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What is the Central Sun ? Logos Logoi

What is the Central Sun ?
by Koen Delaere

Loosely speaking, the Central Sun is the center of our galaxy. Every galaxy has its own Central Sun.

The word "Sun" here does not necessarily mean a single star like the one Earth is revolving around. Let me explain. Assume for a moment that mass is equivalent to consciousness. The planet Earth has a larger mass than a human body, so the Earth houses a larger consciousness than a human body. In turn our star, at the center of our solar system, is heavier still and harbors a still greater consciousness. The next level of massiveness is the Central Sun which is at the center of our galaxy and represents the greatest single body of consciousness in our galaxy.

You see the hierarchy appearing, from Human to planet Earth to Sun to Central Sun. These steps on the ladder of consciousness are sometimes referred to as a "Logos". The highest level of the hierarchy is All-That-Is, the ultimate Logos holding all consciousness.

What does a Logos do? One of its tasks is to receive Energy (love, awareness, light, life, etc) from the Logos above it. Then absorb, process, translate this Energy and pass it on to several Logoi below it. Much like a mother bird prepares the food before passing it on to her young. There is also a feedback from the lower Logoi up to the higher Logos, returning the experience, insight and wisdom obtained in the lower realms. There is thus balanced two-way traffic, and it doesn't make too much sense to talk about "lower" or "higher". It is an energy cycle described, among others, by the symbol of Merkaba.

Such a "body of consciousness" is referred to as a Logos or a Sun. The word "Sun" in Central Sun should thus not be taken literally. It does not matter whether it is a star, a black hole, a white hole, a cluster of some of these, or anything else.

Wikipedia: "Heraclitus established the term Logos in Western philosophy as meaning both the source and fundamental order of the cosmos."

Using familiar names, our planetary logos is called "Gaia". Our solar logos is called "Sol". Our Central Sun or Galactic Logos is called "Hunab Ku". Levels further up are sometimes loosely referred to as Great Central Sun and Great Great Central Sun.

There are of course many levels of ascension and many cycles in the Universe. The center of any cycle or spiritual level may thus also be referred to as a central sun, such as the star Alcyone in the Pleiadean star cluster, called central sun by the Mayas.

The following names are also used:
Planetary Logos = Lord Buddha
Solar Logos = Helios
Galactic Logos = Vesta
Universal Logos = Melchior
Multi- Universal Logos =Melchizedek
Cosmic Logos = Mahatma

Note: The third chakra, the Solar Plexus, functions as an energy distributing and regulation center for the 7-chakra system, and can thus also be considered a Logos.

Enjoy this book:
The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness
Carl Johan Calleman

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At 15:30, Blogger sohini said...

Dear Friend,
I love this article what you have given the clarification about the Central Sun....
This is very very important to know for all the Light workers otherwise they will be misguided....
Thanks for your Explanation...
Dr. Sohini Shukla.

At 21:44, Blogger Unknown said...

Hi everyone look up the 7 rays of lights it has more about the central sun in it


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