Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Story of You

There once was a being who saw the cause and effect upon
the beautiful, glorious planet called Earth. And that being
also saw the distortion that flowed about such planet and
about the beauteous beings who resided upon Earth. That
being did then journey to what is called the akashic records
and did seek to understand the reasons for the distortion, the
harshness and the grave difficulties within the lives of those
who resided upon Earth. It was within such akashic records
that there was discovered a great truth. The truth was that
the distortion was illusion, and such illusion was held
together by one thin thread. The thread was sleep, the
unconscious waiting to awaken to what is.

The being did then journey to the time stream and examine
such flowing within the cause and effect. There came within
the time stream such a moment when upon the planet called
Earth and within the beings who resided upon Earth, a great
light did fill the entire time stream. The being looked closer to
discover what was causing such great light, and the being saw
the dissolving of illusion as awakening humanity burst forth.

It was then that the being determined to birth and reside
within such a time, within such an occurrence-for several
reasons. The primary reason was and continues to be the great
gift of experiencing the grand awakening whilst incarnate.
The secondary reason was and continues to be the determined
purpose to participate within such a birthing of consciousness
that it be as full and complete as it can possibly be-that
within such birthing there then would be the opening and
seating of the portal to paradise, that there would be Earth in
its true form and reality, and that the beings who resided upon
such great real beauty would be freed from the residue of the
illusion from which they birthed. And so the being birthed
into physicality, a great lightbeing birthing for the sheer pleasure
of participating within the grand awakening.

Dear beloved being, that being is you. Blessed be you,
you, you who are reading these words right in this moment.
This is your story.


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