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What Can You Expect to Experience As You Ascend? --The Founders

Sal Rachele
The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

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What Can You Expect to Experience As You Ascend?

We feel it appropriate to revisit this topic, even though there are references to it in prior teachings of this channel. As stated earlier, when your physical body mutates and the ascension template activates, your physical senses undergo a transformation that allows you to see what is taking place in other realms. At the same time, because your vibration is accelerating into the etheric realms, you are actually close enough in frequency to those realms that you will begin to experience them more directly.

You have probably seen the visionary art of many of your painters. They use acrylic paints that are very vibrant and luminescent, and that is what you can expect to see as you enter the etheric realms. You will start by noticing that everything seems to have an aura about it. If you look more closely, you will see a shimmering effect, like tiny vibrations. It is as if everything around you is breathing.

Many of you see speckles of light in front of your eyes that are more than just the blood moving through the capillaries of your retina. You may be seeing what you call “orbs,” which are tiny wormholes linking the physical dimension to the astral and etheric realms. High speed cameras are also able to pick these up.

As you continue to ascend, you might see movement out of the corners of your eyes. Things you stare at will tend to dissolve into energy patterns. You might see sacred geometries swirling around common objects, such as mountains and trees. The aura of people will become more and more obvious until you can see an outline of energy with your physical eyes.

Your feeling sense will change dramatically. Already many of you are feeling electricity running through your bodies, usually in surges or prickles. You will sense you are bathed in a sea of vibrating energy, which is true. You may feel as though you are floating instead of walking through life.

Emotions will seem to have colors and textures. You will notice the effect of emotions on your aura and the auras of others. You will instantly feel the strong emotions of others the minute they walk into the room, and you will see the room bathed in the light of their emotions.

Your sense of time will change. Hours may seem like minutes, or minutes may seem like hours. You will find that you always have enough time for the things that are really important to you, but never enough time for things that it is time to let go of. You may simultaneously feel as though life is passing you by and that you have an infinite amount of time to get your life together. In the instances where you drop out of higher awareness, you may feel the opposite – that there is not enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

People will come and go from your life. The ones you keep close to you will be the ones who understand what you are going through. Others will stop relating to you. They might think you have gone off the “deep end.” You might have deep, meaningful relationships that last a few seconds or a few minutes. You might feel connected to everyone on Earth. You might even feel that everyone is your friend or close associate. There will be a sense that “We're all in this together.”

Familiar places might start to look as though you had never seen them before. You will notice things you never used to notice. As your consciousness ascends, you will have a greater appreciation for the little things in life, such as a blade of grass or the dew on a spider web. You will feel a sense of Oneness with everything you behold and feel. You will be able to communicate with a rock or a plant, not in the spoken language, but with an instantaneous understanding.

Your telepathic abilities will increase. You might find yourself telepathing with souls frequently, even if the lower selves of those souls seem to be unaware of what you are doing. You might realize that you have not said something out loud, but said it telepathically instead. With others who are quite aware, there will be an unspoken knowing and recognition that needs no words.

Your psychic and intuitive abilities will continue to increase. You will know where you are needed and where you are not. You will learn to recognize when guidance is coming from the highest levels of being and when it is not. Although you will most likely learn to feel safe and at home wherever you are, you will be guided easily and effortlessly to the place that is right for you. It will simply not feel right any more to be somewhere that you are not needed, or that is unsafe.

You will begin to hear sounds that were once out of range, including a variety of high pitched whines, and low pitched hums. Eventually, you will hear what some mystics call the “music of the spheres,” which is sort of like the sound “OM.”

You might hear voices from other realms, like a low chatter. Specific angelic voices may speak to you either in normal language, or some other form of audible communication.

You will have a sense that all is in perfect Divine Order, which it is. You will let go of impatience, worry and anxiety. You will know that everything happens in perfect right timing, and you will be confident that you are being guided to the right place at the right time.

You will have a profound appreciation for the present moment. While you might have a certainty about your future, at the same time every moment will seem brand new, as if viewed for the first time (which is true). You will simply allow the future to unfold, with no worries.

For a while, you will still have the negative human emotions of fear, anger and sadness, as well as the positive emotion of happiness. However, you will feel less and less controlled by those feelings. It will be as if you are this vast being of light (which you are), and you have this tiny human emotion of fear. The fear will be acknowledged and experienced and dealt with directly, but it will be a small part of your life. The same is true of anger and sadness. They will be felt, experienced and understood for what they are – nothing more, nothing less.

You will have an immense feeling of safety. You will not be concerned about the negativity in the world. Even if you are witness to violence and chaos, it will be like watching an interesting movie, with no emotional investment in the outcome.

As the Earth changes accelerate, you will be viewing them from the “eye of the storm” or the center of your being. It will be like watching a play where the climax is approaching. You might be amused at some of the characters, a bit put off by others, but you will not mistake the play for the truth behind it. You will have compassion on those members of the play that have forgotten they are actors. They have become identified with their characters. You will realize you still have a character and a part in the play as well, but you will no longer forget that you are acting.

As Earth continues to ascend, you will feel her being as a mighty state of consciousness. You will feel her pain and her joy. You will see the weather, earthquakes, volcanoes and such as simply expressions of her consciousness. You might sense a loss as you see a group of souls depart their bodies, but you will also sense that they have simply changed forms and have not really left you.

You will continue to be guided as to where to go to serve in the highest and best way. You will enjoy the journey. Most likely you will travel a lot, or others will travel to see you. Very few of you will stay in one place without much happening. You will learn to let go of attachment to material things. If you need a vehicle for transport, one will be provided for you by someone sent to you to do that. Whatever you need will come to you in an equitable manner. There will be equal energy exchange, although it might not always look equal at the time. You will feel totally supported by the universe in carrying out your appointed tasks. (The tasks appointed you by your soul.)

Most of all, you will feel love and compassion for all things and people, whether or not you are able to directly influence them or not. Some will be greatly touched by your service, while others will hardly notice. It will be of no concern to you who or what benefits from your expression of compassion. You will simply keep on expressing it anyway. You will be doing what comes natural to you – serving in the highest and best possible way, without concern for how it looks or feels. You might become aware of someone who has benefited from your actions, and of course you will be grateful for this, but it will not matter. It only matters from an ego perspective. You know you are a good person and that good is your natural state, and that is enough. Love simply flows unimpeded from within you to wherever it is needed.

You will become aware of the cosmic cycles, and in some ways you will be more sensitive to astrological influences, tides, the moon and stars, etc. You will know when the sun is acting up again, or radiating an intense burst of energy, and you will be guided as to how to respond. You will see the effects of the increased bursts of energy on those around you. You will remain in the moment and refrain from becoming fearful of the changes, knowing that they are simply playing out as you have been forewarned.

People will feel a gentle presence within you and will be drawn to you for comfort and well-being. You will become their refuge and their fortress, but only because you see within them the same God you feel within yourself. You will naturally and spontaneously channel your own God Presence, along with any guides with whom you have soul contracts. You will be coming from your God Presence in your daily activities, living from your God Presence at all times, and utilizing your ego only when absolutely necessary. The main function of your ego will be to speak to others in terms they can understand. You will have no investment in the actions or feelings of others, but you will feel love and compassion for them.

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