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Higher Density Beings Assisting from the Celestial Planes --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

Higher Density Beings Assisting from the Celestial Planes

The Galactic Confederation, Great White Brotherhood and Angelic Orders

If all you had to rely on during the Earth changes were the Dracos, Orions, Sirians, and other physical, astral and etheric entities, you would have justification for your sense of despair. Fortunately, the Seventh Dispensation gave permission for direct intervention by the higher forces of Light from the celestial and God planes. These beings from higher fifth density and beyond have long since put away the games of duality. They are not here to fight the darkness or to save you from anything. They are here to help you awaken, which is the only thing that will truly save you from unpleasant consequences. They have been authorized to disable your nuclear, chemical, biological, neutron and electromagnetic weapons when they threaten to annihilate all life on your world, or when they are likely to destabilize the grid system of Earth or threaten to destabilize the astral and etheric planes around Earth, or when they threaten to disrupt the EM fields of neighboring planets.

The lower four densities are the realms of duality, of light versus dark, of good versus bad. When you reach fifth density, you realize all is God, and that darkness is merely the absence of light, or absence of enlightenment. Does this mean fifth density beings (and higher) just sit around and play harps all day long? Far from it. We in the higher realms find the situation on Earth to be most challenging. Free will is a difficult energy to work with. We must know exactly how much to intervene and how much to leave you to your own devices. It took an act of the Godhead (Seventh Dispensation) to authorize us to neutralize your weapons of mass destruction. Even at our level of evolution, we could not make the decision to intervene in your free will to that extent.

Handling the various ET and fallen angelic factions currently influencing your Earth is also a tricky business. Not only are we dealing with your free wills, but also the free wills of these ET and angelic souls. Some of them need to have the soul experience of what happens when they become gurus and mislead their disciples. We would not want to deprive them of that soul lesson. At the same time, if learning that soul lesson is at the expense of the entire planet, then perhaps they need to be nudged in another direction. Are you beginning to see some of the challenges we face?

It is important, from your perspective, to know some of the players in the higher densities, so let us illuminate your minds in that regard. We will attempt to refrain from duplicating too much of the information already given in prior lessons.

The Galactic Confederation (aka Galactic Federation)

This group of souls comprises the largest body of higher density helpers of Earth. There are over 1000 star systems in this region of your galaxy involved in the Galactic Confederation (GC). The headquarters of the GC is in the Alcyone star system, where the high councils of the GC convene. Keep in mind that they do not call themselves the Galactic Confederation (or any of the other names common to your world). These names are for your convenience only. They simply know themselves as ambassadors of Light, in Service to the Radiant One, the One and True Creator of All That Is. The Alcyone high councils are comprised of ninth density beings that oversee the various factions of the GC and determine their missions and duties. (Again, the GC is not a hierarchal organization, but they do have overseers that assist those at a lower level of understanding.)

There are many factions within the GC and we will give you their common Earth names so you can place them in proper perspective. You have the Great White Brotherhood, which is of course neither white nor comprised entirely of masculine souls. They are an eighth density branch of the GC. You have the Ashtar Command, a relatively small group of souls working with Earth and a few other planets. They are mostly seventh density. You have a group formerly called Solar Cross, that was originally comprised of both Great White Brotherhood members and Ashtar Command members. You have the Andromedan Councils that are affiliated with the GC, and have some overlapping responsibilities. They range from seventh to ninth density. You have the high councils of Draco, mostly seventh density. They recently joined the GC once they had embraced enough light to be in harmony with the GC principles of love and service. You have the high councils of the Pleiades. You have ambassadors from Antares. You have members from Alpha Centauri. You have the Tau Cetians.

There are related groups worthy of mention. You have the Arcturians, ranging from fifth to ninth density, who have volunteered to assist the GC in fulfilling its objectives. You have the angelic orders of Elohim and Metatron, that are seventh and eighth density. You have the Orders of Enoch and Melchizedek that range from seventh to ninth density. You have the great archangels, that are eighth density. You have the Order of Isis, which are affiliated with the high councils of Sirius A. These are eighth density souls that represent the best and brightest of the Sirians. You have the Order of Thoth, which are seventh density Pleiadeans.

Overseeing the GC's Earthly units is Lord Sananda, an eighth density being of Light that is oversoul to the one you know as Jesus Christ. You have the Buddha soul complex, also known as Maitreya, who are eighth density ascended masters, not to be confused with various impostors using that name. You have the seven well-known archangels, who are eighth density beings of light. You have the great yogi masters, including Babaji, a ninth density being of light.

Above the GC (in the sense of expansion of consciousness), you have the tenth density group soul complexes of the Central Sun of the galaxy, the 11th density group soul complexes of the Great Central Sun of this universe, and the 12th density group soul complexes that are able to travel to alternate universes. They are the ones known as the Creator Gods, and we, the consciousness coming through this channel, are part of that 12th density energy and frequency.

As a reminder, only a tiny fragment of our consciousness is able to come through this channel, and we have stepped that fragment down to seventh density in order to communicate using the channel's higher mind and the spoken language, so you will find very little information in this book regarding the God planes (densities 10 through 12). Your language is completely inadequate to describe the God realms, and to do so would be of limited value. Nevertheless, you have selves that reside in those dimensions and you will eventually become aware of those selves as you evolve.

One final reminder before we continue. Nothing we say, nothing this channel says, and nothing that any GC member says, should be taken without a healthy dose of discernment. Although we have what you would call a vastly expanded consciousness and have access to many sources of information you do not, due to the limitations of your language and the limitations of this telepathic connection with the channel, we cannot ever claim to have 100% accuracy in anything we say or portray to you. You must use your own inner wisdom to see what parts of this message feel right to you and what parts do not.

Any enlightened being who has your best interests at heart will remind you about discernment. We have seen too many souls fooled by lofty-sounding messages given by impostors to take this matter lightly. More than likely, the bulk of our message corroborates what you have learned through other channels and teachings, hopefully with greater explanation than you have found before. Our purpose in giving this material is to help you understand what you and your planet are going through and to assist you in your awakening process. The names of entities are of limited value, whereas the “energy signatures” as this channel calls them, are of greater use. Every being in the universe has a unique vibration and it is to your advantage to learn how to recognize the individuals and groups mentioned above. They are here to help. They love you. They cherish you. We love and cherish you. Although we have a vast consciousness, we are not always the best ones to assist in different situations in your lives. Each being and group has a specific function. It is up to you to ask for help from the right group for the right job.

Next, we will tell you what some of the major responsibilities are of each being or group we have mentioned above.

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Extremely helpful & timely post, thank you!

At 08:13, Blogger Starmandala said...

Extremely helpful & timely post, thank you!

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