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Information on Walk-Ins and Soul Transfers

MessagesFromMatthew : SOUL TRANSFERENCE
A chapter from Mathew's book "Revelations For A New Era"
S: Why can some people recover completely after being clinically dead for periods exceeding the time of usual brain death? I met a woman who had regained consciousness over 40 minutes after being pronounced dead. She had complete cognitive ability and total memory of all that had happened around her during that time lapse and her nearly lifelong crippling was healed.

MATTHEW: Mother, there are two issues here. Let's deal first with those people who experience "clinical death" and recover sound mental and physical health. Say ten minutes pass in that state, which normally would cause brain damage. When no damage results, it is because the love bonding between that person and this realm furnishes the body with a life force that cannot be calculated by your medical instruments.

Because that physical life force is below the instrument ratings of vital life signs, the person is considered dead. But that minimal force is parallel to the far stronger energy force that is taking over the spirit and allowing the soul to function at that stronger level rather than within the physical body. When that powerful energy is infused into the minimally sustained body life force, no nerve or mental damage results from the lapse in regular physical functioning.

This intervention would not happen if either physical death at that time or impaired functioning for the duration of the Earth lifetime were a provision of the pre-birth agreement. For the greater numbers of people who do not regain consciousness, the end of the physical lifetime usually is in accordance with their agreement provisions.

Now then, in the case of the woman who was clinically dead for forty-some minutes, that was soul transference. She is known here as one of the sterling successes of that process. Hers was not a singular experience, but much more often this process occurs in people who are unconscious far longer than she, people in a lingering comatose state. Even then it is not a commonplace occurrence by any means!

S: What usually happens to the souls of comatose people?

MATTHEW: Most often the souls of the people who recover have remained with them throughout the period of unconsciousness. Or there can be the soul transference I mentioned. If so, that is what enables the body to be rejuvenated.

S: Please explain soul transference.

MATTHEW: When the soul of the comatose patient wishes to pursue other lessons and there is an agreement with another soul who also sees opportunities for karmic fulfillment, then preparations are made for the soul transference to the benefit of both souls. This can happen at the onset of the comatose condition or at any time throughout the remaining viability of the body.

The initial signal may be made either by that soul or by one interested in entering a comatose body. A central registry for recording such signals alerts interested souls to the availability of a transference requester or provider.

There is another vital point here. The body must be willing to endure whatever its functioning limitations and attendant problems may be after rejuvenation, so the body's agreement to experience all the physical, mental and emotional ramifications must be considered by the two pertinent souls. No approval from other sources is required, so if the two souls and the body agree, the process is initiated.

The transference of knowledge from one soul to another is a simple process. The human brain is a computer, and just as your computer may easily be keyed to download data into a second computer or storage facility, so can the knowledge of the comatose soul be downloaded, or transferred, to the acquiring soul.

The downloaded knowledge encompasses all memories of experiencing and all acquired knowledge from all learning sources. Having left the original soul of the comatose body, that knowledge becomes the property of the entering soul. All experiencing of both souls prior to the transference already has been recorded in their life prints in the Akashic Records. From that point on, the same will be true.

The entering soul has the ability to infuse the comatose body with life force that the previous soul could no longer manage due to the extent of debilitation. Souls do not regenerate cells automatically. That life force is physical, and although a soul's will can be strong indeed, certain physiological forces are at work.

Millennia of progressively frail physical constitution and the indoctrination that Earth bodies will age and die have taken their toll. The brain is so constrained in this indoctrination that it has added a layer of this belief to the cellular memory. Consequently, physical aging and death happen.

Although the memories, acquired knowledge and behavioral patterns are intact at soul transference, they cannot be as well grounded as if the body and brain were in top condition at that time.

Transference usually takes place after severe brain injury, and although the infusion of bodily health through energy transfer does rejuvenate the brain cells, there is slippage of details due to the body's impaired brain functioning at transfer time. Thus some information is lost that the recovering person, now with the new soul, previously knew.

That slippage, combined with the new soul's intent to experience its own lessons, would certainly account for a "personality change." Even with the easily accepted explanation of memory loss due to the effects of injury or illness on the brain, the difference in personality often is shocking for the person's family and friends.

S: But with the downloaded knowledge from the original soul to the new one, why would there be such a personality difference? Aren't all of the experiences that help form a personality still present in that knowledge?

MATTHEW: The entering soul has its own personage to take into the body. Personage is the personality of a soul, which is not the same as the personality of an individual.

An individual's personality consists of attitudes developed during the lifetime whereas the personage is the essence of an individual. It is what the soul imparts: sense of honor, conscience, radiant goodness, absolute knowingness of the light within.

