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A Year of Magnification: What to Expect in 2007 -- The Council of 12

In the year 2007, humanity will be in one of the most crucial cycles of its history. It is to be a year of magnification, with light shining on disparities and outmoded ways of being. The growing gap between the rich and poor will become more obvious. Unstable climatic conditions will impact more places in the world, while attracting increasing amounts of attention from concerned citizens of diverse political backgrounds. The current playing out of opposites will gain even more momentum, with the duality of love and hate being expressed on personal and global levels. It’s not really a battle, yet it can seem like one at times. Similarly, people on a path of conscious awakening will find that they have less and less in common with the average unaware person in their world.

What does this mean for people traveling a conscious spiritual path? In the recent months, the temperature on one’s path of light has been turned up several notches. That’s the effect of magnification. Healers and other lightworkers throughout the world are facing some of their biggest changes, challenges and opportunities at this pivotal juncture. Life issues not yet addressed are coming into inescapable view. There is a need to clear up unresolved concerns. In tandem with this, people are feeling a kind of pressure from within to do, be or become something they have not yet manifested in the world. Relationships are being re-evaluated. If someone is in an old-paradigm type of relationship—involving control or domination or fear—imbalances must be addressed or substantial amounts of negative life-depleting energy force are generated. People are seeing more clearly the need to change how they communicate and relate to one another, to themselves, to their world, and to the Divine.

Oftentimes, the more highly evolved a person is, the more that they may be feeling the heat of the current transformational shifting. There is a heightened sensitivity and knowingness of the truth that comes from being more aware. That commonly means intensified feelings and processing of energies.

You can think of it like this. In this lifetime, you are in the midst of taking a profound journey you have long prepared to take. Others are also taking the journey, yet how they experience it will depend upon their own level of consciousness. Some won’t even realize they are taking a journey at all. They may see life as a series of events that seem to happen to them. They may not feel the pain of humanity, for they cannot comprehend it. They are caught up in their own personal dramas, achievements and needs. Their focus is on “me” and not “we.” They see separation instead of unity.

Imagine a fleet of sailing vessels headed out to sea. Each has a different captain at the helm, yet all of the captains are “Divinely encoded” to know the ultimate destination. The other captains are your human comrades. The objective of each captain is to travel across uncertain ocean waters and reach a new world that offers a higher vibrational way of life. Each captain really knows the way “home,” yet the journey itself is individual. In these accelerated times, especially, there is no map in the traditional sense. What’s required is being able to access a kind of inner compass, provided by an ongoing tangible connection to spirit. That inner knowing will guide you and help facilitate Divine timings for your journey. For some of your comrades, the journey will take longer. Frequently, a major diversion will take the captain off course. A beautiful island may be sighted, for example. Stopping there can be enjoyable and restful. However, if the captain is not mindful and forgets the big picture purpose of the journey, the island rest could turn into stagnation.

The energy of stagnation can continue, depending upon the person and circumstance, for varying amounts of time. Not realizing it, a person can fool themselves into thinking they are making progress when they are only repeating the motions of long-established habitual patterns. New relationships may come, but with familiar themes, for example.

To be sure, if you recently have felt unable to move forward in some area of life, 2007 will carry a fiery energy to heat things up. What does that mean? For one thing, it means acceleration of whatever circumstances you are in. For example, say you’re in an unhealthy relationship. The fiery energy of these times may be a catalyst that brings more to the surface discontent that was already there. This includes issues that haven’t been looked at or fully resolved.

Even if you’re in a relationship that’s normally pretty stable, your own personal life challenges may stress you to the point that you lose patience or respond harshly to the person you care so much about.

Another example is work and right livelihood. The fiery energy could play out in several ways. First, you could have discontent with what you have, or with what you do. Second, you could attract new opportunities. This could be anything from a new job, new realizations about your current work, or subtle shifts in your work environment that help you to see patterns that you didn’t see before. Third, there could be emotional outbursts, either quietly within yourself or expressed outwardly, when the fire seems too much to handle. Fourth, the fiery energy could be working very quietly behind the scenes in ways you can’t see. One possible result is that people and situations that didn’t appear open to you before are having their own transformational shifting, meaning that you are more likely to attract what you desire. Remember the importance of Divine timing. Often the other pieces aren’t yet in place because the person who might hire you or the situation that might benefit you has not ripened from its own process. Your positive manifesting takes into account other people and situations that have their own timetables and energetic influences, separate from you. It’s like an orchestra where everyone needs to be in tune for the sound to be harmonious.

In general, humanity and the Earth will continue to be impacted by massive amounts of energetic shifting in the coming year. It will affect people on many levels, including in ways that cannot be sensed or seen. The DNA of humans is changing, humanity’s consciousness is expanding, and the world is being re-defined and re-shaped.

Each person has a role in helping to birth a new kind of world. It is not enough to sit on the sidelines and observe, noticing the problems and complaining about what’s not working. To facilitate true change requires ongoing conscious choices and actions.

What are some things you can do that will make a difference?

First, remember to take care of your body. It’s normal to be stressed when you experience magnification of feelings, concerns and uncertainties. Allow for your body’s fluctuating needs. Avoid working extra hours on days when your body signals you are already maxed out and depleted. Learn to read your body’s signals before the burn-out takes place. To maintain clarity and energy for your work, it will be important to find ways to de-stress and de-toxify. Know that sometimes the sheer magnitude of energetic changes can destabilize you to the point where there can be a physical illness. If this happens, it’s typically the part of the body most vulnerable or weakened from the ongoing stress. Some of the physical problems people are experiencing now might not have materialized in other less chaotic times. However, as you know, this is a very pivotal lifetime for everyone on the planet. Anytime something this new is created, there is bound to be chaos.

Second, find ongoing ways to connect with energies of positivity and light, helping you to offset the negativity of the world. As part of that, create opportunities to experience spiritual community in your life. This can be a meditation group or any place where you can gather with others who share a desire for higher consciousness.

Third, learn how to integrate your spiritual self into your everyday life. You can do this regardless of what you “do” for a living. It’s all about your view and how you focus your energies. The unified self is the powerful self. This part of you is natural and flows in Divine perfection. People enjoy being around you. Your light and awareness are contagious.

Fourth, give your inquiring mind permission to ask questions. Begin to challenge the purpose and value of things you previously did not question. Examples include messages presented by the media. Just because a car chase is covered during Prime Time on all major TV networks, does that make it “news” worthy of watching during dinner, or at all? Another example is health care. Let’s say your doctor gives you a diagnosis and prescription for the “only drug that can control your incurable condition.” Does that mean you must accept the incurable disease label and take the drug, even if the side effects are worse than the condition itself? In situations such as these, remember that you have the right to challenge information. It is your birthright to question, and to inquire about what is in your highest good.

As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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