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4th and 5th dimensions --Ramshi

Dimensional Structure and Earth's Transition

Ramshi: We want to give you a galactic perspective to help you see a larger picture to understand that you are about to reacquaint yourselves with the galactic community.First up, dimensional structure, at least the specifics of the third through the fifth and then what to expect in the coming years. As you know, dimensions are structured in a similar fashion to your musical scales. There are notes of discord and notes of harmony. And they are just how they sound. Notes of harmony are frequency ranges of sound where construction occurs, and notes of discord are used when we deconstruct matter. Occasionally we will do so (deconstruct matter) when starting to design systems. But sound is used to create frequency ranges for dimensions.

Question: So what is the difference between light and sound if it is all just frequency and vibration?
Ramshi: The difference occurs in the frequency range. Again don’t think hierarchical. Higher is not necessarily better. It just is, and different frequencies are used for different things. For example, light uses a higher (shorter) carrier wave to travel. That is how it is perceived by the senses, as light. Sound uses another bandwidth. Just as you have elements that have basically the same building blocks, certain conditions will alter its state like water into ice or steam. Same with sound. Under certain conditions it translates into light. So for building universes we use sound.

3rd Dimension

Ramshi: The third dimension is one of physicality. It is one of density, of corporeal bodies, where there is a complete cycle. It is based on the geometry of a circle: a beginning and end, which by the way are the same point. It is not always perceived as a dimension of duality. There are only certain sectors that have this added layer. Some sectors enjoy the physical, but yet remember connections. But for you right now, let’s focus on this galaxy filled with duality. Within the third dimension there are some limitations such as travel because there are limits to which the human body can go; there are limits to the tidal forces.There is the illusion of time and structure, form and function. It is one of linear thought. That is the perk, a chance to not see all points at once. It allows one to see in depth one perspective through to its conclusion; again start to finish within that. Because of your multidimensional self, layers are added to look at each singular experience with every variable from start to finish. You long to still have that full (multidimensional) perspective. It is who you are. You can only limit that so much.So that is the third in a nut shell. Your sector of the universe is one of duality. Polarity. It really shakes things up. It is possible to be in the third dimension and remember other dimensions, but only to a limited extent. For to remember what it is to be multidimensional means you must take your self out of the game. It is a part of the experience and desire of the third (dimension) to be able to look in depth at just one “perspective”. It defeats the purpose (of being 3rd dimensional) otherwise.

4th Dimension

Ramshi: The fourth dimension is one of fluid change. It is a transitory zone if you will. When one delves into the lower dimensions, 1-3, there is a time needed for the fragmented self to readjust to the multidimensional experience. Time and space do not exist as you desire them to. They are free flowing and malleable. It exists as a marker. Think of it as a bookmark. You can flip through the books and return where you left off. Both time and space still exist, just not as you may perceive (currently).

Question: So what should we expect when Earth ascends?
Ramshi: Great things. It will be gradual and many of you will move back and forth. Because you are not fully departing and beginning a new life, there will be difficulties for some in fully grasping the events that have transpired. It will be like a dream that they are waking from. And to be honest, exactly what will transpire emotionally will be a wholly new experience because no planet full of conscious beings has ever done this before. We see probable futures, but they are rewritten every second.Emotions can only be experienced in the “now”. Although past, present, and future are one, if we go to the future to view, it is like viewing a movie. You aren’t having the experience. Only the current moment has that potential. The emotional archive is there. Emotions are a tricky thing for us to tap into, that is, your emotional experience. We certainly have our own, but when reviewing Earth’s records or akashic records, emotions are hard to get. Just like you watch a movie, occasionally the story will take you to an emotional place of empathy. Not quite the same as the first hand experience. But close enough to give you a notion of the emotional state. It is very much the same. That’s why there is no substitution for incarnating. It is the difference between watching and doing.So the fourth is transitory. Not a place many stay for long. Question: Does every dimension have a transitory zone?Ramshi: Not all. Mainly for the lower realms because of the density. The lighter density realms don’t need it.

