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Gaia on Health and Disease, Cancer, AIDS and Viagra

Q. Why is our culture placing so much attention on drugs like Viagra? With so many illnesses and diseases to study and cure, many of them debilitating and even fatal, it would seem that a sexual boost is the last thing our society needs. I don’t mean to diminish the importance of this dysfunction, but shouldn’t the pharmaceutical industry be using research dollars to study cancer or cure AIDS?

A. From a spirit(ual) or non-physical perspective, there is no difference between one dysfunction and another. Anything that reduces or removes the will from the willing is considered an affliction and a plague. While a physical existence imposes some limitations, it should not impose a threat. Dysfunctions often mirror the age and the culture within which they are most prominent. For example, the onset of the age of Pisces, (the fish in the element of water) brought about the readjustment of the earth’s oceans and its underground water tables, the advent of travel via the world’s waterways, and innovations in the areas of irrigation and hydro-electric power. The end of this age carries the burden of drought, murderous battles over water rights, starvation of peoples and lands no longer fertile, hurricane class storms, polluted seas and decimated populations of fish too poisoned for human consumption. The search for pure water and the hydration of the body at this time cannot be stressed enough. The ending of this age, of necessity, also brings the tearing down of all beliefs and structures that do not serve the dawn of the new age. In this battle, no victors can remain, because until the old is torn down the new cannot be built. Religions and societies based upon the supremacy of one race or belief over another will not survive in the new age.

Every end is also a beginning, and the emergence of the Aquarian age (the water bearer in the element of air) brings its own gifts and new rewards. The melting of the glaciers will provide new sources of water. Embedded within the frozen ice are a myriad of microscopic trace elements and minerals that will heal many of the earth’s woes. The element of air will carry these even to remote places and dry sands where their distribution will restore fertility to parched and arid lands. Travel by air and space will be a highlight of this age and new forms of fuel based upon liquid air will replace the absence of fossil fuels. Tornadoes will be common for the first few hundred years as these will stir and cleanse the air. Volcanoes will spew and erupt, and ash, long buried underground will restore and replenish the content of the air you breathe. Eventually, the flow (water) of life will be restored and air and water will be at peace. New forms of science will soon be on the horizon, as will teachers to demonstrate its benefit. Crystalline buildings and transparent architecture will become popular in honor of the element of air and its transparency. New cultures, less dense in thought and attitude will bring a breath of fresh air to societies in danger of decay. Those who continue to preach parables of density will not find favor in the new age and will soon dissolve into the nothingness that is everything.

What does all of this have to do with dysfunctional lifestyles and the quality of life? Altogether everything! Density is associated with the root chakra, and the root chakra is associated with sexuality and survival. Because the survival of humanity is at stake now, so is its sexuality, or ability to reproduce and extend itself one generation at a time. Erectile dysfunction and male and female infertility are not at cause, but they are among the many effects of the ending of an age. You will not find this information in current history books or in medical journals, but esoteric references to this phenomenon exist within the archaeological finds of many ancient cultures and within the DNA of every living culture.

Our sun influences every aspect of life on earth, physical and otherwise. The sun offers necessary nutrients and vitamins to every living thing. Without the steady and guiding influence of the sun life as we know it would not exist on earth. But the sun has not always been as stable and constant as it appears today. Sunspots, solar storms and other cosmic forces cause the sun to enter into phases or seasons that affect the quality of radiation it emits. Sun spot activity can disrupt every aspect of daily life on earth in ways that even local weather cannot. Radiation from the sun affects the natural biorythm of every living thing. Solar radiation acts upon and regulates the ability of the pineal and hypothalamus glands to produce and release specific hormones. Indirectly but specifically, these hormones go on to regulate the fertility hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. Under stress, a dysfunctional dissonance can easily affect fertility. This is true of all species, but currently it is humanity that is most out of balance with itself and its environment. When our sun experiences the stress of instability, all life on earth is affected. In ancient Egypt, Akhenaten attempted to describe this phenomenon to the populace by the use of pictorial depictions. The ancient Maya also inscribed architectural pictographs that demonstrated the power and importance of the sun upon fertility. Infertility in women and sterility in men were hallmarks of these great cultures near their end.

