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The Coming Birth and Mass Ascension

This planet is a product created for a specific reason and nobody, including the inhabitants upon it, will ever be allowed to destroy it, because it is too important. You're getting to a point in time where several things are happening and the purpose of this planet is starting to be implemented, and since it is starting to be implemented, you're going through the processes with it. You're in the middle of these changes right now due to that.

Your planet is like a cell getting ready to clone itself. Each living cell has a nucleus. That nucleus, when it separates and divides, makes more cells. This is how you build a body. Your bodies are doing it all the time and the universe does it the same way.

Within a cell, the nucleus first of all clones itself so that it can reproduce another cell. All of your bodies are sitting here doing this while we speak. The nucleus of the cell reproduces itself. From that, it moves to the edge of the cellular structure. At that point, it grows a new cell, the old one dies, and the new one replaces it. This universe works off the same principle.

When the nucleus in that cell is doing that it is called a starr, and that means that the nucleus is cloning itself. The planet you are sitting on is a starr maker. What that means is that this planet is a nucleus for something else. It can reproduce itself, clone itself, and as it does so, you've got something new along side of it.

That is why this planet is so important. What is upon this planet is a culmination of everything that has ever existed in the universes since they began. This planet and these bodies that you're sitting in are archives of every god that has ever lived! They are the largest archive yet created in the universe and you're sitting on it and you're sitting in them! One cell in the body of any of you, could reproduce universes beyond your comprehension!

You are going through a birth process here and this is where all of your changes upon your planet are coming from personally and en masse. As these energies are coming in, you're getting ready to go through what we term a birth process—a universal birth process. This planet is the starr maker. That means that it clones itself.

As it clones itself, it begins to create a place where everything that has ever been will be compressed into a single cell. That single cell will be pushed through something like what you would term a white hole into a parallel universe right next to this. It will genesis and it will birth and you'll have a new universe with every possibility ever known to any god that ever lived here.

I'm going to go back a little bit and fill in a few pieces. In the larger scheme of things there is a source, within a source, within a source. Whatever you want to call it is fine, but you have a source—call it God, call it all that is, whatever you want to call it—but it came from another one and that one came from another one and so on, and each previous one is larger. So if you want to look at it, there is no hierarchy except in the faces of man here, but each one of these sources is just older and more mature.

In the center of all these concentric sources, so to speak, is your universe. This planet was selected and chosen as a nucleus or the center of all these sources within sources. This means that because of the way everything was created in spirit, this system here allows you to be individual entities and to have the utmost of everything that you could ever be and to have the grandest of all possibilities, because you hold some portion of all these sources within each of you.

There are only three planets which exist that have very many of the things that you've got on this planet. That is how rare some of the things that you've got here are.

The easiest way to look at this metaphor is that the source loved you into existence and put itself to sleep. It is not dead and it is not really asleep—it is existing in all of you. For our purposes we separate sources and creators. A creator is what organizes, a source sources the raw material that can be organized by a creator.

The source just makes raw material, that's all it does. If at any point in time, a source started organizing its raw material, everything would die. That is why we separate sources and creators. A source sources raw material. Call it love, call it whatever you want to call it—thought, knowledge, it is the most unconditional love you'll ever find. It is so thought-based that it will nurture anything that it touches. But if that source at any moment said, “Okay, I want to do this to the raw material,” it would start focusing in that direction and everything else would collapse.

A source can do nothing but source, that's all it can do. It has no personality as you define personality here. The personality comes from the creators. The creators are what organize the raw material and you are all creators. The source sources and the creators organize it and decide what it will be.

When you were created in spirit, the source that you came from loved itself into existence. As it did this, it loved you each into particums of itself or individual faces, but it had to have some way of holding you so you didn't collapse, otherwise it would collapse. So it used a portion of its own consciousness as a womb. It actually created a very beautiful sterile medium for you to all grow in so that you could become anything to your hearts content that you ever wanted to be.

So for the metaphor in your mind, the source that you came from created almost a womb out of its own consciousness. But it had to put itself to sleep at the same time because if it was interfering or thinking inside of this womb, none of you would have your free will. Everyone of you would be controlled by its thought. In order for you to have the free will to become equal gods to it, for you to become totally individual, as individual as you could ever get, it had the be the most sterile medium that could be found.

It used a piece of its own consciousness, pushed it to the edges, creating an electromagnetic barrier. This is the edge of your universe. Within that, nothing existed at that point in time. It just held a sterile medium. From that point, life particums were put into it and you were allowed to nurture and to grow and to become anything you could become in this beautiful sterile medium.

However, to carry the metaphor further, since this is your source, it is going to have to wake up at some point in time. This waking up is what we call a birth process. It is what you're all going through during this time of your existence.

Inside this sterile medium, any thought you have ever had is being held. Any possibility you ever contemplated is being held. Anything that you thought you'd like to do and didn't do, is being held. This is why you've always been told you will live everything you think. It exists somewhere because it is being held.

Let's say that you try to make a decision. “Should I go this way or that way?” All the possibilities from all the decisions are held. Anything that could have been, would have been, or has been, are being held inside this sterile medium.

These mediums take a very long time to develop, in a place that has no time. You could take 35 million, put another million zeros behind it, and that's about how many years it takes to develop one of these to have the opportunity to grow in. That's a long time!

Everything any of you have ever done, been, or thought is being held in this sterile medium. This medium is called the consciousness of your creator. It is called the all that is. It is called your Source. It is what you all call God.

However, because this medium is a portion of the mind of your source, when the source wakes up, it collapses. When it collapses, whatever is left, comes down to a single cell which can then be imprinted.

As it begins to wake up it is almost like a respiration. For your mind, look at it as if this source is breathing—opening and closing into the universe. This birth is its respiration or its getting ready to awaken. As it wakes, all of these layers from the concentric sources start pulling in, just like when you breathe. It pulls in and when it does, what will be left is a single cell—a single universal cell.

At that point in time if you pushed it into a parallel medium alongside of here, it would genesis in its birth or respiration and then you would have a universe that has every possibility that was ever thought of here. It would be a universe that doesn't have to go through everything all of you had to go through, because all of your possibilities, potentials and everything else are in it. This is how you are all creating your new universe. All of you are already creating it just by your own existence.

Right now you're in a universal birth process which causes difficulties and complications, physically with individuals and with the planet itself. The planet is in starr status. It made its most major shift in the spring of 1991—in March and April of that year. And it made a shift a couple of years prior to that.

When your bodies reproduce, they reproduce degeneratively. In other words, because there is not as much light in the body, each time your cells reproduce, they seem to get worse and worse and more aged and degenerate rather than enhanced.

In a universal perspective, everything, when it reproduces—produces something better. If you were into a body that is universal—and you will be, because that's what you're trying to create—then what happens is when the old self reproduces or clones itself, it leaves the residue of what you call the junk or the old material in the old and the new life separates. So when the universe reproduces, every reproduction is an improvement over the last.

This is also how your cells are supposed to be working. Your cells in your body were designed originally so that with each reproduction, which they are doing on an ongoing basis, each one would get better and better. In the reproduction cycle, it would dump the junk. It would dump the old stuff that you don't want, the old DNA and the old imprinting.
But when you all got used to hanging onto your past, you started pulling it with you and then the cells degenerated with each reproduction. So now each time these cells reproduce, starting usually after your puberty, they start aging. They start degenerating rather than reproducing into an expanded version.

What you're doing here in this universe is the same thing—it is going through a cloning process. First, you clone the nucleus. The nucleus in this case is the system you're sitting on, called your planet. As it clones, your consciousness has to make a decision—and that's where you are all at. Will you stay with the old planet or will you journey with the new?

Your planet took its biggest step in April of 1991 and most of you felt it. Many of you were feeling fatigue, headaches, nausea, some of you had your skin break out, and different things happened, but you all had some experience with it when it occurred. Much of it was just a fogginess in the head. Some of you felt like you couldn't think right, you were disoriented, but increased fatigue levels were the most common symptom.

Your starr maker, so to speak, or the planet you're sitting on, cloned itself. In the cloning process, as the old nucleus clones itself to make a new nucleus, they have to be attached for a period of time. They have to be attached to provide a way for all the information that is wanting to go across into the new nucleus. If the connection breaks off too soon it kills both.

The system that you're sitting on went through the cloning process. It cloned itself and right now the old nucleus and the new nucleus are overlaying each other. This is where the rifts in your planet, society, and world are starting to come in. At this point, the old and the new are still attached and you have the choice of going with either side of it. But because the brain maintains continuity for most of you, you'll just be living your life and you may not be all that aware of this split. But this is going to create the biggest rift that has ever happened in mankind. You are going to have to choose which side of the nucleus to ride the birth through.

Vibrationally you will make the jump by loving yourself. All you have to do is love that you exist. That is the key. Without enough desire to exist, enough will for life, enough “I want to live and love life,” the nucleus will never make it through the birth and you'll have another still birth.

For your understanding, take 35 million with a million zeros behind it and that is how often it takes to set up one of these births! And about one in three is all that will ever be a live birth. Many of you are getting into joy and you're starting to learn how to enjoy and love life, but for the most part, most of this planet has never wanted to exist. Most of the individuals on this planet spend from almost day one, trying to get out of it. They hate their lives, they hate their existence, they hate it here, they don't like physicality. They are always looking for the better day, when they can leave.

When those feelings are imprinted inside this womb, it has no will to live. So you're in a process right now of giving life to this planet. A lot of you are grand masters that came to this planet for one mission and one mission alone. It is to infuse life into this planet so it can make it through the birth. Every ideal, every belief system that this planet has ever had says, “Let's die. Let's hurry up and get to heaven. Let's hurry up and get out of here. Let's kill it.” And so you have never had a generation upon this planet yet that ever wanted to live—you haven't. Some of you are the first in a new breed of generations that can love life and you are masters that came here to infuse that.

When that single cell completely collapses down to create the birth process—if it wants to live because of the joy you put into it—you've got a new universe and all of its beauty. If not, it will be a still birth and you will have gone through the whole process for naught.

