Monday, September 11, 2006

What is a Walk-in ?

Ruth Montgomery, in her 1979 best-selling book Strangers Among Us, indicated that walk-ins are beings who have attained sufficient awareness of life so they can forego the process of birth and childhood, incarnating directly into adult bodies. Though she did not consider herself to be a walk-in, she was the first person in contemporary times to write about this phenomenon. In her subsequent book Threshold to Tomorrow, she named sixteen walk-ins, and described their walk-in experiences.

Among these was Carol Parrish. In her autobiographical book Messengers of Hope, Carol wrote that walk-ins are spiritual messengers who enter behind the veil of another personality at certain opportune moments for service to humanity. She, herself, walked in over 30 years ago.

When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the original soul normally leaves, moving on to other experiences in the non-physical worlds, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. The incoming soul assumes full responsibility for the human body, and for completing the life in progress. A walk-in can only take place with the full agreement of both the outgoing and incoming souls.

In some cases, the person may have conscious awareness that a change of souls has taken place, and they may even remember many of the details of the transitional process. But in most cases, the person is not consciously aware of the soul exchange, since the incoming soul inherits the residual memory stored in the cells of the physical body. So, the human life often continues on in a relatively seamless manner.

Soon after a walk-in transition occurs, however, the person involved usually begins to experience differences in their feelings -- how they feel about their family members and friends, their job, their home, and even the clothes they have been wearing. In some cases, these shifts in feelings are gradual and relatively subtle. But for others, the shifts may be immediate and dramatic! If the person is not aware of the concept of walk-ins, the experience can be very disorienting.

As members of WE International have had an opportunity to connect with each other and to share about their repsective experiences, it has become increasingly clear that there are many, many different types of walk-in situations. The common theme among all walk-ins is that they come into embodiment not only to be of service to humankind, but also to enhance their own spiritual growth.

We welcome you to this web site, and invite you to explore the information that is available within it. Although many of the members of WE International are walk-ins, there are many who are not -- it makes no difference. We find that there are a lot of people who are undergoing profound transformations in consciousness, and who suspect that it may be some form of walk-in experience. By joining WE International and participating in our conferences, many have come into a deeper understanding of the nature of their own beingness and their soul's purpose.



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