Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ego, Manifestation and Intention -- AA Uriel

Our ascension journey can be summed up very simply, it is a process of helping the ego find its place in the Universe. We must learn that we are not less than God, we are God and the ego will not be displaced by our spiritual nature, it will learn to work in partnership with it. With ascension we make a choice to be in the ego or in partnership with spirit. And we can tell where we are in this process by how we manifest and how easily it works for us.

From the ego's perspective life is harsh, cruel, hard work and every step is a challenge. We have to fight for every bit of progress and examples of our success can be found by what we can create in the material world. The ego uses the power of nothing to create more of everything so it feels safe and secure because it finds power in having. It is grounded in the physical world by its possessions because that is the nature of the third dimension, ego's home.

The Universe knows that eventually the ego will realize that there is a limit to the joy that our things can bring us and that it is the inner world that is more powerful than anything on the outside. As we can see in today's economic situation, everyone is turning from the accumulation of material items to their inner world. The ego has found the upper limit to the joy and peace it can create when working alone. Now it is ready for partnership with spirit.

Our challenge on earth is to come to terms with the scope of our limitless power. When we experience problems, heartbreak and challenges we blame it on the Universe, bad luck, karma and forces outside of ourselves. We have to come to the understanding that it is us, everything is part of us, including the power to move the mountains that we have put in our way.
The Universe waits for us to remember who we are and that is much more than the small view of ourselves that the ego holds. When we can see beyond the ego's limited horizon into the vast unknown that is 'no thing' waiting to become form at our request, we can manifest the reality that our heart desires and teach the ego about the effortless creation which stems from our inner power and creates unconditional love, joy and peace in all areas of our life.

Effort versus Intention

From the questions I have been receiving from many of you, I realize that there is some confusion about how to create that next step. Once you have learned your lessons and have their understanding, what do you do next? You do not want to create more lessons so you are careful about what you are manifesting. You have learned about effortlessness and sometimes wait for guidance and direction, which does not always come to you. This is frustrating because you are ready to more forward but that direction is not very clear. If you are at the point of effortless manifestation, do you have to do anything at all?

Is "no effort" the opposite of effort? If we can manifest effortlessly, does this mean we can just sit around doing nothing, waiting for the next thing to manifest? Not exactly. The opposite of creating through effort, where we work hard to make things happen, is not 'no effort', it is intention. Instead of working hard and pushing ourselves to create, we use our intention to manifest what we want. That sounds easy, we can sit around and think about what we want and it happens. Not exactly.

Intention is more than just thinking about having something and it appears. Intention requires faith and trust, our beliefs have to be aligned with our intention, we must be free of fear and detached from what we want to create, which leaves us open to the highest possible outcomes, miracles and blessings that are beyond our imagining. Intention requires patience because we are working at the level of all of humanity, the entire Universe and beyond. Manifesting through intention is working at the level of pure energy and creation at a quantum level, uniting our desires and the flow of the Universal energy to create in an effortless stream.

Using effort and hard work gives us the satisfaction that we are doing something. Intention requires some physical effort but beyond that, we have to trust that everything is moving forward even if we do not have immediate proof. And we must be willing to go through any doors that open, look at every opportunity that presents itself and decide whether it is aligned with what we want. With intention we create effortlessly because we are working at our highest level, being powerful, with faith and patience, aligned with our purpose and believing that miracles do happen, and they can happen for us.

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Jennifer Hoffman

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fear of Speed & Losing Friends -- Bashar

Question: Hello.

Bashar: And to you, good day.

Q: I have a question about a fear that I became aware of a couple of
years ago.

B: Speak up. Speak up. Speak up!

Q: I have a question about a fear that I became aware of a couple of
years ago.

B: Yes. Is it still with you?

Q: Yes.

B: All right.

Q: It's a fear of speed, a fear of crashing if l go too fast.

B: Crashing, if you go too fast.

Q: And it started out very simply, so that if l was with someone who
drove too fast, or did a jackrabbit start or something, I would just
get terrified.

B: Jackrabbit start.

Q: Yes... You are such a trip! ... So my question is, where did the
fear come from, and what can I do to keep it from limiting me as it
does at times?

B: May I ask you a question?

Q: Yes.

B: Thank you! If you went as fast as you thought you could go, do you
think you would out-distance everyone and leave them behind?

Q: Yes. It leaves me with a feeling of loneliness.

B: Do you recognize that for every vibration you are willing to be --
for every frequency, for every reality you are willing to be -- there
is always an infinite amount of beings already waiting on that level
for you to join them?

Q: But then I would have to leave behind the people.

B: No, no, no. You will encounter the aspects of those individuals
that already exist on the level you're going to.

Now, the idea again is to understand that the external representation
does not carry meaning intrinsically. Therefore, it is not a matter of
leaving someone behind, literally. The idea simply is that everyone
already exists on every level there is to exist upon; everyone has an
aspect on every level.

Some of them are more or less focused, more or less concentrated, more or less expressed. But they have aspects on every level of reality you can possibly exist upon. You will still be dealing with them, in an
overall sense, but you will be dealing with the version of them that
is most representative of the level you have now created yourself to
exist upon as well.

So you haven't, in a sense, left them behind. You have joined another
facet of them. Understand?

Q: Kind of; but it sounds like I'm already somewhere else.

B: We are only using your colloquial language, because there is no
other way to say it. You never really go anywhere -- not literally.
All motion is an illusion; it is all here, now! It is only the idea of
listening to another program because you have shifted your dial.

Q: Yes.

B: The other program, the one you are no longer listening to, is still
there. It is simply that you are now expressing a preference for
another program. Now, you do not have to feel the idea of loss or
regret or sadness. That is only based upon the assumption that you
actually are literally detached from them. You aren't.

The idea also is that you can be of best service to them by being most
fully who you are, because then, if they desire to join you -- by
seeing who you fully are -- they then get an idea, by seeing the
example in you, of what it is they need to be to match you, to join

Now, if they don't want to match you, if they do not want, in that
way, to share with the you you prefer to be, then why would you want
to share directly with them? Understand?

In other words: the idea of having a "friend" that resents the changes
that you make... by definition, then means that that person was not
really being a friend. And by judging that you can lose a friend just
by changing in a way that is natural for you, is to not really believe
in what friendship is, and eternity is. Understand?

Q: Yes.

B: You will always be with all of your friends -- the ones that are
willing to match your frequency, the ones that are willing to look at
those ideas now. Any other individuals that are not willing to look at
those ideas can still be your friends; but the idea is that you will
be of best service to them by being fully the friend you know yourself
to be. Otherwise you're only giving half a picture of yourself. And
that's not friendship either. So in a sense, you are not there for
them, if you're not being fully who you are -- by going where you need
to be. Understand?

