative. It does not move at a constant pace. Although your 3D clocks move at a constant pace, time can be altered by speed, as well as some quantum attributes that we will not speak of. It may seem that things are speeding up, but this is relative to your time frame, not your higher vibration. They are seemingly opposed to each other.

A train that leaves the station at near the speed of light and travels in a circle will arrive back at the station with a different age than the station. It will be younger, and the station will be older. By going faster, it slowed down time for itself, but not for the track it was on, or the station it had left.

Two clocks side by side can start together, but if you somehow were to accelerate one of the clocks – let's say you vibrate it back and forth at a very fast rate – eventually it will not be the same time reading as the other clock, for speed can be an oscillation just as much as a constant forward speed. Now, the clock in motion is you. The clock that did not move is Gaia. So the first perception is that things around you are speeding up. However, the truth is that your increase in vibration is creating a slower clock within you; speed actually creates a slower time frame. But as you look out the window at the world, your slower train makes life in general appear to be moving by quicker.

The reason is that it is the Lightworker who is vibrating far faster than 20 years ago. Your "consciousness speed" is very much like some of the quantum attributes you study, and it is creating a split between humanity and the old energy it used to "sit within." You are in the middle of the great shift, and the beginning of the 2012 enlightenment time fractal. Gaia shifts accordingly, but Gaia is not Human. Gaia shifts in other ways to accommodate your new Human vibratory rate increase. But as you look at things around you, they appear to be going faster. For some, this is irritating, and even causes loss of sleep and anxiety. Many are feeling it.

So although confusing, the truth is that the Lightworkers of this planet have created a shift of consciousness in the last 23 years that has changed the actual vibratory speed of Human consciousness. This has changed the time frame for humans, and given the perception of an earth speeding up. The perception is that you have sped up time. The reality is that your consciousness time frame is moving slower, more like that of Spirit. Have you ever noticed that God moves slow and Humans are an impatient lot? This is because God's time is not in your time frame. This is starting to change as you evolve spiritually. Did you know that Earth was created in seven days? They were "God days." Getting the point?

Global Warming – Not Long Term

The weather you have today, and all the alarming attributes of it, is a scenario of what was scheduled to happen on Earth anyway. I review again that the weather changes you are seeing prophesied by myself, 21 years ago, are not a surprise. The changes are not caused by the pollutants you put in the air. You call it global warming and that's a nice phrase, and perhaps that will get you to put less pollutants in the air – a very good thing. But what you are seeing in the weather shift today was not caused by Humans putting things into the air. It would have happened anyway in about 300 years.

We've called this process the water cycle, since it's all about water, not about air. The water is the predominant attribute of Gaia and of the weather cycle you're seeing. More predominant is the temperature of it. The cycle is ice to water and water to ice, and has been repeated on this planet over and over and over. It is not new. It is not exceptional. It is not frightening. But it's a cycle that modern humanity has not seen before, and it's a long cycle that is beyond the life span of a Human Being. Therefore, it tends to be overlooked or not seen at all!

In the days of the Lemurians, the water level of the Pacific Ocean was almost 400 feet lower, and that's only 50,000 years ago. [Kryon invites science to check this out – the water level at that time.] That was a water cycle working, and the reason it was lower was due to so much of the water being stored as ice. Today you're going through another water cycle that will eventually lead to cooling. The last one was in the 1400s; science sees that at about 1650. As mentioned, they are so slow there is no remembrance that a Human has of them except in past writings and in the rings of the trees. The time span of the changes is so great that environmental record keeping does not exist in the form that it does today. But you can still look at the rings of the trees and at the striations of the rocks and can generally figure out that a few hundred years ago, you had a mini-ice age. Now you're going to have another one.

It's not an emergency, and there is nothing to fear. You've gone through it before. Humanity, even without technology, has gone through it before and survived. All you have to do is recognize it and make arrangements to get out of the way – and learn to perfect the desalinization of sea water so you will not be left thirsty [a channelling of the past addressed this]. It's a 400- to 600-year cycle. But the turning points of it are obvious, and it will last only about 50 years (the transition).

