Monday, January 12, 2009

Life Purpose -- Jesus

channeling 1997- Eileen Adair
for group

My blessing is upon all of your lives.

I greet you, I have spoken once before to your group, I am the one who has been known to carry the karma of your planet, however at this time my heart turns to joy for your people when I behold entities such as your self, who in the midst of the mass hype that your are laden with here, can set aside all the messages of fear, and mistrust and come with open heart to join together in this endeavor to attempt from open heart to assist your mother in her change. When I behold groups like this, I am filled with awe. Because I came with all my knowledge intact, I came filled with the spirit of the father, and you come without this, and yet you endeavor to remember. I am filled with awe at all of you. My blessing is upon all of your lives, that you will find joy and peace that you have never experienced, because you have been faithful to your hearts and souls. This is the time of choosing, choose well and stay true to your selves that others may choose well. Peace upon all of you and my deepest love and regards.

I have come also for each one of you that you may ask one question of your life. Just allow whatever is uppermost in your heart to be asked. It is not often I can tune into individuals and so I ask you only to think of me as your friend and ask of me as you would a friend.

Q: May we have a sound vibration.

I have walked among you as Jesus.

Q: We may be overwhelmed at asking a question of Jesus.

Please understand I am not above you, I am of you, and you of me. We are all of each other. You have chosen my vibration as your symbol of what you desire of this planet, and what you have become. This group has entered the state of conscious creation. Please regard me as a brother of your endeavors.

Q: We will try.

I have superceded the other communication which would have taken place. I apologize if I have disturbed your flow.

Q: We are very pleased you have come.

Q: What would you like me to know while on earth, to bring love as you did?

Remember please that all of us must bring our gifts in our own way. Of these gifts you have many. We ask this- it could apply to all. In your day to day living, there are choices to be made in every moment. These choices are significant. However the father did imbue me with the knowledge that every choice can bring you closer to your true self. What I ask of you, my dear, is not only to choose for those whom you care and those who depend on you, but to include, what does my soul wish to learn, to give to this choice or task. Frequently we ask what are the needs of others, and you are one to whom many call for help, not only in the waking but in the sleeping, much is asked. But in order to allow your gifts to pass in the simplest of endeavors is the place of my soul in this. The desires of your soul must be included in the awareness of the moment. For being true to the self is how others are nourished by us. You are firmly upon the path. Every life is a living testament to the strength of the spirit on earth. This is all we ask of you.

Q: I would like to know what I am doing when I am asleep, I want to remember.

My friend you have been so useful.

Q: I always want more.

The soul of [name] that you inhabit in this lifetime and the group spirit of which you are formed have different intentions.You feel the longing of the greater part of your soul to learn, and learn, and learn and to expand and expand and expand. Yet we limit the extent of your experience so that you may inhabit this personality and remain in this body for as long as you have volunteered. If the expansion is too great you will decide strongly to leave. If you remember too much you will not come back when the time as right. So we remain veiled. However all questions will be answered, all questions. Thank you for your service.

Q: It's really been fun.

This lady is a testament of what life can be here, look to her. Other questions.

Q: What is my purpose and service?

Lady, we greet you, know that all of us in a body live two lives the life that your personality gives, and the other life given by spirit. What you are feeling now with these stirrings and longings is the need to move into the depths of emotions experience. Many aspire to the high path. Many aspire the culmination of the highest ideas. You have recently passed thru a purification time, an opening of the upper energies. As above so below. Open to the deepest levels of emotions. Go to your cave and play like a child. Ask the earth what you should eat and eat foods that are alive so they can give you information. The earth wants to give of itself this way. To move into more of the depth of the soul. Now that the opening has occurred, the opening
must occur in the lower. Sitting on the ground. Swimming in the water, the sensual experience of the planet give and feed the soul. They open the soul to know itself. Explore the subconscious,
such as hypnosis, and revealing of past lives. Get into the depths of that self. You will begin to feel the cohesion of the upper life and the lower longing.

Q: I have many dreams of dying what is the message? All of them are in water. I am not in fear.

Please note she speaks now of water. Here on this planet we have the elemental forces to purify the soul in the expression of self. All must master these elements. During the experience you know of as the death of the body. You will have an inniation in the element of water. This will be the completion of a very great cycle for your soul. You have held the energy of the earth, the air and the fire, very well, in the death experience you will be reunited with your twin soul. The water carries the deepest of emotions. This will be a profound experience and the soul will use this element for an inniation of yourself. I must take my leave, as I sit with you I learn. I too change, nothing remains the same.

Greetings I have come back.
The energy was difficult to ground so the channel will need to rest.
Any more questions.

Q: I did a channeling recently and experienced a very powerful entity. I never knew who he was. It lasted a while and had instructions. I was a bit overwhelmed.

It was the male aspect of your higher self, which by anybodies estimate would be a robust figure.
Quite a powerful and forceful being. Please if you are channeling, allow all experiences, all experiences are correct. Do not expect others to agree from person to person, not here to agree, but to stimulate.

We will all honor each others information.


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