Many of you are very beauteous masters that have already accomplished most of the stuff you're trying to accomplish now. You've already done it. All you did is you came here to love life, enjoy life, have fun and to infuse the will to live into this birth process. Many of you know that you came with a mission, a purpose and it was very important. Then when I tell you just have fun and enjoy life, you say, “It's got to be more than that!”

Understand within your being, the most valuable gift that any of you can give yourself, the planet or anything else at this juncture is the desire to love life and that is what you're all about at this juncture on this planet.

Let me throw this in about your earth changes and opportunities. The nucleus is splitting. You've got to decide which side of the nucleus you're going to ride on. The old one, is going to go through all this gloom and doom stuff, because anything you believe, you'll live. The old side of the nucleus says that it's going to be destroyed.

The new nucleus that is being created, it's got more life in it than the old. And right now they are feeding each other. If you look at this when it reproduces, and finishes its process in a few years or whenever it happens, the old world will feel like hell because the love that it is feeling from the new nucleus, the wanting to live, is not going to be attached to it any more.
This is an opportunity for you to create your reality, and you're gods and you'll do it one way or the other. It's totally your choice. The old nucleus is going to be the old nucleus, it will maintain in its space.

This time it is a mass scenario. This isn't just one person doing it this time. This is a mass event. Right now you're in the middle of this division of these nucleuses where all of you are starting to have funny, weird things happen to you in your lives. You're getting into all kinds of different states of consciousness. But the biggest thing right now is that you've got to make the decision. The old side is not going to want to live. The new side says, I love life. All it takes to get on the new side, is just a will to love life. If you love life, there is no fear left. If you love life, you don't have to worry about a single thing that is going to happen in this reality.

When the two of these realities split, you're going to have a whirlwind, so to speak, and that whirlwind is going to shove that old nucleus away. That is where your earth changes are happening. Your poles aren't going to shift, but the magnetics are shifting—not the poles. The magnetics, when they shift, will do it in junctures. In other words, it's not just going to all of a sudden one day shift totally; it does it in pieces.

The episode you had in April of 1991 was a piece of it and a lot of you walked in a huge, more beauteous, grand piece of who and what you are, more of your own god if you want to look at it that way. It will be almost a jerking or labor action as these nucleuses start separating for a period of time, and this will take the next few years to complete. During this time, each time that there is one of these labor pains, they are still attached, they're connected, and it is going to cause some disruption on the planet.

In your minds and in your brain systems, even if you're riding on the new nucleus, you're going to maintain enough of a continuity that you're going to be able to see it, and thus you'll be pulled into it if you let yourself. You've got to let yourselves get into a state where you totally love who and what you are and where you know that anything that occurs doesn't have to be yours unless you want it to be. That is the biggest thing that any of you can do.

With each jerking the new one's got more strength, so when it jerks, any of the weak spots on your planet are going to move. Any of these weak spots in this jerking motion, is going to stir them up a little bit. So if you've got fault lines, some of those fault lines are going to ripple. Some of the volcanoes are going to get more active, or less active. They're going to fluctuate.

But if you're already decided to love life and ride the wave on the new nucleus, you don't have to worry about it. You'll be in a place where you might see it, and observe it because the two are still connected, but it is not your reality. It will only be your reality if it hits you in your back yard, and it will only hit you in your back yard if you're on the old nucleus. It is a time to let go of fear because fear is the biggest thing that holds you on the old nucleus.

If you're fearing what your reality is going to be, you're probably fearing because you know you're creating it! If you knew you weren't creating fearful events, you'd have no fear about them. So it's a time of getting into a place of saying, “All right. That may be the reality for half of the planet or better than half of it, but it doesn't have to be mine.”

There are all kinds of divine intervention that will go into place if anything gets triggered when it's not supposed to. You've got divine timing and orchestration is another way of looking at it. You're going to have a mass ascension this time. When these nucleuses decide to completely separate, you're going to have an ascension process en masse. This has been written about, where a large number of people just disappear off the planet.
What you'll do for a period of time, because the two nucleuses are connected, your brain will maintain the continuity and you will see it all. You will see the turmoil going on in different places, but it doesn't have to touch your life.

When enough of you reach critical mass, that final splitting will occur, and the electricity generated from the electromagnetics will separate and you'll have the most beautiful mass ascension off this planet you've ever had! Those who go will be on the new nucleus, and they'll take the ride from there until it has gone through the rest of its cloning process.

Many of you will go through pseudo or preliminary ascension processes up to that. Some of you have already gone through them and didn't know you did it. Another way of looking at it is there are multidimensional time slices between the old nucleus and the birth of the new, and so what you're doing is you're being pulled from one to the next, to the next, to the next until enough of you get critical mass here to make the velocity to be pulled the rest of the way. You're all doing it anyway as long as you're loving yourselves, loving life, loving existence itself—you're already ascending.

Most of you are already going through the ascension process and don't even know it! You haven't known it because you're looking for drama that says, “Oh, I disappeared in front of the crowd and so now I've got my diploma!” Because this is a scenario that is timed and orchestrated, you're not going to have that. You're trying to pull this whole planet as far with you as you can.

Most of you, if you were on the planet two thousand years ago, you would have ascended the body already. You would be popping off and disappearing. What makes that type of a drama or big visual effect is when you have a large difference between your vibration and the planet's. You just shift your vibrations enough and you disappear. But what you're doing en masse is that you're pulling the planet behind you! It is right on your heels and so you are vibrationally shifting and the planet is too, therefore, you can't disappear. You are vibrationally shifting, and so is the planet. You're pulling it with you!

So en masse, you're going through this and you're moving, but you're not getting the big drama from it that you're all expecting. You're already taking your bodies with you, whether you lay them down this lifetime or not, you're taking them with you because it is a matter of vibration. Years ago, you would have already ascended the molecular structure. Taking the body with you actually boils down to taking the whole entire DNA, and genetic memory so you can reconstruct it if necessary.

When these nucleuses pull apart here, then any bodies that are vibrating beyond a certain vibration, will disappear and they will go on the new nucleus and the new planet. You'll be objectified as the gods that you are, that will be your system and you'll create it, you will control it, you will rule it, and it will be yours.

Shifting through these dimensional slices is going to cause a lot of the problems, pains and difficulties on the planet. Because of this, you're going through a biological species shift. Your biological embodiments are shifting at a rate that is phenomenal and as we've said before, if in ten-thousand years you look backwards to this point in time, it would have looked like the species stopped and completely severed, left the planet, and a new race started.

It's taking about three to four generations in most genetic makeups right now to make this species shift. You're not going to all start looking funny and weird and strange and all those things, but your bodies are going through it right now, and so is the planet. This is part of the planet's having to dump its toxins and its pollutants too because it is going through a reproduction also.

Your bodies are going to go through all sorts of things and a lot of you are judging yourselves as not being highly enough evolved because you're going through them. You're saying, “If I was a master then I wouldn't have this and I wouldn't have that, I wouldn't have this happening to me,” but your bodies are going through the shift. The earth changes are going through the shifts too, but I would say the biggest thing and the biggest factor is to decide where you're going to ride. If you want to ride on the new nucleus, then you'll go there. If you want to ride on the old, then you're going to have a totally different story.

The River of Crazy Wisdom
© Copyright 2000-2001, Rio Sabe Loco


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Ascension news July 2009 -- Lisa Renee

ENERGETIC SYNTHESIS: Surpassing the Glass Ceiling
Date: 6/29/2009

Channeler: Lisa Renee

Ascension News- July 2009

There are many possible new realities being birthed during this time in order to allow the maximum openings for all beings to “heal” genetically. This allows the capacity to experience expanded consciousness and therefore making available higher evolutionary choices. This is the benevolence of the Universe through the grace of the God Source attempting to harmonize all levels of the consciousness within this creational experience.

Collapsing dimensions

Many dimensional reality “spaces” (parallel realities) have recently collapsed or have been closed down. This means that the consciousness existing within that time and space has had to be moved and transported to another time continuum. Some of us have been very busy providing or directing the portal openings in order to support this movement.

This is an Interdimensional project shared by groups existing in multiple dimensional layers. This will continue to grow as more of us will become aware of helping in the spiritual “retrieval” and merging “back to god” process. Much of this level of consciousness being retrieved has been bound energetically to grids, trapped in dimensional spaces unable to evolve or embody any further.

When a consciousness is energetically bound to a planetary “grid” it means that it is being used as a battery source to power that particular “reality system”. This is how it works at every dimensional level, even outside of 3D in all of the parallel realities. The reality system can contain “identity programs” or belief systems that the consciousness existing within it has been “convinced” is completely real. They may be stunted in this belief or reality, not knowing they can experience something else.

Generally when a consciousness is stunted from evolution it is from levels of trauma that separated it from being able to feel its source connection. Most of these reality levels are not experiencing “nirvanic” states of bliss. Most are in a total state of fear, suffering, sacrifice or separation. Many are being controlled by outside sources unknown to them.

This is exactly why during this Ascension time cycle the Guardian races have made a human and planetary intervention to help rehabilitate. The Law of One commission is an attempt to restore genetic integrity via the original divine blueprint to humanity, therefore returning sovereignty and God’s creational free will. In the last 10,000 years or so, free will was possible only to those who are “feeding” and energetically powering the hijacked planetary reality system.

If you refused to feed the agenda of the system, your free will was interfered with by a variety of holographic technologies used by the controlling or regressive races. Another way to say this is that human consciousness is suppressed through extreme mind control enslavement. As we are aware with the “Changing of the Guard” happening during the Galactic frequency cycle now, this time of the Dark Age (the 26,556 year - 2012 Time cycle) is coming to an end.

However we will be observing in the masses the results of the accumulated dysfunctional damage being projected into the global hologram. It is coming to the surface of our awareness in the mass consciousness so we can have the opportunity to heal and restore balance back to our consciousness. It’s all got to unravel and dismantle in the physical structures in order to reveal the damage so we can finally “see” it and begin to heal it.

Male Heart Opening

It has been mentioned several times the current dissolution of the 3D mind control program referred to by the Guardians as the “nephilim reversal program” has been highlighted since April. This mind control program is quite viral and deeply penetrated in the belief systems of both genders around the abuse or misuse of both male and female sexual energy.

