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ETs on and around Earth --The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

The Role and Function of ETs and Ascended Beings during the Changes

It is suggested that you read “The Real History of the Earth,” a 10-part series of messages given in 2005 through this channel, as a prerequisite for the material currently being disseminated. If our current messages are included in the same book as the 2005 messages, you will likely have read the history of the Earth earlier in this book if you are reading the chapters in order, so you will already be familiar with this background information. (The 10-part series is also offered in standalone format on the channel's website.)

To refresh your memory, there have been many races from various star systems involved in the development of the human race. Your DNA is a composite of your ancestral lineage of this lifetime plus the combined experiences you have had during your past lives on Earth. In addition, you have within your DNA a memory of all lifetimes and experiences you have had as an individual soul on other worlds, other star systems, other dimensions and other time frames.

The Nature of Timelines

The universe is not linear, although there are linear timelines that run through the fabric of eternity. As a soul, you have explored many of these timelines, not necessarily in any kind of order. Order implies time and when you are in the part of your Self that is beyond time, the idea of a sequence of events becomes meaningless. In essence, everything is happening now, including your so-called past lives, parallel lives, other self lives, etc. Ultimately, you are God, choosing to express through individual human bodies. As an individual soul, you are a unique part of God choosing to express through the body whose eyes are viewing this page. Although it may seem impossible to your surface mind, it is possible to view reality through the eyes of any of God's creations. This is, of course, only possible when you are not perceiving life from the viewpoint of the ego. The ego is necessary in your world in order to function as human individuals with seemingly separate bodies. However, your consciousness does not need to be identified with the ego. It is free to travel the cosmos and explore other realms and other lifetimes.

Many of you that are here on Earth now, have already been through spiritual ascension many times. In some cases, you have explored future timelines and have come back in time for the express purpose of participating in the Galactic Shift on Earth. As stated before, the past and future are not set in stone, but consist of an infinite number of possible and probable realities. The realities given the most energy and attention, or that are believed by the greatest number of souls, are the dominant timelines. The reason for reviewing the nature of timelines is to prepare you for our discussion of the various non-human beings associated with Earth. Not all of them are evolving in the same timeline as Earth. While this can be confusing to your linear minds, it makes sense when viewed from a higher perspective.

The Nature of the ETs on and around Earth

Returning to the subject of Earth's helpers, we would like to divide them into various categories to assist in your understanding.

(1) Physical ETs from other star systems (beings who have stepped off spaceships and are walking among you or are sharing airspace with your conventional aircraft)

(2) Astral entities, including ETs in astral form (not the same as phase-shifted entities)

(3) Etheric entities, including fourth and fifth density beings, devas, faeries, elementals, etc.

(4) Higher density entities temporarily residing in this dimension (beings who have stepped down their vibration to appear in human form)

(5) Walk-ins (permanent trance channels, partial or total soul transfers)

(6) Higher density entities telepathing through Earth channels (angels, ascended masters, Creator Gods, ETs from the celestial and God planes)

(7) Other higher density entities helping quietly without general human knowledge

(8) Future versions of yourselves and others coming back in time to assist you

Categories (1) and (2) above include entities that are not entirely aligned with Divine Principles. Although this section is entitled “Helpers,” it would not be complete without some discussion of those that hinder, sometimes with the intention of helping, but without the understanding of human free will necessary to truly be of help.

We will begin with a discussion of the ETs present in physical form on or around your Earth.

Physical ETs associated with Earth at the present time

This information is continually being updated by those humans who are dedicated to monitoring and researching the ET presence. Our discussion will be current as of late 2007 and early 2008. We will do our best to anticipate the levels of activity leading up to 2012, based on communication we have with some of these groups, and our understanding of their intentions.

ETs Walking Among Humans, and the Non-Intervention Policy

There are a relatively small number of ETs walking among humans. The reason for the small numbers should be obvious. First of all, only a few species are able to blend in without causing suspicion. Only a few species can tolerate your atmosphere and gravity. Even fewer can spend a significant amount of time on Earth without falling in vibration or getting sick from the pollution that is everywhere.

Some of your people naively wonder why ET doesn't just land in front of your governmental centers, step out of the ship and shake hands with your presidents and prime ministers, all in front of national television. Things are not that simple.

As you know, there are forces on your world that are not friendly toward other life forms. There are some that would appear friendly on the outside, but would have a hidden agenda to steal ET technology, or even to kill and dissect ET, or even worse, expect ET to solve all of humanity's problems. All you need do is look at the bulk of your sci-fi movies and television series to see how the mind of humanity works regarding ETs. It is true that in recent years, a more enlightened genre of sci-fi films has emerged, including “ET – The Extraterrestrial,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Starman,” and “Star Trek,” to name a few. The early movies that showed mostly battles with savage ETs (usually from Mars) have been replaced with a more eclectic view of the universe.

To many of you it is obvious that a great number of the ideas presented in sci-fi programs are stimulated by actual events in the universe. The higher minds of film and television producers and writers are fertile ground for receiving telepathic transmissions from various ETs. Only a few of them would acknowledge the source of their ideas. Certainly many of their visions come from within their own God Presence or are spontaneous creations of their imaginations, but nevertheless there are some strong parallels to what is actually taking place in the cosmos.

