Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Learn and Let Go -- Diane

From the source of the many messages you receive, you get a measure of what is being done on your behalf. It has been a feature of this period, that many people have been enabled to make contact with Beings that are off Earth. Never before have so many become awakened, and it is a sign of the growth of consciousness that is taking place. For those who knowingly work with their Higher Selves, it is a small step to open up a line to other Beings.

There is a difference between being “open” to contact by any entity that approaches you, to a deliberate choice to make it with a Higher Being. Sometimes the ego gets involved, and it is prudent to aware as to which level of contact you have made. It is a fact that there are entities at lower levels that seek to make contact with those still on Earth. They delight in mimicking those who come to you as Guides, and because they do not really have true knowledge they can be very confusing. Care should always be taken when embarking on such a path.

Most of you have already planned your life in such a way that if contact with Higher Beings takes place, it has reason to be in your experiences. For some of you no amount of desire will bring it about, if your life has been planned otherwise. It may seem glamorous and exciting, but it calls for dedication and discipline that not everyone possesses. Be content to continue to raise your vibrations and make that important link with your Higher Self. It will be very rewarding if you “listen” to the advice and guidance you are given.

What you gain out of any source of contact comes down to your intuition, and if you take due notice it will serve you well. It is not necessarily going to be what you would prefer, but you can be assured that it will fit in with your life plan. That is clearly important, as undoubtedly at times you would not know in which direction to go. A successful life is one where you largely achieve the goals that you set yourself before you came. What else would you be here for, but the outworking of experiences that are needed for your spiritual evolution.

It is not a question of all work and no play, as pleasurable pursuits are also part of your life plan. For some they can be all consuming, but whatever path you take it will bring your karmic responsibilities to the fore. The greatest tests provide the most wonderful opportunities to move onwards. These are agreed upon by you and it is wise to reflect upon any position you find yourself in, and try to ascertain the reason why. There is a feeling amongst many of you that you are being punished in some way, and we frequently point out that this is not so. You question “Why Me”, and it is simply that you came with unfinished business, that necessitated learning lessons about the reality of life.

Think deeply about any experience, and be open to the possibility that you brought it upon yourself. If you are to learn from it, look for the message it brings you. Deep down in your subconscious mind you will find the answers, and it will help you overcome any trauma you have experienced. Our advice would be to let go, and not harbor any grudge or long lasting grief. It is easy to say that life must go on, but it does not help you to waste your energy on matters that should be concluded. Often when situations appear hopeless a lifeline is thrown to you, and a new chapter in your life can commence.

Life is a whole series of different experiences often running side by side. It is not often that you are alone, and your life is intertwined with the experiences of many other people. Out of it all so much learning takes place, even if in some instances you are simply an outside observer of the problems that afflict someone else. See that you may be there to simply give advice or a helping hand. Can you see the wonderful way in which you are guided, so that your life is fulfilled with the successful completion of your life plan.

Moments of joy and happiness are also planned, and life by no means comprises of nothing but hard tasks. There are highs and lows all of the time and it happens to the rich and poor alike. Wealth does not necessarily bring happiness, and has its own levels of responsibility. The programs that are connected with the coming changes, include a new distribution of wealth intended to bring equality and fairness in life. They will allow everyone to enjoy the same levels of security, and be safe from hunger and deprivation. Envy and jealousy will no longer need arise, and wealth will not be seen as making one person better or more privileged than another.

Out of the mire of centuries of wrong living you have created a thoughtform of great strength that desires the changes that are beginning to manifest. You have seen and understood the reason for the imbalances that have blighted your lives. Sharing and caring are replacing the old ways that promoted success only for the rich and powerful. Energy follows thought and it will have its day very soon, when it shall fulfill its destiny.


Mike Quinsey


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