Saturday, July 11, 2009

Eclipses of Summer 2009: The Magic Begins -- DL Zeta

* The Eclipses of Summer 2009: The Magic Begins *
By DL Zeta

*Energetic openings in spring and summer 2009 unleashed portals that brought new insights to life through the window of cosmic potentials. These portals were designed to offer glimpses of realities beyond a purely physical existence. They offered opportunities for the spiritual freedom that helps each person recognize the full scope of their gifts and potentials. These potentials empower those who embrace them to assist all of humanity and the universe.*


*Following on the heels of celestial events earlier this year are a series of powerful eclipses that will occur over the course of the summer. The lunar eclipse of July 6/7 was the first a triad of eclipses that will usher in a series of reality shifts on planet Earth. It will be followed by a total solar eclipse on July 21/22 and another lunar eclipse August 5/6. (Exact timing of these events depends on location). These shifts will occur on different levels, including Earth changes, personal transformations and challenges, events on the world's stages, and interdimensional openings. *

*One major aspect of the July 6/7 eclipse is that it lifted veils between dimensions, making it easier to receive messages and information from high-level guides and entities. The moment of an eclipse is just the opening; its influence can extend into weeks, months and beyond. *

*Receiving Spiritual Messages *

*Those who are skilled in receiving spiritual messages will now be able to receive new forms of communications and heightened access to realities not yet perceived or understood. Some of what will be brought through may at first seem far removed from present-moment existence on Earth. However, these never-before-seen glimpses will reveal more of the guiding principles and energies behind the scenes of changes now being seeded. *

*For those just beginning to receive spiritual messages, this will be a time for breakthroughs. The energies are clearing the channels for guidance and information to flow through dream states and meditations. Be ready to receive insights that will transform every facet of your daily life. New inspiration and passions will be ignited in coming months as the past slowly falls away. *

*Events on the World's Stage *

*During this time, new events will play out on the world's stage. These will center around the life and struggles of individuals but will hold deep symbolic significance for all of humanity. The best way to navigate these events is to be present with whatever circumstances appear before you. Remain present, remain fluid, remain open and alert. Be ready to respond internally and externally to whatever you encounter or witness in your physical world while opening to the deeper meaning of these events. As you open to receive the message of every encounter and circumstance, you are transformed and prepared for the next step. *

*During this time, your conscious mind will often be at a loss in terms of a response. This is by design. The events unfolding can only be translated and understood in the language of spirit. Your subconscious, in conjunction with your higher self, can relay needed translations "within the moment." The more comfortable one is in setting the conscious mind aside and stepping into the subconscious, the smoother the translations will flow.*

*Experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul *

*During this time, many will experience "shake-ups." Someone will undergo rites of passage or "dark nights of the soul" that offer opportunities to release emotional baggage of the past. Such clearings open a space for direct psychic communion and spiritual transformation. Even in the darkest passages, you can stand strong in the knowledge that you planned and orchestrated your rites of passage before you came here. As you come to embrace them, you open to receive their message and the gifts they contain.*

*Cosmic Activations and Lucid Dreams *

*The July 6/7 eclipse is opening the doorway for galactic activations and dimensional shifts. A number of those incarnated now will be activated to fulfill their contracts for this timeframe. The eclipses of summer 2009 will trigger many into remembering their purpose of helping transition the Earth into a New Time. You will see messages, guidance and information begin to flow from higher realms. Some will begin to experience lucid dreams along with vivid dreams of other time planes and dimensions.*

*The time is ripe with opportunities for deeper understanding and deeper communion with your guides and higher self. Pay attention to all symbols and signposts that show up; pay attention to your dreams. Pay attention to Earth changes, to events that play out on the world's stage. Many signs and symbols will appear in coming days to reveal to each person their next step on the rapidly unfolding journey of planetary transformation. *



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