It is not difficult to see just how many dysfunctions plague most earth cultures at this time. War, famine, infertility, poverty, sexual dysfunction, depression, educational malaise, governmental intervention, economic subsistence, and consummate struggles for power and domination echo the uncertainty of all cultures this time. Patriarchalism, or institutionalized domination by men, is also a hallmark of this age, and one that is moving toward a not so gentle end. The physio-social effects of the aforementioned changes coupled with the struggle to maintain a status quo are notable and evident in the advent of drugs such as Viagra. Impotence and low sperm counts in men can be attributed to many factors, but a decrease in the influence of stable solar radiation is chief among these. Currently, thirty-three percent of the male population is subject to this condition, at least part of the time. By contrast, forty-six percent of human females suffer from psychological or physiological dysfunctions directly attributable to sexuality. Based on these statistics, pharmaceutical companies are racing one another to be the first on the market with the next miracle drug.

Radiation from the sun is also known to synchronize and when necessary, recalibrate the biological clock of all living things. Deciduous trees that shed their leaves in the fall respond to this timing sequence, as does all seasonal vegetation. Hibernating animals pay close attention to their biological clocks. They remain sensitive to these internal and external forces throughout their entire life. Every species is also equipped with an astronomical clock, which is aligned in accordance with the relevance of that species. The coordination of the astronomical clock is a factor of the balance achieved by a species in a particular environment. It is also a measure of the evolution of that species within the schema and pertinence of each age. By example, if the dinosaurs had not been decimated by the wisdom of a specific (not random) meteor, they would probably have contracted cancer or been decimated by another intruder. Their relevance within the context of expansion of consciousness on earth had come to an end.

Individuals also respond to the biological clock assigned to them at birth. This little understood science, based upon the codes inherent in sacred geometry, guides the evolution and timing of all manifested things, without exception. At the time of conception, a rough estimate of the solar radiation pattern associated with the child’s eventual birth can be calculated. Miscarriages are most often due to an inability to synchronize the necessary biological codes with the individual’s desire for that lifetime. By the time a child is born, a specific sequence has been revealed and will remain calibrated to the individual throughout his or her entire life. The first breath and the last are already encoded. In more advanced cultures, each unique and specific sequence is duly noted, as this knowledge above and beyond all else will maintain the individual’s health and well-being. If (when) this knowledge becomes more understood, DNA sequencing will become obsolete and blood typing uneccessary. When these physical and non-physical codes (clocks) are well coordinated, the physiology of the body is in harmony, but when they are not confusion and disorder reign. In the body, this most often manifests as a disruption to the endocrine system.

Cancer is the effect of the de-synchronization of the body. It is a chaotic misalignment of the internal biological clock, and is often further complicated by a disregard or dissociation from one’s astronomical clock whose sequence, once disturbed, is difficult to restore. Individual patterns of radiation generate magnetic modulations that influence the pineal gland. The pineal gland, among others, releases the correct amount of hormones, which in turn, trigger the division and reproduction of healthy cells. As long as the astronomical clock and the biological clock are aligned and in balance, the body instinctively remains healthy. Cell division and multiplication is regulated by the metabolic system that was calibrated at birth. Imbalances within one’s environment, external and internal carcinogens, and a host of other misunderstood de-synchronizations can alter the perfection and reliability of the individual’s unique pattern. This disruption can cause less than perfect timing signals to be released within the biology of the individual, which in turn cause less than perfect cells to be created and circulated throughout the body. Indiscriminate and uncontrolled cell division and multiplication result in cancer.

Artificial hormones can also influence and alter the body’s chemistry as these are introduced directly into the endocrine system. If the hormones are aligned with the calibration of the individual the result can be beneficial, but when they are not, biorhythmic de-synchronization can occur and cancer may follow. Anything that interferes with the natural and unique biological sequence of the individual can lead to cancerous activity within the body. These are unnatural times, and many of today’s technological advances are also unnatural. These may or may not be aligned with each individual. Natural radiation from the sun has been known to restore individual codes to a healthy status, but more than ever individuals are spending time indoors and under the influence of fluorescent lighting, television, computers, microwave ovens and artificially engineered food, as well as telephonic and radiophonic energies. While these influences alone cannot be considered carcinogenic, they are far from natural, and their healthful benefit upon the biorythm of the body is highly suspect. Human chemistry is far from delicate, but it cannot be ignored, severely altered, or taken for granted without acknowledging that consequences may result.