As this system is being brought into view from the hidden depths, we are seeing amplified all systems of masculine power as programmed into the male psyche. The anger, rage and sexual abuse in this system of control is quite alarming to look at, yet it’s very necessary.

Males have been groomed since birth to define their identity through their potency in the world as viewed from a completely material way. To be successful males are told they must accumulate wealth, from this they will have power over others, and then they will have all the prettiest women to commoditize in order to feel even more “potent”. The higher echelon of the power brokers, ( the boys club) condone and even police each other to condition the belief that this is how one gains acceptance, power and prestige in this world.

As this system is breaking down and revealing its ugliness in our social and economic structure, our males are feeling especially confused and devastated. All of their conditioned beliefs that reinforced their male identity are being pulled out or radically tested. I have observed for the first time ever, more males having meltdowns as they lose their wealth, money, resources, families, sexual relationships, whatever they placed their entire identity and value upon.

Many are without tools or context and have been attempting to escape in addiction programs which just increase the destructive impact. I have never witnessed as much male addiction to pornographic sexual abuse coming to the surface to be revealed as is happening right now.
Nothing that was hidden can stay hidden any more. It’s all got to come out of the closet and be seen for what it is, as the recent sexual asphyxiation death of a prominent male movie star in Bangkok has reminded us.

The power of the God Female principle embodied is the antidote to restore balance back and to assist the males in opening their hearts that have been shut down for so long. It is now time to hold the utmost compassion (and at times tough love) for the males in order for them to rise to the level required to meet the evolving consciousness.

The Females have connected to the celestial energies, laid the groundwork and now the males must reach the next level to ground this consciousness into the earth. Males are beginning to open their hearts and in this process if without help or willingness, will be experiencing heart attacks or heart issues as the reminder. It is now imperative for the males on this planet to be guided and learn how to open their heart center and listen to the heart (feeling based) intelligence. Females are mostly the guides.

Feeling Stationed?

During all of this flurry of activity transpiring within the multiple dimensions of the planet’s aura, those not ready to participate at this level of service ( or do not have this contract with the earth) will feel “stationary”. You will be stationed until it is time for you to be safely “moved” onto your new “timeline”.

The new energetic platform has been created, along with the new timeline so it’s all about the appropriate timing for your personal process now. Most of us will be bewildered at how much our life has changed between now and the next three months.

Understand that you are being protected right now when there is a mass bedlam happening in the energetic fields. This barrage creates more density pockets that potentially can pull you vibrationally “down” into other timelines. You may notice people in the environment losing their cool, exploding emotionally, releasing anger or hostility many times for no direct reason. The internal pressure cooker is being felt by many people, and most of them are on auto pilot unable to control this mechanism.

If you are not conscious as to why you are being “triggered” and you allow yourself to be controlled by the external chaos in the fields you will descend into a state of constant mental or emotional turmoil. Stay awake in the now and remain out of being on “auto pilot”.

Your guidance will or may need to sequester you when the fields are totally barraged as they are moving you “out of the way.” Hold gratitude for your guides as this would be much more confusing to you if they allowed exposure to this view of the holographic reality. If you get confused or fearful it can amplify vibrationally and pull you into the density pocket. Your guides and God self are doing everything to keep you balanced in this terrain and as relatively unaffected as possible. You are being protected.


There are intermediary transit stations and arrangements being made with other star races to support the shifting of the 3D and 4D group levels of humanities vibrational consciousness. (This is to cover both physical 3D embodied and 4D Astral embodiments) Since we are at a time where we are sharing a hologram with a mass array of different vibrational consciousness levels, more alternates are required.

Massive high frequency exposure may be similar to being plugged into 1000 volts of wattage attempting to circuit in the electrical system of the human body. For a being who has not been prepared physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, this impact can be devastating. This kind of devastation can create soul fragmentation and mental body fragmentation. This is being avoided in every way possible.

This is why various levels of stepped down realities (transit stations) are being made available as contingencies, in order to accommodate the wide array of vibrational consciousness to most safely and easily transit the person with the minimum of disruption or trauma. It is a spiritual fallacy to think when a person passes on they are suddenly god “omniscient”.

In the realms of the Lower Creation fields, whether you are physically embodied or in the soul planes, you take the consciousness vibration based upon the genetic field you are carrying. Consciousness awareness is based upon the genetic integrity and light (love) quotient held in the aura. If fear is the predominate vibrational quality, then fear will become the total experience of the consciousness.

The Ascension process is 99% emotional and fear program clearing. Stay vigilant to be present to and clear all these fear and other mind control programs from impacting your day to day. Your goal is to stay neutral and connected in your core center. You will know you are in a program when you went to “auto pilot” or a trigger that made you lose your peace and calm. Do not judge yourself however, use the discipline of your inner parent to keep yourself on course.

State the verbal declaration daily that your authority is God Source and you are following nothing else. Follow your spirit without hesitation. Anchoring the mystical energies of the soul into the contemporary world is very challenging, yet it is our task every day. At a certain point it gets much easier and you will experience emotional and mental freedom.

Due to recent events that included the abrupt passing over of some world “iconic” figures, namely a male and female celebrity figure, this has created huge energetic momentum and an exodus of 4D (Astral plane) consciousness. Please hold in your heart compassion for their passing as they have contributed to a major planetary event and astral plane healing. Our hearts go out to the families, friends and fans of these two beautiful souls.

The Map Maker

Some of the Starseed community have agreed to play the role of the “Evolutionary Pathcutter” and therefore are the Map-Makers of the New Earth and other alternative realities.

The Map-Maker is a highly specialized Starseed being accelerated now to consciously reconnect to their hidden light language and libraries of genetic code. It is this cellular alphabet (genetic code) that is needed to reconfigure the new timeline (realities) in order to build the bridge connecting between multiple dimensions. Many dimensional reality “spaces” have recently collapsed so that this portal bridging ( portal jumping) is required.

This spiritual lineage has been the protector and “keeper of the code” for many race lines during the cycles of the Dark Age. (Dark Age is defined as separation from God and enemy patterning within the races) They may hold a very specific star genetic race line configuration designed to rehabilitate only a portion of that DNA history recorded in the human race line. Many of the Map Makers have been “asleep” to their healing purpose and who they really are. This group is being catalyzed into awakening now from the last Ascension wave in May. It is now time for these codes to be revealed at a time they can be more protected by the Guardian Families.

This Mapmaker group is opening the pathway that leads the human race to the Ascended timeline reality for this planet. (The Mapmaker is working to rehabilitate the planetary mass consciousness fields and human body blueprint via : ley line or grid system, Stargates, building the architecture and language to transmit code, circuiting energy reconnections, directing intelligence frequency and repairing DNA fire letters, etc) The Ascension timeline is the Unity Field expressed within the Law of One and is differentiated by the holding sovereign freedom for all beings.

For those within the awakened Indigo and the Starseed Family, (The Evolutionary Pathcutter’s and Map Maker’s) we have long understood that there are successive energetic layers in the planetary field that have created a seemingly “invisible” glass ceiling effect. We have wrestled with this idea in attempt to comprehend our conflict with the larger natural laws of God, as everything in the “new age” has told us that there is complete “free will” given in this reality. Yet we knew this was not entirely true somehow.

Many of us incarnated into this reality feeling deeply something “was wrong” or had a cellular knowingness of something unseen perpetrating something, and yet it has remained a lifelong mystery of self doubt. (At 5 years old I was telling myself I was a freedom fighter ( rather a peace maker) without any context of understanding what that would mean.) That self doubt is about to be cleared up, and everything you have waited to understand about why you may have felt that way at times in your life is about to reveal.

The source of the “glass ceiling effect” or these multitudes of “frequency fences” had largely remained a mystery to those in the Starseed family ( MapMakers) that encountered them. We could sense or feel them and yet not see them fully. We are starting to awaken a big clarity on how these fields have been utilized to contain and suppress the human consciousness fields. And we are returning them back into God’s laws as God would have it Be! We are finally surpassing the glass ceiling!

Until next Stay in the luminosity of your heart and Avatar Path! We are here as One!

Love, Lisa
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© 2009, Lisa Renee


Swine Flu -- Gaia through Pepper Lewis

"In times of evolutional shift, such as this one, there is an increased pronunciation of energies, most often concentrated in areas where there is already trouble, chaos, uncertainty, poverty, ... All of this carries a low level energy, which will draw to it its energetic match."


The Galactic Butterfly -- Digitalizmo

During an analysis of some low frequency radio wave images coming from the center of our Milky Way galaxy, which were received by the Very Large Array radio telescope at Socorro, New Mexico in 2002, researchers discovered a quite extraordinary intermittent signal, that seemed to be intelligently directed, which consisted of five highly energetic radio emissions of equal brightness that lasted 10 minutes each and appeared every 77 minutes over about a 7-hour period from September 30 to October 1 of that year.

Our modern day astrophysicists and astronomers, with all their sophisticated scientific instruments, are not the only humans that have wondered what may exist at the center of our galaxy. The superb astronomers and mathematicians of the ancient Mayan civilization, also pondered this question. The Mayans knew where in the sky the exact center of the galaxy was located and they even had a glyph representing it which is now named Hunab Ku ; it was known to the Mayans as The Galactic Butterfly. Their entire cosmology and extremely accurate calendars were based on the existence and location of Hunab Ku and they deeply believed that the future of mankind ultimately depends on what occurs there.

Hunab Ku was, to the Mayans, the supreme God and ultimate Creator and was located in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. It represented the gateway to other galaxies beyond our Sun as well as all of the consciousness that has ever existed in this, our own galaxy. Hunab Ku, according to the Mayans, is also the consciousness which organized all matter from a whirling disk - into stars, planets and solar systems. Hunab Ku is the Mother Womb which is constantly giving birth to new stars and it gave birth to our own Sun and planet Earth as well as the other planets found in our solar system. They also believed that the ultimate Creator directs everything that happens in our galaxy from its center through the emanation of periodic energy bursts of consciousness.

Today, modern astronomers have indeed verified that at the center of our Milky Way galaxy is found a "whirling disk" with a "black hole" at its center that is both swallowing and giving birth to stars. Could the extraordinary low frequency radio wave images discovered coming from the center of our Milky Way galaxy be programmed bursts of energy consciousness coming from the ultimate Creator... and actually be a modern manifestation of what the ancient Mayans believed?