Depending upon the degrees of light within the original soul and the entering soul, the individual's personality may differ in quite noticeable ways that may be an enhancement or a disadvantage to his or her existing relationships.

S: I can see that -- thank you for the explanation. What happens when someone's brain is so badly damaged that rejuvenation of mental functioning is impossible but the body keeps on living?

MATTHEW: The soul may choose from several alternatives. It may remain in a state of rest within the body until physical death. It may leave and embody in a fetus that has no soul designee. It may come directly to this realm and choose from all the options here.

When a soul chooses to leave the body, physical functioning is purely by the will of the body life force as apart from the soul life force. This does happen in persons who may experience long-term unconsciousness, even when breathing is by the body's own ability. If the soul has chosen to leave, the bodies of persons in a mechanically-maintained living state would die if removed from that apparatus.

There is no standard time for a soul to decide in this issue. This is as personal as the decision about what to do. If the soul is experiencing a chosen lesson, the outcome is known, but when the comatose condition is not by pre-birth agreement, continuance of physical life is reevaluated. This is allowed always, not only when further experiencing would be far different from the agreement. Here again it is divine grace entering a situation wherein circumstances that are not a part of the agreement are introduced into the life experience.

S: What is the advantage of soul transference over a soul entering a newborn except accelerated aging that could offer certain experiencing that waiting until later might not?

MATTHEW: Mother, that is enough! That is the purpose, and especially in this time of accelerated experiencing, the ramifications are far more extensive and advantageous than you are considering. Also, there is learning for both souls in the process itself, and the willingness of the acquiring soul to engage in the transference is vital growth -- in most cases, he's not scheduled for "easy street."

What is a Walk-in?
Ruth Montgomery, in her 1979 best-selling book, Strangers Among Us, indicated that walk-ins are beings who have attained sufficient awareness of life so they can forego the process of birth and childhood, incarnating directly into adult bodies. Though she did not consider herself to be a walk-in, she was the first person in contemporary times to write about this phenomenon. In her subsequent book, Threshold to Tomorrow, she named sixteen walk-ins, and described their walk-in experiences.

Among these was Carol Parrish. In her autobiographical book, Messengers of Hope, Carol wrote that walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at certain opportune moments for service to humanity. She, herself, walked in over 30 years ago.

When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the original soul normally leaves, moving on to other experiences in the non-physical worlds, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. The incoming soul assumes full responsibility for the human body, and for completing the life in progress. A walk-in can only take place with the full agreement of both the outgoing and incoming souls.

In some cases, the person may have conscious awareness that a change of souls has taken place, and they may even remember many of the details of the transitional process. But in most cases, the person is not consciously aware of the soul exchange, since the incoming soul inherits the residual memory stored in the cells of the physical body. So, the human life often continues on in a relatively seamless manner.

Soon after a walk-in transition occurs, however, the person involved usually begins to experience differences in their feelings -- how they feel about their family members and friends, their job, their home, and even the clothes they have been wearing. In some cases, these shifts in feelings are gradual and relatively subtle. But for others, the shifts may be immediate and dramatic! If the person is not aware of the concept of walk-ins, the experience can be very disorienting.

As members of WE International have had an opportunity to connect with each other and to share about their respective experiences, it has become increasingly clear that there are many, many different types of walk-in situations. The common theme among all walk-ins is that they come into embodiment not only to be of service to humankind, but also to enhance their own spiritual growth.

We welcome you to this web site, and invite you to explore the information that is available within it. Although many of the members of WE International are walk-ins, there are many who are not -- it makes no difference.

We find that there are a lot of people who are undergoing profound transformations in consciousness, and who suspect that it may be some form of walk-in experience. By joining WE International and participating in our conferences, many have come into a deeper understanding of the nature of their own beingness and their soul's purpose. http://www.walk-ins.com/ *

A Walk-in Awakens
By IsisĀ©2004-2006 All rights reserved
June 14, 1971, late afternoon, the youngest of the three children had just been put down for a nap; he was two years old, her daughter had turned 11 yesterday and she and her brother who was 9 was in a downstairs apt. with their friends. She thought she would just lie down on the bed and rest awhile.

She had been unable to work since late 1969, the year her youngest son was born, the doctors had not come up with a diagnosis, but was pretty sure it was rheumatoid arthritis. All she knew was she had always worked since she was 14 years old and she could hardly take care of herself and her children now, at least not like she wanted to.

She did not like the idea, in fact hated the idea, she had to be on welfare; after all she had worked two jobs as a single parent for years to raise the two oldest children and now -- well she didn't know what the future held, all she knew was it looked bleak.

