Friday, November 28, 2008

Holidays Message --Gaia

Pepper Lewis
A Holiday Message From Gaia

In short words but with profound feeling, I extend to you the depth of my love. It is during times of holiday that humanity takes time from its busy days to greet each other in a more heartfelt way. Although the current holiday has more significance in North America than elsewhere, I will claim any opportunity that is afforded me to touch hearts with the grown and tickle toes with the growing. Know that I am present with you in all moments, those of celebration as well as those of challenge. Each moment and each life is sacred unto itself, not because a life is an individual experience, but because it is whole, complete and perfect from beginning to end. The holiday season marks the beginning of the end for 2008, but since it is not the end yet let us celebrate the life that is still left in it, by honoring the self and the selfless, the soul and the soulful. Unto the sanctuary of your heart I offer the following blessing. Perhaps you will place it under the cloth of your holiday table where in muted (but not silenced) tones it will convey its gentle message: May hungry mouths find ways to become well fed. May distant friends and families be comforted by warm memories. May separated thoughts be joined by consciousness. May truth replace the appearance of falseness. May peace overcome the weariness of war. May hope kindle in the smallest ember. May the first words and the last be ones that speak of kindness, love and compassion. The earth is bountiful and resourceful as are those who are shaped by the changes that inspire a new dawn. As you unveil the season of grace and gratitude, may you also experience a generosity of Spirit within and an expression of Love without end.

~ Gaia



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