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Orion, Draco, Illuminati --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
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The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes
Orion constellation: Orion's belt in the middle (3 stars), bright-yellow Betelgeuse at top left, bright-blue Rigel at bottom right.Orion constellation: Orion's belt in the middle (3 stars), bright-yellow Betelgeuse at top left, bright-blue Rigel at bottom right.

The Light and Dark Orions

The largest group of souls on Earth are the Orions. This is due mostly to the so-called “Luciferian Rebellion” that occurred about a half a million years ago on Earth. During that event, detailed in “The History of the Earth,” souls from Rigel and Betelguese in the constellation of Orion came to Earth in large numbers. It was a quiet invasion in the sense that they incarnated into the mostly Pleiadean humanity, diluting the Pleiadean DNA with their Orion DNA, with hardly an eyebrow being raised. The Orion DNA was more aggressive and warrior-like than the peaceful Pleiadean DNA, but it was a close enough match that hardly any souls on Earth were even aware of the subtle changes taking place in “human nature” until it was too late. Some of the competitiveness in humans is due to identification with the animal form (3D body), but most of it was bred into humans by the introduction of Orion DNA, in combination with Draco DNA. You even have a term, “reptilian brain,” that describes the aggressive, competitive centers of the brain.

At this juncture, you have many exotic combinations of Orion and Draco hybrids among the human race. As the Earth approaches the Galactic Shift, many feelings and impressions will be triggered within the DNA of these hybrids. Some of the humans with a higher percentage of the more negative Orion-Draco DNA may begin exhibiting more violent characteristics, depending on how attached they are to the ways of the negative Orions and Dracos. Others will find themselves drawn to the light and may spend a lot of time and effort “atoning” for the sins of the past.

Unfortunately (from a third density viewpoint), it will be very difficult for most of the Orions to move out of third density and remain with the Earth. Although the Orions within their own constellation have evolved significantly since the time of the Luciferian Rebellion and are now about 80% light, the Orions on Earth are only about 20% light. While 20% light Orions sounds a lot better than 10% light Dracos, the sheer numbers of negative Orions will figure prominently in the number of humans who end up exiting the Earth during the Galactic Shift.

The souls of the Orions will make a decision, sometime between now and 2012, if they have not already done so. They will decide whether or not they are able to take in enough light to be able to remain with the Earth during her transition. It will be an arduous task for many of them, but the decision made by the soul will prevail.

Those that have been on a conscious path of soul evolution will have an easier time than those who start waking up at the last minute because their Earthly lives are in a shambles.

Keep in mind, beloved Creators, that it is not wrong for souls to exit the Earth. Every being in Creation eventually discovers that there is a perfect Divine Plan underneath all the seeming disorder and chaos. As stated many times prior, there are several planets already set up to receive disincarnating souls. Most Orions will receive top-notch instruction from the more enlightened leaders of these planets. In some cases, the planets receiving disembodied Orions will be more negatively polarized in the sense that they will be set up primarily to receive warring factions who wish to continue their conflicts. However, such planets will be quarantined and unable to influence the more peaceful Orions entering other planetary spheres.

ETs Influencing Earth from the Astral Realms

There are a number of ETs that have not been able to accomplish their purpose for being here simply by monitoring the Earth in spaceships, or incarnating into the gene pool and taking on a human form. Such entities will often resort to inhabiting the parallel dimensions that are closely related to Earth's dimension. They are influencing humanity from within the invisible sub-planes of the astral. While many astral sub-planes are filled with soul fragments, discarnate entities and the like, there are also sub-planes that contain various ET races that are studying and influencing the Earth. The Dracos are one such race.

The mechanics of how souls inhabit the various sub-planes will need to be left for another discussion at a later date, as it is a very complex subject requiring many volumes to describe sufficiently. In this book, we will only discuss the role of the dark Dracos and dark Orions in the astral realms.