Q: Yes, I do.

B: Does that assist you?

Q: Yes, it does.

B: Well, thank you very much, my friend.

Q: Thank you.

Bashar ~ Friendship And Multidimensionality
through Darryl Anka


Friday, October 16, 2009

Q'uo on thought forms

Q : The discussion we had [in our on-line study group] was what a thought-form is, as Ra meant it. We remembered that the pyramid that Ra created was a thought-form and that Ra itself came to Earth to teach as a thought-form. And so, we thought perhaps a thought-form is something that does not have consciousness but is something that can be created by a being with consciousness. So, can you describe the thought-forms in some other way? Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Within third density’s space/time, everyday environment it is difficult for the mind of man to wrap itself around the concept that there could be entities and essences which have no physicality but which have there own validity and reality. Were one to look at things from the metaphysical or time/space point of view, however, it is the thoughts of humankind that would stand out, rather than the physical vehicles which in truth are merely systems of nested energy shells.

A thought-form is an entity or an essence or quality that has life independent of those who originally thought about that first. The words of which you so often think when you think about being a loving and kind person—beauty, truth, honor, justice and so forth—are thought-forms in the metaphysical realm, having a life of their own and a nature of their own. This is one instance of abiding thought-forms.

Another example of thought-forms is the common phenomena concerning ghosts. When entities have left the physical vehicle with which they enjoyed an incarnation but for some reason do not wish to go on into the inner planes for the review of their incarnation and healing, that disembodied personality shell which is commonly called a ghost can linger in the physical world. Yet it is not at all physical. [They may remain] indefinitely, until such time as someone is able to contact those souls and lead them on to taking up their rhythm of seeking and learning through other incarnations and other choices.

We of the Confederation have only appeared in your skies as thought-forms. That is to say, there is no physicality to the seemingly very real phenomena reported as UFOs. Certainly those of the loyal opposition, those engaged in service-to-self communication with those who would wish that communication upon your planet, have no qualms about appearing in the skies in perfectly physical form. But we have long since discovered that it is an infringement upon free will to move into your physical existence. However, the thought-form of the so-called Venusian bell craft is a form that is part of the deep mind, for your people have seen these for many millennia.

Other examples of a thought-form are the nature spirit, deva, gnome and pixie. All of those creatures are easily dismissed by an entity who wishes to measure and judge the physical creation by empirical means only. However, all of these forms of disembodied life are real, in the same way that your energy body is real. There are those who can see the pulsing colors of the energy body, and there are those who can see the fairies, gnomes and pixies. There are those who dance with the devas and nature spirits. For they have been gifted with a broader and a deeper sight then their physical eyes will allow.

All of these are good examples of thought-forms and we would offer one more example to indicate how the physical and the metaphysical world can cooperate and coincide. If you will think about the service in the Christian church call the Holy Eucharist, you can see the priest invoking the presence of the one infinite Creator in the person of Jesus the Christ. There is an invocation that Jesus’ very being will come into the wafer of bread and the sip of wine that each communicant shall ingest. For those who believe, it is a powerful reality that they are able to take in the very body and blood of this crucified Savior whose unconditional love the whole world recognizes. The benefit from the ingestion of this thought-form, which is married to the wafer and to the wine, is very real and efficacious.

Earlier, the one known as Ra stated that all of the creation was made up of nothing but thought-forms and we find this to be a perceptive point. The original Logos, that Thought of unconditional love, has indeed spun out the light to manifest all that there is. Consequently, each entity is a form created by the Thought of love, and patterned out in the ways of love by light. In that sense each of you is a thought-form, your physicality being less real then your essence as a spark of that Logos.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tesla on Imagination

Quote from Nicola Tesla on his success as an inventor:

"I do not rush into actual work. When I get an idea I start at once building it up in my imagination. I change the construction, make improvements and operate the device in my mind. It is absolutely immaterial to me whether I run my turbine in thought or test it in my shop. I even note if it is out of balance. There is no difference whatever, the results are the same. In this way I am able to rapidly develop and perfect a conception without touching anything. When I have gone so far as to embody in the invention every possible improvement I can think of and see no fault anywhere, I put into concrete form this final product of my brain. Invariably my device works as I conceived that it should, and the experiment comes out exactly as I planned it. In twenty years there has not been a single exception. Why should it be otherwise?"


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

The Power of Nothing -- AA Uriel

by Jennifer Hoffman -- Archangel Uriel

During the course of our lifetimes we experience every aspect of emotional density imaginable, creating a storehouse of emotional memory that we return to the physical plane, again and again, to resolve. Each lifetime in which we are not able to gain the spiritual knowledge to make different choices and resolve the emotional residue that resulted from our past life trauma we have another chance to do so. Over many lifetimes we accumulate a great deal of dense energy that we are responsible for healing. It is our emotional baggage, our karmic template and our destiny. We created it and we have to transmute it to a higher vibration through spiritual learning, forgiveness and healing. This emotional baggage sets the stage for what we will experience in each lifetime and who will participate with us. Until we raise our vibrations the dense energetic template prevents us from creating a life that resonates with joy, abundance, peace and love.

Over the course of time we slowly begin to embrace our power and learn to work with our spiritual side to change our karmic cycles. This is an inevitable process for each of us individually as well as for all of humanity. During the eons of human existence humanity cycles from one side of polarity to the other in its search for reconnection, balance and peace. There have been times when we were completely in fear, and at others times fully into spirituality. Our goal is to achieve balance, where we are at zero on the polarity scale, or at a neutral point that is a mix of spiritual and material. To arrive at this point we must go through the cycle of density and healing many times until we choose to embrace our spiritual learning. One would think that we would quickly look for alternatives to the pain but that is not what we do. We have to go through a great deal of pain and suffering until we figure out that we are creating pain from our own emotional baggage and the way to get rid of the pain is to release the baggage.

Once we are on this path the healing can take place quickly as each healing revelation highlights another layer of density until we are at the point where we have healed enough that we can begin manifesting from a different perspective. Now we have the option to create from an energy other than our pain and we become stuck, unsure of what to do next. Because we have always created a lifetime that is a healing journey, where we enter a lifetime with a healing purpose, create the soul group partners, set up the details and then step into the lesson, we do not know how to create from nothing, which means having no karma, emotional baggage, soul group issues, lessons or pain to create from. What do we manifest when we have to start with nothing? When we are at this point we feel powerless, helpless and confused. And yet, this is where we can reconnect with the power of nothing.

