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Responsibilities of Higher Density Beings Assisting Earth --The Founders

Sal Rachele
The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

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Higher Density Beings Assisting from the Celestial Planes

Next, we will tell you what some of the major responsibilities are of each being or group we have mentioned above.

The purpose of the Galactic Confederation is to help struggling planets and the souls residing upon them awaken to their true magnificence as children of the Creator. The smaller groups within the GC, such as the Ashtar Command, work with specific humans to bring the principles of the GC into greater awareness on Earth. Due to the extensive presence of the GC and its smaller factions, they have the ability to monitor the governments and militaries on Earth to such an extent that they are the best group suited to implementing the Divine Intervention directives.

The purpose of the Arcturians is to bring enlightened sciences to Earth and to oversee the EM grid system of Earth in order to minimize the cataclysmic events on Earth during the Galactic Shift. They are working with fourth density Pleiadeans to balance specific ley lines and vortexes. The Arcturians have never become embroiled in the various karmic lessons and disputes common to the Sirians, Orions and Dracos. Their motivation for assisting Earth comes purely from unconditional love and a feeling of kinship with humans. Many of the more enlightened souls now incarnating on Earth have Arcturian DNA as part of their soul matrix.

The fourth density Pleiadeans working under the guidance of the Arcturians often leave behind coded symbols known as “crop circles” in the areas of their grid work in order to help further stimulate the minds of humans. The purpose of the 4D Pleiadeans is to assist the Arcturians and the GC in helping stabilize the EM fields of Earth during the shift.

The purpose of the seventh density Pleiadeans is to bring genetic and biological knowledge to the people of Earth in order to help them ascend into fifth density crystal light bodies. They also work with the fourth density Pleiadeans to help balance the grid system of Earth.

The purpose of the enlightened Sirians is to help minimize the damage done by the over-zealous Sirians who have been (and still are to some extent) on “guru trips.” They are also here to bring enlightened technology to the Earth once humans have evolved to the point where they can use it responsibly.

The purpose of the enlightened Dracos is to bring as many dark Dracos as possible to the light in order that humanity might break the shackles of the Illuminati and other Draco-controlled factions. One of the ways they are doing this is by introducing the dragon children to the Earth.

The purpose of the enlightened Orions is to bring as many dark Orions to the light as possible and to awaken humanity in the highest and best way possible. There are many enlightened Orions arriving from the home worlds of Orion. Some of them are the crystal and rainbow children spoken of earlier.

The purpose of the truly enlightened priesthoods (the Order of Melchizedek, the Order of Isis, etc.) is to bring a systematic approach of spiritual growth to humanity in order that the evolving souls of Earth will be able to access the Akashic records and learn of the universal knowledge of God. Many newly formed mystery schools are now available to humans, utilizing contemporary knowledge and teachings and blending this with the ancient rituals and experiences common to the early true mystery schools.

Various sub-factions from the above-mentioned groups are responsible for neutralizing the launch codes of nuclear weapons, finding and neutralizing certain chemical weapons (while allowing others), and altering the EM field of EM weaponry so it can no longer adversely affect the EM grid system of Earth and neighboring planets.

Other sub-factions are making sure that poisonous chemicals are not introduced into the atmosphere of Earth, except in localized areas of warfare where the effects are minimal. Although there is a lot of controversy over the idea of “chemtrails,” we do not perceive chemtrails to be a serious problem on the Earth at this time. Most of what are thought to be chemtrails are just ordinary contrails from conventional aircraft.

Some Earthly and ET groups are experimenting with the weather on Earth. The motivation behind these experiments varies depending on the group involved. In some cases, weather modification can be helpful in restoring balance, but some of the groups do not really understand the consequences of their tinkering. Occasionally the GC and related factions will intervene if it appears such experiments are getting out of hand.

Some sub-factions are working with and assisting the light Dracos to make sure the dark Dracos do not completely take over the Earth and subject all humans to servitude.

Some sub-factions of the light Orions are channeling through the lightworkers stationed within the branches of the Illuminati to help move the dark Orions controlling those branches into the light.

Some sub-factions of the light Orions and light Dracos are communicating with lightworkers stationed within the political and economic structures of the Earth in order to bring ideas of an enlightened society into the mainstream thinking of humanity.

Some sub-factions of various star groups are giving blueprints, schematics, mathematics and physics to scientists who are developing alternative energy systems, such as “zero-point” technology. Others are giving vital information necessary to those who wish to develop spaceships capable of interstellar travel.

The list goes on and on, but these are the areas we feel are the most important to mention.

The Mechanics of the Help being Offered

In addition to the general tasks and responsibilities outlined above, various ETs and angels have ways of helping humans in daily life cope with the rising turbulence of the Earth changes. It is well known that you can call on angels and archangels to help protect you from negative entities. Many humans call upon guardian angels to help them in particular areas of life being affected by the Earth changes.