The Light and Dark Dracos and their Future on Earth

Approximately 10% of the Dracos have made a choice to move toward the Light, meaning that they are recognizing the natural progression of all life forms to grow up and become like our Creator. For some, it will be a long and rocky road, especially due to the tremendous amounts of negative karma generated by the Draco races over the last 10 million years. Unlike the Lyra/Vega humanoids, the Dracos began their evolution in another galactic system and migrated here, taking up residence primarily in the Alpha Draconis star system. Like all sentient life forms in this local universe, they were given free will. Like most of the free will entities exploring the outer worlds, they fell in vibration and became identified with the lower densities.

As various star races fell in vibration and became lost in materiality, wars broke out between the various factions that were fighting for physical survival. The wars were usually over so-called “scarce” resources, at least at the surface level, but at a more fundamental state the wars were about who was going to wrestle and grab control of a particular world or group of worlds. The ego's insatiable desire for power and supremacy was the major factor in the decline of the Dracos. Only a few were able to keep the memory of the soul intact, and fewer still were able to create a peaceful existence among the warring factions.

The vast majority of the Dracos who came to Earth were outcasts among their own people. They were often the criminals who were cast out of their home world and forced to find a life for themselves elsewhere in the cosmos. Termed the “laggard souls” by some Earth teachers, these lizard-like beings made their way into your sector of the Galaxy and tried at first to land directly on the Earth in their lizard forms, but when they found the atmosphere and gravity not to their liking, resorted to incarnating into human bodies. As stated in our earlier work, “The History of the Earth,” the dragons of your mythology are the early Dracos in native form.

The Draco star system, like the Constellation of Orion and many others, has evolved significantly since the exodus to Earth of the renegade Dracos. While Alpha Draconis is still largely negative, in the sense that most Dracos there still have not embraced the idea of an ascending soul path, there are nevertheless some great achievements within the Draco worlds.

The Draco high council, composed mostly of seventh density Dracos that long ago went through ascension, has been sending ambassadors to the Earth for some time now in order to help bring the dark Dracos back to the light.

You must remember, dear Creators, that these light vs. dark realities are strictly confined to the lower densities, but since the vast majority of humans are in third and fourth densities, it is necessary to explain what is taking place in those realms in terms that are familiar to you. So let us proceed.

As the Earth changes accelerate, the Draco high councils, composed of enlightened seventh density beings, have been sending the best and the brightest of the Dracos to incarnate on Earth in the hopes that they can balance out the largely negative Draco presence in the astral realms surrounding Earth as well as the human-Draco hybrids that currently walk among you. Some teachers have given the name “dragon children” to the enlightened Dracos currently incarnating into human form.

Without spending too much time giving information that is already available from a variety of sources, let us refresh your memory as to the current role and function of the dark Dracos on your Earth. The dark Dracos currently exist in two forms upon your planet. They roam the lower and middle astral realms as soul fragments, with the intent of possessing as many humans as possible, meaning attaching their energies to the souls of humans (regardless of the DNA composition of the hosts, but definitely attaching to those humans with a lot of Draco DNA), and they exist as incarnated humans, usually in combination with Orion, Sirian and in some cases Andromedan DNA.

There has been a lot of erroneous information given out regarding the ability of Dracos to shape-shift into human form in order to appear as normal human beings. In reality, shape-shifting is a very advanced technique reserved for those souls who have evolved into ninth density or higher. The apparent shape-shifting that clairvoyants are seeing is really just simple astral possession. The astral soul fragments of the dark Dracos, hungry to sap the energy and life force from unsuspecting humans, wander the astral realms in search of those humans who most closely match their distorted energy fields. The preferred targets are those humans with a lust for power and control, since those are the dominant vibrations of the dark Dracos. Unable to control Earth directly due to their incompatibility with Earth's atmosphere and gravity, they resort to attempting to control Earth from the astral realms, or through incarnating into human form. Entering into the bodies of world leaders who already have a strong illusion of power and control is highly desirable for the dark Dracos, as it is the next best thing to having the Earth all to themselves.

Incarnating into human form presents a lot of difficulties for the dark Dracos because the vehicles through which they incarnate are rarely of pure Draco DNA to begin with. As you know, most humans are a composite of many different star races, and so the incarnated Dracos end up diluting their DNA with other strains when incarnating.

Your world leaders are largely possessed by the dark Dracos. According to the recent statistics offered by the Akashic records, almost 60% of the presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, elected leaders, dictators, etc., are partially or totally possessed by the dark Dracos and their brethren, the dark Orions.