There does appear to be a growing convergence taking place with regard to what the ancient Mayans believed and understood and what our modern scientists and quantum physicists are increasingly discovering about our galaxy today.

One big difference is how modern physicists view and how the ancient Mayas viewed time. Today, physicists view time as being linear. In contrast, the Mayas believed essentially that time flows in a circle. There is a beginning and an end to things but there is a renewal at the end of the Time Cycle. There is a periodicity with regard to all manifested phenomena. The Mayan highly accurate Long Count Calendar is based on this precept. The Mayans also believed that time originates out of the Hunab Ku and is controlled by it.

It is very difficult to dismiss the Mayan Cosmology because they left extraordinary evidence behind which verifies that their time-keeping methodologies gave extremely accurate results and, in spite of the various changes in our own calendar systems of the more recent past, still do. The ancient Mayan astronomers accurately predicted, over 1500 years ago, the exact alignment of the Earth, the Sun, the star cluster Pleiades with the center of our galaxy that will take place at the end of the present long cycle during the coming Gregorian year of 2012.

On the Mayan Long Calendar the day designated as 4 Ahau 3 Kankin ( falls on December 21, 2012 and this day will mark "El Fin de los Tiempos" or the end of the long cycle when all of humanity will experience a new beginning, and on this day, according to the Mayans and subsequent Meso-American civilizations, the return of Kukulcan also known as Quetzalcoatl will take place.

The pyramids of the Mayan civilization, like the one at Chichen-Itza in Mexico, are precisely aligned to mark the yearly Solstices and the Equinoxes that are caused by the precession of the Earth's axis as it orbits the Sun. The Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen-Itza is essentially a superb and highly accurate time-keeping device that never fails to mark the yearly Precession of the Equinoxes.

On December 21, 2012, which coincides with the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, a unique event will occur. As the Sun sets west of Chichen-Itza, a pattern of shadow and light will project an image of the Plumed Serpent Quetzalcoatl descending the stairs of that pyramid which also has a large head of a serpent sculpted in stone at its base. This occurs twice at Chichen Itza every year but on the Winter Solstice of December 21, 2012 something very unique and special will happen.

As the Sun sets in the early afternoon of that day, the shadow of the pyramid's northwest edge will project a moving pattern of light that joins and illuminates the sculpted serpent head at the base of the stairway. Within a thirty-four minute period, the serpent, formed by this play of light and shadow will appear to descend to the Earth, as the sun leaves each stair, going from the top to the bottom. This combined effect creates the visual appearance of the body of the serpent descending the pyramid steps.

Also, on December 21, 2012, the tail of the serpent when projected up from the top of the pyramid will be pointing precisely to the star cluster known as the Pleiades. Finally, on December 21, 2012 at around 11:11 universal time, there will be a precise alignment of our Sun with the galactic center or Hunab Ku. (The pyramids at Teotihuacán which means "City of the Gods," constructed by a Meso-American civilization just north of Mexico City that preceded the Mayas, are also aligned to the Pleiades as are the Egyptian pyramids at Giza).

Quetzalcoatl is arguably the most famous of all of the gods of the New World. No other figure has stirred modern imagination nearly as much, and the history of the interest in this particular mythic figure dates to a time very early after the contact between native inhabitants and the conquering Spaniards in Central Mexico.

The name is a Nahuatl word composed of two separate words joined together; quetzal - the quetzal bird of Guatemala is known for very long green tail feathers that were highly prized - and coatl - serpent. The simplest definition might then be quetzal-bird serpent but the usual modern translation is feathered serpent.

Quetzalcoatl is related to many names and incarnations, and seems to play a prominent role in a pantheon of virtually all the other Mesoamerican deities since he himself is also known as Gukumatz, Nine Wind, and Kukulcan among others as well as being found in the astronomical and cosmological associations among the heavens and stars. These ancient connections include the morning star, which is the planet Venus, as well as the possibility of a connection with the planet Mercury, the messenger.

Ultimately this strong symbolism that runs through the mythology and the various astrological and cosmological incarnations is the thing which in our present time gives us undeniable and very tangible hints of Quetzalcoatl's great ancient power and reveals his ultimate pervasiveness which is evident in the scholarly research of the remaining cultural treasures that the ancient Mayan people left for posterity.

Perhaps this ancient Quetzalcoatl spiritual mythology is eternal and will now return once again to its prominence as a result of the cosmic forces so recently detected as strongly flowing from the Hunab Ku. It may then become a new and modern cosmomythoconsciousness in the same way that the return of the Christ-Messiah is awaited by those who believe in that version of the cosmomythoconsciousness.

Quantum theory strongly hints at the possibility that what we take for our reality is actually composed of a reality that is totally vibrational in character; simply an illusion which makes our lives seem logical and livable in a practical everyday manner.

Perhaps the recent signals from the galactic center are a cosmic vibrational code, sent from the Creator to change our very human nature by restructuring our DNA... sent out in order to modify and increase our present understanding of the quantum universe we inhabit and, through this process of change, put us on a new, yet altogether ancient spiritual path that is but the completion of an ongoing evolutionary cycle and a cyclic return to its very beginning just as the Mayan Calendar seems to foretell.

Just as our subconscious may be comprised of perhaps 90% of our “overall consciousness,” and it is therefore vastly important and useful in living our lives, so too is the possibility that the 90% of our DNA which is labeled as “junk” is also quite important and useful. There may be unique, as yet undiscovered parallels between these two systems.

In fact, there has been some discussion about how that 90% of our DNA may actually interface with a fifth, as yet unseen dimension. Perhaps it is performing tasks that are not yet readily identifiable because of the limitations in our present ability to understand the physics involved.

It has been proposed by some scientific thinkers that the junk DNA is in fact a master cylinder, so to speak, that runs the rest of the DNA and tells it what to do, instructs it how to perform. In this way it would operate much like the subconscious, or perhaps the superconscious, in interfacing with a reality which we cannot yet distinguish in our “day to day” world.

Just as the subconscious can supposedly access the Akashic Records, or at least obtain non local information in a non local fashion, so perhaps can our junk DNA actively function through contact in some fashion with an as yet unrecognized galactic exchange of consciousness information.

In fact it might be part and parcel in a sense of the subconscious mind. If we could scientifically understand that the physical world is not made up of elementary particles, as is now thought, but of elementary units of consciousness, then this mystery might become a bit more understandable.

Exactly what may happen on December 21, 2012 still remains a mystery but it seems we might be receiving stronger and stronger clues. Obviously the Mayans certainly attached great significance to this date and foresaw a great cyclic change... both an ending and a new beginning.

Although still some 7 years away, mankind is already experiencing some unwelcome physical changes in the Earth itself. The number and magnitude of "natural" catastrophes are increasing. Scientists have also detected extreme and erratic behavior in our Sun that in turn is having strong effects on our Earth's atmosphere and are also finding measurable effects on the other planets in our solar system as well.

Could the strange, intelligent signals emanating from the center of our galaxy, the Hunab Ku, be a cause of the weather and other changes we are experiencing here on Earth today? Will these intelligent, energetic bursts of consciousness from Hunab Ku increase in number and intensity as we approach the year 2012? Are they of an ancient cosmic spiritual nature, setting the stage for the change to a new cosmic paradigm in our Milky Way Galaxy? I believe that the ancient Mayan cosmologists would most likely answer in the affirmative... Yes indeed - change is coming very soon.

The Mayan cosmologists said that mankind will enter a new beginning... a new era of heightened consciousness beginning on December 21, 2012, when the present 5,125 period of their calendar ends. Perhaps, a colossal emission of a yet unrecognized form of conscious energy will burst out of our Galactic Center on or before December 21, 2012.... a returning Quetzalcoatl consciousness which will change the very physics of our present world paradigm, bringing mankind and our galaxy a new quantum leap in physics and a new spiritual paradigm that will last until the cycle repeats and the cosmic consciousness of mythic time itself comes full circle once again.

Source : Digitalizmo - Galactic Butterfly

Recommended reading:

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness
by Carl Johan Calleman


What is the Central Sun ? Logos Logoi

What is the Central Sun ?
by Koen Delaere

Loosely speaking, the Central Sun is the center of our galaxy. Every galaxy has its own Central Sun.

The word "Sun" here does not necessarily mean a single star like the one Earth is revolving around. Let me explain. Assume for a moment that mass is equivalent to consciousness. The planet Earth has a larger mass than a human body, so the Earth houses a larger consciousness than a human body. In turn our star, at the center of our solar system, is heavier still and harbors a still greater consciousness. The next level of massiveness is the Central Sun which is at the center of our galaxy and represents the greatest single body of consciousness in our galaxy.

You see the hierarchy appearing, from Human to planet Earth to Sun to Central Sun. These steps on the ladder of consciousness are sometimes referred to as a "Logos". The highest level of the hierarchy is All-That-Is, the ultimate Logos holding all consciousness.

What does a Logos do? One of its tasks is to receive Energy (love, awareness, light, life, etc) from the Logos above it. Then absorb, process, translate this Energy and pass it on to several Logoi below it. Much like a mother bird prepares the food before passing it on to her young. There is also a feedback from the lower Logoi up to the higher Logos, returning the experience, insight and wisdom obtained in the lower realms. There is thus balanced two-way traffic, and it doesn't make too much sense to talk about "lower" or "higher". It is an energy cycle described, among others, by the symbol of Merkaba.

Such a "body of consciousness" is referred to as a Logos or a Sun. The word "Sun" in Central Sun should thus not be taken literally. It does not matter whether it is a star, a black hole, a white hole, a cluster of some of these, or anything else.

Wikipedia: "Heraclitus established the term Logos in Western philosophy as meaning both the source and fundamental order of the cosmos."

Using familiar names, our planetary logos is called "Gaia". Our solar logos is called "Sol". Our Central Sun or Galactic Logos is called "Hunab Ku". Levels further up are sometimes loosely referred to as Great Central Sun and Great Great Central Sun.

There are of course many levels of ascension and many cycles in the Universe. The center of any cycle or spiritual level may thus also be referred to as a central sun, such as the star Alcyone in the Pleiadean star cluster, called central sun by the Mayas.

