Friday, November 27, 2009

Faerie Elemental Inner Earth Babaji -The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
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The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

The Faerie and Elemental Realms

As Earth ascends, you will be drawn closer to what this channel calls the “higher etheric realms.” This is where the nature spirits, faeries, sprites, devas and other fairy folk dwell. As you increase your vibration and expand your consciousness, you will become aware of the spirits that are all around you. While it is possible to become more aware of the lower and middle astral realms, those realms will have less and less appeal to you as you move into the etheric consciousness. Instead, you will be drawn to the loving and kind spirits of the higher etheric planes, including most of the faeries and devas. You can call upon these helpers to assist you in feeling closer to the Earth. They will help you anticipate climate changes and where you should be physically for the greatest comfort and joy. They will help you grow your gardens and find good drinking water. They are Earth specialists.

The Inner Earth

There are civilizations dwelling deep within the Earth in the higher etheric realms. In the physical realm, the inner Earth is mostly molten iron and other metals, but in the higher etheric state, there is a complete inner Earth, with cities, gardens, and all manner of delight. Some of these legendary cities you have heard of, including Shamballa, Telos and Poseidon. The beings from the inner Earth are similar to the nature spirits from surface Earth, at least in overall level of vibration. As you raise your vibration, you will gain access to the inner Earth, if it is appropriate for your soul growth, and you may be invited to visit these etheric cities. These inner etheric beings are not to be confused with the physical beings who hide in tunnels and caverns within the Earth because they are afraid of the Earth changes happening on the surface.

Higher Density Beings Temporarily on Earth

It is very difficult for higher density beings to materialize a human body and walk among you. Nevertheless, a few brave souls always make the attempt during each human era upon Earth. There are seldom more than 100 souls in this category at any given time. Often they will come and go from the Earth at regular intervals to refresh and regenerate in the higher realms before materializing once again on the surface of your world.

They usually bring through a lot of advanced teachings during their limited time on Earth, often passing those teachings down to enlightened humans to in turn pass down through various lineages of teachers. They are called, in Eastern terms, “avatars.”

One such avatar is popularly known as “Babaji,” which is a Sanskrit word meaning “God in the form of man.” Over the last 100 years, there have been numerous reports of Babaji materializing various bodies just long enough to bring through sacred teachings, such as Kriya yoga.

Babaji is a ninth density being from the Central Sun of the galaxy working in alliance with the brotherhoods (and sisterhoods) of Light. There are many others who are lesser known. Most of them live high in the mountains and are very particular in whom they train as their students. They realize that they cannot mingle among the populations of Earth without dropping in vibration.

Some avatars have worked their way up through many lifetimes on Earth instead of coming from advanced civilizations in other star systems. As they ascend, they are given the option of going elsewhere in the universe, or working with Earth from the higher realms. While the majority of souls who have ascended in times past on Earth are now assisting Earth from other realms, these few souls made the decision to materialize bodies on Earth. It is a rare treat if you get to meet one of these souls in physical form. If you do, it is because your soul (and the soul of the avatar) feel this is the highest and best way to reach enlightenment.

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just a correction:
"Babaji" actually means father(addressed respectfully)..Mahavatar has the meaning which you have given, i.e: A great human form of God...


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