We are so accustomed to dealing with the physical environment and knowing that if we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch something, then it exists. If it is not physically tangible, we are not sure of its presence. And yet our greatest power lies in nothing, an element that is completely foreign to us in the physical realm because it is invisible to us in the physical plane. It is present in the material world as nothing but in the spiritual world it is everything.

If we could see the world in its energetic state we would see points of light with vast spaces in between them, similar to how we see the stars in the sky on a dark night. The points of light are the ‘things’ and the vast spaces in between them are ‘nothing’. The power does not exist in the points of light, it exists in the blank spaces because that is the realm of pure potential. It is nothing, or “no thing”. No karma, no density, no form or substance, no emotion, no memory, no feelings, no creation. Yet from it everything becomes. Nothing exists in the moment before creation, the energy that is waiting to be acted upon and given form. It is the most powerful element in the Universe yet we cannot know it from our human perspective because it cannot be experienced in the third dimension.

Nothing has infinite power and potential and becomes anything and everything. It waits for our instruction and is the source of everything in our reality. We have always used this energy but until we had removed enough of the density of our emotional and karmic baggage, our connection with “nothing” included all of this extra energy.

Now we need to learn to create from nothing with nothing, no dense energy, emotions or karma, no thought or feelings, or memories. And we cannot fool this energy into thinking that we are connecting from this blank space because it will reveal to us all of the energy that we are adding to it from our emotional DNA, cellular memory, karma and experience. Until we can remove our energetic inputs, we do not manifest from that zero point where we are fully aware of the role the ego plays in creating our reality. Our experience of the power of nothing happens in those moments of desperation where we must create a miracle, healing must happen, change must occur. In those moments we no longer have the luxury of doubt or fear and that is when we are able to experience spontaneous healing, miraculous manifestations and instant transformation. This can be possible for us all of the time when we learn to work with the unlimited potential of nothing.

Every moment of our reality is created through manifestation, which is always in motion. Every thought creates, without exception and ‘nothing’ responds without judgment. If we could be present in each moment and observe our stream of consciousness we would be aware of the thoughts that we are creating from. Then our life challenges would not be such a mystery. But because so much of our thinking is habitual, we are aware of a small percentage of the thoughts that are creating our world. The more dense, fear-centered thoughts become noticeable when we raise our vibrations and they no longer flow as smoothly within us. Our awareness of them allows us to notice their presence and choose whether we will add their energy to what we are creating or not. Each time we do this we come closer to being at the point of nothing, where we can do our most powerful, intentional manifesting.

This is part of our ascension paradigm, learning to use the power of nothing to create a reality that includes everything we dream, hope and wish for. Whatever energy we add to the process will reveal where we need healing. Within our new paradigm we can call healing opportunities to ourselves gently, in response to a specific healing purpose and learn what the experience has to teach us. Then we can move on, having learned what we needed to. The energy of nothing provides us with lessons in our own power by responding to us without delay. Our role in this process is to learn to adapt our thinking to work with the energy in powerful, life affirming ways. The energy of nothing waits for our command, how we use it is our choice. But the role of destiny and karma in our reality is quickly fading away and our new choice is to step into nothing, with faith and trust, and create everything our heart desires.

Archangel Uriel

Jennifer Hoffman


Monday, October 05, 2009

Campfire Call Transcript -- July 5, 2009

ABOUT THIS TRANSCRIPT: This material has been taken from transcriptions of the weekly conference call called “The Campfire,” facilitated by the Tribe of Firekeepers and delivered through an oracle named Sonoktar. It is offered to you in service, and you are welcome to share it with others if you wish. The weekly conference call is free, open to all, and organized and transcribed entirely by volunteers.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - -

"Laying the Tracks”
Delivered through Sonoktar, July 5, 2009

Opening Transmission:

“Om-Ah-Shay. Wah. Joy! Joy! Joy! Three letters - each holds a place. Each is an anchor of energy. None can be not-present without completely changing everything. Each of you – each of We – have an integral part to play in a universe which is unfolding through us and around us all the time. Never imagine that you are dispensable, arbitrary, incomplete, or imperfect in any way. You are the completion of All That Is. In your perfection, the universe completes itself.

You – We – are the One who have created this opportunity, stepping forward to manifest our potential, believing that somehow our contribution could create change. And indeed it will. It does. It is. It has. Watch. Watch the unfolding. Watch what occurs when people come together around a clear intent, combining their voices, combining their energies, giving their gifts. Love is a gift. Love is encouragement. Love is the sunshine that makes a seed possibly become a tree. Be present to each other in love – not because it is your duty, but because it is your opportunity to grow in what you truly are, which is a spirit, known to itself through a heart, embodied in a physical vessel, traveling through Time on a precious, precious course through this planet Earth.

What are your questions? Where shall we go?”

Questions Asked:

QUESTION: I feel like there is no “Divine Will” as “will” in our language is “control” or “force.” I feel “Divine Plan” would be the more accurate expression. Would you please speak to expanding our understanding of this?


“Expanding understanding of ‘will,’ ‘plan’ – ‘Divine Plan.’ We must begin with the purpose of time. Time is purposeful. It is an illusion. It is operating within the constraints of apparent time-space, which creates the opportunity for growth for Spirit. In other words, it is true that time is illusion. All things exist in time in this plane. However, actually, all things exist in parallel at all times, in all points in space. From outside of time-space, that is what is seen.

However, within time, as a human with a life on a changing planet, it is very important to engage time, to not know the whole picture – to not be able to control the entire course of your life, so that you must have faith, so that you must act constantly, to be prepared for what might occur next. And this makes you grow. This has you be very engaged with an unfolding mystery in which you are absolutely and completely invested in what your life is going to create.

There is a mission. There is purpose in your life. It was defined in its entirety by the moment you were born. In other words, because you exist, you exist throughout all time, and your purpose is set. However, you must shape your life – you must act, you must work, you must create, you must love, you must try, you must act. Because you creating will be what creates your experience of your life. So, ‘will’ plays a role. There are kinds of will, as you can testify. But in terms of which terms you use, it is not our work to define the best term, rather just to shed light on the nature of time, which is that it is purposeful, and you must act. And yes, it is illusion. All moments are there in time, at all times. And still, you must work, create. Spirit will guide you.”

QUESTION: Can you please offer guidance on how we can continue to move from the heart as individuals while continuing to strive for group harmony and without infringing on the hearts of others?


“You cannot infringe on a heart. It may appear that you can because you have emotions, you have feelings. However, actually, the heart is not the flame around the center. The heart itself is the portal, the connection to Source that lies at the center of the flame. At the center of the Sun there is a portal. That portal is literally an emptiness – it is a channel. And you cannot infringe upon that, it is simply a source of connection.