The following names are also used:
Planetary Logos = Lord Buddha
Solar Logos = Helios
Galactic Logos = Vesta
Universal Logos = Melchior
Multi- Universal Logos =Melchizedek
Cosmic Logos = Mahatma

Note: The third chakra, the Solar Plexus, functions as an energy distributing and regulation center for the 7-chakra system, and can thus also be considered a Logos.

Enjoy this book:
The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness
Carl Johan Calleman

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I choose Love --


Leonard Laskow heals with Love

As a young Obstetrician, Dr. Leonard Laskow was enjoying a successful life in medicine when a voice came to him in a meditation revealing to him that he was to begin "healing with love".

Surprised and baffled at the message, a series of events transpired that gave him an opportunity to respond - with Love. After facilitating the spontaneous healing of a number of people, Leonard began running a series of experiments with single cell organisms to see how Love affected their state of health.

The lab results were indisputable - love slowed down the replication rates of both cancer cells and bacteria. Emboldened by his findings, Dr. Laskow began using love to facilitate healing in his patients with wonderful results.

Watch an interview with Leonard here:

To learn more about Leonard and how to Heal with Love, go to


Initiation -- RaHoTep

Dear Ones,

We are the Arcturians. In our last meeting we talked about Initiation, including the secret and sacred Initiation of Human Love. The concept of Initiation can be quite confusing, especially the Initiation of Human Love. Therefore, we wish to share the story of two initiates with you. One is a male, RaHoTep, who will speak of his Initiation in Ancient Egypt and the other is a female, Matia, who will speak of her initiation in Ancient Delphi. Because their stories are quite long, RaHoTep will share his message in this meeting, and Matia will share hers at our next meeting.

All of you have past/parallel realities in which you have passed your initiations and served Gaia as a great Initiate. We present these stories to assist you in better understanding the process of initiation, as well as to ignite your memory of your own “initiation lives.” We know that you have had these initiation lives because we see your aura and because you have found your way to our Corridor. As RaHoTep and Matia tell their stories, allow your own stories of initiation to come to the surface of your consciousness.

In this meeting we introduce RaHoTep:

“Dear Ones, I am happy to share my story with you. As I look at all those in the Corridor, my heart fills with joy to see so many Initiates. I hope that my story will be of some assistance and/or comfort in your own process of being your true, Multidimensional SELF in daily life. Discerning between the illusions of our fears and the Truth of our SELF is a challenge that is more difficult then we might have imagined. Your task is even more challenging, as you must find and complete your great initiations while you are also called upon to complete your daily tasks of survival on the third dimension.

“I lived in a reality where those who showed promise of attaining initiation were sent to the Temple to study. When my parents had my birth chart done, they learned that my destiny was not with them, but with the Temple. Perhaps that is why I never felt love from them in my earliest years. It wasn't until I entered the Temple at five years of age that I experienced the love that a family can offer. I studied and served while I was a child and a young adult. My youth in the Temple was filled with loving instructions and wonderful friends. I knew some in the Temple did not share my feelings, but I loved every minute of it. I felt as though I had finally come home.

“I started my Final Initiation with my first Saturn Return when I was 28 years old. I know that this age may seem very young to you, but I had been in the Temple since I was 7. My teachers told me that they considered me ready to take the Final Initiation, but I would have to wait until I received my inner instructions. I was told to inform them when my Inner Guide, Radula, instructed that it was TIME. This instruction came a short while after my teachers had given their permission. How many lives had I had to prepare for this moment? A rush of vague pictures from these lives ran past my mind's eye. Deep within me I felt a call of destiny not yet manifest. I was excited, as well as frightened.

“I knew that the three possible outcomes from this Initiation were success, insanity, or death. The second two choices were not acceptable to me. Although I was not afraid of death, as I knew it to be only a recess, I felt that I had not yet fulfilled my purpose for incarnation. I did not want all the years of study and work to be for my personal gain alone. Perhaps when my initiations were finished, I would better know what my service was to be.

“At last, the day arrived. The moon was full and I was ready. I had been staying in the quarters located beneath the Sphinx, built especially for those awaiting Initiation. From these quarters, it was only a short walk through the desert to the Great Pyramid where every initiate spent seven days and seven nights deep in the bowels of the Pyramid. These seven days and nights were used to review past lives and lessons. If I passed the first portion, I knew there would be more, but the secret of the rest of the initiation was strictly guarded.

“As expected, I had not been able to sleep the night before. At dawn, three hooded Priests came to my door just when the first rays of the Sun cleared the horizon. No words were exchanged. The Priests led me from my room and into the desert. I had always loved the desert at sunrise and sunset, just when the Sun rose above or dropped below the horizon. The horizons in Egypt were infinite—as infinite as Spirit.

“As I followed the Priests to the Great Pyramid, I reflected on the soft, golden glow of light. As the desert welcomed a new day, I would welcome a new life. I felt a warm anticipation that matched the rapidly approaching heat of the desert. I was at one with all of nature. The vast vistas of my outer world nudged my inner visions to prepare for awakening. The desert was still, as was my mind, and a warm, gentle breeze caressed my face as if to say, “Good luck!”

“I smiled in reply and silently followed the Priests as we entered the Pyramid. Although the Sun had been barely above the horizon when the Priests and I entered the Great Pyramid, I was unprepared for the total darkness that surrounded us. One of the Priests carried a small oil lamp. It was the only thing that I could make out as we moved deeper and deeper into the Great Pyramid. I had learned from my lessons that the total darkness in the pyramid was meant to prepare us to face the darkness inside of ourselves.

“Finally, we arrived at a small wooden door, very simple in design. From the glow of the single lamp, I could see the grains in the wood, a golden latch and a lock hanging open. The Priests would lock me in this room for seven days and seven nights – totally alone. They opened the door, led the way inside and instructed me to sit upon a simple papyrus mat on the stone floor. The oil lamp was placed on a ledge to my right along with a small skin of water.

“'This lamp will burn for only three days and nights. After that you will be in total darkness.'

“These were the first words spoken by the Priests. They said no more. I heard the door close and, with a soft clicking sound, the latch was locked. I closed my eyes and began to meditate. Within those seven days, I reviewed my lessons of that life and all the others. I went into the land of the dead again and again to give penance for any that I had wronged. I reviewed every lesson that I had ever received in any life that I could access. I don't recall the oil lamp flickering out nor reaching for the water. I only remember the soft click of the latch. This first external sound heard in seven days snapped me back into my physical body.

“As the Priests entered the room, I saw their hooded faces over another oil lamp, which one of the Priests held. I slowly nodded to them to show that I was still alive and cognizant. They nodded ever so slightly in response and motioned for me to join them. It took me a while to stand up, and when I did, I could not walk. I leaned against the wall and willed the life force back into my legs that had been crossed in one position for seven days. The Priests took my now empty oil lamp and water-skin from the ledge and waited patiently. When I was able to walk, they led me from the room.

“I didn't know where I was going, but I knew that since I had survived the first part of the initiation, I would be allowed to take the next. The halls within the pyramid were as dark as before, but now my eyes were accustomed to it. The small lamp of my three guides shone like a star for me to follow. The guides walked slowly at first to allow me to get used to my body, but quickened the pace as soon as they knew I could keep up. We moved down, down, and down.

“I had learned that the Final Initiation Room was somewhere deep below the surface of the desert, exactly below the apex of the Great Pyramid. Finally, we came to what appeared to be a dead end. A stone wall was before us. The Priests did not seem dismayed by this turn of events and formed a semi-circle in front of the wall. While I stood off to the side waiting for what would happen next, each of the Priests began to sound a tone, which I thought must surely arise from the core of their Souls.

“At first their toning seemed random. But gradually, a pattern could be discerned until; at last, there was a crescendo of beautiful harmonious tones. As the singing faded into the surrounding darkness, it was replaced with a low rumbling. Gradually, the wall began to move to the right. Behind this simple stone barrier was a pair of magnificent and ornately carved golden doors. As the doors were slowly revealed, I knew that I had seen these doors before in my meditations. One of the Priests approached the golden doors and placed one hand on each door. The doors were so well balanced that with just the slightest push, they swung open into a huge room. The Priests gestured for me to enter. The doors quickly closed behind me. Again, I heard the low rumbling of the wall covering all traces of the sacred initiation room.

“The brilliance of the room blinded me. I had never experienced such illumination while in a physical form. Slowly, slowly, my eyes grew accustomed to the light, and I began to survey the room. This room was not of my Egypt. There were domes and pillars studded with lapis, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, amethyst and jewels I could not identify. Colors I had never seen were painted upon the many carvings, statues and figurines that seemed to move as if they were alive. Somehow I knew that everything within the room was very ancient and had a life force greater than anything I had ever known. This was architecture I'd seen only in my inner journeys to Atlantis.

“The large center dome sheltered a smaller pyramid that was a vibration of light rather than a physical structure. Anubus and Thoth, the ancient Egyptian Gods of Initiation, stood within the pyramid on either side of a large sarcophagus. The sarcophagus was mounted on a stand of pure gold with silver steps leading up the right hand side. The sarcophagus was made of a substance that I had not seen before. I knew instinctively that this substance was not of this planet and had been given to Earth millennia ago by its first inhabitants.

“The sarcophagus was ornately carved in the same non-Egyptian manner as the walls around me. I sensed that although the sarcophagus was opaque, it could become translucent if the proper alterations were made by the observer's mind. Anubus motioned for me to enter the sarcophagus and Thoth nodded in agreement. Again, there was no verbal communication. The journey from the doorway to the silver stairs was the longest journey of my life. As I climbed the few stairs I realized that if, indeed, I lived to descend them, I would not be the same person as before.

“I lay down inside the sarcophagus. The substance was hard as stone and yet smooth and warm as skin. I felt as if I were re-entering the womb. The flat, stark walls seemed to slowly mold themselves around my form as I settled into the sarcophagus. I don't think that I could have moved even if I had chosen to. Then Thoth leaned his head over the edge of the sarcophagus and spoke three questions to me in an unknown language. I did not know what the questions were, but I intuitively knew that they were indeed questions and that my survival depended upon my answering them.