Twenty-one years ago, we told you there would be a time when you would have places that could grow crops where crops would never grow before. Also, there would be places where no crops would grow that used to be fertile [Kryon, Book One]. It's the water cycle. So I bring to you this: Do not be alarmed. Do not be afraid of what you are seeing today. It's changing in front of you, but because you have never seen if before, it is frightening and it seems unexplainable; therefore, you look for the logic of it and assign the reason to something Humans did. It isn't anything Humans did. It's the Gaia water cycle.

The first thing we wish to bring to you is this. The ice is melting. You knew that. As the ice at the poles melt, there is an incredible shift in weight in those areas where it used to be. It's a tremendous shift in the weight of ice, some of it on land, and some of it suspended in the water, but the weight of ice is concentrated at the poles. As it turns to water, the weight is then distributed all over the globe. Therefore, think: the weight which is on the poles of the planet is redistributing itself in a liquid form around the crust. As the ice melts, you're going to have a tremendous weight shift to a very thin crust. Therefore, the crust is going to adjust accordingly, creating earthquakes and volcanoes. Look at where the volcanoes are exploding–close to the poles. We again say to you what we have said before: Chile has not seen the end of it either, for there's a volcano or two there that really want to erupt. Whether it does or not is the potential of what this lesson's about.

Do you have a relationship with Gaia or don't you? Can you give instructions for Gaia to shake less in areas that are populated? Do you believe you have that power? This is the Human Being: Consciousness over matter. It has a relationship with the planet that wants to hear from you. As the crust adjusts, you're going to have more shaking. There's going to be more volcanic activity.

Lightworker, listening to this in the room or reading this, thousands of you need to re-establish the relationship. Then watch what takes place: Earthquakes in unpopulated areas, an under-the-ocean earthquake without a tsunami event, volcanoes that affect no one. It's possible. It's doable. This is what is happening at the moment with Gaia, so don't be alarmed at the sudden increase in activity. What we're saying is it is normal. It has happened every single time the ice has melted and reformed.

Now, here's something you should know. Science knows it and it does not follow the global warming environmental theory. The ice is melting from underneath. Take a look. It has nothing to do with pollutants in the air. This is a natural occurring cycle as the water becomes warmer. It also increases the potential of storms. Now, do you have a relationship with Gaia or don't you? What would you like to tell Gaia about where the storms should be? Do they follow the old track as they always have? That is linear information. Or, can you tell Gaia you prefer the storms to follow a track that is not with Humans in the way?

Magnetics: Always a Player in The Shift

Many things are happening with the planet at the moment. The magnetics are changing as well. The magnetics of the solar system and the sun in particular, have an influence on your weather. How many sun spots have you seen lately? What do you think about the correlation of a sun that has very few, with your earth climate? When can you remember that in your lifetime? What does it mean? I will tell you, dear Human Beings, that it's all related to what's happening on the earth. You may not understand the correlation, but I will tell you there is a profound one. What if [astronomy hint coming next], what if sun spots were created by gravitational and other interdimensional forces caused by the orbiting planets? Has there even been a correlation made between sun spots and the positions of the planets? Too weird? The invitation is there to see the correlations.

The sun is the fulcrum of the interdimensional gravitational pull attributes of the planets around it. There is information that is interdimensional – call it a gravitational patterning, if you wish – which the sun generates every moment of the day. As the planets push and pull on the fulcrum of the solar system [effect the sun through gravity], they affect the sun's attitude. These patterns are unique every day, and they intersect the magnetic field of the earth as they are blasted from the Sun in what you would call the solar wind.