However, for human Beings, there are many, many factors. Our lives are impacted by each other, so we must consider each other’s needs and well-being. Communication is often the source of disharmony because perspectives are varied. And so, even when Beings agree, they may appear not to because of language. And even when they appear to agree, they may actually be in conflict, again because of language. So, it is very important to maintain humility in all of your dealings with others, to share your perspectives – share them clearly, share them definitely because your voice is important, your perspective is needed. The tribe cannot subsist unless its participants act vocally – represent their perspective. However, when you do, do so with humility knowing that you are only part of a grand picture. And you are an integral part, but you are one of the voices, and the other voices must be heard.

There is a key your question raises. Your question was, how can we create together while still respecting individual needs?. There is a reason you appear separate from each other. There is purpose in your individualization. There is truth in your unity. You are connected. You are one thing unfolding. However, you are also at the same moment individuals seemingly separate. Be both. Connect as individuals. There is a big difference between one table with many legs and its stability – especially if the legs are far-spaced between each other – there is a big difference between a table with many legs and one table with one big leg. The table with many legs dispersed far apart will be more stable, able to carry weight in a variety of ways and probably be more carriable, more portable because its legs can be made separate – made independent – when it is time for it to shift or move. So, when you have many, there is a benefit to there being many rather than them all being one.

So, use your ability to be separate, and use your ability to be connected. Use them both. Find the dynamics between them. Interplay. Have a conversation with another in which you both agree and disagree. Do not only agree, and do not only disagree. Then, you will have the strength of the many. Then, you will have the true potential of the group coming forward. Be in agreement, and also represent your own unique perspective. Find the play between those two – include them both. You will become masterful examples of collaboration if you persist in that principle. And, in fact, it is one of the secrets that makes life on Earth truly open into the flower that it is, if you can find and celebrate the gift that exists in the coexistence of duality and unity – the fact that both are always true in this realm.”

QUESTION: As with all new endeavors, we start this one with high hopes and expectations that we are creating a place for dynamic growth and transformation opportunities. We’ve had teleconference calls and emails in the past weeks, and now we’ve come to this first call. And I ask if you would tell us ways that we have interacted and planned well so far in ways that match the highest spiritual standards of those in service to others, but also, please tell us things that we could incorporate into the structure, the relationships, and the focus of the community here to increase and ensure the success for the highest good of all – and I say that because you have already answered that, but thank you.


“Include others. Always seek to include. That is the way that growth happens – not only growth of the group, but growth of your own perspective. Each one will need to experience challenge. When you find the ones – when you find the voices, the ones who come who challenge you (and we speak to each of the participants here) – when you find the ones who come who challenge you, then know it is your golden opportunity. It is time to play the game – the game of ‘the other who is not another,’ the game of interacting with those who are different and the same, and finding the way to co-create.
And the answer will always lie in the group because there are those with whom you could not exist, you could not contend with them unless there was also a group with you so that your energies together can be part of something larger than just your energies, so that you and the one who opposes your perspective can together be contributing to something larger [for the] group.

And that is what will occur for everyone. There will be the excitement, the joy, the opportunity that comes from new voices coming and connecting and sharing and inspiring. And there will also be the challenges – the ones who are included who challenge us as individuals and as groups. And those are the opportunities. Do not stop when the challenge comes. Greet it as the gift that it is because truly, you are Spirit, and you are finding the ways to walk as Spirit. And Spirit, in all cases, recognizes the unification of what exists. And so, it is always you and your own being representing itself as multiple factors coexisting as a group. Include others. That is the key.”

QUESTION: I would like to ask [the channel] if he works with the Christ consciousness.


“Christ consciousness is part of creation. One of the threads that makes this weaving possible is that White Light of Christ. There would not be the worlds that exist had it not been for Christ. There would not be the weave that exists had it not been for all of the Beings that have created this planet. So, there is no separation possible. It would not be appropriate to say that there is any separation there. Nor would it be appropriate to say that this is a channel singularly for the Christ energy. It is more like a portal into Source.

And the source of what? It is the source of this group – that which gives rise to this reality. It will be more understood as the group unfolds, but it is a flower arrangement with many flowers. And that white lily of peace and absolute unconditional love that is the Christ consciousness is, indeed, part of our bouquet. And it is a celebrated part, and it is a part that you and others in this group bring. And so, we are lucky to have it as part of our entourage, our journey.

Let it be known that anything you bring will be part of us now, whether that is anger, love, dedication to a principle, hope, a relationship, a fear, a mission, a purpose. Anything you bring will be part of our journey as a group. And that is precious. And you have great power. You have potential because you have the ability to shape – contribute to the shape - of a group unfolding because of that truth.”

QUESTION: Any advice or guidance that you could give us on what would be steps that we could take that would be the best for this group to evolve and move on.


“Thank you. The first thing is to drive the nails into the ground that will hold in place the first pieces of the track. And upon that track, we will place the engine. The engine will provide the mechanism which will take forward the entire cascade of voices that will want to combine, that will be combining. So, build the track that makes possible the engine. It is a locomotive metaphor. Place the engine on the track. Direct the track as you construct it so that it is oriented towards the guiding star.

What you will see is that if you simply build the beginning of a track, and you place the engine such that it is oriented towards the star on the track, that the rest of it will create itself. The others will come and complete the track. The others will come and bring the rest of the train to fit onto the engine, including other engines. And the others will come and fill the train and celebrate the journey.

And so, for now, it is time to lay the foundation. Make it possible for the engine – and each of you will have a different interpretation of what the engine is, and what the track is, and what is it to lay the foundation of the track, and what is the guiding star. Each of you bring your vision, your imagination, your love, your dedication to that image, and together create the foundation for just the engine. And then the rest of it will come because it is needed. It is purposeful. And there are many legs on this table now, so it can hold a great banquet. But first, we must get the hearth lit so that the kitchen can be warm. And then the banquet will come. And then the table will be fulfilled.”

Closing Transmission:

“We speak in metaphor. We speak in metaphor because it communicates complex things quickly, simply, and without completely defining all of the details, so that there is much left to be completed by you because, ultimately, this is your process. You are the living masters. You are the angels. You are the servants of Spirit. So, you must create the vision.

We honor you. Let us take this moment. Bring your attention to what exists here. Think of all the world right now. Think of all that is occurring in humanity – all of the changes, all of the cities, all of the dynamics, conflicts, celebrations, the many ways that people spend time and invest their energies. And then look. Look where you are. Look what you are doing in this moment and who you are doing it with. You are connected with a group of energetic Beings – we are speaking of yourselves – who are willing to invest energy in something simply because it brings light into the world. Celebrate that. Honor that. It is unique. And then bring your gift to that shrine, that temple that is simply an agreement from a group of people to come together and create good.