While the dark Orions make up a much larger percentage of the overall numbers of humanity (and souls wandering the astral realms), it is the dark Dracos that get most of the press due to their very intense negative presence and thirst for power and control. Such qualities are a bit more subtle, but nevertheless dominant, in the dark Orions.

The dark Dracos are continually seeking ways to perfect their bloodlines and introduce new warrior-strains of DNA into the mix. They experiment with humans in order to extract certain elements from the DNA. They consider humans to be fodder for their own selfish gains. However, due to the large presence of enlightened ETs and ascended beings in and around Earth (as part of the Seventh Dispensation), the ability of the dark Dracos to control Earth has been greatly curtailed. If you are not dominated by fear, malice, greed, anger and the need to control others, you will likely not be the direct target of a Draco attack (physical, astral or otherwise).

Recognizing the plight of the Dracos and understanding their consciousness is very important, as going into denial only furthers their agenda. The dark Dracos (and dark Orions) depend on the ignorance of the masses in order to carry out their agenda on Earth. Many of them are beginning to realize that their time on Earth is almost up due to the accelerating energies of the Galactic Shift and precessional alignment. Therefore, they are getting more desperate in their attempts to wrestle control of the Earth from the Lyra/Vega style humanoids. This is why most of you are experiencing massive fluctuations in energy from day to day on Earth. You have been told by your seers that a battle rages in the heavens. This is only true from the viewpoint of the lower densities. We in the higher realms do not engage in these meaningless conflicts, but we point them out to you in order to assist you in breaking free. It is difficult to transcend illusions if you do not know the difference between truth and illusions.

The main value in discussing the role of the dark Dracos is to help you understand what you are seeing on the stage of world affairs and leadership. Very few of the so-called leaders of your world actually understand that they are being possessed by negative ETs. They consider the greed, competition, warrior-like mentality and power games to be part of human nature. Most of them believe they are doing what is right and good. Many are deluded by religious belief systems that seem to justify their actions.

A significant number of world leaders possessed by dark Dracos and Orions believe they are fulfilling religious prophecy by starting wars in the Middle East. They do not realize that the dark Sirians brought most of the religious prophecies to Earth in order to remain in control of the populace. The majority of dark Dracos and dark Orions are simply falling into the same trap as the dark Sirians. For now, however, we will confine our discussion to the dark Dracos.

Very soon, the vibration of Earth will no longer support the presence of the dark Dracos, and they will be forced to release their host bodies and move into a parallel astral plane around another planet more suited to their level of vibration. This has already begun in some instances, but it will be more noticeable by 2008.

Some of the world leaders will “return” to their human senses and start being more loving and compassionate, while others will likely enter into a state of temporary insanity. A few might take their own lives, or find another convenient way to exit the planet. Some might choose to become “victims” of warfare and insurrection. Only if they are able to influence a massive number of ignorant humans will their charade be able to continue much longer, and even then, it will only last a few more years. They are capable of taking down a large number of unsuspecting souls with them (i.e., leading the blind over the edge of the cliff). It is up to each one of you to extricate yourselves from their influence by psychologically clearing ALL of your negative emotional patterns and negative belief systems. You have our help and the help of thousands of ascended beings in your quest to break free.

The Illusion of Heaven

The dark Dracos and dark Orions, with the assistance of others within the Illuminati, are considering staging an event, using sophisticated technology, designed to simulate the “rapture,” a Christian term that refers to a distorted perception of the ascension. Some of the Illuminati members may appear in front of the masses as holographic projections, having the intention of fooling the people into believing they are messengers from God. Their real motive is to influence the unsuspecting populace into coming aboard their spacecraft or entering into their underground bases, where they will become enslaved to the “New World Order” of the Illuminati, in one form or another.

If enough enlightened Dracos and Orions expose this sinister plot, the Illuminati will be forced to come up with another scheme in their vain attempt to retain control of Earth.