“I sent a call to my Inner Guide, Radula, as I saw the lid of the sarcophagus slowly enclose me in my tomb. Silently the lid was fastened tight to signify my transition. Again, I was alone.

“If I stayed in the tomb too long I would die. There was little oxygen inside, so if I were to keep my physical self alive, I would have to raise my consciousness to the higher dimensions so that I could feed it with Spirit. I knew that I would not be able to leave my body through my third eye as I had done many times before. I searched inside myself for a portal to use to free my Spirit from the confinement of its physical form. I began to feel a deep fear arise within me, but I willed it away. I must not allow myself to experience an emotion that would drop my consciousness!

“'Where is the portal to your Higher SELF?”

“I now understood the first question. I remembered the chanting of the Priests outside the stone door. I could not use my voice, as there was too little oxygen to waste, but I felt the vibration of the toning just as I had with the three Priests. Since my consciousness was not limited to a human voice, I was able to sing all three parts at once. The melody and frequency calmed my fear and further raised my consciousness. I found myself concentrating on a doorway inside my head, at the very core of my brain. As I continued to tone, something solid, like the stone door, began to open, and behind it were the very same golden doors I had seen upon entering this room. These doors opened inward. Once again I stepped through them and felt them quickly close behind me. At first I saw nothing but golden light, which embraced every cell and atom of my form and consciousness.

“Then slowly, off in the distance, I saw a vortex beginning to form. It began to swirl, slowly at first, and then faster and faster. It was gold, silver, blue, violet, and the other colors that I had first seen in the room outside the sarcophagus. I felt a pull to step into the vortex, and with my decision to do so, it was suddenly just before me. I fell into the core of it and found myself spinning faster and faster through timeless space. At first I was dizzy, but then the spin became so intense that I felt totally still, yet at the same time, it felt as if every cell and atom had quickened its vibration in response to the spin. Then, with a pop, my spin stopped and I found myself in the midst of a great void. I had become fifth dimensional and all was calm.

“'Where is the Crystal City?'

“With the second question, there was a golden light before me which became a golden form--my Divine Complement. She came in the form of a woman since I embodied a man. We embraced in deep reunion and love. She looked into my eyes and whispered, 'I will take you Home now'.

“Then we were on Venus. It spread out before us with all the beauty and harmony that I had remembered from deep within my Soul for all of my lives. My heart opened in a burst of Light and Love that would have exploded my earthen body had I been in my third dimensional consciousness. I saw the mists of Venus all about me. I saw the flora and fauna of my beloved Home as they floated about me in loving welcome. With their every movement, harmonious colors and sounds echoed their motions.

“A welcoming party formed a pathway that led us to the main entrance of the Crystal City. My Divine Complement slipped into my form as we became One again for our homecoming. Translucent crystal gates swung wide as we approached them, and a golden path lighted our way to the heart of the city. The Golden Wisdom Temple was set in glimmering splendor at the end of the path on top of a hill. The doors were open, awaiting our entry. Even though we could have instantly willed ourselves to our destination, we enjoyed the journey and the community of others, so we chose to travel in the same swimming/flying motions as those around us.

“Eventually, we found ourselves standing in front of the mighty Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos for Earth and Regent of Venus. Rami Nuri and Djwhal Khul, as his advisors, stood on either side of him. The Divine Complements of all three flowed within them. They were androgynous. They were complete!

“I bowed before them and Sanat Kumara handed me a jewel. The jewel was unlike anything I had ever known. It was more a vibration than a substance, yet it had beauty and form. I took the jewel in gratitude and held it within my heart.

“My Complement and I spent what seemed a lifetime on Venus. We lived and loved and died. And then I began to feel a pull. I knew that the pull was my destiny. It was Earth. It was calling me to return to my third dimensional life so that I could fulfill my destiny there. I had to return in order for the body to live. The sadness of that realization shook my very Soul, but I remembered my commitment. I had said that I would stay on Earth. Therefore, I had to return, before it was too late to save the life of my earthen form.

“The sudden density of the sarcophagus was a shock. How could I have returned so quickly without even a goodbye? And then my heart felt the love of my Home and my Divine Complement. Yes, there was no goodbye, for I would hold them in my consciousness, but what about the sarcophagus? There was even less oxygen and now I was fully physical.

“'How do you open the sarcophagus?'

“The third question was translated in my heart. Yes, in my heart was the answer—the jewel—the vibration of the jewel would raise the lid. And then, as I focused my attention upon the jewel within my heart, I heard my first physical sound since the three questions were spoken to me a lifetime ago. The sound was of the lid of the sarcophagus slowly rising. I felt the oxygen rushing to my rescue. Like a newborn infant, I took my first breath and sat up. “'You are free!' I heard Thoth say in Egyptian, my native tongue.


“After weeks of contemplating my initiation, I realized that my lessons now lay in finding the “spiritual” that dwells in the “physical” rather than in the “spiritual” alone. I told my teachers this, and they agreed with my decision. I retired to my small cell to meditate and felt my Inner Guide come to me at once.

“'Oh, Beloved Radula, help me. How can I accomplish this part of my destiny?'
“'You are to leave the Temple.'
“'No, no! How can I? It will be like leaving home,' I cried.
“'Exactly,' replied my guide. ‘The time comes when even children of the One must leave the
safety of home in order to find a new life. Your time is now!'

“I awoke from my meditation with a sense of anxiety. Where was I to go? How was I to unify and ground myself in the physical world? I had learned to unify and surrender myself to the spiritual world, but there had been many teachers to help me. Now I would be alone. On the Spiritual Path, there had been a longing, a call Home. But now, I felt compelled more by duty than by loving and longing, and I knew I must leave the Temple. Life there was too sheltered and my task could not be completed in that environment. The Temple was only partly physical, and, therefore, only partly my place of purpose.

“I suppose I could have stayed there, but it would have taken much longer to accomplish my task of grounding my spirit in matter. As they say in the physical, “time is of the essence.” I didn't know how long I could maintain my commitment to a Path that was so challenging to me. Even in the holy vibration of the Temple, the low vibration of the third dimension tended to distort the visions of my Initiation. I knew I must take the chance of venturing out into the world while my lessons were still strong in my memory - the greater the risk, the greater the victory.” And, most importantly, I had to follow my inner instructions.

“So with tears in my heart, I said goodbye to all that I had known and loved. I could not hope to make my many friends and companions understand why I had to leave, as I barely understood myself. Only Radula understood. So, without looking back, I left my beloved Temple, perhaps, forever. But what did forever mean? Now that I had traveled beyond time, many words had no meaning. How would I ever relate to the people of the world when I could barely relate to the rules of the physical plane? Many questions filled my mind as I left my beloved Temple behind me.

“The first six months could have been years or eons. My many activities were too inconsequential to note. The mundane responsibilities of life were unmanageable for me. I had never learned how to care for myself in the world. Getting and preparing food and finding a place to sleep was a new experience. All my physical needs had been taken care of in the Temple. Now that I was on my own in a world foreign to my mind, everything became a task and an effort. How was I to desire, much less gain, a sense of unity with a life that I could not even begin to understand?

“Many times I doubted my purpose, as well as my sanity. In fact, many believed I had failed my initiation and had been cast upon the streets instead of leaving of my own free will. They could not understand why I would try this unknown task. A Priest was supposed to stay in the Temple. He was not supposed to go out into the streets to help the people. The people were supposed to go to the Temple when they needed help. And, if they could not get to the Temple, they did not get the help. It was the will of the gods, and the people did not question it. In fact, I found that they did not question anything, except whether or not I was insane. I was attempting something that had never been done, and it frightened them. However, on the bright side, I felt an inner knowing that I was following my destiny. Therefore, I continued on my new path.

“Finally, I found a wonderful valley. The energy there was different from anywhere else I had experienced. In this valley I could feel some of the high vibrations that I had known in Temple life, but they were different. Perhaps they were more grounded in the earth, like I was learning to be. I found great joy in wandering the hills near my camp. There was a small pond with a magnificent tree next to it. I spent long hours in meditation under that tree. The energies of the Goddess began to enter into the base of my spine. For the first time in my life, I felt that I was a member of the physical plane. I began to achieve a relationship with Nature that was unknown in the Temple, where we constantly strove to leave our bodies and journey into the other worlds. I was beginning to understand the meaning of my inner directive.

“A few people gathered about me, though neither they nor I understood why. I lived very simply and in harmony with my environment. The people would bring me food and I would heal them or listen to them. Is there a difference between the two? A strange peace was growing within me that felt very much like the peace of the valley. I had spent my life finding a connection to Spirit, and now I was discovering a connection to the earth. I found that I was beginning to enjoy it.

“The people who came to me were special. I was close enough to the town that these people knew I had undergone my initiation. They also believed I had failed and had to leave the Temple. However, they still came, choosing to listen to an inner voice and ignoring the outer voices telling them I was insane. Some came out of curiosity and soon left. Most, however, came because of an inner call, and they were the ones who stayed.

“Gradually, people began to bring their sleeping mats or simple tents and camp with me. Our life was very peaceful. We rose at dawn to greet the Sun. Our ceremonies were simple and individual. Each person found a spot and greeted the Sun from that place every dawn. I knew not how they greeted it, as I was busy myself and had chosen not to observe them. If they told me, which they usually did, I listened without comment. When they asked my opinion, I referred them to their inner guidance. I told them all that their inner voice had guided them to me and would continue to guide them. I acted merely as an interpreter. Just as they had been led there, they would eventually be led away. I remained loving, yet detached. I knew that my earthly lesson was to stay detached from any public acclaim. However, I feared that part of my lesson might be to face the challenge of success and adulation.

“We ate what came to us and were as grateful for a meager meal, as we were for a feast. We knew that food was a taste that could corrupt. We were clear not to become attached to it. When the people had learned to heal themselves, they usually desired to learn how to heal others. I was sure that these were extraordinary people who had come to learn and not merely to be healed. Some remembered much of what I taught, and others were unable to retain what they had learned. I remained flexible so that I would not repeat what they already knew or push them too hard to learn new information.