In your television series “Star Trek,” there is something called the “prime directive,” which is amazingly similar to the Galactic Confederation's policy of non-interference. This means that ET cannot simply land wherever and whenever he pleases and announce himself to the natives of the various worlds with fanfare and chest-beating. The intricacies of free will are tricky, even for us. It is, in fact, our greatest challenge when dealing with humans and other similar life forms.

So the most obvious reason why ETs have not made a public appearance on your world has to do with the policy of non-intervention that is still functioning on all but the most extreme of levels. Although there is a Divine Dispensation authorizing help from outside of Earth, that authorization comes with a few rules and regulations. First of all, direct intervention is limited to neutralizing certain weapons of mass destruction and keeping the EM grid system of your planet balanced and functioning. None of us have been allowed to openly declare our presence in front of your television cameras.

Renegade ETs

That said, there have been a few races that have defied orders from “on high,” and are intervening in ways that are not authorized. Most of these races do not have your best interests at heart. Most of those that are landing physically and walking among you do not want to be found out because they have hidden agendas designed to either take over your planet or enslave you to meet their selfish ends. A few are simply curious and are studying humanity at close range, but they are in the minority.

Think about it for a moment. If the “good guys” are not allowed to intervene, who is most likely to intervene? They are not going to announce themselves publicly because they know there are more of you than there are of them, and quite frankly, they tend to view other races as “enemies” (not surprising since their consciousness of fear is projected outward wherever they go). We are not saying all of the visiting ETs are coming from fear. There are some races that simply do not understand the non-intervention policy or are justifying their presence because they are on a Messiah trip.

Since the 1940s on your world, there have been between 16,000 and 23,000 ETs in physical form walking among you, mostly from the Orion and Sirian races. A small number of Zeta Reticulins and hybrid Dracos have also walked on Earth in their native form during that time, but only with the protection of black operatives within the world's governments and militaries, or in secret and remote sections of the planet. They do not look enough like humans to be able to blend in.

A few fourth density Pleiadeans have also walked among you, but they are relatively easy to spot, as their facial features and stature are a bit different than yours.

Some of the races are here to help humanity and are simply not very wise about how to go about helping. Most of the physical visitors, however, have their own agenda. They are either mining the Earth's resources, monitoring the progress of humanity with the intent of taking over this world after you destroy yourselves, or have in mind a more sinister agenda of enslaving you to do physical labor for them, or to participate in breeding experiments, or in some extreme cases, to serve as food for them.

While there is a great deal of sensational press regarding those who would harvest humans for food, we assure you that such groups are in an extreme minority and are not allowed to proliferate upon your world. There are some more benevolent ET groups that are “policing” the heavens around Earth to keep the invaders at bay. Although these “police” might actually be helping in some instances, they are still violating the policy of non-interference.

The vast majority of ETs who wish to help the Earth choose to go through the incarnational process so that they can understand first-hand what you are going through. This is an act of selfless sacrifice in the sense that most races forget their purpose and mission once they reach Earth in the form of human bodies. The birth process itself is quite traumatic for most souls, whether human or otherwise.

Up until recently, there were no limitations on who could incarnate on Earth. That is one of the reasons there are so many races on your world. Earth is truly a melting pot of the galaxy. A lot of the problems on Earth stem from the fact that a lot of the “undesirables” found safe haven on Earth. A lot of other planets in the immediate vicinity of your spiral arm are unsuitable for the renegade and “laggard” souls, but Earth had an open door policy and did not turn away anyone who wanted to incarnate there.

Star Races on Earth

At the present time on Earth, there are over 22 star races incarnate on Earth. The vast majority of incarnated souls have a blend of several star systems within their DNA, meaning they have experienced multiple lifetimes on other worlds before coming to Earth. In some cases, souls have alternated between Earth and other worlds during their soul history. Those souls that have had the majority of their lifetimes on other worlds and are relatively new to Earth are often called “starseeds.”

In the channel's hardcopy book, “Life On the Cutting Edge,” a breakdown of the percentages of the various star races is included. Since that book was published, the numbers have only changed slightly. There are fewer Zeta Reticulins now, for example.

As Earth increases her vibration, there will be limits on who can incarnate. Once Earth reaches the fourth density, only souls vibrating at fourth density and higher will be able to take on human bodies (or light bodies in the case of fifth density). That means the races that are still stuck in 3D will be unable to continue coming to Earth. They will incarnate on other 3D planets.

Many of you who are reading this were once ETs who incarnated into human form. In essence you are all ETs because you emerged as souls in seventh density long before you ever came to Earth. Some of you are more identified with Earth than others. If you have a lot of the original Pleiadean DNA, you are considered “root race,” but it is rare to find souls that have spent their entire progression of lifetimes strictly on the Earth.

The purpose of this section of the treatise is to detail the roles of the various ETs and helpers during the Earth changes. We will not elaborate on the history of ET intervention on your world. Some of that information is available in the History of the Earth series, and some is available through other channels. This channel can furnish you with a recommended reading list.

We will, however, give you a progress report on the various groups visiting your Earth and to the best of our ability, detail what we believe to be their intentions during the coming years. As with you, they have free will and can change their minds, so this information may need revision at times.

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