What you will see if you give yourself to that is that it is, at its essence, the most precious thing, and you have it in your hands.

Thank you.”

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Each Idea Creates Its Own Complete Reality -- Bashar

Each Idea Creates Its Own Complete Reality

Q: I'd like to talk a little bit more about the technology of living the dream -- this waking dream.

B: Technology! All right.

Q: (Laughing) And I was here a couple of weeks ago when you talked about how you live in ecstasy all the time on your planet, and I ... this month, I have not earned any money.

B: What have you earned?

Q: Well... I've been surfing a lot.

B: All right. What have you earned?

Q: What have I earned?

B: Yes.

Q: I've earned... to feel at peace about it.

B: Thank you.

Q: I don't feel any fear about that.

B: Thank you!

Q: And I want to continue in that mode.

B: Go ahead.

Q: But then I start feeling like... well, I just payed my rent today and...

B: All right.

Q: And now there's this fear that crops up, it's like I'm afraid that I can't sustain surfing and just doing stuff and going through the motions on a daily basis because I'm starting to go into fear about the future, and about not having money.

B: What future?

Q: Ah...

B: Can you show it to me?

Q: Okay then, using it up in this present and not having...

B: Oh! Do you have what you need right now in the present?

Q: Well...

B: Do you have right now, what you need in the present?

Q: Okay. Yes.

B: Then why should the next present be any different?

Q: Um... oooh!

B: All right.

Q: Ooooh! (Makes funny sounds of realization and everyone laughs)

B: No better reason have I heard! Now, if I may say so again, understand that what you are exploring is, in and of itself, its own separate idea. You do not create partial realities. Do you follow me?

Q: No.

B: You create whole realities.

Q: Whole realities.

B: You do not create partial realities. One reality is not a lesser part of another greater reality.

Q: I don't really understand.

B: All right. In other words, the idea, in and of itself that you do not ever need to worry about being abundant is, in and of itself, its own idea. The idea of not worrying about ever being abundant -- except now and then -- is not the same reality. It is its own reality. It carries its own patterns, its own timing, its own unfoldment. It has nothing to do with the reality of always being abundant.

Always being abundant -- except every now and then -- is its own idea. It is not a half way manifestation of the idea of always being abundant. It is its own total, complete reality. Do you follow me?

Q: Are you saying that if I... yes, I think you're saying that if I create the reality that I'm abundant only now and then, then I will live in that reality.

B: Yes. That is its own reality.

Q: So, what I'm saying is that there are negative thought forms in me, if you would call them that, that are still wanting me to live in some kind of reality of less than total abundance.

B: But understand that the idea that you have negative thought forms in you, that wish you to live that way, is also its own idea. Every -- now you may certainly take me quite literally! -- EVERY IDEA...

Q: Ouch.

B: Oh... (Whispers) is a complete idea. EVERY IDEA IS A COMPLETE IDEA.

Q: Right.

B: Now, I do not have to underline this many, many, many times, but I will: Complete! Complete! Its own complete reality! Every idea that you consider to be simply a variation of an idea is not a variation in the sense that it still contains the original idea; it is its own complete idea. And therefore you experience it as your own complete reality.

The idea that you have these negative thoughts is its own reality, its own idea and will be created flawlessly, because you are a completely flawless creator.

Q: Well, this morning... see, it wasn't my idea...

B: Oh, yes it was.

Q: But this morning you see, I espoused what you are saying to a friend. Like, I...

B: That was this morning.

Q: This morning I was...

B: Another idea.

Q: I told her of my abundance and she said, "Well, I hope you have good karma to always be able to be abundant like that, but I think you have to go to work, and slave."

B: All right. But what allowed you to accept that -- to change your mind and go along with that reality, instead of the one that you felt?

Q: I didn't. I felt really strong about my reality.

B: All right.

Q: But I feel like these are little chinks that keep chipping away at...

B: One more time! One more time. Each idea is separate. Each idea that is separate always forms a separate physical reality. If you believe there is a reality in which there are chinks, that is the reality.

Q: So, if someone comes into my sphere that has negativity like that...

B: Understand that you, in creating your positive reality, simply recognize that you are able in that way to share and exchange with any other individual, positive and/or negative, as they greet you. But understand that all you will return in that way is the reality you know yourself to be. What has their belief got to do with you?

Q: Well, that... maybe that's the purpose of it. I feel their belief penetrating me.

B: Then that is an idea that creates your reality. The fact that you feel that they can penetrate and undermine what you believe -- what you know to be true about yourself -- is the reality you have created. Do you see how very clear and simple it is? Whatever you are experiencing as your physical reality is what you believe about yourself.

Q: So then I can keep reaffirming positive things about myself.

B: There is no need to. Again, the idea that you need to keep reaffirming implies that you do not feel it is stable to begin with. Once is enough. Do you follow me?

Q: Well...

B: If you know, without a shadow of a doubt what your name is, do you need to walk around all day reminding yourself, because you might forget? Or do you take it for granted that you know your name?

Q: I know my name, but I don't understand how...

B: But, but, but. "I know this, but..." That is another idea.

Q: How do I get it down to just one idea?

B: It is one idea. Each and every moment that you create time to exist, you are always creating one idea for you to experience -- each and every moment.

Q: So, I should keep choosing...

B: Not should... how do you feel?

Q: I can keep choosing to be the positive idea.

B: Yes you can, if you wish.

Q: A positive, pleasant, idea.

B: But understand again, it is not a matter of reaffirming -- you simply know that you are a positive idea.

Q: I know. Ah ha.

B: Ah ha. And why not? Can you answer that?

Q: Okay, so now I've had the experience of that, I'll have to reaffirm it for the next time, is that it?

B: There is no reaffirming.

Q: But I don't experience that!

B: That's another idea that you have -- that you do not experience it.

Q: (Laughing) Okay.

B: Understand that the idea of allowing yourself to continually exist in a state of ecstasy is knowing -- knowing -- that you do not have to reaffirm it. In other words, believing is seeing. Your reality, what you consider to be your solid reality, is only what you believe it should be.

Q: I can feel in my body when something is right.

B: Yes.

Q: Well, I've been feeling...

B: All right. We are leading to the next phase. Go on. I know what is coming.

Q: Yes? (Laughing) Well, I talked about this the last time I was here, and the best example is that for a long time I've been feeling that I need a new car. I've been really feeling that -- I've been feeling that abundance and that faith. But I don't have it... that is not physically the situation.