The solar wind is a magnetic heliosphere, and has very multidimensional properties. This magnetic wind strikes the earth, intersecting with the magnetic field, and you can see it! You call it the Aurora Borealis. It's one giant magnetic field [the sun] intersecting another [the earth]. Science calls this intersecting phenomena inductance. In that intersecting energy, there is a transference of the informative patterning of the sun [at that moment] to the magnetic grid of the earth. Now, it's the magnetic grid of the planet that you sit in. All of life does.

Now we give you information we've given you before: The Merkabah. That is to say, your DNA imprint - the field around you - receives the magnetic grid's sun information, and the instructions within that field are passed right to the DNA, which is also magnetic. I have just given you the magnetic transmission chain that you think is esoteric. It's not. It's hard science. But to think that the interdimensional, magnetic and gravitational attributes of the solar system are going to your DNA is very esoteric. Some call it astrology. The truth is that it's for humanity, and also for Gaia! For remember that it is the earth that is part of the magnetic chain of information to your cellular structure [the Magnetic Grid]. It tells it when to do what it does. It's all related. So how related are you to Gaia? How much do you address this consciousness?

Things You Don't Expect – Gamma Energy

There is another thing that is related that is yet to be understood by science. There are other sets of instructions to Gaia, which come from a place you don't expect. There's a lot of energy hitting the earth, a tremendous amount in the form of gamma energy. Science wonders where it's coming from, but it remains elusive. They realize that it's cosmic and coming from space. The truth is that it's coming from the center of the galaxy, but it appears to be coming from everywhere. That's because the main attribute of this kind of energy is that it is not 3D. Therefore, it has quantum [multidimensional] attributes that do not carry a "location" or place of origin with it. This is difficult to explain, but things in a true quantum state are everywhere, entangled in a universal soup of being "one" with everything. Therefore, you can't say "it comes from there." There is precedent in science for this, so it is not all that strange to a physicist reading this.

An example: Did you know that very low, deep audio sounds have no discernable, directional source? In other words, the Human ear can't tell where they are coming from. High sounds are very directional. Testing this is easy. Place a deep sound [very low vibrations per second] speaker, hidden in a room, and you can't identify where the sound is coming from. Place a normal speaker in a room [with higher sounds] and you can target where the sound is coming from instantly. The reason is that the vibrations are so far apart in the lower sounds that the ear can't distinguish "location." It's the same principle with things that are in a quantum state. They are not perceptually in any "place" and no 3D instrument is going to locate "where" they are coming from. In fact, the very idea of "where" is very funny, for "where" is just for 3D creatures. That's why "God, where are you?" is a very cute and simple-minded question. The answer is, "Yes."

There is what your science has called a singularity at the center of the galaxy. They also call it a black hole. Now we have told you there is no such thing as singularity, and even your science knows it is an oxymoron in physics. It's also only a black space called a hole, since you can't see any light there. Because you have no interdimensional physics laws yet and because you have absolutely no instruments that can "see" interdimensional energies, you still don't really know what's actually there. Long after my partner is gone, you can read these words and know the truth, as you eventually develop these things. When you turn them upon the center of the galaxy, you will see two very clear sources.

Instead of one singularity, there is instead a polarity. This polarity is a push and pull attribute of an interdimensional law you have not yet discovered or at least not yet recognized. Once you do, you will have the missing two laws of physics, for there are six, not four. This push-pull polarity blasts out its own interdimensional message to the entire galaxy and your sun receives it as well. These polarities at the center of your galaxy have a connection with all the other galaxies, too – something for another channelling. You might say that matter has a message, or matter that cannot be seen has a message and it hits the earth constantly and powerfully in ways that "talk" to Gaia.

So here you sit, Human Being, feeling that you are a victim of what happens with Mother Nature. But we are telling you this: the message of today is to reawaken the relationship with Mother Nature, the Gaia source. Once you are able to do that, you will understand that you are in control of all of it. No matter what the instruction sets for the water cycle, for the seasons, for that which you think is uncontrollable, you are more powerful than you can imagine. The intensity and locations of volcanic activity and earthquakes are alterable with this relationship to Gaia and the indigenous knew it! They could make rain when none was in the forecast. You called it ignorance! They could grow crops in places where they shouldn't grow. You called it lucky. They honored the land and gave gifts to it, and they received from it. This is absolutely real and is everywhere in your history.