She lay there thinking about how 1969 was a year she would never forget; her mother had passed away in April and Oh, how she missed her, the ache in her heart she thought would never go away, it just wasn't fair, her mother was only 46 years old; the only good thing that came about that year was her youngest son was born, and she loved her children so very much, but she thought, " What kind of a life can I offer them now with this darn arthritis. It takes me an hour just to dress myself and all day to do things around the house that used to take me two hours to do, and I can't even walk without a cane. I am only 33 years old, and my life may as well be over, even my children would be better off without me."

Then she felt guilty thinking that way, and said, "Forgive me Lord for feeling sorry for myself."

She had just stepped forward in church on Mother's Day and accepted Christ into her life, for the third time in her lifetime, but this time she knew what she was doing, the other two times had been at a very young age, and at the goading of some preacher; she had been in some kind of a church since she was two years old and enrolled in the cradle roll. Somehow always searching for answers she just knew was "out there" someplace.


She closed her eyes and the strangest thing happened. She began to feel very light as if she could float off of the bed, it was strange feeling herself leave her body and she looked down and saw herself still there on the bed, but she couldn't be, because she was somehow up here on the ceiling.

All of a sudden she started to float real slow out of the bedroom into the small hallway, that ran the length of the apartment; at one end was the kitchen, at the other was the living room and off the hall were the bedrooms and bath. Strangely enough she wasn't the least bit afraid, in fact she felt very peaceful, as what felt like a warm gentle breeze went over her body, loving and caressing her.

Her living room was so bright, almost as if the sun had somehow come into the room, she could hardly look at the light it was so bright. The curtains at the window were standing straight out as this gentle breeze blew into the room. As she floated toward the window she felt a presence in the room very close to her, one of familiarity, but she saw no one.

I was looking at her body on the bed and was entering it and I remember it felt very strange and unusual. During the coming years I would remember this at various times and always thought of it as a very vivid dream, and thought it must be what the "rapture" felt like. I knew the term 'rapture' from her memories -- the walk-out.


My awakening began in 1987 while stationed in Germany, shortly after the Harmonic Convergence. This is when I began to learn that what I had thought all these years was a vivid dream, was not a dream, but remembrance of the exchange, when the "Gloria" entity walked out and I walked in. Her memories were as if they were my own. And as with all things in my life, the timing of my "awakening" was divinely planned.

The catalyst for my awakening was seeing the movie "Out On A Limb" with Shirley MacLaine. Bless Shirley for having the courage to make this movie, she has no idea how many lives she has changed, not only with the movie but with her books. Then again maybe she does.

I then began my search for truth and scoured the military post library for books on reincarnation.

Memories began to flood my being of the many meetings between myself, the Council and Lord Michael and the entity known as "Gloria," it came in the form of memories, bits and pieces at first, in dreams and in visions of

another place -- but where? Knowledge of this did not come till much later and still unfolds to this day. Memories and knowledge will continue to unfold as the timing is right for them to do so. Just as much is coming as I write this -- coming like a flood of water after the bursting a dam.

It would take a book to cover all the things that went on in my life from June 14, 1971 to now and frankly I don't have the time to write one.

Needlessly to say I had no idea until 1987 that I was not the original owner of this body. When I was first told I said, "Oh sure! And what other story would you like to tell me!" However knowing this made crystal clear the whys for many things I experienced during those 16 years and it all seemed to fall in place like pieces of a puzzle.

For instance, "Gloria's" family and their reaction to her over the past sixteen years; even her children kept saying, "you are not the mother we knew, you have changed and we don't like it!" This happened right after the

exchange took place and repeated during the coming years. Her father, brothers, and the rest of her family members completely cut her out of their lives in 1989. This is not an unusual occurrence with walk-ins, the divorce rate among walk-ins is also very high, simply because they are not the same person and this is known if not on a conscious level on a deeper level by the parties involved.

It is just too much for the human finite mind to take in, to accept at first. It does not matter what form we are out of embodiment, it does not matter how enlightened we are, it does not matter what level of spiritual growth we have attained, we experience the loss of memory and powers when we come through that "veil of forgetfulness" just as any other human being does, that which has been termed "the valley of the shadow of death," death to remembrance to the Divine being you are, death to remembrance of non-separation from the Divine Creator.

For 16 years I experienced things it would take most people two lifetimes to experience - - if even then. Many things that when I first learned Who I Am, made it harder for me to believe my identity. For if this was so then why did I do the things I did? Why did I experience the physical and mental abuse, the tearing of my emotional body limb from limb, so to speak? The physical ailments? The self-doubt? If I was a who I was told I AM, then I should have never done some of the things I did. I should have lived a Holy life those 16 years.

This is the way I saw it, this is the way I judged myself. And why did I believe it necessary to judge myself? For the very same reason everyone else judges each other and themselves - - it was brainwashed into the memory banks of the one who walked out, by society and by religious training, and as you know they inherit the memories of the walk-out.