“After a year or two the group had grown to about fifty people. Some came only once in a while, some regularly, and about twenty people lived there. I felt a restlessness beginning to stir within me, but I didn't know what it was. I knew that something was about to change, but I was not sure if it was my body, my environment, or even my consciousness. Unfortunately, I also knew that this change would not be easy, and I would have to warn the twenty who lived with me. I knew that certain members of the town were worried about what we were doing. I needed to be ready to move at any time.

“I finally told the twenty that it was time to leave. I could feel the growing discontentment of the town. Since we lived in such a simple manner, they refused to believe we were of the Light. Gold and jewels surrounded the Priests of the Temple. If the gods were on our side, why weren't we provided with material riches? The town members believed that they could not have spiritual powers without riches. Since they were unlikely to possess these riches, they would continue to believe that they had to go to the gods for power, as they could never find power by going within themselves.


“Unfortunately, I had stayed too long. Many angry and frightened people came upon us in the night. Four of the twenty were killed, and ten were wounded. The remaining six escaped into the night. The wounded ten and I went into the back lands to heal. Even though there was much violence, I was unharmed. I knew not why. Perhaps there was still some greater protection at work. I knew that the six who ran away would not return. I felt their disillusionment. Many of those who had not lived with us were also either disillusioned or afraid. A number of loyal friends psychically found our hiding place and brought us food, water, and news of the town. Some of them felt that it was their task to stay in the town and carry on the work in a silent way, and the rest would move on with us when all were healed.

“I discovered how difficult it was to maintain my belief in free will, and accept love, in the face of such adversity. In the Temple, the surroundings and superstitions about the gods and their Priests protected us. Here, all of my protection lay within me, and I always had to feel it so that I could protect the others. I felt responsible for the deaths and the injuries. If I had acted upon my inner prompting more quickly, I could have averted any injury. This was a hard lesson to learn. I would have to remember to instantly react to my inner guidance. I was not in the Temple, the land of gentle instruction. There might be only one warning, and the consequences could be merciless if one did not heed it.

“Our small community had disturbed the townspeople's sense of reality, and they had retaliated in a frightened, violent way. I had learned the hard way that my work had to be done quietly, away from those who were unable to accept a new reality. I learned that those who could not find comfort in their own beliefs would feel threatened by new ideas. One must first find the core of his/her own truth before embracing another. Old foundations must be uprooted before new ones can be laid. The people who had harmed us were not evil. They were afraid.

“When we began moving, some of the band decided to stay behind. I had spoken to all of them, individually and as a group. Most understood what had happened and were even relieved to know that I was human. However, some were looking for a god-person and could not bear to learn of my frailties. These people would not be coming with us. I had determined to always discuss my human emotions and misgivings with my group. It helped me to understand the human part of myself, and it also guarded against adulation from the members of the group. I did not wish to have the burden of being anyone's god. I was merely a teacher and a guide. I understood from my Temple work that humility had not been one of my strong suits in past lives, and I needed to endeavor to hone that virtue.


“After many months of traveling, the numbers in our band had decreased further. Finally, we found a place were we could stay for a while. We had traveled through many barren lands, and finally found ourselves in a small, tropical oasis. There was water and fruit. Also, caravans traveled through this area and would gladly trade their staples for a healing, dried fruit, and whatever other services we could provide. The oasis was quite large and we could be far away from where the caravans filled up their water. Therefore, only those who followed an inner call actually arrived at our camp. Usually, one or two of us would go to the watering area and offer a trade. Several of the group could read auras quite well. They would always go along to see if there was danger. We were getting wiser and more careful.

“After about six months, I sensed it was time to move on again. This time I would not wait too long. The word of our work had spread and many had come especially to be healed or to learn. However, there had been increasing problems with the caravan leaders who feared we were somehow a threat. We had found a valley with water two days' walk away. We could come to the oasis solely to trade while we carried on our other activities at a safe distance. I wondered when the wandering would cease. Were we forever destined to move farther and farther away so as not to offend others?

“The transfer of locations went quite easily. All of us did our part. We could see now that this was a much better spot. There was a small stream that arose from the ground at the top of a low hill and stayed on the surface long enough to form a fair-sized pool before it again became subterranean. One of the women in the group gave birth to a male child. We then had our first natural citizen. Citizen of what, I did not know, but it appeared that some sort of community was beginning to form. I didn't know how new people got there, but they came on a regular basis. Some of them had heard about us from traders and, somehow, the word spread to others. A few came by divine guidance, as they could not remember how they had found us.

“Then one day, a Prince from a faraway land came to us with several of his bodyguards. I had an uncertain feeling about this event. I knew that it would lead to some new development, and I didn't think I would care much for it. However, I was there to follow instructions from within, and I was beginning to be at peace with allowing each new development to formulate on its own. The Prince began coming regularly. He had a rare genetic disease that he believed I could cure. He had come to us because of a dream and recognized me instantly. I told him that his karma had dictated this disease to him, and his task was to fulfill this karma. Once his karma was balanced, the disease would be cured. However, I did not know if this cure would come in life or in death. I had grown very fond of the Prince and was having trouble maintaining my objectivity. I had to constantly remind myself to accept the decision of his Soul and not to hold any fear or sadness.

“The Prince and I talked many times. As we looked into his other lives, we found that he had been very hard-hearted and could not see the suffering of others. Therefore, in this life his heart was not of sufficient elasticity. We finally decided that in order to balance his karma, he was to live among his people as a peasant for one year. We felt that if he lived through this, his condition would improve—if he allowed himself to recognize, and be sympathetic to, other's pain. The Prince's father, of course, was not happy about this agreement, but he would do anything to try to heal his son. I was to travel with him as often as I could. This would mean considerable hardship, as the journey was long and dangerous, but I felt I must continue as the Path unfolded.

“After almost a year, the Prince was much better. Soon his healing would be complete, and he would return to help his father rule. This was none too soon, as the father was very old and ready to leave the physical plane. I tried to prepare the Prince for this possibility, but he was resistant to hearing it. I feared this would be the final, and most difficult test, for the Prince. He had become a very dear man, and I was sure he would be a kind and just ruler. I doubted he could attain the wisdom of a Pharaoh, but he would fulfill his destiny to the best of his potential. This was all one could do in any life.


“Finally, the year was completed. The Prince had just returned to his home when his father died. I spoke with his father on the other side and found that he had known all along of his impending death, which was the only reason why he had agreed to my plan. The plan had been very successful. The Prince spoke with his father before he died and was able to face his death bravely. I was happy for the Prince, who was now the King. He had grown from being sick and frightened to a strong and virile man. The new King wished me to begin a Temple for him to provide healing and education for his people. I would do so. But as soon as it was started, I would leave some of my most advanced pupils to run it, and then I would move on.

“The King had given me free reign to teach as I wished, and I soon found myself in quite a position of power. He built me a beautiful Temple, and there were many Priests and Priestesses beneath me. I was the High Priest, and there was no one to put me in my place. The schools were successful, and the people were remarkably open to my teachings. Many wished to worship me and make me something that I was not. The recognition and praise was more of a threat than a treasure, and I constantly monitored my feelings to note any speck of clinging to earthly prizes. I called constantly to my Inner Guide to keep me balanced and to keep my consciousness centered. But, despite my efforts, I began to fear the call of the riches, adulation, and comfort. I feared them because I began to enjoy them—too much.

“There had been no fear in me in the wilderness, but even though I missed the days of solitude in nature, I never left my luxurious Temple. In the lap of luxury, fear—and yes, arrogance—began to invade my consciousness. I worked very hard to purify myself, but each day the wealth and recognition altered my mind and hardened my heart. Gradually, I began to change. I was torn. Should I stay there and continue my work, or should I retreat into the wilderness to save my Soul?

“Before I knew it, it was too late. I began to wear the golden garments, and I decorated my quarters like a palace. The food I ate was the best in the kingdom, and I starting looking at women as if they were something to be taken. I knew I could leave, but also knew that I would not. I found it more and more difficult to reach my Inner Guide and could not understand what was said when I did. Deep inside me I knew I could not understand their message because I did not want to hear it. Somewhere in my Soul I had always known that my test would be to maintain my purity and humility despite the power, fame and wealth brought by worldly success and recognition. Even though I had suspected such a challenge, I had failed. I lived this way for several decades.

“Then one evening, I had a dream. I dreamed of Radula. The Guide that I had forgotten had somehow gotten through my resistance and touched my consciousness. Standing mutely before me, Radula displayed a scene of an old man dying alone in the desert. I awoke with a start, but could not move. Slowly, my years as a High Priest were reviewed in my mind. And then I remembered my young ideals and ethics. I felt old and tired. How could this have happened? How could I have lost myself to the temptations of the flesh? Were the ways of the world so tempting, or was I just weaker than I suspected?

“I prayed to Radula to return, but there was no response. I was starving among the most delicious of foods and thirsting amongst the finest of wines. My heart was aching while a kingdom loved me, and I was poverty-stricken while anything I touched could be mine. The rich foods and fine drinks had weakened me. Many years of using only my mind while others waited upon my body had made me dependent on the comfort and softness of the life I had created. I even had three wives and had fathered five children without being a parent to any of them. How had I lost control of my life in such a way? My anguish was my secret since I had grown dependent upon the worship of others and could not allow anyone to see me vulnerable, even my old friend the King.

“The fine foods sickened me, and the drinks nauseated me. The women bored me, and the soft environment suffocated me. What was to become of my Soul? I longed to return to the simple days of the wilderness. Perhaps if I returned there I could regain what I had lost. I had grown soft and weak in both body and mind. I was so tormented that I became ill. A fever raged for many days, and I suffered the death of the old man alone in the wilderness again and again. Finally, I vowed that if my health returned, I would return to my roots, no matter what. The next day, I awoke, totally cured. My answer had come. I must journey alone into the desert.

“I told no one of my plans. I gave my riches to the poor, except for what was necessary to take care of my children and their mothers. I feared that they hated me because they did not agree with what I thought was ‘enough'. But, I couldn't leave them to the corruption of my riches. I feared I still had no love for them, but I wished them well as I left alone at dawn and traveled into the desert.