B: So what?

Q: So what.

B: Yes. So what?

Q: Well, I'd like proof! Of that which I feel to be...

B: Oh, proof! Thank you! There it is! "If I do not get the proof I exactly expect to get, I will not allow myself to know who I am." Expectation: the most limiting of all limitations.

Q: Ooh, yes! I can tell you I've been noticing that.

B: Oh, very good.

Q: I have been very disappointed in myself...

B: You have been creating expectations; therefore you have been creating disappointment. The idea of expectation, in and of itself, creates disappointment.

Q: I've noticed that.

B: Very good. Then realize how you are getting proof of the fact that you are creating your reality exactly according to your beliefs.

Q: Ah ha.

B: Understand that the "skeptic" that wishes to say, "I told you so," are getting exactly what they said.

Q: That is a strong part of me -- it's very ingrained.

B: That is also an idea!


Q: Oh! Oh, you are so great!

B: No. You are so great.

Q: Oh, thank you.

B: Thank you. Now, allow me to say simply that the idea you call proof, in that way, will always simply be what you are willing to believe about yourself. Therefore, if you simply believe, if you simply know -- which is even, in a sense, easier than believing -- simply know that you have every idea in your reality that exactly needs to be there to allow you to recognize the perfect and perfectly timed unfoldment of your life as you have chosen to live it. Then you will allow yourself to live through all the ideas you are now holding back. And then afford yourself the opportunity to see that when you take it for granted that you are always functioning perfectly, that your life physically will
reflect it.

Q: Is one of the ideas to unfold all those ideas I will be living?

B: Life itself -- living itself -- is the unfoldment of all of those ideas. When you recognize that whatever occurs within your physical life is the unfoldment of those ideas, then you will see them work for you, rather than against you. Because you will be willing to accept whatever occurs as the unfoldment of those ideas, and not something off-track.

You cannot be off-track -- until you create the idea in your reality, that you are off-track. And then that is what you see. Because that is what you are creating. It is still flawless creation. You are creating the idea that you are out of control, and that is what you get. Therefore you are still in control.

Q: I like the way that you are so definite about it.

B: Oh, thank you.

Q: I would like to walk around with that kind of sense of conviction...

B: Go ahead! Go ahead. Do not put a but on the end of this sentence!


Q: I'm not going to put a but at the end. I'm just saying that I would like to walk around with that kind of conviction.

B: All right. Would you do me a favor?

Q: Yes.

B: Are you sure?

Q: I will do you a favor.

B: Thank you.

Q: I am happy to serve you.

B: Oh! Thank you. As we are happy to serve you.

Q: Yes.

B: Now, with the same degree of definiteness that you are willing to serve us, allow yourself to serve All That Is by taking it for granted that as a part of All That Is, you are automatically supported. Do you follow me?

Q: I just realized that you are so much bigger, more powerful, more true...

B: What?

Q: I feel that you...

B: What? What!?

Q: What I feel is that all...

B: Do you realize that in your vernacular, at this moment -- if I may be allowed to play around with a word -- that you are insulting us? You are telling us that we now can no longer be of service to you -- because we are no longer equal. We cannot share anymore -- because you view us as so much greater than yourself. You are removing yourself from the sharing of the equality of our vibration.

Q: Hhmm.

B: You are pushing us away, by deifying us. You are removing yourself from our vibration. You are creating us to remove ourselves from yours because we no longer see eye to eye.

Understand that our service to you is only to reflect that which you already contain. If you can perceive the idea of that greatness, that power, that assurance, that definiteness within us, it is because you already must contain it -- or you would not be able to perceive it. As you say -- it takes one to know one. You cannot perceive that which you do not contain for you would not recognize it if it were to smack you in the face. Do you follow me?

Q: Yes.

B: It is very simple. That which you perceive -- you are. That is why, if you perceive love you become love; and if you perceive hate, you become hate and support either side. Now, my perception, I do not just mean a simple observation, but the willingness to feel that the ideas you do observe, positive and negative, are something that must impinge themselves upon the reality you know yourself to be. Where you feel they have control over you in that way and where you wish to play victim and elevate all nature around you as more powerful than you -- you are at the very beginning of what you term to be the creation of your religions and the creations of your government upon your planet. You are taking the responsibility for your life, for your fears, which you are not willing to face, and giving them to someone else to take care of for you. You are deifying. Making yourself less than you really know yourself to be.

Always do we wish to serve you through unconditional love and sharing. There is no way to share with someone who does not perceive themselves to be equal. This will be true for any idea you call a relationship. Do you follow me?

Q: (Speaking in a whisper) yes.

B: What?

Q: Yes.

B: No need to cower. I am not scolding you!


I am sharing with you. Now, first of all, how do you feel?

Q: (Laughing) Cowering.

B: All right. Then that is your choice. I have now given you an opportunity to feel the reality of cowering before the deity that you have created.


B: How do you like it? Not very pleasant is it?

Q: No! It's not!

B: Thank you! Then I will thank you not to deify us. Therefore we will not need in that way to reflect your cowering back to you so that you will feel it so strongly.

Feel equal! Be bold! Live and breathe the air that you have created. Does it not feel wonderful? Have you not the same right to life as any consciousness within creation!? Yes, no, maybe?

Q: Yes.

B: All right. Period. Yes. Period. Say, "Why not?"... Go ahead.

Q: Why not? I... I'm...

B: Ah, ah, ah. One moment.

Q: I'm wondering why...

B: One moment please. Will you do me another favor?

Q: Yes.

B: All right. Say two words: say, "Why not?"


B: Very good! Now, can you in all honesty -- in all honesty -- give me a reason, why not? Can you give me a reason why you do not deserve ecstasy? Any reason that you really feel is an honest reason taking into account the incredible variety and diversity within all of creation. Each experiencing its own path, its own life, its own creations, its own portions of that which it is and knows itself to be as the creator. Can you give me any reason -- truly any reason -- that if you should ask yourself at any time, "Why?" that you cannot say, "Why not?"

Q: No.

B: Thank you. Then understand that the only -- the only! -- reason that you create the "Why?" or "How can I?" is by judging yourself to be less than what you are. Which is nothing less than All That Is. How do you feel?

Q: I'm trying to experience myself as All That Is.

B: What? What, what, what?

Q: I AM experiencing myself as All That Is.

B: Thank you. Very good!

Q: It's awesome!

B: Why?

Q: It's a lot!

B: So?

Q: It's great!

B: Thank you. Awesome means you are awed. Again, you are awed by deification of greatness. "Oh, this must be more than me."

Q: Then I feel equal.

