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Walk-Ins and Soul Transfers --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
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The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

Walk-Ins and Soul Transfers

There is a lot of misinformation regarding walk-ins. In addition, there are a lot of humans who think they are walk-ins who are just experiencing a dissociative disorder within the psyche. True walk-ins are quite rare, almost as rare as avatars. Walk-ins generally fall into three categories:

(1) Voluntary Soul Transfers

(2) Involuntary Soul Transfers

(3) Partial Soul Transfers

Voluntary Soul Transfers

These are the true walk-ins. A soul incarnates on Earth and at some point during the incarnation, enters into a soul agreement with another soul who is assisting Earth from the spirit realms. The souls decide to trade places. The soul in the spirit realms descends into the body of the soul who has incarnated on Earth. The incarnated soul then leaves the physical body and enters the spirit realms.

The soul entering the existing physical form immediately takes on the accumulated history of that physical form, as well as the collective history of humanity that has been interfaced into that form. Things get a bit tricky when it comes to the ego and personality of the existing human form. If the departing soul has had a fairly enlightened experience on Earth, he or she may have kept the ego/personality in check, serving only to help blend into the masses of humanity without causing undue conflict. In that case, the incoming soul will assume many of the characteristics of the ego/personality, with some inevitable modifications.

The ego/personality is developed as a result of the interaction of the soul with the world of form, so a significant portion of the original ego/personality is usually lost during the soul transfer. Therefore, the new soul must re-assemble many of the pieces of the ego/personality, and often this is an inexact science.

Typically, the walk-in event occurs during a period of intense trauma or out-of-body experience on the part of the existing human. This is because it is much easier to make the transfer when the ego/personality is not as strong as it is during normal daily life on Earth.

Another reason the preferred time of the switch is during a traumatic event, accident or serious illness is because the people close to the departing soul will immediately notice a significant change in the ego/personality of the human as he or she recovers from the traumatic event. It is important that the humans associated with the departing soul believe that the changes are due to the trauma itself, and not to some sort of possession or “demonic” encounter. Regardless of how loving and compassionate the incoming soul may be, close friends and family of the departing soul will experience a lot of discomfort and even shock at the changes that have taken place in their loved one.

The departing soul, once he or she reaches the spirit realms, will retain the experiences and lessons learned during the Earth incarnation, usually with minimal discomfort and disorientation. Soul transfers are made after careful consideration between the two souls. It is not a decision that is taken lightly. There must be a serious reason to undergo this process. It must be determined that both souls will be better off as a result of the exchange. The main reason the walk-in experience happens is because the incoming and outgoing souls agree that the exchange will better facilitate the advancement of souls on Earth, as well as giving both souls a greater experience of God's Creation.

Involuntary Soul Transfers

When a soul from the higher realms enters the body of another soul having an Earthly experience, the soul originally assigned to the human body on Earth must move aside to some extent to allow the incoming soul room to navigate within the human body. In full trance channeling, this is accomplished for temporary periods of time, usually a few hours at most. In some rare cases, the outgoing soul is unable to get back into the body and the incoming soul simply takes over without prior arrangements.

In essence, this is an example of full trance channeling where the channeling never ends. Instead of a few hours in the body, the incoming soul spends the rest of the body's incarnation there. From an ultimate point of view, you could say that the two souls had an unconscious soul agreement to have this experience, but it is possible that this arrangement started out as an unconscious mistake. Of course, some trance channels might consciously plan this, in which case it is not involuntary, but generally if it is an unconscious transfer, the experience is highly traumatic for the departing soul. That soul will usually feel as if he or she has not completed the Earthly lessons originally intended prior to incarnation. In some cases, the departing soul might fragment into multiple pieces and attach itself to various humans as astral possessions or ghosts.

Involuntary soul transfers are usually traumatic for the friends and family of the departing soul as well. Suddenly and without warning, it is as if their loved one has become a different person, and in a real sense, that is the truth.

Involuntary soul transfers are rare, but because they do occur, we have included them in this discussion of walk-ins. An involuntary walk-in will often assist humanity in moving into ascension, once the traumas have been resolved. The incoming soul usually has enough awareness to offer some level of assistance in awakening humanity.

Partial Soul Transfers

A partial soul transfer occurs when one or more aspects of the Self of a soul changes places with one or more aspects of another soul's Self. The most common form of partial soul transfer occurs in astral possession. In astral possession, the astral level of the Self of a soul is taken over by the astral level of another soul. This rarely serves either soul in the long run, but it might prove to be a valuable lesson on some level, although the disadvantages often grossly outweigh the advantages. Astral possession can only happen when there is a relatively high level of unconsciousness within the souls engaged in this practice.

It is also possible to have an etheric exchange. This is a higher level transfer that involves the energetic body of each soul. This might be arranged if the existing soul has an etheric illness (EM field illness) and is likely to die if the transfer is not made. The incoming soul will trade etheric bodies, taking on the diseased etheric body and giving the Earth-bound soul a new, healthy etheric body. If the incoming soul is advanced enough, he or she may be able to repair the damaged etheric body and use it effectively to enhance the soul lessons of both entities while in the etheric plane. Keep in mind that the incoming soul is not really incoming in this instance, but is residing within the soul plane as a spirit guide to the Earth-bound soul.

Another form of partial soul transfer involves the causal body. The advantages of trading causal bodies with another soul is that you are able to combine the experiences of both souls' past and parallel lifetimes temporarily into a single matrix. This is not to be confused with group soul complexes, which is another topic for another day. Causal body transfers are quite complex and difficult to describe and we will not go further into this subject at this time.

There are a few other soul transfer arrangements that are possible, but quite rare on Earth. We will not go into any more variations on this theme at this time.

The Role of Walk-Ins During the Earth Changes

One of the reasons walk-ins are so low in number on Earth has to do with the tendency for these experiences to cause further soul fragmentation. The souls involved have to weigh the opportunity to increase soul experience with the potential of making soul integration more difficult. In almost all cases, the most powerful way for souls to express themselves on Earth is when they are fully integrated, meaning all of their fragments are reunited within one whole, sovereign being. Walk-ins, by their very nature, involve the sharing of soul fragments, which can be a rewarding and educational experience, but can come with heavy costs if the fragments involved do not get integrated properly into the experience. At some future time, we might go into more depth on the subject of walk-ins, but for now, we will limit our discussion to the role of walk-ins during the Earth changes.

Walk-ins will play a significant, though minor role, during the shift, due to their small numbers. Since the Galactic Shift began in about 1950, there have only been about 6000 walk-ins on Earth.

The main purpose of walk-ins as it relates to the shift is to bring a fresh perspective to humanity from outside the veil of Earth. For example, let's suppose a highly respected scientist with a lot of influence makes an agreement with an incoming soul to trade places in order that a perspective from outside the veil be incorporated into the scientific teachings of the departing soul. Suddenly, thousands of students of the departing soul are receiving high level information from outside the distortions of the veil. This can have a tremendous impact on the students of the scientist.

It can also backfire. You have no doubt heard stories of mad scientists – inventors who end up going insane and doing strange things late at night in their laboratories. While many of these stories involve Earthly scientists who simply flip their lid, some of them involve walk-ins. We will not give any names of scientists who are walk-ins at this time, but we may feel guided to include names at some point in the future.

As trance channels clear their psychological issues and become better at stepping down the high frequencies of the entities they are working with and become more accurate in their messages, the need for walk-ins will diminish.

In the ultimate sense, you are all walk-ins that have been making soul transfers on the bodily level for lifetimes.

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