What you may not know is a walk-in not only inherits the memories of a walk-out, but for quite some time after the exchange takes place the strong magnetic force that lingers from the walk-out can cause quite a lot of havoc and confusion for the walk-in. Portions of the walk-out's soul remains with that body until it is either returned to the walk-out or disintegrated in death or transmutation.

This is exactly why when someone has an organ transplant they can begin to have some the cravings and memories of the one to whom that organ belonged to. While in that body the walk-in can be in constant battle with polar opposite vibrational forces and believe me when I tell you this is no "walk in the park." But then when I volunteered for this "Earth Mission" I was not promised a rose garden and I was made quite aware of what to expect.

There may be times when a walk-out decides they want to come back, change their mind for whatever reason, even though they know this is not a choice they have once the choice was made to walk-out.

This was one reason for the many meetings between myself, the Council, Lord Michael and the Gloria entity during her sleep period before the final agreement was made and the transfer took place.

Do walk-in's have the choice of leaving? Yes, but it is a rare occurrence, many factors come into play. Sometimes the one walking in cannot overcome the negativity from within the body and aura, from either the previous or present incarnation of the walk-out, which still has strong influence. 99.9% of the time though walk-in's are in for the duration, and do not leave until their mission is complete.

I Am who I Am, however, I am also human, so therefore I make mistakes the same as you do. I feel the same human emotions, experience the same things as any one of you do, and if not wholly aligned with my whole being and to the vibrational forces that give me the answers I ask for, my telepathic capability can be interfered with, and therefore the messages I bring in can be misinterpreted, pieces can be missing.

No one is infallible, after all that is a part of being human in this density, if mistakes weren't made, lessons would not be learned, if all were perfect then you would no longer need this illusion, it would pass.

Follow your heart, your inner guidance and you cannot go wrong. You are All Holy Beings! All Are One! I am you, you are me! I like you, am but a servant of the Creator -- Peace and love unto you all!

I AM ...Isis

A Walk-Out/Walk-In Problem
The Pleiadian Light through Hannah Beaconsfield
There are a number of walk-ins who are struggling with a problem that is not entirely on a conscious level.

When a spirit energy reaches a point of no longer wishing to continue the life and is willing to allow another spirit take over the life, (This IS what is happening; the walk-in takes over the whole life of the walk-out not just the body) there is often a great deal of trauma, pain and loss that has built up. Even in a life situation in which the walk-out and walk-in had a pre-birth agreement, the walk-out still needs motivation to leave. Humans don't usually leave a happy life.

The desire to leave often builds up over a period of time and the impulses form a "death wish." This death wish is most often held on a subconscious level. If it were conscious, it would be considered a suicide impulse and probably given appropriate treatment.

However, when the impulse is not on the surface, it often plays itself out in addictions, accidents, grave and chronic illnesses among the many expressions intended to make the walk-out let go. When this continues on a subconscious level after the walk-in spirit has taken over, it can create problems. There is even the danger that the life of the body could be ended.

During this time many angels and guides surround the entity to keep the body safe and to support the adjustments of the walk-in. The new resident spirit has the daunting task of taking over the life situation with its programming, its characteristics, its horoscope (Though this can be modified, in some cases, by the specifics surrounding the time of the exchange) and other circumstances of the life.

The death wish is a bundle of impulses repressed in the subconscious and by its very nature it will attempt to fulfill its energy directive. It can slow down the immune system, activate or aggravate organ problems. It encourages the growth of microbes that would be needed to break the body down in the event of death: bacteria, fungi, etc. It can also lower or block the flow of the life force energy through all the bodies of consciousness. These are natural occurrences that happen in a living unit to prepare for the death of the body.

When a walk-in spirit is confronted with these symptoms they may miss the source of the pattern because they don't realize it is buried on unconscious levels. Often the focus of the walk-in is taken up with efforts to heal or relieve the many different symptoms, so they don't sense that there could be a core issue creating the whole pattern. They are missing the core cause of the whole pattern which is DEATH IS DESIRED AND EXPECTED.

We reiterate that this is the pattern left in the psyche by the walk-out and not every walk-in carries this impulse deposit.

There can be many kinds of core issues that cause physical/psychological clusters of symptoms. These can be given care and relief through the many techniques available in psychotherapy. In addition there are many new techniques in the field of energy psychology. These meridian oriented healing methods are very valuable and produce more rapid results than standard psychology.

We wish to bring this particular problem to the attention of walk-ins at this time because often just having a conscious awareness of the source of a problems can initiate healing all by itself.

Walk-Ins: Soul Exchange' by Karyn K. Mitchell

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