Humans tend to feel they are so modern in their thinking. The elders of old would look at you and shake their heads. You have figured out how to make machines and artificial brains and even life! But you have left the real power in the dust.

The Shift

Now we get esoteric. In these past years, something has happened. We have described this in the past and we're going to give it to you again. Added to the puzzle of your shift in consciousness, and trying to figure all this out, is the attribute that is starting to seemingly speed up time, as we discussed. Again, it is the perception caused by you vibrating faster and, therefore, slowing your spiritual time down. However, this creates a perception that what is around you seems to have sped up. Think of it this way: many of you feel you are vibrating faster. Buzzing, are you? Anyone relate? [Kryon smile] At the same time, you feel things around you are going faster. Now you know the reasons for all this.

Some of you [get ready] are actually able to go from point A to point B in a time faster than is possible in 3D [even in your car]! This is not that weird, for you are simply moving between your time and the earth time.

I told you I'd speak of that and here it is. In a past spiritual scenario of birth and death, in an older energy, the Human comes to the planet and learns whatever it is he wishes to learn and then passes away. What you call death is simply a shift of energy and is the coming and the going of an incarnation that we call an expression. In that scenario, there is a visit two times to the Cave of Creation - once coming and once going. The Cave of Creation, more than an esoteric place, is a physical place that we told you is interdimensional. Therefore, it is invisible and will never be found. But it is on the earth and needs to be because of its relationship to Gaia. The Human Being's core soul record - that which is your record of the piece of the creator, is stored in the Cave of Creation. Every time you come and go, you rekindle that expression's energy.

You might think of it perhaps as a crystalline structure with a stripe put upon it for every lifetime you live [like the rings of a tree]. But it is the spiritual accounting of the Akash for the earth. It is different than the Akashic Record that resides within your DNA. It's a separate one, which represents the planet's accounting system. And in the past, here's how it worked. Whatever you accomplished on the planet when you passed on created an essence that was left in the cave. All that you knew, had done, and learned became part of Gaia. The vibration of the planet, therefore, is postured by what you do and what you become. This is how the planet's vibration either increases or decreases, depending upon what Humans do collectively while they're here.

With the next incarnation, you came into the planet and visited the Cave of Creation first and activated the essence of your soul crystal. Then you lived another lifetime, passed over, came back to the Cave of Creation and another stripe was put upon the crystal. All that you had learned was again deposited there upon what we have called the Crystalline Grid. That's the part or Gaia that vibrates esoterically. And this is how Human consciousness in the past has affected Gaia. In 1987, you gave permission to change this system.

This is why we're here. I arrived in 1989. I've always been here and I always will be. The grid adjustment group left in 2002. But the manifestation of the messages happened in 1989 and through my partner's willingness, we started to give you messages that were not available before that time, for the earth was not vibrating high enough yet to receive them before then.

That's when you changed the rules [1987]. This met with opposition from those who were metaphysical that such a thing could be, that the actual esoteric system would evolve. For the bias of esoteric thinking was just like it is in science – that there is a static system that never changes and all you have to do is figure out the attributes of the energy of something that never changes and you will be able to control it.

There is very little understanding to this day that even the rules of physics evolve. As the planet vibrates higher, the rules change, the formulas change. This is the quantum attribute of physics in general, and it's very much the way of esoterics as well. You have evolving galaxies, evolving solar systems, evolving planets, and evolving consciousness. This is all because there is no such thing as a static set of laws for everything. You just changed them.