Will more study and research yield a cure for cancer? It is not likely, at least given its present course. Current treatment techniques include radium therapy, a form of particle energy, which if properly understood, would be abandoned due to its unstable and unpredictable nature, especially on living cells. Radiotherapy all too soon leads to radiotoxicity, whose effects are well documented. Exposure to radiation causes the destruction and decay of diseased cells, but it does nothing to restore the production of balanced and healthy cells. Radiation causes radioactive waste. Externally, this waste must be sealed and stored for hundreds and even thousands of years before it is rendered harmless. What can the body be expected to do with such toxic waste internally?

Another approved procedure, although not a cure, is to excise or remove cancerous cells by use of surgical procedures. If the body is willing to undergo such an operation, they can be of benefit. Unfortunately, these procedures are often combined with radiation, which further confuses the body by removing some cells and contributing to the decay and death of others. Where are the corrective and restorative measures in this procedure? How is the body to receive new, intelligent and healthful instructions while it is being slowly poisoned and encouraged to die? Your body is not your enemy any more than your neighbor is. A radioactive weapon is just that, it is hardly a tool or a cure. Humanity learns by example, and a good example can last a lifetime. Cells can be “taught” and encouraged to reproduce in healthful ways. This theory will soon be put to the test and the results will be encouraging, but success will not be achieved until the connection between mind and body is acknowledged and understood.

Atlantis was one of the greatest civilizations and continents that ever was. Near its end, cancer was rampant and epidemic. Advances in the medical treatment of cancer had progressed well enough and the subject of radiation as a cure arose then as well. Radiation as a source of energy has always been important to humanity, but like water, it has been harnessed, owned and controlled for the advantage of the few and not the many. Upon Atlantis, science had already learned to isolate the quality of radioactive material into positive and negative poles. The division of atomic elements was still in its infancy in terms of Atlantean knowledge, but when combined with certain crystalline influences (the glory of Atlantis) radioactive material could be caused to behave in beneficial ways. Unfortunately, the fallible law of ‘more is better’ influenced the Atlantean society to excess. This, coupled with an overriding propensity for comparison and competition led to the demise of the once great.

Under a reign of technology compassion could little be found and the losses counted were many. As was the case with cancer, the Atlanteans, who were overly obsessed with sustaining their youth, thought to inculcate a new language into the cancerous cells. Beyond the regeneration of health, the cells were instructed to restore youth. This mixed message caused a mutation within the structure of the cell, which led to a slow collapse and a steady decline in well-being. The eventual result of such folly was a slow, but constant deterioration and retardation of both mind and body. The soul of Atlantis, individually and collectively, was forced to comply. History is never completely erased, and as in all things, the choices made by one eventually apply to all. What today is called Alzheimer’s disease is a throwback to this time. It has resurfaced at the end of an age, just as it was created at the end of another.

Almost every culture, past and present, has had some form of interaction with radioactive material. Within your cellular memory is a solar or atomic memory, which cannot be altered, erased or destroyed. This has saved your species from extinction many times and will likely do so again. Like the astronomical clock, your solar memory is permanently encoded with an ability to attain the highest possibilities within the evolutional goals set forth when humanity as a species was invited into being. This matrix of possibilities allows each evolutional age to grow exponentially, as well as to destroy itself and begin again. Within such a wide range of possibilities guidelines to success exist, as do teachers, teachings and examples from which to draw. Ultimately, however, the choice rests in the will of humanity -- to thrive or merely survive.

