Thursday, November 06, 2008

Merge and Collapse --Ariel

Archangel Ariel through Isaac George
October 31st, 2008

“Greetings, Ariel here. We are here to share with you at this time because there has been, and continues to be, a quantum shift occurring on the Planet. This shift, or morphing, is due to the collapse of a number of parallel streams of consciousness into each other. Perhaps a review of parallels would be useful.

Parallels represent current and potential realities, similar to the parallel universes now being postulated by many who research in the field of quantum physics. Whenever a decision is made, by anyone or any group, then a particular series of consequences are inevitable, unless the energy generated within the particular individual or group is withdrawn or redirected. When one set of decisions intersects with another set, a parallel merge or collapse occurs. The merge gains momentum towards an event, while a collapse creates chaos patterns, which then spin off into other possible scenarios.

What is occurring for many now is another choice point, which we have spoken of before. The choice point before humanity at this time is whether to choose sovereignty, or continue to give power away to external authority. Sovereignty is represented in spiritual terms by Christ Consciousness, as Christ Consciousness is perfect love without fear, and seeks not to dominate or influence any aspect of life.

Now, when we speak of perfect or unconditional love, we do not imply that this is love that is only tender, compassionate and soft, but also a love that is strong, sovereign and capable of action. Whether expressed in action or not, sovereignty implies personal self-realization and response-ability. The final parameter we would need to add here is that all of these models exist only within manifest reality, and are neither the form nor the function of Source consciousness or Spirit. Manifest reality is the sum of collective thought formed by the process of consensual agreement of an unimaginable number of individuations of the One, and various constellations of souls into groups, races, and movements. The situation on Planet Earth is a microcosm of the macrocosm, and holds fields of potential awakening and transmutation for many star races and multi-dimensional beings that are not even resident within a human form!

In the past, we have made few comments regarding the political process within any nation. However, there are so many hopes and fears riding within collective aura of humanity at this time, that is now the moment to offer a higher perspective.

The energy of the U.S. elections will not be confined to that country’s borders, and the outcome of the election will directly affect every soul on the Planet. The effect may be a merging of reality streams in some cases, and a cause of conflict and collapse in others. However, there is no neutrality in a polarity system, and it will seem for awhile that the great game of forces of light versus the dark forces is not only continuing, but growing even more intense and desperate! Because there is already a powerful projection of divisiveness within the American social fabric due to identification with labels (red states, blue states, liberal vs. conservative), and also because many see the current administration as the personification of evil, then it can become very understandable that many would see a particular candidate as the embodiment of ‘light’ and change, while at the same time seeing his opponent as a continuation of the ‘evil’ (the reverse of live) already in power. These souls then project the inner need for a ‘savior’ or benevolent protector onto one candidate, and invest that individual with the power to change everything for the better. There is no greater giving away of power on a mass scale as in human political behavior. It only delays the eventual arising of the human race into the awareness that it is time to outgrow politics, and begin to embrace sovereignty and cooperation. Interdependence instead of hero worship. The mass media has consciously or unconsciously labeled the Democratic candidate, ‘the One’, or ‘the black Jesus’, and this is a disservice to that candidate and to the electorate. Moreover, it perpetuates an illusion of superiority and allows people to become dependent on symbols of external power and prestige. It is a form of mass hypnosis, one designed to add fuel to the polarity game.

However, there is something else happening here that you know goes much deeper. Spirit, the consciousness that embodies ‘no separation’, or political polarization, is gradually infiltrating the game of duality on Planet Earth. A good metaphor is that of a hacker infiltrating a computer network and implanting an unconditional love virus, or ULV, that begins to erode the infrastructure of control and manipulation that has been the dominant operating program for so long. As the virus spreads, the anti-virus programs are alerted to the invader, and more and more levels of security and control are initiated to combat the threat. As the ULV spreads, more and more components are altered, and the reactivity of the dominant paradigm intensifies. The recent financial collapses are the early warning signs of a coming system crash, but not as severe or dramatic as you might fear. This is a process that is leading up to and past the 2012 marker, for 2012 is only a point in the timeline where one phase ends and another begins. In actuality, one of the main markers is right NOW, in 2008. These markers indicate the real revolution about to occur, the revolution of the Christ Consciousness within all of humanity, the real Second Coming of the Christ.

The Second Coming will not be an electoral process. The world system is being transformed from the inside out, reclaimed by Love, one soul at a time. There will not be men or women riding white horses, and promising wealth, power, security and comfort. These are the temptations of the world, to promise security in return for compliance. There will only be the rising wave of beings that recognize the sovereignty of themselves and all other forms of Life, and respect it. There will only be the recognition that you have always had everything you need, and so why would you need anything of anyone else? That is the secret behind The Secret. There will only remain the desire to surrender to the harmony within, while eliminating the suffering of others by not competing for resources, living in harmony with the environment, and with all expressions of Life.



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