As the Earth transitions more and more into fourth density, humans can call upon guides and teachers from various levels and densities to assist in helping the body make the transition. For example, there are a group of Arcturians, which this channel calls “psychic surgeons,” that can remove negative implants, help eradicate disease from the body, and restore bodily organs to proper function.

This channel obviously has no monopoly on the use of the Arcturian psychic surgeons. You can call on them yourselves at any time and they will respond. They use instruments of light that work primarily on the etheric body of distressed souls. While they can perform so-called “miracles,” their work is not a substitute for healing your psychological and emotional issues.

Psychic and Spiritual Protection

As this channel has pointed out numerous times, it is important for all of you to be adequately protected against the assaults of the “dark ones.” While this is not necessary relevant to those of you that are consistently vibrating at fifth density or higher, it is very important to the rest of you. There is a simple test to determine whether or not you are vibrating at a level beyond what can be assailed. If you no longer have ANY thoughts of fear, or any illness whatsoever at any time, or any discord and disharmony in your immediate personal life, and you have stopped aging and are no longer at the effect of anything in your environment, then you have reached a fifth density state of vibration and have no need of protection from “dark ones.”

For the rest of you (including all who are reading this as well as the channel), we send teams of specialists regularly to help protect you as you do your light work on Earth. For example, before this channel works with a client, he always asks that all those who assist or influence him in any way be 100% of God's Loving Light. He only works with guides who meet this criteria.

Unless your specific soul mission is to work with deceased loved ones, or astral entities seeking the light, you most likely need to do a similar invocation every time you do any kind of healing work, therapy or teaching. We, the Founders, may appear to you as bright blue-white lights. You can call on us to assist in any light work you choose to do. We will send a part of our energy field to assist you, as appropriate.

We suggest you treat your guides and helpers in the same way you would treat an Earthly physician or consultant. Get a second and third opinion. If you go to this channel for advice and do not like what he is saying, go to another channel, or go to your primary spirit guide. If you are still unsatisfied, ask Archangel Michael for advice. Perhaps that is still not enough, so ask us directly to give our perspective on what is happening.

One of the primary purposes in giving this lesson is to help you tune into our specific vibration – our “energy signature” - so that it will become easier for you to contact us in a consistent manner, if you feel a resonance with our energy. The more you work with a specific being or group of beings, the easier it will be for you to have a consistent and reliable connection.

As you continue to ascend, more and more beings from the realms close to the physical will become visible to your sight, or you will be able to hear and feel them. There are two reasons for this. (1) Your realm is drawing closer to theirs; and (2) As you ascend, your physical senses become sharper and more refined.

Once you have ascended to a certain point, you will clearly recognize which beings are right for your soul growth, happiness and well-being, and which ones need to be sent on their way. A day will come when you will be free of the illusions that call for psychic and spiritual protection.

Ultimately, the need for protection is an illusion because the power and presence of God dwells within you, as you, continuously now and forever.

We will now wrap up our discussion of Earth's helpers with a brief summary of other groups we have omitted until now.

Other Groups Helping Quietly Behind the Scenes

Since the 1940s, there have been over two dozen ET civilizations that have visited the Earth. Some of these groups have been associated with your world for a very long time, while others suddenly took notice of you after the first atomic bombs were exploded in the 1940s. Due to the policy of non-interference that still exists despite the Divine Dispensations, there are many groups that do not wish to be known. The vast majority of these races are benevolent, kind and loving.

You have a few groups that carefully choose a small number of Earthly channels in order to have a more direct connection with humanity, but they still wish to remain relatively unknown. You must understand, dear Creators, that in the higher realms the concept of ego is almost irrelevant. None of us need recognition or fame. Our perception of ourselves is so different from your perception of yourselves that it would be ridiculous for us to want greater acclaim or notoriety. You could say, using an oversimplified idea, that we have everything we could ever want all the time continuously, because we have awareness of our Oneness with our Creator.

What could we possibly want when we are One with all Life? The only thing lacking is the fact that some aspects of our One Self are still asleep, dreaming that they live in separation and fear. It brings us great joy when a part of our Self awakens and remembers eternity.

This is really our only purpose in communicating with our channels on Earth – to help you awaken in the most expedient and compassionate way possible.

You have far more help than you realize. From the nature spirits all the way to the Creator Gods, over 80% of the universe sends you loving and compassionate thoughts and energy. On your world, things have been reversed – approximately 80% of your population has been living in fear and darkness, while only 20% have your best interests at heart. Seeing the difficulties in breaking free of the illusions of third density, you have called out for assistance and that is the reason for the ever-increasing numbers of souls coming to Earth to help you awaken.

The enlightened children, the Galactic Confederation, our groups, and others will continue to be here to assist you. All you need do is ask and we will offer you our insights and advice. The fact that you were attracted to this book is an indication that you have wanted to connect with us in this manner. As stated by numerous spirit guides of this channel and others, we will not and cannot do everything for you, but we can point you in the right direction and help dispel the barriers and blockages to your soul growth and well-being.

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