The light Dracos are increasing in number on planet Earth. They are coming into embodiment by the thousands as the “dragon children.” They are the peaceful warriors. They will not tolerate war, conflict, poverty and misery. They will team up with the light Orions to help bring an end to the suffering on Earth. Although they are only about ten percent of the Draco population, they have the backing of many benevolent groups, including enlightened Andromedans, enlightened Pleiadeans and enlightened Sirians.

ETs Influencing the Earth from the Etheric Realms

The Role of the Sirians

One of the brightest spots in the light-dark drama unfolding on Earth involves the Sirians. As you may recall from this channel's work and our treatise on “The History of the Earth,” the Sirians (from both Sirius A and Sirius B star systems) were among the gods of ancient Egypt and Greece, as well as the gods of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. They are also found in other religious scriptures under various references.

Like the Dracos and Orions, the Sirians fell in vibration and became identified with the 3D realm. Originally coming in starships and stepping directly onto Earthly soil, they blended in quite well with the Pleiadean style humanoids, having similar enough features to not arouse suspicion. However, as they fell in vibration, they became infatuated with the idea of having power and control over the ordinary people that did not have spaceships with advanced technology. They used their technological advantage to portray themselves as gods with extraordinary powers. They became addicted to this power and relished the idea of having disciples that worshipped them. They played the “guru” game for many thousands of years, forming cults, secret societies, priesthoods and mystery schools, alongside the more genuinely spiritually-oriented schools of the Pleiadeans. The present-day Illuminati, which started out as a method of genuine spiritual development, quickly became corrupted by the egos of the Sirians.

Today many of the Sirians have evolved to fourth density and are occupying the higher astral and lower etheric planes around Earth. Therefore the majority of them are invisible to human sight, although they do have physical spaceships around the Earth as well.

The Influence of the Illuminati

The Illuminati figures prominently in the events taking place on Earth because it is comprised of a combination of Dracos, Orions, Sirians and Pleiadeans (as well as a few Andromedans). The corrupted priesthoods operated mostly by Sirians became the secret societies of the Illuminati, including the well-known ones such as the Masonic Order and the Order of Rosicrusians. Today, approximately 10% of the members of the upper echelons of these orders are lightworkers, while the vast majority are mesmerized by the idea of having secret power over others and are, therefore, of the dark persuasion.

Many of the higher-order members of these secret societies are aware of the ET presence on Earth and know that there are massive changes in store for the people of Earth. The light and dark Sirians have taught the leaders of these groups about the coming changes (from their perspective) and the unenlightened Sirians embodied within the Illuminati have taken on the belief that they are God's “chosen ones” and deserve a special place in the grand scheme of things. Therefore, they have enlisted the help of the military powers of Earth to dig vast underground tunnels and cities where their members plan to retreat during the more cataclysmic changes. Their plan, of course, is to recolonize the Earth once things settle down.

What the incarnated Sirians and their followers do not realize is that even if they survive physically, they will still need to acclimate to the fourth density vibration of the emerging Earth. Their bodies, hidden deep within the Earth, are still subject to Earth's vibration, and their immune systems will likely fail if they do not keep pace with Earth as she ascends. Our view of the Akashic field of Earth suggests that more souls will depart from failed immune systems than from all other causes combined. Of course, the true cause of the death of the physical bodies of souls can be masked by the apparent introduction of exotic viruses and bacteria, but these invading organisms cannot assail a body that is in harmony with the dominant vibration of Earth. So to the unenlightened Sirians, God is going to pour his wrath out upon the Earth in the form of plague and pestilence.

Many Sirians have “seen the light” and are spending a great deal of time and effort “atoning” for their past sins. Their incarnate members are most likely to be found in social service agencies and humanitarian projects, helping the poor and needy. The more enlightened Sirians in physical form monitoring the Earth from spacecraft are the ones behind the concept of mass evacuations. They are on a Messiah trip and are planning to rescue human souls from the adversities of Earthly decay and destruction. They are perfectly willing to play the role of gods beaming up the “chosen ones” to their ships of heavenly delight. Once these deluded souls are taken aboard the Sirian ships, the Sirians will have to figure out what to do with them. The more enlightened ones (but not enlightened enough to respect the free will of humans) will no doubt help them assimilate into Sirian culture on Sirius A and B, or will bring them back down to Earth when the changes subside, again demanding to be their gods while they rebuild their cities.