Since 1987, here is the new scenario: Human Beings come into the planet; they visit the Cave of Creation and they put their essence into the crystal. Then they begin to live their lives. Ahhh. But now, as they live their lives, have epiphanies, hold their light, learn what they have to learn as old souls, it is going directly to the Crystalline Grid in real time. Death is no longer required to transfer the information to the planet. This new system even changes how long the Human stays. In an old system, which had you die before the Crystalline Grid could receive what you learned, it was imperative that you die to allow your information to pass to Gaia via the cave. Now it isn't.

Listen. It's time to start understanding that your life span is now in your hands. It is not part of an ancient energy system that needs death as a transference vehicle. Karma doesn't matter, and here you are with control over your cellular structure, the Crystalline Grid, what you learned, the very time frame of the planet, volcanic activity, earthquakes, and even when you leave! You might say, "Well, Kryon, really only a master could do that." And we say, exactly! You're studying mastery. The energy systems being given to you today that are new and have happened in the last 20 years are mastery systems. They are all about you changing your perception of you. So we are saying that you are slowly returning to the ancient system of a powerful relationship with Gaia. And the one who channels Gaia will tell you this, for she knows. She'll also tell you that you did not cause global warming, because she knows.

So here we are, dear Human Being, with knowledge we've given you today that invites a rekindling of a process that some of you are ignorant of. So the lesson of the day is this: go study the indigenous, for they had it right. Take a long look at those who tilled the land even where we sit, for they had it right. Look at the mythology they had and find the seeds of truth within it, for they had it right. They saw Gaia as a friend, as a mother/father.

Before we close, I want to return to basics.

When we first came here using a channelling communicative process, we told you that things had changed. What we've just described is only one of the changes, and it was controversial. But the one I'm giving you now is even more controversial. It stirs up a lot of emotions. It is that masters are self-enabled, and you are learning to become masters. As you vibrate higher, you reach out in a metaphoric way and touch the face of God yourself. No intermediate Human Being or process is needed, ever. A Human Being alone in the closet discovering all the parts and pieces of themselves is all that is needed. Look at the majesty and the light that is there. Feel the self-worth. It doesn't require that you come to a lecture or hear a heart-warming channel or read a book. Just being alone, with the discovery of who you are, is the way to your mastery lineage.

Old soul, it is what you've known and lost and are now rediscovering. Go out enabled. These things I bring you in this time, in this day, in this way, are truth. For in the process of this, you kindle even greater light. In the process of this, it goes right to the Crystalline Grid and Gaia responds. And before you know it, you'll have that percentage we spoke of; less than one half of one percent of humanity has to plant the seed of an awakening consciousness within. Blessed is the Human Being who asks the questions, for in the asking of the questions about God in them is pure intent to let the seed grow into knowledge and over time into wisdom, then discovery.

That is the message of today. It's all about Gaia. Or is it? Perhaps it's all about you? Take these things that are given and translate them into your reality. This message is given this day under the shadow of the mountain that speaks so clearly of these things [Mt. Shasta]. The family is there, and if you look hard you can see that they walk the streets of Shasta, because it is time for them to do so. And if you really want to know more about that, just travel up the hill a little ways, and perhaps some of them will even give you a hug. And you'll know it.

And so it is.


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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Solar System Ascension -- Ariel

The Importance of the Earth's Ascension

The Earth is the last planet of your solar system to complete the ascension process, which is why your progress is being watched so carefully and assisted as much as possible. When the 13th planet in your solar system is discovered, the ascension process will be complete. At that time your solar system will ascend and you will be able to see the other planets in their true form. This has been hidden from you because you have to complete the ascension process without assistance, as have the other planets. You will know of the existence of other life forms and beings within your galaxy. The ascension will include your solar system and your galaxy and as you move into higher dimensions a new earth will be born for those who ascend and one for those who do not choose to do so. There are those who are required to stay within the third dimension adn assist in additional aspects of the ascension process. They have chosen to do this and this is their contribution to the continuing energetic shifts in the Universe. All is in divine order.