B: Very good. You are no less and no more -- no more and no less. No need to feel less than -- no need to be more than. You are exactly All That Is. It is that simple. Realize that being All That Is does not mean that you have to be All That Is, pompously. You may simply know that you are that idea, the love of All That Is. Now, let's get on to living.

Q: All right!

B: Let's get on to enjoying. If everything really is, "Why not?" then, "WHY NOT create peace and ecstasy -- since that seems to be what I would enjoy the most?"

Q: Yes, I'm sure that is what you do.

B: Thank you. As -- in our eyes -- you do.

Q: That's true.

B: Then you really have no reason to experience anything else. And everything else that you do experience, that you recognize as not being "ecstasy" in your definition, is still a variation of ecstasy because it is always another opportunity to experience another portion of yourself. Which is always for us, an ecstatic experience.

There are no negative experiences, in the sense of allowing yourself to experience that which you believe yourself to be. If you fear to experience it, then you create the negative effect. If you live through it, always it is positive. Because always you will allow yourself to be clear-sighted enough, clairvoyant, clear-sighted enough, to be transparent to yourself -- instead of opaque. Thank you!

Q: Thank you!

B: Very good! Sharing!

from the 1985-JULY-1 session FORTH DENSITY REFINEMENT
Copyright Darryl Anka 1984 - 2009


Biology, Genetics and DNA -- The Founders

Received by Sal Rachele
(Read the Introduction and First message here.)

An Overview of the Most Common Systems of Thought on Earth and How the Earth Changes Relate to Each Discipline


Your biology changes continuously. It is the nature of bodies in the lower realms. About every seven years, all of the cells in your physical form undergo death and rebirth, although the DNA patterning remains relatively constant. During the Galactic Shift, the DNA patterning will be mutated by the EM field fluctuations. This will cause your body to go through various “ascension symptoms” as you call them. Some of you will experience extreme fluctuations in energy, ranging from manic to depressive, even if you have no psychological issues causing these feelings. Others will experience flu-like symptoms with no apparent evidence of any invading organisms, bacteria or viruses. Most of you will experience tingling and rushes of energy from time to time. What you are feeling is NOT the actual increase in energy or frequency, but rather, the body's resistance to the increased energy or frequency.

Higher frequency vibrations are not “felt” in the traditional sense by the body. The highest levels of energy are very pure, clear and clean. You will feel a sense of expansion and clarity, along with immense levels of love and compassion. Your physical form will eventually feel more energy more of the time. It will require less sleep. Sometimes you might experience periods where you seem to be tired a lot and wish to sleep long hours, but this is only a transition period. Your body may wish to be awake when your society says it should be sleeping, and vice versa. If you have regular work hours, this will create a bit of a difficulty. Ideally, your life needs to be structured in such a manner as to allow your body to go through erratic sleep patterns as it adjusts to the new frequencies of the Galactic Shift.


One aspect of human biology that is at the forefront of your research is the field of genetics. Your scientists pride themselves on having figured out a great deal of the genome matrix. However, they are really only scratching the surface of how the DNA works. Most of them have dismissed over half of the configurations as “junk” DNA, meaning that they think it has no use or value. What they need to admit to themselves is that they simply do not know what the vast majority of the DNA is for. They do not understand its function.

If human beings were to observe closely how the natural world works, they would soon discover that nature does not make junk. Everything in the natural world has a purpose. It might be a rudimentary or very simple purpose, but it is a purpose nonetheless. We, your teachers who engineered the DNA over 100 million years ago, will assist in enlightening you about the purpose of the “junk” DNA.

You have approximately 10 to the 108th power possible configurations of your DNA. This number is trillions of times larger than the number of atoms in your known universe. This number comprises the DNA in one human being (and even in one animal or plant for that matter). Why would the Creator make something with such a vast potential if it had no use?

DNA Codes and Keys

When the Creator commissioned us to engineer the human form, we did not create the complexity and vast number of configurations, we only learned how to harness what the Creator had made and proceeded to catalyze the process of creation within the strands of DNA by firing the codes and keys that make up the strands. In some of our messages, we will go into a bit more detail on how this is done, but for now we will not go too far into the technical details. Suffice to say that life begins with the undifferentiated source energy of God and then gradually differentiates that energy into geometric patterns, called DNA= codes and keys. The DNA codes and keys are arranged into molecules of organic elements, which are then “chained” together in such a way as to cause replication of the desired features (in this case bodily attributes). This, oversimplified, is the basis for the growing of organic tissue, including the human body.

As the sperm “activates” the egg during conception, the DNA codes and keys trigger growth and replication of the preprogrammed patterns contained within the codes. As the process continues, the familiar-looking organs and tissues develop and you have an embryo. Locked within the tiny embryo are all of the codes and keys necessary to grow a full-sized, full-featured human being.

Contained within a large portion of the DNA codes and keys are the etheric memories and ancestral patterns of the bloodline of the parents of the emerging child. This your scientists know fairly well. What they do not understand is that within the “junk” portion of the DNA codes and keys lies the memory of the soul's past lives, parallel lives, and lives on other worlds; in essence, the entire history of the soul since its emergence from the Godhead many millions of years ago. Also contained within the DNA codes and keys is the program that triggers ascension. Evolution does not stop with a fully-formed human being, but continues up the ascension spiral until eventually you all become beings of pure light.

All this is contained within the enormous number of configurations of the DNA. The codes and keys determine how and when the patterns will recombine and reform.

Your free will affects the formation and growth of the DNA molecules, and you can mutate your own DNA by simply willing it to be so. If your will is trapped within ego desires, these mutations will tend to cause disharmony and disease. If, however, you have learned to move beyond the trappings of the ego and into a co-creative state with your higher selves, the mutations caused by the exercise of your free will can cause the DNA strands to accelerate not only your ascension, but your psychic and intuitive abilities, as well as numerous other abilities and creative urges of which you are currently unaware.

DNA Strands

In some of our earlier teachings, we described the various strands of DNA and what they are for. To briefly summarize, you have 24 strands of DNA, arranged in 12 pairs. There is one pair for each density level of experience. Your scientists are only able to detect the pair that corresponds to the third density level of vibration. As you go up the ascension spiral and begin vibrating at higher densities, you activate the dormant strands that correspond to those higher densities. In addition, you have four strands that correspond to first and second density. So a third density human has six strands activated, and a fourth density human has eight strands activated, etc.

You have predestined activation programs built into your DNA that automatically “ignite” the dormant strands once you reach a certain point in your evolution. The Master Template of ascension is one such program.

