Sunday, January 03, 2010

Home Is Where Your Heart Is : Source From Within

Delivered through Sonoktar, August 2, 2009

Home. Home comes from inside. You are a home-maker. You are the source of your home. The items you bring together - the bricks, the floor, the furniture, the foundation, the beautification, the meaning - all of those things come from the organizational principle that is your heart. When your home is disrupted - when your home is moved or changed - you can create a new home anywhere, any time, any place, with anything, because ‘home’ is sourced from you, by you, through you.

It is true, you often have preferences for those things you are connected to habitually, those things you know familiarly that make your home - that make you feel comfortable, secure, consistent in your world. But all of those things were brought to you by your heart, that is why they feel good. And that means that your heart was actually the source of the implementation of the home, in every case. All of the homes you have had (and you have had many) have all come together around a common point, and that source, that place, that point, is your heart. If it were only practicality that made the home, you would call it a house. Perhaps it would be called a dwelling, or an office, a protection, a building. But if you call it a home, it is because your heart has called it home, and your heart calls home that which it is a mirror of.

When you are lost, when you have been troubled and that system of elements around you that makes your world has changed, dramatically, and you find yourself needing a home, it is time to try the heart. Knock on the door of the heart. Call on the heart. Make the heart your mission and begin to organize whatever is around you - even if it is just dirt, or stones, or shells, or grass, or people - begin to organize them according to what speaks to your heart, and you will find yourself creating another home. Anywhere you go, even if it is only for twenty minutes that you will be in that place, you can create a home there.

And that is the beginning. That message is the beginning of a very large subject that we will explore, and it will be called ‘Source from Within.’ And it will be a mission we carry out together.



At 09:28, Blogger Francine said...

Beautiful! From my heart and home to yours!

"You live in the Heart of Creation." Bashar - May 2009



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