Monday, January 05, 2009

Cause of Global Warming --Elohim

Q: What's causing global warming? What's causing it and how is it going to impact us?

Elohim : Global warming is a direct result of the increased energy flowing into earth as the solar system moves into the higher energy belt. This creates more friction of particles. As one can see Neptune has increased in light manifestation in the last 4 years so earth has increased the impacted energy on its sphere and atmosphere. This is having a direct effect on the warming of the planet. The release of burned energy in the form of warmth into the atmosphere as a result of heating and burning of fuel has also contributed although not in the way one might think. It has contributed to gases which rise into the atmosphere, increasing the amount of heat that is transferred from the sun. we have already discussed some of the manifestations of the quickening of energies, increase of energies, impacting earth, increasing and settling out discrepancies and pressures within the earth. It is a very complex mathematical equation including many possibilities but a rising curve of affects upon the earth and its inhabitants. The increase in earthquake frequency will continue. There are misalignments that need to be equalized.

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