Monday, September 11, 2006

Life... as seen from Above - part 1

Dear ones, you have asked for further information about how your
higher self interacts with you in your incarnation. I understand why
some are concerned about this relationship. I also understand why the
dear one who called is concerned about being a puppet. The concerns
come from a lack of understanding about what your higher self truly is.

First and foremost, there is no separation between you and your higher
self. You are one. There is no separation between your toes and you.
You are one. The difficulty in understanding the relationship between
your higher self and yourself is that you think in duality. You have
difficulty comprehending what it means to be one with your higher
self. Even the language "one with higher self" implies that there are
two separate beings. There is only one being, and that one being is you.

Before incarnation you were in your fullness. You knew, experienced,
reveled in your fullness and the unity of your fullness with the
Oneness. You did not need anyone to explain it to you. You lived it
and you knew it. There was no question about duality or being
separate. In fact, being separate could be another name for what some
call hell.


I will speak now about how you planned your incarnations. Due to the
confines of language, I will need to use terms that imply that there
is "time" and there is "separateness." There is not. Even though I
tell you this, you will not truly understand what I am saying. You do
have the intellectual knowledge from your learning, but you do not
know this until you arrive at the very depths of yourself where there
is only the Oneness.

Before there was any concept of time, when you first became aware of
yourself as a part of the Oneness, just as a wave is identified as
part of the wholeness of the ocean, you wanted to have various
experiences. Others such as yourself began to join together to have
these experiences. You began to consult with one another. As you
consulted, you also began to specialize.

Some of you wanted to experience great public power, others wealth and
still others poverty. Some of you became mentors, healers and
warriors. It didn't really matter what you experienced. You presented
challenges to yourself. Groups of you gathered together to make the
challenges more complex. Now with 6.5 billion human souls on your
planet, the complexity is great.

Each of you began to develop an overall plan for your experiences.
Think of it as an outline to a book. You plan a book, what the theme
will be, what each chapter will contain and how the plot will develop.
Your life-and by "life" I mean the journey of your soul-can be likened
to a very large book. Each of your incarnations is a chapter. You did
meticulous planning for each chapter. Others joined you in the
planning and in the execution. You created what your life would be as
well as the roles others were to play in your incarnation. You still
are the creator of your life, but in a different way than you believe.

continue reading part 2...

Power and the Higher Self
Amma through Cathy Chapman
July 2006

SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE ~ September 2006 Issue



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