The relationship between predestiny and free will is very complex, but we will sum it up as follows: There is a preprogrammed set of codes and keys within your DNA that tells you how and when your ascension will unfold, and you have the free will to alter the sequence and timing of events significantly. You can delay it or speed it up. You can allow it to unfold according to the highest and best learning opportunities for the soul, or you can choose a path that leaves the soul feeling unfulfilled. You can make it relatively simple and straightforward, or you can make it difficult and complex.

Your soul essence has infinite patience and will wait while you experiment with different scenarios, but there is a limit as to how much you can delay the inevitable course of evolution. Within the current Divine Dispensation, those limits have been redefined. Earth herself is going through a shift in her planetary DNA and has already made the choice to ascend into a fourth density world. This means those minerals, plants and animals that currently reside on her surface will also undergo a major shift, as will the humans that choose to remain with her.

Contrary to the beliefs of some of you, a fourth density world is not devoid of first, second and third density life. It simply has as its dominant life form, the fourth density expressions of Self. Those organisms and life forms that do not “match” the higher frequencies of fourth density, whether they be minerals, plants, animals or humans, will depart the Earth plane. (Actually, most of the minerals and some of the plants will remain, but their genetic structure will change. A smaller portion of the animals will remain – most likely about one-fourth of those originally patterned for a third density Earth.)

As with many 3D humans, those animals that are not able to hold the vibration of fourth density Earth will move into their spirit form and reincarnate on a planet that is more appropriate to their level of vibration. Not all planets that receive 3D humans will also receive animal forms. Some remedial 3D planets will have a great abundance of animal life, while others will be largely devoid of animal life. Animals can be great teachers of love and compassion and may volunteer to be of service to humans who need to acquire these qualities on another 3D planet.

You can already see evidence of animals departing Earth as you look at the rapidly declining numbers of species on your world. Some appear to be dying from pollution or overpopulation of humans, while others seem to be disappearing due to climate change. However, the vast majority of the species that are disappearing are ones that cannot or will not adjust to the change in frequencies, and so they will take up residence on another third density planet, or be recycled back into the Godhead and emerge in a new form.

The evolution of plants and animals is not going to be explored in detail at this time. Instead, we will say a few words about the activating of your ascension template. Again, some of this information has been given before, but we feel a need to refresh your memory.

Triggering your Ascension Template

The actual date of the activation of your Master Template was originally set by your soul, and in many cases, this predestined event was arranged before you came into embodiment. However, due to the complex interaction of free will and predestiny, the date can be altered somewhat. If, after having incarnated on Earth, you discover that the soul lessons and experiences are much harder than anticipated, or require more time than originally allotted, the date of activation can be postponed. On the other hand, if your progress as a soul is going much smoother than anticipated (a rarity in this turbulent world), the date can be moved up.

There are a number of methods that can speed up the ascension process, including this channel's Ascension Activation Meditations. If you choose to get involved in a triggering process, such as the meditations, we urge you to be careful and listen closely to your inner guidance. While most techniques have built-in safeguards, as does your soul, it is possible to move too fast and trigger your ascension template before you are ready. There are, unfortunately, some techniques being taught around the world that move souls too quickly into the ascension patterning.

Generally, what happens if a soul moves too fast is that the slower parts of the Self rebel and create illness in the body and/or emotions. In some cases, the soul can end up exiting the body, which greatly delays the physical ascension process (by at least one lifetime). Everything happens in perfect Divine Timing. If you understand this truth and align your various aspects to it, then you will be fine. Those that try and rush the ascension process are usually those who have an underlying fear that they are not good enough, or not okay as they are.

The Master Template activates most efficiently when you are completely accepting of yourself as you are. If your motivation to ascend is to “get off this filthy, no-good planet,” then you are likely to experience a lot of difficulties as you attempt to move forward. If you are avoiding or escaping your humanity and think ascension is your ticket to Heaven, then you are in for a rude awakening. The caterpillar does not hate himself before spinning a cocoon and emerging as a butterfly. He does not take drugs designed to accelerate the metamorphic process. On the other hand, he does not sit around depressed as he contemplates losing his caterpillar form.

Over-attachment to the physical form of the 3D self can be just as much a barrier as over-impatience. One of the things that is critical to your soul growth is recognizing the difference between ego resistance to, and inappropriateness of, a particular method or process. For example, if you engage in a highly powerful process designed to trigger your ascension template, and you feel tired, uncomfortable, or anxious, it could be your ego's resistance to moving into ascension, or it could be that the technique is not appropriate to your soul's vibration.

There are several ways of dealing with this situation if you are unable to recognize the difference between ego resistance and inappropriateness. The simplest approach is to ask your God Presence (your 12th density self) to advise you as to how and when to engage in a trigger process. You can devise a signal that your God Self will give you to alert you as to the appropriateness of a particular method. Some humans use muscle testing, pendulums or dowsing rods. Others receive a clairaudient or clairsentient sensation.

This channel asked his God Self to put him on the “optimal path for soul growth” many years ago. He continually asks that everything that he is guided to participate in be for his “highest soul-growth, happiness and well-being.”

You can ask your God Self to steer you to the particular teachers and teachings that allow the most joyous and efficient experience of ascension. If you make this request daily in meditation, you will find that almost always, any negativity you experience around a particular method or process of ascension activation will be due to ego resistance and not to inappropriateness. As you move through your ego resistance (as discussed in the psychology section), you will listen more and more to the true voice of your soul and it will become easier and easier to know what is appropriate and what is not.

The events taking place on your planet will serve to accelerate the activation of your ascension template. As the precessional alignment moves into position, the mutations caused by the EM bursts will be integrated into your DNA and will activate many codes and keys, including the Master Template. The majority of you reading this book have already activated the basic template. Additional activations will be forthcoming. Your cells will continue to mutate as more and more scalar EM pulses enter the Earth.

Eventually, you will notice that you have stopped aging and getting sick. You will have more energy and require less sleep. You will be drawn to small quantities of highly pure foods. Activities that used to be enjoyable will suddenly lose their appeal, while other things will draw your attention. It does not matter how old your physical body is. Even if you are in your seventies or eighties, you can still physically ascend, if that is your soul's desire. Not all of you that are in sickly, degenerating bodies are going to want to go through the process of resurrecting your physical form and keeping it through the changes, in which case you will go through spiritual ascension, as detailed earlier.

You will find that whatever choice you are making, the effects of that choice will become more noticeable as the Earth ascends in vibration. If you have decided to leave, your so-called “terminal” illness might kick you out of the body much sooner than you were planning on. On the other hand, if you thought it might take years to start looking younger and more vibrant, you might be in for a pleasant surprise.

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The Perpetually New Now - Gangaji