AIDS is a debilitating illness that could be cured were it not for the near fatal prognosis it has been given. The human mind is very tender, innocent and childlike. If someone is told that they have contracted an auto-immune disease with only a small rate or survivability, their mind will quickly construct a reality based upon this information. If they are told there is little hope for a different outcome, then they will hope just a little, for to hope more would be unrealistic based upon the facts one has been given. Such is the unfortunate risk of contracting such an illness. It is a test of the will of the mind and the body and the mind as influenced by an external authority rather than an internal one.

The immune system of the earth has also been severely compromised, my veins of river waters and my arteries of golden minerals are congested and polluted. But my hopes of a reversal of health and well-being do not lie in any external source or undetermined course of action. I do not lament the cause of my affliction, previous decisions made, adventures undertaken, trust incorrectly invested, or the sores that have been bulldozed onto my back; to do so would only retard my recovery. I do not pray that humanity will awaken in time to save the earth for its great-grandchildren; to do so would place a burden on that which is already burdened enough. Neither do I await the arrival of advanced knowledge from my brothers and sisters in the stars; to do so would be to look much farther than was is necessary. Shall I depend upon research dollars and grants spent on studying what is more than obvious?

AIDS and other auto-immune diseases are deconstructions of the basic building blocks of the organism. Unlike cancers, which cannot seem to stop the building of unhealthy cells, immune deficient illnesses literally forget how to build and sustain healthy and unstressed cells. Under stress, the body is first attacked by unrelenting demands for production that is all too quickly falling behind schedule. The body cannot respond to stress without some form of sacrifice. Borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, the body’s natural defenses become impaired. With resources dwindling, the body succumbs to a virus-like condition.

At this point, the body’s own intelligence system is capable of diagnosing its impaired condition and restructuring itself to compensate for any inadequacy. Why doesn’t it? For the most part, because this illness has not been approached with an attitude or a context by which the body and the intelligence that guides it can be trusted to heal itself by reorganizing the very stresses that have caused its onset. Humanity has a tendency to respond to patterns in specific and characteristic ways. Using one of these ways, humanity gathers information into packets of logic and then stores them in tidy bundles called belief systems. These are then sorted by category and placed upon well protected shelves within secure vaults in heavily guarded areas of the brain.

While original thoughts are presently conscious, fluid and creative, thoughts based upon centuries old beliefs are dense, hard-wired and calcified into place within the brain. Beliefs that persist over time are the hardest to dislodge, nearly impossible in many cases. Weakness rules where power cannot, and attitudes and beliefs impressed upon the mind strengthen or weaken the connection between the mind and body accordingly. Even small variations or disruptions can lead to significant changes in the outcome of any situation, including illness. Encouragement in the direction of original thought or repetition of calcified beliefs will both result in some progressive change over time. New patterns eventually emerge, and these can stimulate life or confirm death.

A positive or negative worldview influences every aspect of every thought and belief inherent within each cell of the body. An accumulation of stressful and negative thoughts will eventually manifest in a physiological discomfort. This is true of all species, but perhaps more than others, humanity’s search for its own consciousness and truth has brought it face to face with conundrums that confound and confuse, but allow no respite. The key to evolution beyond this illness is to reflect upon one’s truth before the body offers its own evidence in the form of advancement of disease. To live an incomplete truth is to live an incomplete life, early detection is the purest form of cure.

The persistence of disease is the acceptance of the manifest concrete belief systems inherent within humanity. The remission of disease is the rejection of the norm and the embracing of new, more fluid instructions and the onset of more healthful parameters for body, mind and spirit. Rejection of physical evidence is the most difficult phase of empowerment. After all, why would the body lie? The body will lie to protect the mind from moving beyond the boundaries of what it believes is the All. The body becomes the sacrificial lamb so that the belief system will survive. In order for the body’s condition to radically shift, it must reject the prevailing conditions common to its mind and the mind of the society that influences it.

The invisible universe must become one’s teacher and ally. Genetic and environmental factors must persistently offer their guidance from within until the body’s own architecture can respond as a natural consequence rather than a programmed one. All illness and disease is changeable and reversible. Spontaneous health rather than remission of disease is the norm. Belief in a cure for a specific disease is illogical if a belief in the disease itself persists. By example, the earth does not await a cure for polluted skies, it awaits humanity to marvel and wonder at the clarity it is capable of envisioning.