“After about a week of travel, I found a small oasis and settled in to find my Self. At last I felt contentment in my beloved wilderness. The beauty of nature far surpassed the riches of man. Every being in nature spoke to me as an individual. There was no deification or jealousy. I was simply a member of the society of earth. I had left the Temple with only a beast and a few provisions, and soon the food was gone. As an Initiate, I had learned to go many days without food or water, but now I could not raise my vibration enough. Nor did I wish to. As I traveled alone, I had come to realize that I had gone into the desert to die. It was I who was the old man dying in the wilderness. Gradually, I allowed the life force to leave my body. When all my food was gone, the hunger that I suffered was one of purification and cleansing, as the weight of ‘success' fell from my body. I let the beast go so that it could find its way home, and I gradually slipped into the delirium of starvation and fever. I had regained contact with Radula. The love of my Guide was more important than the adulation of an entire kingdom. In just a few more days, I would be spent of the Earth.

“Maybe I had given up or, maybe, I had followed a divine directive. I would only know for sure on the other side. I could not continue any longer. The vital energy had left my body and now hovered just above my heart. To some, my life was a great success. To others, it was a complete failure. At that point, I could not tell which was right. I had done the impossible, and it had destroyed me. The last two days were as long as my entire life. I had surveyed every moment of it and wished I could return for corrections. However, I was now too weak to get the water that was not far away, and hunger had long since left me. On the seventh day, I left my body completely. As I took my last breath, I already felt lonely for the body that I must leave. I felt great anguish for the end of my life. All I could do was ask forgiveness.

“I called to Radula for forgiveness and understanding. The last thing I saw was the Prince, who was now the King, rushing to save me.


“I opened my eyes thinking that I would see the higher worlds, but instead all I saw was the inside of the sarcophagus.

“'NO!' I screamed. I was very confused and disoriented. Where was I? Was I in a grave, sealed alive to slowly suffocate? I began to lose all control of my emotions and went into a state of panic. I pushed at the lid and hammered on the sides around me, but the more I struggled, the smaller the space became and the less oxygen there was to fill my lungs. I started to cough and grasp for air. I was dying. The box around me became smaller and smaller until I could no longer struggle, as there was no space. The lid was inches above my nose. However, the absolute restriction calmed me.

“ I slowed my breathing and tried to remember how I got in this place, but I could not. My mind was blank, my memory gone. Slowly, something began to grow in my heart—a feeling. At last, I realized it was a feeling of love. At first it was far, far away and more like a memory than an emotion. When I attached my attention to it, the feeling grew stronger and closer. At last, it emanated from deep within my heart. Yes, it was Love, the most beautiful love that I could ever remember. A voice, clear as a bell and soft as the morning breeze whispered to my Soul. I recognized it before I could understand the words. It was my Divine Complement.

“'It is your initiation, Beloved. You are inside of the sarcophagus, and the life that you just lived
was an illusion, a portion of your initiation.'”
“Her ‘feel' and her words calmed my Soul and, gradually, I began to remember.
“'Beloved,' I spoke in a whisper, ‘if you had not come to me, I would have died. In fact, I still may if I
don't remember how to raise the lid. But if I die with you, I will be content.'”
“'You needn't die, my One. What you need to do is correct your mistake. Find where you began to
make your choices from fear rather than from Love and re-enter the illusion to change your

“Yes, I mused. When did I forget about Love? When did I change my intention? I went back over the life again and again, becoming increasingly aware of the diminishing oxygen level in the sarcophagus. I realized that I had to go into a meditation and raise my vibration back into the fourth dimension because my third dimensional form could no longer survive in the confines of the sarcophagus. My ego was having a difficult time rising above fear. In response to my thoughts, my Divine Complement began to sing gently into my heart. She sang songs of Venus and of Arcturus, our home before we went to Venus. Yes, I had forgotten Arcturus. I had forgotten the frequency of unconditional love that was the emanation of that reality.

“I began to feel my consciousness raising. I felt my form as pure light and again the trapped, physical form was but a memory. My Complement and I were one again. We were complete and androgynous and traveling into the higher dimensions. We saw the Crystal City of Venus below us, but we continued on. Then, we saw before us a beautiful vortex filled with violet and golden light. The vortex pulled us into it, and we were deep in the void beyond the vortex. All was still, completely and blissfully still. We were a small speck of consciousness in a void of raw potential. In this void, there were no emotions and no thoughts. There was no movement and no time. For eternity we stayed floating free in the void.

“Then gradually, off in the recesses of our consciousness came a thought. The thought was followed by a sound, and then by a speck of light. The light became a star and the star became Arcturus. The star was far away, deep inside of our consciousness. We felt the love of it, and allowed that love to act as a tractor beam to pull us closer and closer to our true Home. The reunion with unconditional love was so intense that it seemed to create an inner explosion that repelled us out of the void, beyond the vortex, past Venus and back into ancient Egypt. I cried out in anguish thinking that I had lost my Divine Complement, but I instantly heard her comforting voice.

“'We are complete, Beloved. I am alive within you, and I will always remind you to remember unconditional love.”

“Reassured, I took a moment to find where in my vision I had arrived. I focused my attention to clear my inner perception and saw the King standing before me. He had just offered to build a Temple for me so that I might be the High Priest and spiritual leader of his kingdom. It was at that moment that I felt the reactions of fear come into my heart and mind, and my intentions shifted from love to fear. What I had missed before now resonated deep inside my consciousness. I was afraid—afraid of my own corruption.

“Through all of my teachings and initiations, there had been an engram, a core belief, hiding in my deep unconscious. It said: ‘Matter corrupts Spirit.' I was afraid that recognition and riches would corrupt me. This fear went unnoticed and seeped into my consciousness like a poison. Where once I had felt unity with all life, I began to feel separation and limitation. I became separate from those who built and served in the Temple and limited in my ability to view my greater Self. My thinking became polarized into good and bad, light and dark. Gradually, comparison, competition, judgment and jealousy became a portion of my mental life while resentment and anger filled my emotions. I longed for the simple illumination of my life in the wilderness where I had felt united with all life and had allowed my Soul's purpose to unfold before me.

“It was the rejoining with my Divine Complement and our journey Home to Arcturus that allowed me to return to that pivotal moment in my initiation vision and uproot the cause of my demise. I then understood that this vision was a preview of my divine mission, a rehearsal where I could find my hidden enemy—my hidden fear! Where had this engram/core belief, held tightly to my consciousness with fear, come from? I knew that I had to find the cause in order to heal it so I looked back upon my childhood.

“When I was a small child and still living with my parents, I saw that they were very poor. My father had great difficulty in finding fulfillment in his life. He had studied to be a scribe, but he lacked the necessary discipline and often found himself without work. He had married beneath his class, as my mother was from a family of farmers. However, it was her diligence and ability to grow food for the family, and even to sell at the marketplace, that provided the only security we had. As a small child, I often heard them argue because, when my father did get work, he took the money and gambled it away.

“When I went to the Temple, I thought that I felt guilty for abandoning my mother to her difficult life. Actually the truth was that I felt guilty because I was happy to leave a home with so much quarreling and so little love. From my parents I learned that lack of material comfort could destroy the spiritual connection of a relationship. I imagined that my mother was actually the nurturing, kind mother I wished she had been, and I blamed my father for robbing me of that mother. I believed that it was his selfish and addictive ways that had ruined my early years.

“When I entered the Temple, I quickly forgot my parents and my unhappy childhood. In all the years in the Temple, I never healed this childhood pain because I had ignored the life I was currently living and, instead, focused on my past lives. Therefore, a weak place began to grow in my consciousness. A place where I had hidden my secret childhood fears that my father cared more for money than for me. This childhood fear then expanded into my hidden adult fear that I cared more for success and adulation than I cared for my Soul. These fears bonded with my thoughts and a powerful engram grew, which unconsciously molded my behavior and my life. Because it was an unconscious fear, it was even stronger, as I could not monitor it. My challenge in my initiation was to find this hidden enemy so that I could disarm it with my love force, but I had forgotten the unconditional love of my Higher Selves and the power this love held. Gradually, I became lost in my secret fears of corruption.

“My Divine Complement came to me to remind me that my physical body, my matter, was only the grounded portion of my Spirit. What I had to do to heal my earth-bound vessel was to connect it, consciously, to my myriad spiritual vessels. I was not a physical being having a spiritual experience. I was a spiritual being having a physical experience. With that knowledge, I could remember to love my grounded vehicle, love my mother, my father and, most important, love my Spirit.

“As I returned to re-live my vision, I would remember that I was a Multi-dimensional Being. This time I would maintain the memory of and communication with my true, Multidimensional SELF. I would keep continuous connection with my sixth dimensional self in Arcturus, my fifth dimensional self in Venus, and my Divine Complement.

“ I would hold the anchor in the third dimension while my Complement was anchored in the fourth. While I took responsibility for the daily activities of Temple life, she would direct the flow of Spirit as we grounded our fifth dimensional Venusian life in the foundations of the Temple and blessed it with the unconditional love from our Source in Arcturus. With this alignment, fear could not take root in my consciousness. I was now aware of my fear, and I could keep it as a guardian to remind me to stay connected to my SELF, guard against corruption and surround myself with love.

“I heard my Divine Complement's voice, ‘Allow the Love from within to meet the Love from without in a joyous union of Spirit into Matter.'

“I smiled inside my heart. Yes, I would allow her love into my physical body. In that way, we could become merged while I still held a third dimensional form. Together we would gestate, nurture, and protect the Temple of my vision with unconditional love. My Divine Complement would be kept close in my heart and mind to remind me that I was of my SELF. Together we could transcend the separation and limitations of the third dimension. I was ready now.

“'Yes, I will go with you,” I spoke to the King. “We will build a Temple for healing and enlightenment so that all who enter may learn that love is stronger than fear, and Spirit is alive in all matter!'

“In response, I heard the lid of the sarcophagus begin to raise.”

Dear Initiates,

I thank you for listening to my story. In closing, I encourage you to remember that our greatest enemy is the fear that we have hidden deep inside. If that fear can be brought to our awareness, it can be loved free. Please, accept now the greatest lesson of my life: Love is stronger than fear, and Spirit is alive in all matter!

I direct you now to the Arcturians, who guide us all into the Light.

Suzan Caroll