The problem with this scenario (aside from the obvious guru trip) is that beaming up large numbers of souls from the Earth deprives such souls of their need for Earthly soul experience. Except in rare cases where it is advantageous to save someone of great importance, most Earth souls need to be on Earth during the time of great turbulence in order to integrate and clear their karmic issues. Just as most souls chose to go down with the ship of Atlantis, most souls will stay with the Earth and possibly perish during her changes.

It is hard for the average human to understand the hows and whys of respecting free will. Often this is because of the judgments inherent within both the rescuers and the evacuees. Souls being beamed aboard Sirian craft will think they are God's chosen people and have been saved because they are more valuable than the humans dying on the surface of the planet. This is not the case. From an ultimate viewpoint (our viewpoint), all scenarios are equally part of the Divine Plan. However, some choices are for the highest and best soul growth of individuals, and some are not. Some choices cause needless delay in the learning of soul lessons. Other choices perpetuate suffering and misery. While ultimately all choices lead to God, there are some paths that are more direct than others.

Beloved Creators, if it is part of your highest soul path to be beamed aboard Sirian ships, then so be it. But do not be deceived by the concept that you are special and chosen by God because you were whisked away when things began getting a bit rough on Earth's surface. Many more of you who are truly becoming enlightened will be needed to assist on the surface of Earth as things get a bit more intense. If our vision of the Akashic field of Earth is correct (and it most likely is despite variations in free will), then you that are vibrating at fourth density and above will be walking among large numbers of humans whose immune systems are failing. They are getting sick and dying. They need love, compassion and help in carrying out their basic human tasks. Who is going to help them if you are sitting safely aboard the deck of the Starship Enterprise? (We borrowed that line from a popular TV series of yours.)

The Sirians' attempts to atone for their past mistakes are admirable, but they have a long way to go before they truly understand and respect human free will. Offering someone your version of paradise might make you feel good in the short term, but is it for the highest and best soul growth of the ones you are “saving?”

Another problem with the Sirian redemption plan is that there may be other less-savory ETs taking advantage of the charity of the Sirians to further their own agendas. One group of Draco hybrids is anxiously awaiting the destruction of Earth and mass evacuation of humans so they can beam down and take over what remains. Others are busy dreaming up ways to deceive humans into thinking they are the “good guys.” They might decide to stage what looks like a Divine Intervention, complete with mirrors, holograms, lasers and projection screens, to entice unsuspecting humans to come aboard the spaceships. Once aboard, they will be implanted and turned into servants of their reptilian masters.

You might be asking, “With all of these elaborate plans to save or enslave us, how do we discern the right thing to do for our maximum soul growth and well-being?”

That is one of the reasons we intervene in the affairs of Earth at the end of each galactic cycle. It is a great opportunity to dramatically advance your soul progress and to do so in a loving and compassionate way. Those of you aware enough of your own process to be reading this have already asked yourselves these questions many times. We cannot give you a pat answer, nor would we even if we could. We are here to point out the pitfalls and rewards of the spiritual path, and to help you consider your various options. It is up to your own free will to make a choice as to what is the best path for you and all concerned.

Meditating, praying, growing and learning to the best of your ability will strengthen your connection to your God Presence. Your God Presence is always with you. You ARE your God Presence. Your ability to identify with the highest part of yourself will greatly enhance your ability to weather the Earth changes. This channel and others teach a lot of specific techniques and processes for getting more in touch with your own Divine Essence. We are pointing out some of the intricacies of the Earth drama in order to help you understand what is taking place on the external stage, but your own state of consciousness and the healing of your inner selves is always the most important part of the path.

Most of the ETs associated with the Earth are doing what they feel is the right thing – for them anyway. We encourage you to bless them, pray for them, and send them light to help them wake up to the glorious truth that they and you are One.

The dark Dracos, Orions and Sirians are aspects of your One Self that believe they are separate from the Creator. Shine your limitless Love and Compassion into their hearts to help them awaken to their own magnificence, so they will stop trying to steal the magnificence of other souls in a vain attempt to save themselves.

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