This discussion has thus far offered little in the way of advancing new thought, choosing instead to concentrate on dismantling the existing processes that have debilitated rather than encouraged growth. But to deposit further criticism upon a problem without so much as mounting an alternative that may lead to victory is a further offense in itself. If words be energy then, let the energy of true healing be understood to be located in the Thymus gland. Located just below the Sternum (breastbone), the Thymus gland is deeply connected to the immune system. It is the most active gland in the body before puberty, and the most inactive after. Modern medicine sees little or no purpose for this gland, and is further convinced of this by the fact that it shrinks to a fraction of its size after puberty. This conjecture is altogether wrong.

The Thymus is most active during childhood because that is when the body is in most need of the protection this gland offers. It protects the development of the immune system in much the same way that a parent protects a child. It is also a teacher and a coach, showering the being with love while training it to take responsibility for itself and its actions (as you sow, so shall you reap). This is not the law of cause and effect so much as what is better called, right action. For this reason, after puberty, the Thymus gland takes on a metaphysical role rather than a physical one. Protection of the Self is exchanged for love and care of the self (Self Love).

The Thymus gland is involved in the development of cells within the immune system of the body, particularly T-cells. Thyroxine, the principal hormone secreted by the thyroid gland, stimulates and regulates metabolism. Thyroxine also governs the level of stress induced thoughts and activities within the body. The thyroid gland assists the immune system to develop a natural resistance to stress and disease rather than an acquired (artificial) one. When that is no longer possible, the immune system becomes susceptible or sensitive to infection. Unable to perform or endure under overly stressful environments and circumstances, the natural of the body is breached. It is forced to resist and defend the body rather than protect it.

Called into active duty, the immune system initiates the immune response mechanism, which immediately sets out to recognize and identify cells, tissues, objects, and organisms that are not itself and to fight them if necessary. With such responsibility conferred upon it, the immune system begins to deteriorate. Fortunately, the immune system is equipped with immunocompetence, the little understood ability of the body to develop a natural immune response in the presence of a disease-causing agent (antigen). Further study in the field of immunogenetics, the discipline that explains the genetic diversity of the immune system, will prove the relevance the thymus gland and its hormonal secretions.

Metaphysically speaking, all glands are teachers. The Pituitary gland, often called the master gland, is as the master teacher. It controls the function of the other glands much as a dean would oversee a course of study. The thymus gland is a teacher of courage in the face of adversity. It stands for self-love whose opposite is self-loathing. It proposes protection rather than defense. Health is the natural absence of illness, injury, and impairment. It is the function of promoting and maintaining well-being by embracing life’s teachers. The rejection of life’s teachers is paramount to self-annihilation.

Returning to our original question, why doesn’t the pharmaceutical industry focus upon more important matters? Because it is unaware of the link that exists within all things. It sees the body as constantly under attack by the very environment it calls home. The body’s natural defenses are considered inadequate, so antibiotics are trained to kill or deactivate bacteria in the body, much of it healthful. For the most part, modern medicine is artificial and synthetic. It mirrors the lifestyle of those who promote it. As long as dollars line the pockets and paper the walls of these institutions, progress will be minimal. When external teachers are finally coupled with internal ones, true learning will begin and disease will become obsolete.

It makes no sense to wait for modern medicine to catch up to what you already know. Listen to your inner teachers; all of them for there are many. Sometimes their voices speak as one, and sometimes not. Sometimes they offer comfort and other times they teach by the discomfort of body, mind or soul. Your longevity rests within your ability to listen and to trust what you hear. Seek endorsement and confirmation when appropriate, but do not depend upon it. Cure your thoughts and your beliefs will follow. De-calcify your mind and purge it from obsolete thought-forms that do not serve the reality you are attempting to create. If you choose a healthful inner environment offer yourself a similar perspective without. Replace the bitter diatribe passed on to you by your ancestors with a healthful dialogue that supports you and your loved ones. Keep pace with a peaceful heart and distress no more.

Clarity and Courage for Today, Guidance and Wisdom for Tomorrow.



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