5th Dimension

Ramshi: The fifth dimension is a fluid one of light bodies, crystalline form. There is no corporeal body. The lessons of the fifth are harmonics, resonance, learning to move through and explore space without time. There is only desire and immediate manifestation. Thought and physical projection. Harmonics = Harmony, the resonance that matches at particular peaks. It is an experiment in the exploration of creativity and understanding.Viewing TimeRamshi: When we view time and timelines, we focus our energy, our thought, on one specific moment, the now for you. But we can see as we shine our light that past and the future of that now. Because that moment was structured from a specific set of circumstances from the past, a very unique set of future events. So these are dependent on the now. Change the now and you change all the future. That is how you create probable realities, and that is how we can view them. We focus on the “now” version of you that is trying to connect with us, the now version that is having emotions and driving this line of questioning. So when we want to look at records or history, this is how it’s done. You can think of it like a film strip that we can focus on the now and we see the animation of the future and the past on the strip. It can not be helped and they can’t be separated. That is what it means when we say they are all one. So when a being wants to check out your DVD as it were from the akashic library, they cannot feel emotion unless they are watching the now. It would be like you fast forwarding through the disc with a marker where you started. If you are seeing the future while strips are quickly passing you are just getting a glimpse. You don’t really feel or emotionally connect. Same for us and while we can see it, just like you watching a movie, we can empathize. But it is not exactly the same as if you are having the experience. That’s why it is so special to be able to incarnate. You can watch all you want, but it’s not the same as being/doing. Life is so very special and precious. And we hate to see you spending one moment in fear when there are so many rich opportunities that await you. Fear is such a limiting emotion. Clear it. You’ll find that there are far more exciting and fulfilling emotions. Earth is so unique because of its genetic makeup from its wildlife, fauna, oceans, and skies that the range of emotions is vast. Other worlds aren’t like that. Because the diversity, the sheer number of variables, potential for duality, for polar extremes is so high, an enormous range of emotions can be experiences. Other sectors of duality are far more limited. The issues and experiences are limited thus so are the emotions. Question: What are emotions?Ramshi: Life, simply put. Your connection to the source. Your life force. Intellect is the connection to the body. Again duality for the bipolar sector. Believe it or not, there are some sectors of the universe that are tri-polar. That means they can choose to be linear (experiencing duality) or multidimensional (connected to all things) at will and that is the next step for you on your way to being multidimensional. You will move back and forth. Some of you preparing yourselves so that when others come you will help them to make the transition. The third point is in another realm (one or two realms). Not all realms as with fully integrating into multidimensional existence.

4th and 5th Dimensional Earth

Question: What will 4th dimensional earth be like/look like?
Ramshi: It will be quite different to you because it will be peaceful and healthy. There is no lack and sense of duality. So things you associate with lack (disease, poverty, negativity) cease. Because there are no limits, you leave behind old notions. It will not be easy at first. Earth doesn’t support lack in that dimension. So thoughts of it are difficult to reconcile. It will be hard to fully grasp where that feeling is coming from. So healing is going to be extremely important. You will be doing a lot of processing of your dense portion of life (3rd Dimension) and learning about your energetic body.

Question: And what about those who don’t ascend?
Ramshi: You will remember them and still feel your connection to them, but you will not mourn for them as you would have in the third dimension because you understand from a multidimensional perspective. But there will be events that divide, to assist beings in determining which path they wish to choose. They may choose one of enlightenment or they may reincarnate to another planet. Earth will cease to exist in the third. Just as you choose, so has/will she. Planets reside in multiple dimensions, but they choose to complete lessons and cease to occupy points in dimensional space. Just like myself. I no longer incarnate into physical beings. But she will remain in the fourth through the twelfth. She will join the other planets in your system you no longer see. Time exists in all dimensions as markers. Time just isn’t always linear. All experience is coded so it may be catalogued and put into libraries. It’s our own type of Dewey Decimal system. Lots of good books to read. You will still have the lingering perception of linear time so yes for approximately eighty of your earth years you will remain in the fourth dimension. But it will be another conscious shift into the fifth and all of Earth’s inhabitants will harness consciousness to shift. That means through desire, will and focused thought you will envision and raise earth’s vibration. You will assist her consciously whereas this go around, she’s doing the work while most of humanity is unconscious. So with the shift into the fifth will come a time of complete freedom from linear thought to a wholly multidimensional perspective of reality. And within that comes great travels and exploration of the galaxy. The fifth is a dimension of mastering interdimensional and harmonic shifts. One may go into higher frequency ranges but that is not where your focus is so you won’t remain. It would be like a school group taking a trip to the local capitol to learn about government for the day, but it goes back to school to learn more in depth and to cover other studies. You learn about the integrity of timelines and dimensional structures. You get to play with it. To move through time and explore. So that’s a very quick explanation of the fifth dimension.

Question: And day to day life? What is that like?
Ramshi: Similar. You still have friends you meet with to play and explore. Your family still exists. Again unique, because of this conscious shift. As we get closer to these times, we will try to explain in greater detail as you have the ability to grasp these new concepts. For now, it is just completely beyond for you.



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