Saturday, September 16, 2006

Life... as seen from Above - part 6 (final)


One last comment regarding another question: "Can what I planned
before incarnation be changed?" The answer is yes. In fact, it has
already occurred. Anyone born before 1985 who is still on the Earth
plane has already experienced changes in the original plan. This
change occurred and continues to occur on the soul level, the level of
your higher self. You in your human incarnation are not fully
conscious of these changes and what they mean. Where would be the fun
and surprise if you already knew what would happen?

You are certainly able to have discussions with your higher self.
Realize that your higher self is the director of your show, and you
are the star. You in your human experience do not have the wealth of
knowledge and wisdom that your higher self has in infinite abundance.
You do have access to knowledge and wisdom, but only on a finite
level. The amount of access, however, may appear infinite when you
access it. You can access it if you choose. Know that any difficulties
in accessing this wealth of information is simply part of your story,
your play.

Remember, you and your higher self are you. You and your higher self
are the components of the infinite God-self you are. The paradox is
that you are an infinite being playing at a game in which you forgot
you were infinite. As the vibrations of the planet have risen, the
vague memory of who you truly are pokes through as the thought: "There
must be something more!" You would not have this thought, you would
not be reading this message, if you were not to know this information.

Do you remember the myths of drinking from the river of forgetfulness?
You have forgotten from whence you came and who you truly are. You
are, my precious ones, infinite. You are, as many of you have heard
repeatedly, an infinite being having a finite human experience. The
difficulty comes when you do not realize to the depths of yourself
what this means. Relax, accept and trust. Then you can truly enjoy the
play. You also will be able to hear the gentle whisperings of your
higher self.


Now for a few exercises to assist you in connecting with your higher
self. Begin with whichever exercise you feel drawn to.

1. Ask for the release of artificial encodements interfering with or
inhibiting your communication with your higher self. (If you are
familiar with encodement work, you may skip to the second exercise.)
For those unfamiliar with encodements, go into the back of your heart
center. Move deeply into this space until you come to your altar, your
sacred space. Breathe in and out of your heart center. When you are
ready, ask for the encodement technicians to come. They are there for
the asking, whether you feel them or not. Ask if there are any
artificial encodements interfering with or inhibiting your
communication with your higher self. If the answer is yes-and few of
you will hear no-ask what would be the consequences of removing the
artificial encodements. If those consequences are acceptable to you,
then ask that they be removed.

2. Ask if there are damaged or altered natural encodements interfering
with your relationship with your higher self. Ask that they be
repaired. For those new to the encodement process, use the same
process as above, substituting "natural encodements."

3. Ask if there are natural encodements preventing your communication
with your higher self. These natural encodements are not damaged or
altered. They were placed within because of the plan you established
before incarnating. If the answer is yes, ask if their purpose has
been fulfilled. If the purpose is complete, if you have received all
the learning you need to receive, ask if they may be removed. Enter
into your heart center from the front. Go deeply into that space.
While remaining there, enter your heart center from the back. Go to
your altar or sacred space. Allow your consciousness to move together
from the front and back of your heart center until you feel the
connection. If you cannot feel, see or sense this connection, simply
form an intention that it occur. Resting in this energy is a powerful
experience in itself. Remain here as long as you wish. When you are
ready, set your intention to form a clear connection with your higher
self. Allow whatever happens to happen. Know that even if you do not
feel, see, hear or sense anything, something is happening. Trust. Rest
in the energy of this connection.

4. Ask for the healing of your relationship with yourself. Once you
ask, be alert for healing opportunities. These could come through a
book, an individual, an advertisement, a dream or an inspiration. Trust.

5. Ask for the healing of your relationship with your higher self.
Again, be alert for opportunities of healing. Trust.


Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue



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